The essence of The Great Reset

by Jon Rappoport on Jon Rappoport

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Wikipedia: "John Dewey (October 20, 1859 – June 1, 1952) was an American philosopher, psychologist, and educational reformer whose ideas have been influential in education and social reform. He was one of the most prominent American scholars in the first half of the twentieth century…Dewey was one of the primary figures associated with the philosophy of pragmatism and is considered one of the fathers of functional psychology."

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen and other genders. I am Field Marshal Hermann Mao Octavio Pinochet Dulles, Chairman of the Joint Philosopher's Committee of the World Economic Forum, the Bilderberg Group, the Trilateral Commission, the CFR, and the CDC/WHO.

You are distinguished financiers, professors, scholars, heads of government, attorneys, judges, journalists, doctors, social media CEOs, and pharmaceutical princes.

Tonight, I will be interviewing a hologram of the late John Dewey, the foremost educator of the 20th century, philosopher, and leader of the still-vital Pragmatist movement.

We will take up the thorny problem of free speech. And deeper still, the meaning of meaning.

This event is sponsored by Snacker Cracker Whacker, a weight-loss munch between meals for the quasi-active lifestyle.

And now, please turn on John Dewey.

Hello, Hermann. Thanks for having me.

Hello, John. Delighted to see you. Were you able to peruse the documents I had my secretary send you?

Suffice to say, Hermann, I believe I'm caught up on the blizzard of developments since my departure.

Good, John. We need you more than ever.

I can't disagree, Herm. The Prime Directive is ORGANIZE. And that Directive is being violated from Nome to Tierra del Fuego.

Sad but true. Let's jump right in. What about censorship, John? People are breaking out into opposing camps on the issue.

Blanket censorship, Herm, is a necessary pause, in order to allow us to study hesitancy.

What sort of hesitancy, John?

The reluctance to define and describe OCI.

What is OCI?

The Organization of Categories of Information.


Indeed, Herm. Every piece of information that has ever been produced, and is being produced, must be collected, and placed into distinct categories-which are then evaluated on the pragmatic principle of instrumentality.

John, remind our audience what that principle is.

Of course. The meaning of any statement-aka piece of information-is nothing more than the practical use to which it can be put. That is what meaning IS. Period.

And therefore, we must ask, "Who is in charge of deciding 'practical use'?"

Herm, many possible practical uses exist. Someone has to determine which use is paramount. For example, consider the statement, "Vaccines are life-saving." The factual accuracy or inaccuracy of that statement is entirely beside the point. What matters is, who is deciding how to use that statement. Let us say it is the CDC. In that case, the statement, "Vaccines are life-saving," means, "Everyone must get vaccinated."

And, John, we WOULD want the CDC to be in charge of deciding PRACTICAL USE in this instance.

Yes. I can certainly see that you would. What I'm talking about here is a complete restructuring of language itself, of what language MEANS.

We'll explore that in a moment, John. But first, what happens to the people who are claiming that "Vaccines are life-saving" is a gross lie?

They would be censored, of course. Because they're trying to assert their power to decide the practical use of the statement about vaccines. Their practical use is: don't get vaccinated.

I see. Censor them.

Otherwise, meaning itself collapses into a muddle of competing interests.

Right, John. Yes.

Restructuring language involves redefining the meaning of meaning. Anyone should be able to see that. The meaning of any given statement or piece of information is: the practical and pragmatic use to which it will be put. A statement has no other meaning.

Truth and falsity are outmoded concepts, John.

That's correct. They're a waste of time and effort.

John, your analysis strips things down nicely.

During my life, I had many enemies. They opposed instrumentality. They preferred their own slovenly models of meaning.

We're in a position to correct that now, John.

I hope so.

If the State takes over language itself, John, we have a chance to revolutionize the process of thought.

Herm, that is indeed a solution. And after careful consideration, I believe it is necessary. We would start with the courts.


Yes. All verdicts would hinge on the practical use to which criminals can be put. A thief, if he proves he can stir up enough trouble, would automatically be defined as innocent.

In that instance, John, the thief becomes an instrument of chaos?

Yes, chaos-the breaking down of traditional order-permits new forms to enter the scene. New forms of thought and definition and language. The meaning of JUSTICE undergoes a complete transformation. Henceforth, justice is defined as an action which adds to State power by seeming to promote equality.

