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Lew Rockwell
17 Aug 2022 | 6:01 am

The Most Inflation-Resistant Money the World Has Ever Known

Hardness is the most important characteristic of a good money.

Hardness does not mean something that is necessarily tangible or physically hard, like metal. Instead, it means "hard to produce."

By contrast, "easy money" is easy to produce.

The best way to think of hardness is "resistance to inflation," which helps make it a good store of value—an essential function of money.

Would you want to put your savings into something that somebody else can create with no effort or cost?

Of course, you wouldn't.

It would be like storing your life savings in Chuck E. Cheese arcade tokens or airline frequent flyer miles.

Unfortunately, putting your savings into government currencies isn't that much different.

What is desirable in a good money is something that someone else cannot make easily.

The stock-to-flow (S2F) ratio measures an asset's hardness.

S2F Ratio = Stock / Flow

The "stock" part refers to the amount of something available, like current stockpiles. It's the supply already mined. It's available right away.

The "flow" part refers to the new supply added from production and other sources each year.

A high S2F ratio means that annual supply growth is small relative to the existing supply, which indicates a hard asset resistant to inflation.

A low S2F ratio indicates the opposite. A low S2F ratio means that new annual supply can easily influence supplies—and prices. That's not desirable for something to function as a store of value.

In the chart below, we can see the hardness of various physical commodities.

Monetary commodities such as gold and silver have higher S2F ratios. Industrial commodities have low S2F ratios, typically around 1x.

With an S2F ratio of 60x, it would take about 60 years of the current production rate to equal the existing gold supply.

Another way to think of it is to look at the inverse of the SF ratio, which is the annual production rate relative to existing stockpiles.

So, for example, gold's yearly production is about 1.7% of its existing stockpiles.

In short, no other physical commodity comes close to gold's hardness or resistance to inflation.

Two things can explain gold's high S2F ratio—specifically the numerator.

First, gold is indestructible.

Unlike silver, gold doesn't decay or corrode. That means that most gold people produced even thousands of years ago is still around today and contributing to current stockpiles.

Second, unlike other metals, gold has a history of thousands of years of production.

These two factors make gold's existing stockpiles—the numerator in the S2F ratio—so large relative to new production—the denominator.

That means nobody can arbitrarily increase the gold supply, which helps make it a neutral store of value. It's what gives gold unique and unmatched monetary properties among other metals.

Here's the main point.

Hardness is the most important characteristic of a good money. All other monetary characteristics are meaningless if the money is easy for someone to produce.

That's why the history of money is the history of the hardest asset winning and why gold has always reigned supreme.

But now gold has a serious competitor…

Today, Bitcoin's S2F ratio is about 57x, slightly below gold's.

According to its immutable protocol, we know precisely how Bitcoin's supply will grow in the future.

A key feature is that the new supply gets cut in half every four years, which causes Bitcoin's hardness to double every four years. It's a process known as the "halving"—or what I like to call "quantitative hardening."

The next time Bitcoin's supply growth will be cut in half will be in May 2024.

When that happens, Bitcoin's hardness will be almost twice that of gold.

That's how Bitcoin could become the hardest money the world has ever known in May 2024. And it will keep getting harder.

The Bitcoin Standard

The one resource that has been most influential on my thinking about Bitcoin and money is The Bitcoin Standard: The Decentralized Alternative to Central Banking. The author, Saifedean Ammous, is a sound Austrian economist and an old friend from when I lived in Beirut, Lebanon. I consider his book to be essential reading.

Scarcity is Not Hardness

It's important to clarify that hardness is not the same as scarcity. They are related concepts but not the same thing.

For example, platinum and palladium are scarcer than gold, but they are not hard assets. Current production is high relative to existing stockpiles.

Unlike gold, stockpiles of platinum and palladium have not built up over thousands of years. It's the primary reason why new supply can easily rock the market.

Because of their low S2F ratios, platinum (0.4x) and palladium (1.1x) are even less suitable as money than silver. Their low S2F ratios indicate they are primarily industrial metals, which corresponds to how people actually use them today.

Absolute Scarcity

Bitcoin's current and future supply is finite and known to all.

There will never be more than 21 million Bitcoins, and there is nothing anyone can do to change that—not even Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, the Chinese government, the US government, or any of these powerful entities combined.

Even if Satoshi Nakamoto—Bitcoin's anonymous cypherpunk creator—came back after disappearing in 2011, he would not be able to alter Bitcoin.

That's what gives Bitcoin genuine scarcity and credibility as a neutral money.

The supply of Bitcoin won't grow much at all from here.

The current supply is over 19 million, which means more than 90% of the total Bitcoin supply has already been created.

The remaining 10% will come on to the market at a preset, ever-decreasing rate until the last Bitcoin is created around 120 years from now, in 2140.

By the end of this decade, over 98% of all Bitcoins will have already been created.

No other monetary asset has this kind of certainty of future supply.

The closest comparison is with gold.

The World Gold Council estimates there are 6.4 billion ounces of mined gold globally, and annual production averages around 80 million ounces yearly.

That much is what is known.

However, we don't know how much gold will be discovered and mined in the future.

For example, how many mined ounces of gold will be available on June 1, 2031?

We can probably make a pretty accurate projection, but nobody can know.

What will the Bitcoin supply be on June 1, 2031?

According to the immutable protocol, it will be around 20,589,121 Bitcoins.

Bitcoin has another unique scarcity attribute.

It isn't just scarce. It is absolutely scarce.

For example, imagine the price of copper going 5x or 10x.

