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Natural Climate Change
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Audio Interview – Vicky Davis, Systems Analyst

Vicky Davis

Vicky Davis, who maintains the www.channelingreality.com website, was a contract Compuer Systems Analyst/Programmer.  After the year 2000, she could no longer find contracts for her skills even though she had 20 years of solid and successful of experience.  She believes the loss of her career is the result of the Knowledge Trade Initiative, which deliberately outsourced many, many American knowledge jobs primarily to India.

The Interviews: Vicky Davis – 6/1/10 Interview: Vicky Davis – 9/22/09 Interview: Vicky Davis – 9/23/08 Interview: Vicky Davis – 12/4/07 Interview:


Vicky Davis- 12/04/07

Silent War: Privatized government is conducting low-intensity conflict (i.e., terrorism) against the people of the U.S. It is an information war and a form of cultural warfare.

The New Federalism: The Clinton administration re-invented government, passing framework legislation, based on implementation and funding by NGO's (non-governmental organizations- note: This violates constitution). For example, the Smart Growth Network, funded by the EPA, got grants from federal agencies and private entities. Agenda 21 (UN Agenda for the Twenty-First Century) was a coup d'etat in which government functions were contracted out to private corporations. The new government structures amount to a "market-based government." Check report by William Perry, Ashton Carter, and Phillip Zelikow, entitled "Catastrophic Terrorism- Elements of a National Preventative Policy." In 1991/1992, under Bush senior, Douglas Noble and a committee of corporations wrote "New American Schools for the New World Order." The board of the "New American Schools Development Corporation" includes James Jones, James Baker, John Clendenon, and Louis Gerschner (CEO of IBM).

Agenda 21. under the banner of "smart growth" (thank you, George Orwell) and environmentalism, calls for re-wilding huge sections of the U.S. It tries to establish special places, called World Heritage Sites. President Clinton's "Council on Sustainable Development" mandated that city mayors had to be engaged in "sustainable development." He set up "Conference of Mayors," an international conference in Paris. Participants included the Aspen Institute of France and the Aspen Institute of Berlin. This was followed by "Transatlantic Summit of Mayors" in 2000.

The Coup d"Etat: The 9/11-NAU (North American Union) connection is the establishment of the Free Trade Agreement of the Americas (FTAA). Colin Powell signed the Inter-American Democratic Charter on 9/11/2001. This is intended to be the Magna Carta of the Americas. In the early 1990's, Sandy Berger, working for Anthony Lake (Department of National Security) set up the merger of all governments of all countries in the western hemisphere. Goal was to have four summits, set direction of working groups with representatives of each country to "harmonize" the laws and coordinate the policies of the future "Pan-American Union." (By the way, all this is highly treasonous to the U.S. Constitution and to the American people). However, when John Deutch left the CIA, Lake couldn't be confirmed, and George Tenet was selected to be CIA director. At the time, Tenet was lobbying for the Solar Industry. Senator David Boren then selected him to be his Chief of Staff, where he worked on CIA issues. As CIA director, all Tenet did was establish a paper trail on "Osama the boogie man" (the designated patsy of 9/11 and other government-sponsored synthetic terrorism acts). Check out the movie: Invasion of the Body Snatchers. BORSTOR. The Plan, the Code name for Operation 9/11 was "The Big Wedding," because it was supposed to be catalyst for merger of all western hemisphere countries.

As a systems analyst, Vicky Davis was trained to look for the conceptual thinking behind the words, using the Yourdan Method, that helps you identify major processes, organize information and create indices and a hierarchy of concepts. Total Information Awareness- the computer system- springs from DARPA- of the Dept. of Defense.

The NAFTA corridors are planned to be smart corridors, totally automated, with remote sensors so that they can ID the people in cars. They will be designed to toll you by the mile using surveillance software of total domain awareness. GIS (Geographic Information Systems), P-tech and Promis software technology will be used to establish command and control centers.