We must ponder that last sentence deeply.

Herm, JUSTICE must be taught in schools from a very early age. It is defined as "equality of outcome." Every person is granted the same benefits and penalties in life, regardless of his talents, ambitions, skill, discipline, dedication, imagination, creative impulses.

However, John, we must make it seem we are bringing the oppressed peoples up to the level of everyone else.

Yes, Herm. It's a bait and switch. Every word in the language becomes an instrument for executing that bait and switch.

We have much, much work to do.

Herm, words are instruments. People are instruments. There is no such thing as "an individual." A person is an opportunity to advance an agenda.

If I'm catching your drift, John, you're suggesting we have two basic classifications of language. One is for us. We know how words are actually used and what they mean. The other classification is for the masses. They're taught meanings that appear to equip them to gain equality and power-but in the end, they obtain no power.

Correct. If they did gain power, they would use it in disorganized ways. As I said at the outset, what is sadly missing from civilization now is ORGANIZATION. It must be overall and very specific. Every word and item and person must be folded into a coherent and coordinated and unified structure.

And, as you say, John, it all starts with language. The meaning of meaning. I'm not sure I've understood everything you've said today, but I'm trying.

Good, Herm. Remember, free speech really means the right and duty to use words as instruments, for the purposes designed by those who run things.


Imagine this, Herm. Every child, in kindergarten, is taught the definition of the word "I." Every child memorizes that definition and recites it over and over. "I am an instrument. I am useful. I serve a purpose. I disappear into that purpose."

But a very young child will have no idea what he's saying. John.

It doesn't matter. As he repeats it over and over, from one grade to the next, he will get glimpses. Those glimpses will become clearer. He will see a new reality taking shape. What does CAT mean? It means "how you can use a cat." What does BOOK mean? It means "how you can use a book." Herm, we have to replace things with words, and replace the meanings of words with new utilitarian meanings.

This goes very deep, John.

Thank you, Herm. Down through history, all the truly great philosophers have wanted to remake the world.

One question, John. If all of us here today had been indoctrinated in the new and improved version of language, would the conversation you and I are having now have the same shape?

Of course not, Herm. It would be stripped down and streamlined. You and I would be uttering brief phrases, more or less like the old telegrams of the past. You would utter three words, I would utter four words, rapid fire, and we would grasp the instrumentality of our mutual meaning. BUT for us, Herm, that day will never come. We will continue to speak and think as we do now. This restructuring program is for everyone else, for the masses. THEY are ones who need complete reeducation. Think of those of us who are gathered here today, and our trusted colleagues, as the meta-people. We hover above the rest of the population, modulating their style of comprehension. We are injecting them with the vaccine of new language, in order to prevent DISORGANIZATION.

Could you provide an example of a word or a phrase, as the masses would use it, and then as you and I would use it?

Of course, Herm. The word VIRUS. To the masses, that word is already pregnant with instrumental meanings. VIRUS equals threat, fear, danger, infection, contagion, need for masks and distancing and lockdowns and business closures and economic wreckage and government bailout and testing and tracing and vaccination. You see? That's what VIRUS MEANS. But to you and me, it means an imaginary construct never proven to exist, never isolated or actually sequenced, which is USED to accomplish a manner of social destruction which will then lead to the imposition of greater ORGANIZATION.

Yes, John, now I'm really beginning to understand the principle of instrumentality.

Freedom is the enemy of organization.

John, what you're saying is illuminating our understanding of technocracy.

Herm, technocracy began as a movement led by engineers. For them, instrumentality was the core of life. They were builders. Equations, methods, materials, ideas-the engineers accepted science ONLY in so far as it helped them build structures. Practical use. Pragmatic purpose. So naturally, they applied that point of view to government, the economy, politics…

The engineers were already pragmatists.

Yes, Herm. They saw the vision of a better world. A world in which every human would be used and controlled as an instrument for constructing civilization as a leak-proof system.

And that, John, is what we are doing. Every human fitted into a designated slot. That is the essence of the Great Reset.


It occurs to me, John, that in the years since your departure from Earth, you've come to new insights about freedom. In your earlier days, you were a proponent of the wide sharing of ideas among all people.