You can be sure that would spur increased production, eventually expanding the copper supply. Of course, the same is true of any other commodity.

The dynamic of higher prices incentivizing more production and ultimately more supply, bringing prices down, exists with every physical commodity. However, gold is the most resistant to this process.

That supply response is why most commodity prices tend to revert around the cost of production over time.

However, Bitcoin totally defies this dynamic because its supply is perfectly inflexible. It's the only commodity where higher prices cannot induce more supply.

In other words, Bitcoin is the first—and only—monetary asset with a supply that is entirely unaffected by increased demand.

That is an astonishing and game-changing characteristic.

Here's the bottom line.

Gold and other commodities are scarce, but only Bitcoin is absolutely scarce.

Unlike every other commodity, increasing the supply in response to increased demand is not an option.

That means the only way Bitcoin can respond to an increase in demand is for the price to go up.

Reprinted with permission from International Man.

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Lew Rockwell
17 Aug 2022 | 6:01 am

Justice Won’t Come From Our ‘Legal’ System. It Will Come From ‘The Collective Masses’.

It is pointless expecting the system to punish the system – I can tell you it will never ever happen now.

People are not thinking this scenario through to its natural end, I believe it will end and can only ever end in "street justice" as things descend into chaos.

Because you cannot reason with genocidal maniacs, there is no "law system" that will work, they run the law system and they already totally ignore it – it doesn't apply to them.

How many times do you need to present undeniable evidence only to be totally ignored to see it?

Time spent going through the legal process is for me time wasted.

If we fast forward 6 months or 12 months (and this was put to Sir Graham Brady last September), the following will begin to happen.

I can tell you having looked into Sir Graham Brady's eyes, he is a man sitting on the fence and waiting to see which side to fall on depending on the actions of the masses.

When the masses slowly come to realise what has been done (as they are doing right now) there will eventually be a murderous backlash and probably civil war raging across Europe and America – this is by design and it was made clear this was expected.

It'll start with an isolated incident here and there and it will grow….

When this begins, the people who have had their kids sterilised, the people who have had their family members murdered and maimed by these injections delivered by those medical professionals will go on the rampage and they will target those they believe are guilty, those who they feel did it to them (as you would expect).

This won't be everyone, but certainly a significant amount of people certainly will and they will want vengeance and they will go out to get it.

They will target those they feel have been "complicit", those who put the needles in their arms, those who didn't speak to truth about who it was that was laying in hospital wards (primarily the vaccinated) and kept the truth quiet and above all they will target those they can get to.

Those who have helped these genocidal bastards kill us off – it will happen.

That won't be Boris Johnson, it won't be Ritchie Sunak or any other WEF controlled cabinet members being nailed, they have security, they have bunkers, probably abroad and they will hide in them – they will be unreachable.

These raging people who have lost those they love the most and have nothing left to live for will target doctors and nurses targeted directly, media people and probably local MPs –  the "easy to get at" soft targets – it will be the same people these genocidal maniacs had us clapping on doorsteps for a short while ago.

A huge amount of these people know what is happening, they have known as long as I/we have in many cases – in fact 130,000 of the NHS workers chose to lose their careers rather than take "the protection", calling the governments bluff and being kept on – so they clearly 130,00 of them do know, they knew and yet most have said nothing, in fact they continued to take the money and carry out the protocols, protocols that we all know are killing innocent people who are in there asking for help.

People will wake up to that and they will rage at them and they won't get any help or security at all.

That is the only way it can end for them I think as horrifying as it is to envisage, I think there will be a large swathe of incensed who target NHS doctors and nurses, media people and MPs directly.

I speak to a growing number of nurses and medical staff who are beginning to really panic now as they see the truth coming out, one in particular called Michelle, a nurse of 30 years, resonated particularly with me because she said this to me about 8 months ago – and I quote her word for word because she knew back then exactly what was going on and exactly what would happen.

"People stood on doorstep's clapping for us and when they find out what we have done they will stone us to death," she was of course totally right. 

I've already seen videos of doctors being attacked a targeted by raging vaccine victims, people who have lost kids and family members at their hand – it will only gradually escalate as the situation escalates and the death toll in vaccine recipients rises and more and more people wake up to what has happened.

We all know there are many doctors who won't take these vaccines themselves but inject others with them and they will get nailed as things slowly turn, I myself have spoken to many of them.

How can they not see what the future holds for them? How can they not see it ?

I also think about how I will feel personally when told my brother and mum have died as a result of these vaccines – how would I feel towards those responsible? Id feel hate and anger and I want justice.

I'm really very worried for these doctors and nurses and clinic staff who have been delivering these poisons now because they will be the first to suffer the rage and anger of these vaccine victims. I think that they have been set up perfectly as fall guys for the masses as society slowly implodes under the strain of hugely increased death rate in ever younger people and a deliberate financial destruction.

I really would urge every medical professional to speak out louder and louder right now and to collectively walk out of the NHS as one – right now, they should totally abandon it, because if they did that it would be a real game changer.

Because if they continue to go through the motions and say nothing and blindly follow government protocols, it can and will only ever end one way – in death and misery and street justice.

If you have a critical mind and think it through, as the death toll rises and the economy is deliberately destroyed as we all know it will it can only end this way – it's a natural conclusion.

Or do we perhaps see the military guarding hospitals nationally against reprisal attacks after a few happen? They won't be able to watch them 24/7.

How long will media reports of stories about "shaking the duvet too hard", "hot weather", "digging the garden" and "referees whistles at footballs games" and something called "s.a.d.s"  killing young people off in record numbers do you honestly think people will swallow before going on the rampage?

