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Adventurous voyagers of song, riding two electric dogs and carrying the flag of lucid sonwriting into the 21st century. Do not see the cello on stage? Well it's just bowed guitar.

A short history of Longital:

Shina was once graphic designer with engineering diploma who loved to write songs and poetry. Daniel Salontay was once a computer programming teacher with degree in mathematics who went to study jazz guitar in the U.S. In 1997 Shina could not wait anymore and flew over the ocean from Bratislava, Slovakia to Cleveland U.S. and brought back Daniel to the banks of the Danube river. Here on a hill that is historically known as Longital they wrote first soulful songs drifted by ambient sounds, organic electronics, eastern european beats and a touch of psychedelia. They have found a treasure to share with others. So in the 21st century they quit their day jobs and jumped right into the music. Shina picked up the bass. Daniel picked up an old bow. Soon after that they started their own label Slnko records. Released 6 CDs of Longital and over dozen of other honest, but "hopeless and unmarketable" bands and projects. And guess what? They survive and leave traces of their music from St Petersburg ant Turku to London and Cork. But the light at the end of the tunnel seem to be in central Europe.

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