The New Federalism: Book report, "The Blair House Papers," by Clinton and Gore, indicates that the era of big government is over. Now, government is "privatized" through contracting out government functions to private corporations. Al Gore headed up the FTAA and re-invention of government. The new American way of war will be to use Command and Control Centers. Thomas Barrett, professor at the R.I. Military College, drew up the Pentagon's New Map. He is father of net-centered warfare- 21st century military force. The old model is no longer needed. Art Sobrosky, author of The New American Way of War has website. Now military will utilize "effects-based operations" (i.e., terrorism), using small teams like Al Qaeda (aka Al CIA-duh), working groups (teams of government workers from the U.S., Canada and private sector, etc.), and think tanks (to write policy papers, etc.). The Report from Iron Mountain was written by the Rand Corporation and IBM.

Vicky Davis- 9/23/08 

9/11 as a computer crime?

Davis stated that on the morning of 9/11 there was denial of service to the risk management system designed block such attacks.  I didn't say that (although I've read that)  – what I said was that the emergency open communications line between the FAA and NMCC went dead – neither party was aware of it and it is my belief that the PTECH software was used to shut it down.

A key piece of software used on 9/11 was owned by the company PTECH.  PTECH has connections to the PROMIS software, which was written for the Justice Department by Bill Hamilton of Inslaw.  PROMIS allowed operators to traverse justice department systems to obtain information on cases including investigations and assets listed in bankruptcies.  The only way this could have been done is if the software had a "back door" through the IBM hardware controller.  "This is arcane knowledge," and only a highly trained IBM technical support person could have devised it.  The Justice Department under Attorney General Edwin Meese confiscated the software and wouldn't pay Hamilton, inventor of the software.  Hamilton sued and after years of litigation, when Inslaw was about to go under, they were rescued by IBM.  Rescue by IBM meant that IBM then owned the PROMIS software.

Indira Singh, Consulting Systems Analyst to J.P. Morgan for Morgan's Risk Management systems on 9/11, has maintained that Arab's were trying to sell PTECH software to J.P. Morgan bank.  But because of inconsistencies (to a fellow Systems Analyst) in Singh's testimony, Vicky believes this may be just a cover story.  IBM marketed PTECH "Framework" software that produces tables and lists of all resources on the computer.  It provided a 'window on the world' into the computer system.  The "back door" capability of PROMIS built into the PTECH software was a way to get into the bank's software by stealth, without at user ID or password.   This corresponds to the Congressional investigation of the Inslaw software in the 1990's.

A 1992 Congressional investigation included allegations that the FBI was being subverted.  When FBI agents wanted  to execute a raid, they would find that evidence would be gone.  Apparently, criminals were being informed ahead of time that they were being investigated.   The implication is that the PROMIS software had the backdoor and that back door was being exploited to warn off criminals that they were being investigated.  Noteworthy – the CEO of IBM in the 1990's, Louis Gerstner, Jr., later became CEO of the Carlyle Group.

Vicky began her career in 1976 in Silicon Valley.  And based on her experience there, she thinks she knows how the PTECH "back door" might have worked.  One company she interviewed with wrote software for a warehouse system involving fork lifts and wireless communication.  This wireless communication allowed the forklift operator to update the computer inside the warehouse even while he was driving the forklift.  If a similar (very low tech) strategy was used on 9/11, this "Trojan Horse," could have been simply a chip on a circuit board.  All they would need to do is record the first 25 characters and they could hack into any corporate and government computer system. Using a keystroke recorder burned into the extra chip along with passive communications software that would upload the characters on demand, the hacker could obtain the User ID and Password of any User on the system.

If that's the way they did it, it would have been the perfect crime.  One person could have shutdown the line connecting the FAA and NMCC (National Military Command and Control).  "Coincidentally," the person manning the NMCC on the morning of 9/11 was a first day employee and his boss was away at a meeting.  So the new man on the job didn't even know that on the morning of 9/11 the communication between FCC and NMCC was down.