I'm really surprised every single doctor simply hasn't walked out as one after seeing what is happening before them in their practices and wards – primarily for their own safety and to bring this to a head and attempt to stop it, id urge them to do so and quickly.

The saddest thing is there will be many totally innocent doctors and nurses who suffer these murderous rages from these victims of poison – but is anyone honestly going to be surprised when these begin to happen? I really won't be surprised and that doesn't mean I condone them.

It's certainly an interesting and horrifying time to be here, isn't it.

I think we all ought to urge these people to down tools and walk out, everyone of them, to both redeem and save themselves, before it is too late for all of them.

This is how I think it will develop as time passes, the ONS numbers now tell the story.

The original source of this article is Global Research.

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Lew Rockwell
17 Aug 2022 | 6:01 am

Administrative State: Bad Training -> Bad Decisions

Those who routinely read these substack essays and our social media posts know that Jill and I have been on a journey of discovery, a root cause analysis approach, trying to make sense of the horrid public policy decision making that has resulted in the COVIDcrisis. Key milestones along the way have included recognizing the role of the trusted news initiative (see here and here), the rise and global penetration of advocacy journalism, developing a deeper understanding of the role of the World Economic Forum/Great Reset and its young leader training/indoctrination program, the process of Mass formation or Mass Psychosis (the psychological basis of totalitarianism), widespread regulatory and other forms of government capture, the role of the administrative state, exploitation of the "crisis" by central banks and massive investment funds, the weaponization of infectious disease fearporn as both a media business model and a political tool, "Nudge" technology and governmental behavior control, and so many other factors that have contributed to the emergent global "COVIDcrisis" phenomenon that has destroyed millions of lives, businesses, children's education, faith in the integrity of science and medicine, and triggered an economic crisis that threatens to bring down the pillars which support western economies and banking systems. The tendency of many is to focus on one of these as the root cause, and to overlook the complex global interplay of all factors, a very human bias to seek a single factor or individual that should be held accountable. Favorites are often the WEF/Klaus Schwab (who somehow created himself as a caricature of evil), Bill Gates (likewise), Larry Fink/Blackrock as well as the Vanguard and State Street investment funds, the small number banking families that control most of the central banks, the United Nations, the World Health Organization/Veterinarian Dr. Tedros, the rise of the Administrative-corporate state/inverted totalitarianism, Anthony Fauci, Deborah Birx, the list goes on and on. All have played a role in fostering this global disaster which began with introduction of a new variant of an existing RNA respiratory virus into the global human population and seems to be winding down as one of the greatest global policy failures in human history.

Borrowing a term from Economics, most of these interacting factors are more macroscopic in scope. But what about the more microscopic phenomena. Are there systemwide or general organizational behaviors or processes that have contributed to the resulting clusterfrack? Have any of these types of effects contributed to the decision making? Are there widespread organizational practices that have enabled something like an emergent fractal process such as that described by Harrison Koehli in his recent essays which critically compare and contrast the work of both Mattias Desmet and Andrew Lobaczewski (see Political Ponerology: The Science of Evil, Psychopathy, and the Origins of Totalitarianism). Is there a component of this mess which is a consequence of how our governments and large businesses are organized, some seemingly benign fundamental organizational behaviors that could be clearly identified and therefore are amenable to being altered so that we could reduce the risk of future overreaction and collective global madness?

Many believe that the many tentacles of post-modern relativism and arrival at the logical endpoint of trends in modern liberal individualism provide one explanation, a cultural bias-based explanation for the COVIDcrisis. But to the extent that is true, it will require deep political "generational"-level changes to fix that problem.

What about some of the simple organizational assumptions which are widely taught and dearly held by corporations and governmental policy makers?

With this prelude, let's consider something that has been on my mind a lot lately. There is a style of group decision making that leads to poor group decisions, ergo: groupthink, that has come to dominate management practices in both government and large businesses. Why is that happening?

As some of you know from my last article on this subject, groupthink is something distinct from the idea of mass formation that Mattias Desmet has developed and expanded on. I wrote and have spoken about group think in the context of Deborah Birx, who was responsible for "Warp Speed" and what has happened with US HHS COVIDcrisis management.

Let's take a moment to examine the theories behind modern management practices in the context of the entire COVIDcrisis fecal-show that has resulted in the public policy responses of the US government as well as the global response by the World Health Organization (WHO) and other nations.

Groupthink has now permeated the administrative state, to such an extent that the methods used to combat groupthink have all but disappeared from the mindset of group managers.

So, just to recap, what is groupthink?

Groupthink was coined by author Irving Janis, first in an article in 1971 and then expanded on in his famous book "Victims of Groupthink".  The focus of Janis's work was on small group dynamics or theory. Janus wrote about the behavior of small groups and how groups work in a positive way and also in a negative way.

As he was proceeding with his academic work, he realized that he was seeing examples of group behavior gone awry, gone bad, particularly in the context of various federal decisions that occurred during the '60s, and then up to his present.

Janis Analyzed the behaviors of small groups under pressure making key decisions. Janus also came up with some really clear guidance on how to combat groupthink. Through a series of case studies focused on US government successes and major policy failures, Janis described how closed insular self-reinforcing groups tend to behave and how they can go wrong.

Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900) alluded to the same phenomena by writing: "Madness is the exception in individuals, but the rule in groups." That statement informs Irving Janis' whole analysis and his personal theory which is captured in this small textbook.

Read the Whole Article

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Lew Rockwell
17 Aug 2022 | 6:01 am

Can We See the End of the World from Here? Will We Still Feel Fine?

