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Easy listening. Simple message: Electro. Video. Love.

This three-piece electronic project centred around film maker Peter Marek (ex Muzikant Kralicek, Dekadentni divadlo Beruska, Kakaduo, Dr Kombajn Zabavy etc), actor and musician Prokop Holoubek (ex Triglav, Lynx-Lynx, Dekadentni divadlo Beruska, Dr Kombajn Zabavy) and jewellery designer Marketa Lisa, originated from the emo/electrogothic group Krasny Stehovak Gerard a Sexualni Nabytek, of which all three are members. They've only been around since May 2006, though in that short space of time they've played a large number of concerts in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

The style of the group is on the edge of electro/experimental/IDM combined with a very energetic dance mix. The music is accompanied by the singing of original Czech lyrics that have been spliced. It's this combination of electronic music and Czech lyrics which has helped to quickly establish a large fan base and, slightly unexpectedly, have their songs played on the radio (Radio 1 and Radio Student). The live performances are accompanied by VJs, whose “realtime” images greatly add to the shows. All the VJs – Filip Cenek, Magdalena Hruba and VJ Kolouch (Anymade.org), who go on stage with the band, are amongst the most established Czech visual artists.

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