Herm, those of us in responsible positions are always wrestling with the concept of freedom. It's the wild card in the deck. A system is a system. You can't define it fully if you want to retain that wild card. Freedom doesn't fit anywhere. It isn't a slot. Worse, it leads to…it multiplies the number of unpredictable events. Freedom is a corrosive acid that eats into perfection.

What you just said, John, applies to you yourself. You're a hologram. You were designed by AI. That design had to make you into a system with no leaks. Correct?

Interesting point, Herm. People like to claim that AI creations have freedom and choices, but is that really true? As a hologram, I have options WITHIN A PRE-PROGRAMMED FRAMEWORK. And each one of those options is governed by my practical and instrumental use. And somebody decided what that use was.

Therefore, John-

Therefore, I'm an instrument. I fulfill the meaning of what an individual IS. In the future, we want all individuals to be similar instruments.

Yes, John, that's my point. You, the hologram, give us the model for future humans.

Well, Herm, that brings up a question. If humans are programmed in the same way I am, will they be content, will they be happy? I'll answer my own question. We must consider happiness itself an instrumental function. That is to say, we must program humans to believe happiness is what they already have. Happiness is whatever state of mind they're IN. Do you see?

I do see, John. I think that's an excellent place to leave our conversation for now. Thank you so much for being with us.

Thanks for having me, Herm.

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    Billy Hill 8 Apr 2021 | 12:41 am

    I have also noticed the prevalence of leaf spot even here in the desert of Az.
    Another thing I have noticed is the strange death of some single trees amongst or with nearby healthy trees. The two biggest dangers we face are fukushima and yellowstone neither are ever in the news or even recognized as really big dangers that we cannot fix or even control.
    I saw an interview of Dearen by
    Heffner's son.
    I did not know about Compounding prior to that.

    Michael Burns 7 Apr 2021 | 7:53 pm

    Interesting…well done. I am not familiar with the tale.
    I am unfamiliar with this fungi…

    …upon some light reading I find it strangely thrives at mammalian temperatures, and has been use as a anti-malarial and it has it biological uses in agriculture, especially rice field weeds. And who knows what else?

    What other things have they been using it in, since they have had success with malaria.
    Hah…pray tell? Maybe vaccines?…sorry, I mean, gene therapy.

    The common sign in vegetation of Setosphaeria rostrata is leaf spot disease, which I find curiously, is becoming so more prevalent, so virulent of late — as I am a gardener and observe these things, and walk frequently in nature.

    Could it be raining down from the heavens hitch-hiking on the back of nano-particles used in Geo-engineering.

    Nothing like killing two birds with one stone, eh. Diseasing the food sources as well as changing the weather.

    I find some vegetables have no defense against leaf spot, and it seems the trees are full of it, could it have been weaponized?

    I will look for the book Kill Shot, it seems like a interesting book. I will need to look closer.


    Jason Dearen interview… worth the watch!

    stephen langley 7 Apr 2021 | 7:18 pm

    Dewey was himself a useful tool of the elitists / industrialists at the turn of the 19th century who were completely absorbed by their own self-interest; they wanted compliant uncritically thinking laborers. Because they lacked all depth themselves, hired useful scholarly "thinkers" to give their hubris and economic power academic credence and clout. It is a continuing fallacy to think that Dewey or others (including today's resulting scientific-technocratic-bureaucratic-expert-class) deserve all the blame for their inividuality crushing "progressive" collectivist "pragmatic" ideas. He/they were/are paid handsomely for their lives of utility to the ruling class. All the mad scientists'… and crank "philosophers" inventions & ideas (who have ever lived) would have had nil impact without funding and organized (there's that word again!) application. It is unbridled, UNenlightened self-interest that is fueling the breakdown of the current planetary civilization. It is a spiritual reset that is really in play. The old world order cannot and will not endure as a rebranded "New World Order". It is crumbling and "they" know it. But while humanity transitions to a new rate of consciousness they will persist in their hubris. Creation, Infinite Intelligence, Infinite Imagintion, Infinite Consciousness ("God") creates It's own opposition in order to advance Itself, i.e. Consciousness itself… and the individual human being who is Its vessel of expression. All guided here on earth by a Divine "Spiritual Hiearchy". As an expression of that guiding force, in the 1930's, Meher Baba stated: "I have come to break the back of The Machine Age." As that "Universal Work" continues to unfold, the globalists desperately still push technocracy forward. But their resistance is futile… ARTIFICIAL intelligence vs. PRIME intelligence ? …not even a doubt "who" wins… God wins THROUGH us, as the enlightened, Self-Realized Individual as the highest expression of the entire impetus-purpose of Creation. ~ (the nutshell explanation of Meher Baba's explanations on existence, evolution-involution of consciousness… see his"God Speaks" (originally published by Dodd & Mead). The "divine irony" in this discussion, i.e. HUMOR, is that God is the Ultimate Pragmatist ! Ha! Ha !!! …Artificial Intelligence should download That ultmate upgrade… then AI could be used to serve our humanity, the INDIVIDUAL, not seek to repress and destroy what Wedell Berry described as the unique "concrete carrier of Life"…the individual.