For those of us who see the world's glass as half empty, a book entitled The End of the World Is Just the Beginning makes the pulse race in anticipation. The author, Peter Zelhan, doesn't disappoint. R.E.M.'s "It's the End of the World as We Know It, (and I Feel Fine)" comes to mind.

Not to give away the punchline, but what's ending is globalization. What Zelhan calls the Order is what has made globalization tick. But "The halcyon days of 1980–2015 are over." Uncle Sam's commitment to the global order—i.e., policing the world's shipping lanes and opening a can of military whoop ass whenever needed "hasn't served Americans' strategic interests since the Berlin Wall fell in 1989."

Some country somewhere is going to screw up the Order, according to Zelhan. Exporters won't get their goods to consumers, and ultimately, the end of the book is all about, gulp, famine. Globalization drove everything and we're all used to it. Zelhan's book taps you on the shoulder and says get used to deglobalization, or worse yet, decivilization.

Of course, not all countries will end up starving. Besides, all of Zelhan's moving parts; weather patterns, demographics, economics, and reproduction rates may not turn out exactly as his crystal ball projects. His case, however, is compelling and he shatters more than a few views which are commonly held. For instance, to listen to American politicians, we'll be living under the thumb of the Chinese any day now.

Investor Jim Rogers used to go on and on about having you kids learn Mandarin because China would rule the world. However, China is the fastest-aging population in human history, writes Zelhan. "In China the population growth story is over and has been over since China's birth rate slipped below replacement levels in the 1990s." The country will go from emerging market to "postindustrial demographic collapse in a single human lifetime." In 2070, the Chinese population will be half what it was in 2020.

Austrian economists know that the division of labor and comparative advantage are what creates wealth. Murray Rothbard explained:

Another implication of the law of comparative advantage is that no country or region of the earth is going to be left out of the international division of labor under free trade. For the law means that even if a country is in such poor shape that it has no absolute advantage in producing anything, it still pays for its trading partners, the people of other countries, to allow it to produce what it is least worst at.

What turbo-charged comparative advantage was shipping costs plummeting during the past few decades (until covid) and port turnarounds shrank. Thus, cheap goods flowed everywhere, with consumers benefiting. Plus, production of higher order goods could be spread in dozens of locations. "By 2019, containerships carried approximately 50 percent of total global trade by value, up from functionally zero in the early 1960s," Zelhan writes.

Now, Zelhan believes "countries looking down the maw of demographic oblivion and globalization's collapse" will force people and countries to look after their own needs, making everyone (and countries) less efficient and less productive, leading to a downward spiral to decivilization. What we've assumed as normal for the past seven decades or so, Zelhan describes as a historical anomaly.

Demographics is the soapbox from which Zelhan yells. As of 2019 the earth had more people over sixty-five than people five and under. He provides the awful anecdote that thirty thousand Japanese die alone in their apartments and are not discovered until … well, you know.

And, by the way, the only way various varieties of socialism have kinda, sorta worked is America's maintenance of the Order. No Order, no globalization, socialism dies lickity split. Zelhan says a permanent recession is their best case.

The good news for America is the millennials. The rest of the world's boomers didn't procreate at the same rate as Americans. The USA's labor crunch will recover in the 2040s. "But for the rest of the world, it will never get better than it was in the 2010s. Never."

Plus, America has energy, fertile land, and navigable waterways.

Zelhan devotes some of the book to the history of money and currencies that economic historians will take issue with, but it doesn't distract from what is a thought-provoking look into the future, written with much more pizzaz than one would expect.

The next two decades are going to be tough according to Zelhan. But, for North Americans the 2040s are going to be great. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

Note: The views expressed on are not necessarily those of the Mises Institute.

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Lew Rockwell
17 Aug 2022 | 6:01 am

Secular Political Fanatics

There are loads of obsessives today: folks fixated on their phone, TV, sports, race, sex, etc. But the only ones labeled "fanatics" by secular media are religious. And, Lord knows, they are among the last people with whom I'd ever want to get stuck in an elevator. As Deepak Chopra said, "God gave man the truth. Then the Devil came in and said, "Hey, let's organize it and call it 'religion.'" A bumper sticker is more blunt: "Dear Lord, save me from your followers."

Yet there are secular/worldly fanatics too. Because they lack a religious center, many have a spiritual/emotional hole crying to be filled. So as traditional religion declines, we see a marked rise in political activism, especially save-the-world groups concerning "climate change," "equity," and "social justice."

For many, their new religion is politics, their faith is their political ideology, and their church is their political party. Like religious zealots, they fervently believe they have a monopoly on truth and are hell-bent to spread their convictions, whatever the consequences.

But history shows secular political fanatics do far more harm since they lack a Ten Commandments, Golden Rule, or fear of a judgmental God to restrain them. The godless want to create a heaven too — but right here today since they think this is all there is. So they have a peculiarly uncompromising urgency to remake society NOW.

And what a horrific toll many political true believers have wrought. With no religious humility to reign them in, they have created the first totalitarian dictatorships in which the party-state (national secular church) prescribes every aspect of citizens' lives. Inspired by the French Revolution's Jacobins who sought to create "a republic of virtue," 20th century communists fought to forge a new "revolutionary man." So Marxists in Russia, Eastern Europe, North Korea, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Cuba criminalized all religious, political, social, and even private personal conduct deemed "ideologically incorrect." A Russian Bolshevik once asked dictator Joseph Stalin to execute a group because "They have no [communist] faith." The stridently secular Nazi Adolf Hitler declared, "Anyone who interprets National Socialism merely as a political movement knows almost nothing about it. It is more than religion; it is the determination to create a new man."

