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Omnigalactic Peace Warriors

larry yes and the tangled mess play songs written in the spirit of positive love vibes being thrown about happhazzardly you r way and anyway possible in thee moment - the tangled mess do not play the songs thee same way twice ever!


larry yes was born under thee fool moon known as virgo as a small child he realized he could make sounds with his fingers and then later with his voice - he met a 3 lads who know something about the vast nothingness that is everywhere and created and band for all ages - the band was created to have fun and spread light and love thru and out thee land! there are no words that can truly describe what thee sound is like but if you follow your nose and click some buttons you can hear and share and repeat! thank you to anyone who listens and likes to listen we thank with our whole open loving hearts! peace bless to all yall!

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