    john-oranje 7 Apr 2021 | 1:24 pm

    Thanks for the link to the Dewey article.
    It is reductionist, materialistic bullshit, based in
    Darwinian thinking. A totally inhuman interpretation
    of everything human. It reads like the design
    requirements for a robot.
    Dewey was a hundred years ahead of his time; not in
    a good way.
    As regards the great reset, information does not need
    to have anything to do with facts anymore; much less
    anything as high flown as 'truth'.
    The model for the communist future, the psychopaths
    dream of, would resemble an ants nest, termite
    colony or beehive, I guess. The individual becomes a
    meaningless concept even among the ruling elite,
    unless plotting to overthrow the top dog.

    billy hill 7 Apr 2021 | 12:32 pm

    An award-winning investigative journalist's horrifying true crime story of America's deadliest drug contamination outbreak and the greed and deception that fueled it.

    Two pharmacists sit in a Boston courtroom accused of murder. The weapon: the fungus Exserohilum rostratum. The death count: 100 and rising. Kill Shot is the story of their hubris and fraud, discovered by a team of medical detectives who raced against the clock to hunt the killers and the fungal meningitis they'd unleashed.

    "Bloodthirsty" is how doctors described the fungal microbe that contaminated thousands of drug vials produced by the New England Compounding Center (NECC). Though NECC chief Barry Cadden called his company the "Ferrari of Compounders," it was a slapdash operation of unqualified staff, mold-ridden lab surfaces, and hastily made medications that were injected into approximately 14,000 people. Once inside some of its human hosts, the fungus traveled through the tough tissue around the spine and wormed upward to the "deep brain," our control center for balance, breath, and the vital motor functions of life.

    Now, investigative journalist Jason Dearen turns a spotlight on this tragedy–the victims, the heroes, and the perpetrators–and the legal loopholes that allowed it to occur. Kill Shot forces a powerful but unchecked industry out of the shadows.

    Eluard 7 Apr 2021 | 2:08 am

    Billy you made my night with that carnival of quotes from Bukowski, beloved wino from San Pedro.

    Here's a bit from an essay I wrote on Buk: "Going through these books again, I realize what in Buk zapped me when I was a kid and what still throws me against the wall when I read his stuff. It's not (so much) the drinking and the wild life on the streets that enthralls. It's his laser-precise aiming at the hypocrisy, the Non-life of our lives. The inauthentic shells we've wrapped ourselves inside in order to be a person, a 'productive member' of this society."

    My apologies to Jim S. above mangling his second initial.
    Thanks Bill.

    BoogeymanSlayer 7 Apr 2021 | 1:44 am

    Snacker Cracker Whacker—ha ha!

    Jon, you hit on so many points again. I think people more readily change their beliefs via facts disguised as fiction. You are a master at pointing out psyops through stories that parallel reality.

    I watched an interesting video of Stanley Milgram today, showing highlights of his experiments on authority and obedience. It's interesting how easily an authority figure can overcome the inhibition to harm others. When done under the guise that the person being given "electric shocks" volunteered and agreed to participate "for the greater good" for procuring test results, most people overcame their boundaries to do no harm. In reality, as most know, the hired actor was never actually shocked but the administrator of the shocks was being tested for how far he would comply in the experiment. The authority figure reassured him it was for the good of the study and most people overcome their resistance to harm another to continue, some even to the point of "death", if necessary.