The death toll alone from such anti-religious regimes is light years' worse than that of all religious wars and tyrannies combined — and in such a terribly brief span of time. Indeed, tolerance and forgiveness can be mortal sins to atheist political puritans.

Since the 1980s, as America has become ever more secular, there's been an explosion in the number of college campuses with draconian "hate speech" codes (and most of my university students said they could never even discuss any controversial issue in high school), state-mandated anti-smoking bans on even private property, confiscatory taxes (the Bible says tithing — just 10 percent — is enough), gun control laws, ever more censorship on social media, and state diktats against even church attendance during the Covid panic. Many secular do-gooders want to further regulate and tax fatty foods and soda, as well as dictate where we can set our thermostat.

Like religious meddlers, secular idealists piously protest that all their efforts are simply to help everyone from harming himself. But they seek to use the state to impose their world view far more than America's religious believers. "Be safe," "public health," and "protecting the environment" have become their mantras. C.S. Lewis described such neurotic reformers well:

"Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron's cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience."

There's also an intellectual smugness among a great many seculars lacking in most believers: "science proves it, I believe it, and that settles it." For example, many Darwinists resemble theocrats in their ferocious opposition to any alternative theories to evolution even being mentioned in government schools. They are blind to their own religious bigotry.

Lots of political activists resemble miserable rageaholics endlessly trying to control others' speech and behavior. The Orwellian irony is that they are typically the very "woke," politically correct "multi-culturalists" most loudly preaching "diversity" and "tolerance" while condemning "hate." They desperately need to build a life of their own because no politician, party, or government can ever fulfill us. As the Persian mystic Rumi observed, "Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself." Only you can find the keys to unlock your own potential.

Most believers don't get remotely as hung up on politics since their emotional and social outlets are family and church or synagogue. They're far more concerned with personal salvation and morality while letting God take care of the rest. But so many seculars are bent on saving the world when, like everyone, they really need to solve their own problems which would truly create a more just society. And we could all practice a lot more humility and tolerance.

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Lew Rockwell
17 Aug 2022 | 6:01 am

The Destruction of Everything Considered Normal Has Created Division, Hate, Instability, and Chaos

"Remembrance of the past may give rise to dangerous insights, and the established society seems to be apprehensive of the subversive contents of memory."

Herbert Marcuse, One-Dimensional Man: Studies in the Ideology of Advanced Industrial Society

The Marxist position concerning the social nature of man as opposed to the individual is fatally flawed if decency, respect, morality, and freedom are sought, regardless of the lie that Communism is for the benefit of the people. Once the individual is sacrificed and is forced to conform to the wishes of society, any system of decency breaks down. In other words, rule based on the majority position, and administered or "made to coincide with the interest (so-called) of humanity," that referred to as the group called society, necessitates force and aggression from either societal or state enforcement, and therefore negates all that is right.

There are many ways to build and control what could be classified as a proletariat society, and all of them require the elimination of the individual. Marx's words and 'beliefs' bear this out in no uncertain terms. In today's world, most all efforts to destroy independent thought, normal or considered natural behavior, tradition, family, and honest history, are steeped in Neo-Marxist techniques, which cause unlimited division, hatred, antagonistic existence, and a tearing down and elimination of all past history and moral beliefs. This is the state of affairs in the U.S. today, as total chaos has come to the forefront due not to proper anarchical principles which are based on individual freedom, but due to Neo-Marxist and communistic ideology advanced through psychological and aggressive means, and supported by the ruling class.

At this time in history, the common people are but mere illiterate pawns in this game of power and control; so much so as to be the responsible foundation of the destruction of man. This is an untenable reality about our situation, as the very people claiming a desire for freedom and 'equality,' have destroyed any chance of liberty by accepting what can be referred to as blind collectivism leading to Communism. This wording might seem somewhat confusing, but mass collectivism cannot exist without a communistic mentality by the majority, and without communistic ideology, unadulterated collectivism in any free society is not conceivable in my view.

The human animal is certainly social, (not as in the view of Marx) and this helps to solidify our need for common association in order to satisfy our need for each other, and to better function and survive, but once that social bonding becomes forced or mandatory; and becomes 'legally' ordered, a new paradigm of totalitarianism is born.

Regardless of the contradiction concerning Communist ideology, the Neo-Marxist system is based on two very distinct existing classes; the large class of propertyless workers (commoners) consisting of the entirety of the masses, and the elite class, or state heads, who are exempt from all the societal rules and regulations, and own and control all the property. As mentioned, this is in direct contrast to the basis of Communism as described by Marx, which would result in the people seizing through violent revolt from the oppressing bourgeoisie, all wealth and means of production. In most cases, the people seeking Communism allege to want to eliminate the class system in order to achieve total equality and utopia for all, but in essence, they bring about by their submission to power, the exact situation they pretend to detest. By embracing the state and its power as partners in efforts to destroy all traditional society to affect desired 'change,' the resulting new state is simply the opposite of the so-called pretended agenda sought. This is where the left side of the left/right divide, negates all claimed ambitions of eliminating class structure in favor of a ruling class over society. This can only be due to indoctrination, ignorance, and stupidity.

We are now in transition to this exact type of society, where the few control all through very aggressive and restrictive governmental and technocratic methods, and remain completely outside and separate from the masses in every way. This is what globalism is all about; one completely separate ruling class and all the rest slaves. This is the system being built, and once fully achieved, it will be nearly impossible to destroy.

