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vokálně-instrumentální elektro-akustika, moderní folklór, klasika a jazz

l'ARRACHE-COEUR aneb "3 ČŮRÁCI S DUDAMA PLUS" jsou: Daniel "Olaf" Kahuda: niněra, dudy (gaita); František Tomášek: akordeon; Hanuš Orloj Axmann: klarinet, basklarinet, saxofon, klikytara; Kristýna Franková: zpěv, saxofon; hosté: Puck Duits: dudy (cornemuse); Kamila Hokynková: zpěv, klarinet; Jakub Severin: perkuse

year2006 - born in Prague, rooted in french folk music and the klezmer the band works extensively keeping a rest for all the players from their other projects plus "PUBlic rehearsals" typically in a favourite pub U Kladiva.

year2007 - formed toughly the band starts regular rehearsals and works on own tunes aiming from folk to classical and jazz music, the 1st demo was recorded in our cellar plus mixed and mastered by recording studio 3bees.

year2008 - we've a complete repertoire (let say for reasonably demanding publics:) and many new musical friends! Kristýna Franková became a new guest singer and newly we've a nice manager.

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