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Peter Whitehead

Peter Whitehead is an instrument builder, performer, songwriter, composer and writer. His instruments are often based on folk instruments from around the world, and feature unusual or found materials in place of traditional ones, (e.g. a banjo made from a metal pan).They have appeared in exhibitions at The Oakland Museum ('97), The L.A. Municipal Museum of Art ('97) the Vancouver Museum ('98) and The Yerba Buena Center For The Arts San Francisco ('99) & the ODC Theater Gallery ('00).

He performs his own solo work using these instruments and is a member of Closer To Carbon, a trio featuring bass, cellos, spike fiddles, sampler, percussion, toys and an array of conventional, invented and found instruments.[/br]

He was a founder-member of the critically acclaimed Mobius Operandi performance group, known for its spectacular large-scale multi-media events. In this ensemble he functioned as musician, actor and musical director. (Eating Eden '93, Scatterbrain '94, Exit Vacaville '95/96, Xibalba, '97).

His film scores include City of Ghosts (Matt Dillon '02), 24 Girls & China Diary (Eva Brzeski '97 and '02), Fortune Tell (Robert Strauss '95), Shift (Maxine Moerman '97) and the theme music for the San Francisco International Film Festival ('97).

He has composed several full length scores for dance, including Giselle (Underbelly Dance Theater '94), Come Live With Me and You'll Know Me (Rachel Kaplan '97), The Tree of Life ( Michelle Stortz '97), dear (Maxine Moerman '96), Red Tuba (Charles Moulton '98). Anna Halprin Turns 80 ('00).

His recorded music appears on two solo CDs entitled Three Bags Full (Strange Attractor Music '98) & "Now This " ( Out of Round Records '01), with the group Closer To Carbon ( Out Of Round '01), with Mobius Operandi on the CD What Were We Thinking (Mobius Music '98) and in the Ellipsis Arts CD/book of experimental musical instrument builders Orbitones Spoonharps & Bellowphones ('98).

With a grant from the San Francisco Arts Commission, he wrote, directed and performed (with his group The Lower Back People) "The Mission Is Not Impossible"( ODC Theater '00), a full length work of songs and readings about life in San Francisco's Mission District, which, due to critical, acclaim was remounted in 2001.

His music and sound installation appeared in 'Tilt ', a collaboration with Lauren Elder and Oliver Di Cicco at Zeum, San Francisco ('99).

Other musical collaborations include 'Vinculum Symphony' ( with Beth Custer and a 30 piece classical/jazz/original instrument orchestra, '99), 'Survival Part 1,2 & 3 - Monk at the Met'( directed by Sarah Shelton Mann, with Norman Rutherford musical director, '00 -01) and 'Below Zero' ( directed by Kim Epifano with Elaine Buckholtz musical director, '01). He has traveled extensively in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Laos, Viet Nam, Malaysia, Indonesia & Morocco collecting music & instruments along the way.

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