Consider our current circumstances, and what has been allowed to replace our traditional society based on the natural right to life; leading to freedom, property ownership by the individual, family, free speech, and the right to defend oneself from any aggression. These things have disappeared almost entirely, and have been replaced with communistic terror in the form of Neo-Marxism at the hands of the controlling class, the state, and all those supporting the state.

We live in a world turned upside down, where everything of value has become taboo, while the opposite has become the mainstay of this sorry society of mindless drones. Family and morality are looked down upon, while unbridled exuberance toward the immoral is embraced. This attitude is now widespread, and was not accidental, as the whole idea of Neo-Marxism is meant to destroy the memory of all the past in favor of establishing a new order based on communistic ideology bent on the destruction of accepted long-term norms. Obviously, change can at times be good, but in this case, it seems that the good is only being traded for the bad.

Currently, transexual behavior is presented by the state and media as 'normal,' and in a disgustingly myriad of forms. This notion is pushed in the faces of all who have any exposure to any form of media, 'education,' or government indoctrination efforts, as if it was honestly apparent in every human situation. This is asinine. The same is true of how homosexuality is presented, and every other form of this type of behavior. What people choose to do voluntarily, and without harm to others, and without intimidation, or aggression toward another, is one thing, but any expectation or initiation of forced acceptance is patently wrong.

Society as a whole has been inundated with the false assumption that everything not normal is normal. It is no different with the ridiculous 'racism' lie. There have always been racists, and there always will be, because that is the nature of a minority of the population, and has always been present in man. It is not relegated just to white; in fact, it is apparent to some degree in every culture. It is a cross-culture phenomenon. It has been purposely made to seem to be targeting only a few groups, and falsely labeled as terror against all state-chosen minorities, when in reality, it is less obvious than it has ever been in history. The biggest change has been the isolation of racism to certain groups meant only to cause hatred and division due to the state's agenda of control. What is evident, is that hatred of all against all is rampant, and that cannot be labeled as due to one's personal preferences, but to a plotted result by the ruling 'elites.'

There is also intentional government promotion and acceptance of atrocious criminal behavior by evil groups like BLM and Antifa, and certain others as well. This behavior is justified by the state in order to gain more control over all by normalizing atrocious behavior by the few who are being used to instill fear so as to cause societal disorder. This is all part of the plot of this totalitarian regime.

Most all of the enforcement arms of government are on board with this evil, and purposely stage, participate in, and intentionally allow constant acts of terror to be prevalent throughout society. This is evident in the allowance and prosecution of intimidation, criminal behavior, police state brutality, allowed rioting and property destruction, mass shootings, especially against children, which creates much more psychological and emotional response from those who are sought to be ruled over and controlled. These are all meant to advance particular state agendas.

Of the many sub-plots of this world takeover agenda, illegitimate manmade 'climate change' will remain the primary focus. The 'virus, scams will continue, as will the drive for central bank digital currencies, digitizing all transactions, 'vaccine' passports, supply chain disruptions, manufactured food shortages, energy regulations and energy use restrictions, carbon limit restrictions, water mandates, more promotion of gender insanity, and certainly much more extreme propaganda concerning the 'wonder' of depraved behavior.

All this and much more, including horrific false-flag attacks and events by the government and its henchmen, are coming this fall and winter in my opinion, and with it the likely possibility of civil unrest, civil war, hot war, and martial law. Prepare yourselves for hell on earth, as the globalists continue their assault against us, as the masses have not yet decided to do anything of value to help themselves or stop this onslaught against humanity.

"What is morality, she asked.
Judgement to distinguish right and wrong, vision to see the truth, and courage to act upon it, dedication to that which is good, integrity to stand by the good at any price. "

Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged

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Lew Rockwell
17 Aug 2022 | 6:01 am

Ideology, Abstractions, and Terror

The French Revolution had been a catastrophe for Christendom.

The Age of Utopia: Christendom from the Renaissance to the Russian Revolution, by John Strickland

That the optimism of the Revolution unleashed a wave of terror in no way diminished the hopes and expectations of the revolutionaries.

Perhaps an example of what we know to be true about our time.  The peaceful methods of pointing out the hypocrisy and lies of today's revolutionaries have zero impact on the onward march of revolution, as we know.  Why would it, when even the bloodshed offered in the French Revolution did nothing to slow down the drive and fervor?

It took a decade, until 1799, for the revolution to spend itself.  By then, a group of moderates came to the fore.  They sought a figurehead.  What they got was a strongman.

In 1792, Napoleon Bonaparte would defend the borders of France against Austria and Prussia; in 1795, he defended against a Roman Catholic royalist insurgency in Paris – firing grapeshot into the crowds.  When appointed to the honorary position of first consul in 1799, he overthrew the government.  Dictatorship followed the decade of bloodshed that was supposed to deliver a utopian republicanism.

In his domestic policy, Napoleon proved an agent of secularism.

While not a fan of Robespierre's inclination toward terror, he did share the Jacobin's deistic convictions.  The Roman Catholic Church would not have the authority it had before 1789, however he would restore peace with Rome.  In 1801, Roman Catholicism was recognized as the religion of "the majority" of Frenchmen.

Yet bishops were required to swear an oath of loyalty to him…after being appointed by him.  French Christianity would be subordinate to the government.

And this is where I keep coming up against my major objection to this work by Strickland and the idea of governance as offered by the Eastern Church – the idea that the ideal government is one where the emperor would rule in a most Christian manner, being guided by bishops who were subordinate to him.