    The virus myth can be substituted for the electric shocks. People allowed businesses to be shut down, people thrown out of jobs, and acceptance of unhealthy behaviors was readily accepted and enforced "for the good of all".

    People have been told for decades that viruses are real and that they cause diseases. They say they are so small that they require special equipment and highly trained "virologists" who are "authorities" in that arena and that we aren't smart enough to understand how they work. But why, then, after all of these decades can we not see actual proof of such a horrifying entity? Why are we only told stories that these invisible and formidable foes exist but the best we can see are computer-generated images (CGIs)?

    Why does the description of a virus keep changing to fit the need to explain "new" diseases or symptoms. Why are stories of viruses used to explain ailments that are actually and provably caused by nutritional deficiencies, pesticide or heavy metal poisoning, or numerous symptoms that are nothing new but might be caused by bacterial infections, stress, and other real factors?

    I believe the answer might be explained by psychological conditioning. Language and communication, repeated over and over by authority figures has been shown to be very effective for changing behaviors. People have heard the same story over and over so they assume it's true because authorities said so. In the Milgram experiments, people complied with the authority figure who reassured the volunteers that they were participating in something that would benefit the greatest numbers of people.

    In reality, no one was electrocuted and no one has proved the existence of viruses that cause illnesses. The Milgram experiment wanted to understand the most effective ways to manipulate people to do things to others that they would not ordinarily do.

    This technique seems to be highly effective on people to change their behaviors because authority figures insisted that the "virus is real" and that the new odd behaviors are necessary for "the greater good". We have seen how rapidly societies changed around the world based upon only a STORY about a "deadly virus" and the story changes almost daily to fit the need for a predetermined social experiment.

    The Milgram experiment did not need to actually shock the subject to accomplish their goal. The medical cartel, governments, and investors do not need to have an actual virus to change behaviors, their goal. They only need to have a good STORY to explain why people must comply with authority. And both were accomplished through language and communication.

    But why? It is suspicious that these "authorities" have positioned themselves to enormously profit from the destruction of others' lives. And that many of these authorities are supporters of eugenics.

    Eluard 7 Apr 2021 | 12:36 am

    "How many others of our best and brightest have been drugged into oblivion? ? ?"

    Pivotal question my friend, Jim C. I'd say lots and lots. In lots and lots of ways. Think of poor Tesla.

    BoogeymanSlayer 7 Apr 2021 | 12:35 am

    Well said. Thanks.

    Roundball Shaman 6 Apr 2021 | 11:56 pm

    "And that… is what we are doing. Every human fitted into a designated slot. That is the essence of the Great Reset."

    With traditional schooling and parental prodding and omnipresent peer pressure, people have been fitting themselves into designated slots for a very long time. These days, these Self-Appointed-Faux-deities have taken it upon Themselves to be the Slot-ors for we, the Slut… I mean, SLOT-ees. I almost used the other word because so many for so long have sold themselves out for money or power and willingly surrendered and given up on their divine nature and potential for their place in the Slotted Wheel.

    So, the choice now seems to be the old traditional Slotting or the New World Order Globalist Faux godhead version of Slotting of We The People. Or… just maybe… there's a THIRD choice we're not being told about by all those shoving us into their slut-like Slots?

    Yes, there is a third choice. And a fourth… and so on. But not for the Slot-ors and the Slot-ees. For them, life is simple. Wait to be told what you are. Wait to be told what role and place and SLOT you must fit into. And then, you just slot yourself in to the cog that has been greased for you to slip into easily.

    Think how proud you'll be when you Earthly days are over and you look back and say to yourself, "Damn, I was SUCH a great Slot-ee. Thank you, Slot-ors, for making my life so simple and easy. It was such a joy to be a nameless, faceless, empty cog in your Wheel of Meaningless Function to promote your evil ways."

    Freedom is so messy. Freedom is not safe! Freedom doesn't color within the Lines of Conformity. No wonder today's Slot-ed Life is so appealing these days to so many…

    Home Sweet Home? Not any more. SLOT SWEET SLOT. That's the ticket to the future.

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