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wonderfully destructive

"As brutal as they are melodic, and as abhorrent as they are beautiful, Batrider presents wonderfully destructive images, backed by guitars that will slice at your heart, then turn around and pummel the fuck out of it." Drum Media - Sydney

"Album of the year. If you wonder why we haven't updated the website anytime over the month, it's because we are spending too much time debating over the tiny details that make Batrider's debut album great. It was extremely difficult to put into intelligent words exactly what we thought of this release without sounding like a 15 year old girl who has just been to an N'Sync concert." Album Review

"With a belly full of acidic insight but a heart full of hopefullness, Batrider's Tara is easily the independent album of the year." A Fine Line Magazine

"The stark, honest lyrics paint a bleak image of depression and isolation. The transparency of the lyrical work of Batrider is one of their strongest characteristics and is ultimately why they are so appealing and believable." Polariods of Andriods

"The grunge tag gets chucked around with Batrider a lot, but their sound hints particularly at the punkier side of the Flying Nun '80s and '90s. Bands like The Clean and The Verlaines and The 3Ds." Rave Magazine - Brisbane

"New Zealand's Batrider then launched into a relentless barrage of slugdy riffs, their wall of noise only momentarily interrupted by a broken string. The band very nearly blew me away in the literal sense, as well as the metaphorical, particularly on the part of the vocalist who in my estimation possesses one of the best voices in rock today." Live Review - BMA Magazine

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