It almost never worked out well, with the one or two exceptions touted so strongly such that they demonstrate the folly of such a scheme.  The emperor would use the bishops when it suited him, and would ignore the bishops when it didn't.  It was that simple.

In any case…in 1804, Pope Pius VII would travel to Paris to formally recognize Napoleon as emperor.  With him, a replica of the crown placed on the head of Charlemagne.  Napoleon would seize the crown and himself placed it on his head.  Subordination to the Church would in no way be tolerated.

In 1809, he would invade Italy and seize the Papal States and take that same pope as prisoner to France.  He would invade Russia with half-a-million men in 1812.  Seventy thousand would die in Borodino in September, but still he marched on.  A week later, he would enter Moscow, only to see it had been burned by the fleeing citizens.  He would turn the Kremlin's cathedrals into horse stalls.

Within a month, lacking food and supplies, he was forced to retreat.  His attempts at negotiating with Alexander met with failure – Alexander refused to negotiate with the man who many in Europe saw as the Antichrist until every invader was out of Russia.

By December, only twenty-thousand of his original five-hundred-thousand would make it back across the Neman River on the Prussian frontier on their way back to France.  He would lose more battles before being exiled to the island of Elba.  Escaping exile, he would go on to suffer his final defeat at the Battle of Waterloo.

In 1790, Edmund Burke would publish his Reflections on the Revolution in France, predicting the terror to come.  Terror was inevitable, he thought, when abstractions took the place of customs.  Justice and social well-being require tradition: social norms different in every state.

As an aside, given Burke's thoughts, how so the ideology of the American Revolution?  One must deem it a relative success for avoiding (for the most part) such inevitable terror for four-score and seven years.  But terror did come, in a form and magnitude no different than that visited up Europe in the wake of the Bastille and the guillotine.


Liberty, Equality, Fraternity.  These were the ideals of the French Revolution.  Ideals not only in conflict with tradition and custom, but in conflict with each other.

  • Liberty, setting the free individual out alone against the state – as if he could remain free in such a condition.
  • Equality, inherently to make a hash of any supposed individual liberty – we are either free or we are equal; we cannot be both.
  • Fraternity, impossible when one's liberty butts up against another's liberty to be equal – brotherly love goes out the window.

The birth of liberalism, socialism, and nationalism would follow – with such ideologies spreading throughout Europe.  This mix would explode in the several upheavals of 1848, first in France, then in Italy, Germany and Austria.  Of the major powers, only Russia avoided this fate (on this point, and this entire episode, consider the parallels today).

The tsar was ready to take an army to crush these rebellions, declaring "Gentlemen, saddle your horses!  France has again declared herself a republic."  Consider this sentiment weighed against the triumphal call of Benjamin Franklin when summing up the new constitution: a republic, if you can keep it.  History has judged the idea of republic, and has found it wanting.

Ultimately, it was only in France where the events of 1848 would have immediate effect.  Socialists would introduce a welfare system of state-run workshops.  Universal male suffrage was introduced.

And in 1849…a nephew of Napoleon would be elected as president of the Second Republic!

Reprinted with permission from Bionic Mosquito.

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Lew Rockwell
17 Aug 2022 | 6:01 am

The FBI Mar-a-Lago Raid, and Much More

Three mind-boggling events this past week

Number 3 is virtually unknown, and it's a massive crusher—FOR us, not against us

The fascist takeover of this and other countries has been accelerating—but this past week, major new cards have been pulled from the bottom of the deck and played.

I'm going to describe them and lay out the stunning implications.

If you haven't yet subscribed to my substack, now is the time. Throw in a few bucks and support my work. The yearly $60 subscription is the price of one dinner at a "highly recommended restaurant"—where the steak turns out tasting like cardboard. But here on my page, all the daily dinners are very real.

EVENT ONE: The FBI raid on Trump's home in Florida. What's behind it? I'll discuss two of the major players lurking in the shadows, on the fringes, and what their presence means. No one else is covering this fully.

Are the powers-that-be just trying to derail any chance Trump has of running and winning in 2024? Or is something more going on?

EVENT TWO: With a new influx of $46 billion, the IRS is hiring 87,000 enforcement agents. The IRS's posted job description stated: must be willing to use "deadly force." After a backlash, the IRS scrubbed that section. What's their real plan? And who are they trying to impress? I'll lay out the reality.

EVENT THREE: And finally, I'll expand my campaign on solutions, explaining how free and competitive states can overcome the concentration of federal power at the top of the food chain. As I write this…

Riley Moore, the state treasurer of West Virginia, is on FOX explaining how he is REMOVING enormous state monies from woke banks that refuse to do business with fossil fuel companies.

BANG. This is truly huge. Moore is turning the tables on Biden's "green plan" to push the US into deep poverty.

This is exactly the kind of imaginative thinking that can spell victory for us.

There are MANY implications in Moore's strategy. I'll run them down for you. I can't overstate their importance.

When you drive a dagger into the heart of banks that collude with government, you're disrupting the very nerve center of tyranny.

Join me in this truly crucial podcast.

Reprinted with permission from Jon Rappoport's Blog.

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Lew Rockwell
17 Aug 2022 | 6:01 am

The End of Tax Havens?

The image above is of a World War II German Panzer tank. So, what does that have to do with tax havens? I'll get to that soon.

But first, let's look at the Isle of Jersey, one of the islands in the English Channel. Most people think of it as a British tax haven, but it's not, strictly speaking, a part of the UK and not a member of the EU. It's a self-governing parliamentary democracy under a constitutional monarchy and has its own legal, judicial, and, most importantly, financial systems. For decades, it's been a choice location for those who seek to avoid taxation.