Vicky believes that a coordinated sequence of events lead to PTECH and 9/11.  At the G-8 meeting in Houston in 1999 at the 2000 United Nations meeting in Okinawa, Japan, there was considerable talk about bridging the "digital divide," that is, the gap between developed and undeveloped countries.  The Plan of Action presented in Genoa was for governments and NGO's (non-governmental organizations) to bring the internet to under—developed countries.  The partnership team to help implement this included MARKLE, headed by Zoe Baird, Anderson Consulting Company, the Chubb Corporation, and AIG.   The idea was to export our knowledge jobs (bio-tech, computer, etc.) to India.  At that time, the US economy was 65% dependent on the knowledge industry.  On Nov. 9, 2001, President Bush signed the Knowledge Trade Initiative which was a torpedo to our economy.

New Federalism

Under Clinton and Gore's "re-inventing government"  program, they implemented what has been termed 'New Federalism' which is essentially the privatization of government.  Congress passes framework legislation and funding; but the programs are implemented by a partnership of Foundations and Non-Governmental organizations – funded by corporations.  This leaves in place the façade of a federal government but it is actually closer to the German model of socialism (ref. Ludwig Von Mises).

The Harvard paper written by Phillip Zelikow and Ashton Carter lays this out: "Catastrophic Terrorism, a National Policy" includes a reference to "market-based governance."   'New Federalism is market-based 'governance.  There is a video on Newt Gingrich's Americansolutions.org website where Elaine Kamarck, PhD describes market-based governance in a presentation titled, "End of Government As We Know it" .  Clinton's 'New Federalism' was the end of constitutional government and the beginning of the communist system of "governance by soviets" with soviet being defined as councils or committees.

The soviet system corresponds to the idea of "virtual government," where all policies come from a central source.  The policies come from the EU and UN in Geneva (or where ever), and then are implemented by NGO's.  But in this "virtual government," there is no representation for people.  The most active part of the United Nations is UNESCO.  Their sustainable development groups are charged with  implementing U.N. environmental policies.  Under the heading of accountability, they have to tag and inventory everything because remote "governance" requires computerized monitoring of the performance of the soviets and the level of cooperation of the people.

The World Bank plan is to measure our productivity relative to the resources we consume.   If the ratio of our productivity to consumption is over 1 that's OK, but if not, you are a "useless eater," and perhaps need to be disposed of.  This idea is codified in the U.N. term, "family dependency ratio," which refers to this kind of analysis being applied to an entire family.

These ideas are kind of implicit in what they write about their "poverty reduction strategies."  The strategy is that under-developed countries would get development dollars if they reduce poverty.  To even get the development dollars, then, third world leaders more or less have to eliminate the poor.   The "poverty reduction" campaigns are eliminating poor people in Africa.  Indeed, much of the modern environmental movement traces back to the eugenics movement.  The definition of the environment as "everything we touch and everything that touches us" justifies the totalitarian control of everything under the heading of efficient utilization of resources.  This corresponds to the The Report from Iron Mountain, written by the Rand Corporation concerning population reduction.  It is Vicky's believe that this report is real and that it served to provide the plan to the various players. Indeed, our government is fomenting revolution in a lot of countries.

Turnkey Democracy And Revolution

The National Endowment for Democracy (NED) is a granting agency funded by the U.S. government that provides grants four organizations representing business, labor, the International Republican Institute, National Democratic Institute.  NED provides "turn-key democracy"  through the soviet system of NGO's.  NED has been linked to the "Color Revolutions" that are now going on all over the world.

Control Of Resources By Supply Chain

Our transportation system and transportation systems all over the world are being redesigned to facilitate "supply chain management."  The monopoly cartels will control all supplies through supply chain management.  For example, Dell Computers have lots of components.  Each component generates orders and each of these generates lots of smaller orders.  The idea is that if you want to stay in business you control all aspects of the supply chain, thereby putting everyone else out of business.

