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Wolfframe started to make music even last millennium. He was urged by a thirst for self-expression. But it was not so easy. For a long time he couldn’t tap his creation source. Once WF heard his good friend Hotshkin’s tracks written with a special program on Sony Playstation games device. Hotshkin recorded a piles of audio-cassettes hand rounding to all his fellows. His tracks were socking great. Inspired by Hotshkin WF started to write his own music on weak Pentium-200.

Overcoming all the difficulties WF set up his music way. His first album SUPERALKASH became a result of his endeavour. Eleven tracks written in a period from 2004 to 2007 rocked charmed circle of his relatives. On SUPERALKASH WF was strongly attracted by acid-jazz. But It was young and slow-witted WF. Now he is trying to write industrial, experimental, and idm.

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