Income tax was first created in England to pay for the Napoleonic Wars (maximum: 10%) and was raised in World War II to a maximum of 99.25%, again to pay for warfare. It was reduced after the war, but climbed again (on investment income over £20,000) to a maximum of 98% in 1974.

Jersey emerged as a tax haven as a result. Since Jersey was not obligated to pay tax to the UK, Britons increasingly deposited their wealth there.

It's important to mention at this juncture that most of the world's tax havens first sprouted as a result of similar situations – supply created in response to a clear need. Most people will abide low to moderate taxation but, whenever governments have become truly rapacious in taxing their people, those people have sought to escape enslavement from their own governments. Sometimes, this has meant physically leaving the country (as so many Britons did in the 70's) and, sometimes, this has meant moving one's money to a jurisdiction that has either low, or no, direct taxation.

Tax havens have a long history and, since the 70's, as taxation in much of the world has been on the rise, havens have unsurprisingly flourished.

Not surprising, then, that the blowback from the most rapacious governments has grown. The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (a euphemism if ever there was one), or OECD, has led the charge, funded primarily by the US but based in Paris and utilised heavily by the EU as well as the US.

The OECD claims to have as a primary goal the elimination of money laundering in the world. It has successfully convinced most of the world that money laundering (the practice of keeping parasitical governments from stealing your wealth) is a criminal activity and must be stopped.

However, the true objectives of the OECD are the following:

  1. To eliminate the individual right of privacy with regards to wealth.
  1. To force minimum tax levels on all sovereign nations, so that they cannot offer freedom from excessive taxation to anyone.

But, lest we're tempted to sympathise with the OECD, it's important to mention that it also fully accepts the fact that its member-countries have their own tax havens which don't comply with OECD minimum standards. Seen in this light, the OECD is exposed as more of a shakedown organisation than a "force for good."

Still, the OECD is powerful and it's taken its toll on tax havens. Every two or three years, it puts the squeeze on a selection of the world's tax havens, demanding new or revised minimum standards. It places them on a blacklist or graylist until they cave in to the new standards. Then, two or three years later, it goes after another selection of havens, thereby steadily ratcheting down economic freedom in the world.

One of their foremost successes has been the Isle of Jersey. By forcing tax equalisation on Jersey, Jersey has had to decide whether to increase taxation for offshore depositors, or decrease taxes for locals. It chose the latter and, as a result, has experienced a shortfall in the government kitty, resulting in layoffs for public service workers, cuts in funding for road repair, sewage services, education, etc. Jersey appears to be on the ropes as a result.

So the big question is, "will the OECD reach its goals?" In five or ten years' time, will the only tax havens be in places like Delaware, where the government-sanctioned tax haven follows the "bad practices" that the OECD has called "criminal"?

At present, no one has the answer to that question, but what we can say is that we're witnessing The Great Race. The economies of all the OECD member-nations are in trouble. Having destroyed their own economies through massive debt, they're grasping for every tax dollar they can get their hands on to keep the house of cards from collapsing. The inevitable collapse is getting ever closer, so the hope is to scoop up as much wealth by whatever means possible before the fall. This is critical as, after the fall, the credit will evaporate. The governments will no longer be able to fund the costly agencies necessary to track down and confiscate the wealth of their citizens.

This is therefore a race against time, which brings us back to the Panzer in the photo.

The Panzer tank was critical to German advance in World War II. In the 1940's, if you heard one coming, you ran like hell. But they ran on gasoline. The Nazi command recognized early in the war that, unless they captured the oil fields in Russian-held Romania, the German war machine would literally "run out of gas."

As risky as it was, it was essential to attack Russia. The attack became increasingly desperate, since the Germans fully understood that their end was on the horizon if they did not succeed (Can we see any similarity between this and a government near us?).

The Germans failed to conquer Romania. Then, in 1945, at the Battle of the Bulge, the advance by Panzer tanks came to a halt. Had they reached the front lines, they would have won the day for Germany. But, instead, they ran out of fuel in mid-advance.

As decisive as that event was, to my mind, there is a connected event that's more significant to us today. When the tanks ran out of gasoline, the crews left the tanks and simply began to walk back to Germany. Most were later rounded up by the Allies and they went along peacefully.

The great significance of this event is that, no matter how much bluster a political or military leadership presents, and no matter how obediently the soldiers respond to such posturing, once it's clear that the game is up, the pretence amongst the soldiers evaporates. If an army learns in advance that an end is inevitable and has had the requisite time to think over the situation in advance, it simply awaits the tipping point. When that occurs, they're less likely to make a panicked, futile last stand. The foreknowledge informs them to be prepared in advance to simply walk away.

So, to return to The Great Race by many governments today, what we are witnessing is a last-ditch effort to squeeze as much wealth as possible from their citizens before those governments run out of gas or, in this instance, run out of credit.

At some point in the not-so-distant future, creditors will dump treasuries back into the EU and US markets. Stock and bond markets will crash. Currencies will crash. Debt defaults will take place. Banks that are seemingly too big to fail will fail and there will be no fund from which to bail them out.

What we can expect will be an increasingly desperate attempt to rob people of their personal wealth. The situation will ramp up to a draconian level. Then, quite suddenly, the crisis will be upon us. The dreaded tanks will run out of fuel – the governments will lose the economic power to continue their advance against economic freedom.

The goal for each individual who values his freedom might then be to avoid being the low-hanging fruit until that day, so that he might come out intact on the other side.

Reprinted with permission from International Man.

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