Thus, we have to break up the monopolies.  It seems that Sec. of Treasury Paulson and Fed Reserve Chairman Bernanke want to set up an E-Bay style auction to handle the junk assets.  Only in this reverse auction, the government rewards the lowest bidder.  This is essentially D-Day for the capitalistic system and it gives Secretary Paulson unprecedented control over the economy and the system.  It also sets up a new market mechanism.  It is not a bail out, per se.  All these pieces of legislation have U.N. Agendas embedded in them.   If you control the supplies – you control country.

If this evil program is implemented, the UN system of "governance by soviets" will have complete control- forever.  The concept of "virtual governance" by computer system includes a national health care system.  The nationalization of medical records and outcome performance measuring provides the capability for human experimentation and potentially genetic modification- of people.  What scares Vicky, is that they could create a population of drones, like an ant colony, using genetic modification.

Essentially 9/11 was part of a Mind War experiment- to see how the population would react when you couple emotional shock with absurd explanations.

At first, all government revenues were from tariffs.  Then in 1913, tariffs were cut in half, with the remaining being paid by American citizens and business.  This has resulted in the indenture of the American people.  Now our labor is collateral to the bankers.  Americans need to awaken and snap out of their dream-sleep.

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Audio Interview – Bill Molina, Film-Maker

Bill Molina

He is the documentary film-maker of "Truth Be Tolled" (www.truthbetolled.com) which documents the struggles of Texas natives to protect and preserve Texas from the unwanted establishment of a huge network of toll roads (The Trans-Texas Corridor) which is being constructed by a Spanish firm (Centra) in partnership with the Texas Department of Transportation. Ultimately, the TCC is to be a major part of the NAFTA superhighway, the primary transportation artery through the proposed North American Union.

The Interview: Bill Molina – 11/20/07 Interview:


Bill Molina- 11/20/07

"Truth Be Tolled" (www.truthbetolled.com) is a documentary about the TTC- Trans-Texas Corridor.  Texas is the "Normandy Beach," the gateway, of the proposed NAFTA superhighway.  There are several major corridors.  Centra, a Spanish Corporation in Madrid, signed the contract on 3/11.  We are selling our public infrastructure to foreign interests; giving foreign private corporations the right to take people's land away.  This extends rights of eminent domain to foreigners.  TTC-35 is a 20-lane toll road planned to run between Laredo, San Antonio, Dallas-Fort Worth.  In addition to roads and rail, the 1200 ' wide corridor would include water pipelines, oil pipelines, gas pipelines and telecommunications lines.   TTC 69 is in East Texas goes to Michigan near the present I-69.  This is a 4000 mile road, rail system that has a 1200-foot wide (= four football fields) footprint.  580,000 acres of land would be subject to eminent domain.  Whereas the present roads (already paid for by taxpayers) are free, the new roads are planned to be toll roads.  The price could be so high that most people could no longer afford to travel.  Senate 792, the Comprehensive Development Agreement- gives the foreign corporation carte blanche rights to the project and guarantees they will not have to compete with other companies.  Our government would make the loans to Spain.  The projected cost for the Texas part of TCC 35 is $105.6 billion.  In 2001, Proposition 15 in Texas (House Bill 3588 and 2702) allows for these corridors.  The corridors would split communities in half and destroy some of the richest farmland in Texas.  "Cross-roads of the Americas Plan" of Governor Perry in 2002 calls for "priority corridors."  The corridors would displace over a million people.  The Texas Dept. of Transportation and U.S. Dept. of Transportation have backed this plan.  Rudy Guiliani's lawfrim was involved with the planning.  Huge money is at stake.  The TCC is part of the integrated North American Union plan.   See www.corridorwatch.org.

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Audio Interview – Dr. Daneen Peterson

Dr. Daneen Peterson

Dr. Daneen Peterson is a former professor of behavioral science at Temple and Jefferson Universities.

The Interview: Dr. Daneen Peterson – 11/06/07 Interview:


Dr. Daneen Peterson- 11/06/07

The North American Union (NAU) has been planned and is being implemented (incrementally and by stealth) by our plutocratic oligarchy, the one-world monopolists.  Their blueprint for the NAU is the EU (European Union).  Their plan calls for construction of 80 super-corridors, toll roads, and Port Cona-Mex-Highway.  Our constitutional rights have been stripped away in two acts of monumental treason: The Military Commissions Act (MCA) of 2006 (which takes the right of habeas corpus) and the John Warner National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) of 2007, which eliminates the protections of the Posse Comitatus Act and re-wrote the Insurrection Act.   The NDAA allows the president to declare a "public emergency," and take control of state National Guard units without the consent of the governor or local authorities.  These acts facilitate imposition of martial law.

America was set up as a Constitutional  Republic not a democracy.  Closed military bases in America have morphed into 800 concentration camps, in a program that began as Operations Rex 84 and Garden Plot under the supervision of George H.W. Bush and Oliver North in the 1980's.   Our leaders are planning a totalitarian/corporate/fascist police state.   However, 19 states are now saying stop the North American Union and the so-called Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP- thank you George Orwell! www.stoptheNAU.com) 11 states are saying stop the real ID (National ID cards).  Executive Order 12919 states that under martial law, the federal government controls all water, food, transportation, energy, equipment, fertilizer, metals and minerals, and all health resources.  "Food is power."  "Food can be used as a weapon" (Henry Kissinger).

So check out Daneen's site, get educated and get active!!!!  Learn to distinguish between leaders (like Peterson) who are trying to help their fellow Americans and those (Bush, Cheney, etc.) who are working hard to destroy this country and set up a One World Order (OWO).

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Audio Interview – Dr. Jerome Corsi, Author, North American Union

Dr. Jerome Corsi

Jerome Corsi has a Ph.D. from Harvard University in Political Science. He is the author of The Late Great U.S.A.: The Coming Merger with Mexico and Canada (2007).

The Interview: Dr. Jerome Corsi – 4/21/09 Interview: Dr. Jerome Coris – 11/20/07 Interview:


Jerome Corsi- 6/10/08 

The 9/11 myth, Security and Prosperity Partnership (SSP), the Amero (currency), we will lose 40 million jobs in the next two decades, Presently, 1/10th of the Mexican population is living in the U.S.  60% have come in while Bush II has been in power.  The North American Central Bank, the North American Competitiveness Council advises SPP on the multinational corporate agenda.  The military-corporate state=fascism.  It utilizes slaves.  These are not free trade agreements, not fair agreements.

12,500 containers on ships from China- imported to Mexico then up to St. Louis on the Trans-Texas Corridor (TTC)- is like moving 10 square blocks of skyscrapers.  The corporate/NAU plan  is the plan of the intellectual elite- Robert Pasore of American University and goes back 10-20 years.  The Shadow Government, monopoly capitalism, has accomplished an administrative coup d'etat.  In the 1990's 3 million Mexicans were working in the Maquiladoras (assembly plants, i.e., wage-slave labor).  14 states  have passed resolutions against the North American Union and NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement).  NAFTA superhighways.  Some politicians such as Ron Paul, Duncan Hunter, and Tom Tancreado advocate we get out of NAFTA and WTO.  (www.worldnetdaily.com)

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Audio Interview – Michael Shaw, Agenda 21

Michael Shaw

Michael Shaw, an attorney and accountant, is a founding member of Freedom Advocates (www.freedomadvocates.org andwww.libertygarden.com), formerly known as Freedom 21 Santa Cruz,www.Freedom21SantaCruz.net).  Freedom Advocates tries to help local, grass-roots groups defend their unalienable rights, including private property rights, from federal and local programs associated with U.N. Agenda 21, Sustainable Development, and Smart Growth.  Shaw has been dealing with these issues since the mid-1990's, when he was active with the Santa Cruz County Planning Board.  Santa Cruz County was one of the first counties in America to be targeted to implement Agenda 21 policies.  Shaw's recent articles include: "Sustainable Trouble: The Attempt to Transform the Vision of America" (www.newswithviews.com/guest_opinion/guest66.htm) and "Liberty or Sustainable Development?" (www.newswithviews.com/Shaw/michael13.htm).  

The Interviews: Michael Shaw – 5/19/09 Interview: Michael Shaw – 8/19/08 Interview:



Michael Shaw- 5/19/09

Agenda 21 is the United Nations' Agenda for the 21st century that was unveiled at the 1992 U.N. Conference on Environment and Development in Rio de Janeiro- the so-called "Rio Earth Summit."  179 nations have agreed to implement Agenda 21 policies, so the policies are now being implemented worldwide.  In America, it is being implemented by all federal agencies and in every county.  Shaw asserts that Agenda 21 is a global/local program intended to wrest sovereignty from individuals and existing political structures and invest power and control in the United Nations.

Joan Veon (In Prince Charles: The "Sustainable Prince"), paraphrases Agenda 21/Sustainable Development as follows:  "The world has too many people, and if we do not reduce the number of people on planet earth they will use up all of the earth's resources so that future generations will be left without any resources.  The United Nations is the best global body to monitor, manage, and preserve the resources of the planet."

In practice, Agenda 21/Sustainable Development goals are advanced by "Public-Private Partnerships" – an alliance between government, big business, and non-governmental organizations (NGO's) that are allied with big business. The common name for political systems controlled by corporate government, of course, is "fascism."  A current example of a state/region now completely under corporate rule is Queensland, Australia, which is now under the authority of the Brigalow Corporation (https://www.nickmaine.info/Documents/update_re_brigalow_corp.htm).  Shaw refers to this corporate take-over of entire states and regions as "a thousand points of darkness."

The sponsors of Agenda 21 utilize programs such the Wildlands Project, World Heritage Sites, National Heritage Areas, roadless programs, and wolf re-introduction programs, to move towards their stated goal of making at least 50% of America off-limits to the American people.  They advocate re-apportioning the country into "core reserves" (which are completely off limits to people), corridors, and buffer zones (where only public-private partnerships could operate).   People would be herded into "Smart Growth" zones or "human settlements," where they would be confined to high-rise buildings.  Individual rights, including private property rights, would be stripped away. Agenda 21/Sustainable Development documents call for reduction of the human population from the present 6.6 billion down to about 1 billion people, that is, by 85%.

Who would benefit from such a system?  Shaw says we need to understand that "funny money" is made out of thin air by a small ruling elite- and that this tiny ruling elite is the driving force behind Agenda 21.  Today, both Republicans and Democrats are completely committed to implementing Agenda 21.  Whereas Republicans have joined forces with political parties from numerous other nations in the International Democratic Union (IDU), Democrats have signed on with another international coalition, the Democratic Leadership Council, which is the brainchild of Britain's Tony Blair.  Both of these internationalist groups advocate the adoption of the U.N. Declaration of Human Rights.

What's wrong with that?  In contrast to the U.S. Constitution, which guarantees that individual rights and civil liberties, including private property rights, are unalienable rights given to us by God, the U.N. Declaration of Human Rights (Article 29, Section 3) states that our "rights" are subject to U.N. policies and dictates.  In other words, our rights are what the U.N. tells us they are.  In this kind of system, all people can become serfs and slaves of the tiny ruling elite.

Shaw notes that Agenda 21 is an attempt to implement "fascist Communism" or "communist Fascism"- or a political system where "the social policies are communist and the economic policies are fascist."  The program is entirely Fabian socialist (or communism in slow motion).  In order to obtain their New World Order by stealth and slow, imperceptible changes, Fabian socialists have adopted motto is "Two steps forward and one step back."   But once this kind of feudal "collectivism" is implemented, human life will be completely altered, much as in George Orwell's 1984..

How are Agenda 21 policies being implemented in America today?  When local governments accept the carrot of federal grant monies and begin to utilize the standard "consensus process" (manipulated by trained "change agents"), communities begin creating their own "visionary plans."  However, somehow each community's "consensus process" typically leads to the implementation of identical "Local Agenda 21," "Smart Growth," and "Sustainable Development" initiatives.  And invariably, these initiatives strip citizens of their private property rights, etc.  Invariably, the changes also lead to "regionalization" of governments and weakening of democratic structures or eradication of democracy altogether.

Our "globalist manipulators" get people to buy into these programs with the innocuous-sounding phrases like the "Three E's:" equity, economy, and environment."  However, if we look carefully, we see these the meanings of  these words have been distorted in Orwellian fashion, such that each term means something completely different from what we thought it did.

Today, federal and state governments are completely on board U.N. Agenda 21 and each federal agency submits an annual progress report demonstrating their progress toward implementing Agenda 21 programs.  The Dept. of Interior, for instance, now defines humans as "biological resources."

According to Sun Tzu, the Chinese expert on warfare, we need to understand our enemy and ourselves.  Shaw observes that the American education system, which has been transformed by Dewey and others into a system for "robotizing" America's youth.  Another area of concern is that local groups are typically heavily infiltrated.  Thus, we can expect to be lead down paths that are dead ends.  Think tanks are particularly affected.  The primary m.o. of our globalist manipulators is to "divide and conquer."  Another goal of our globalist manipulators is to create (artificial) resource shortages; which they can use to justify and implement population reductions.  By re-designating large areas as wildlands, for example, government can create water, oil, or food shortages.  And of course, another common practice is to sell off public assets to private companies in a process known as "privatization."

Agenda 21 policies directly attack rural America in order to gain control of resources in rural areas.  Thus, those who own a ranches or a farms are under intense economic pressure.  Shaw believes that if America's rural landowners lose this battle, all Americans lose.

Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) should really be called "extra-governmental organizations" because they serve corporate interests rather than those of citizens.  Shaw asserts that the Sierra Club, for example is an NGO that, like the other approximately 2000 NGO's, has been accredited by the U.N. under the condition that they will help implement Agenda 21.  He notes that the Sierra Club currently sits on many water boards throughout the West.  Again, their goal is to control water resources in order to create artificial water shortages.  Shaw notes  that whereas Americans today use an average 140 gallons of water per day, the World Bank is calling for a reduction of global per capita water to only 10 gallons per day.  So get used to not taking showers.

The good news?  Our globalist manipulators are behind schedule in their drive to global tyranny.  Their "consensus councils" are not working at the local level.  Citizens are waking up and resisting intelligently.  And there may be divisions within the ruling elite themselves.  For example, the forces led by Prince Charles are not necessarily compatible with those lead by Gorbachev.  And some of our politicians are waking up too.  Representative Ron Paul, for example, has recently raised the issue of "honest money."

Freedom 21 (Freedom Advocates) convened their 9th Annual Freedom21 National Conference in Dallas, Texas in July, 2008.  The theme was connecting the dots between such policies as the Real ID Act, the Animal Registration Act, regional water policies, the Trans-Texas Corridor, and the North American Union.

We need to realize that the battle is in our counties, where Local Agenda 21 is being implemented.  In order to fight more effectively at the local level, we need to understand the global dynamics of Agenda 21/Sustainable Development.

Co-host interviewer Dr. Eric Karlstrom recommended that those interested in learning more about Agenda 21 read his recent summary article: "Global Green Dictatorship: Regional Governance, U.N. Agenda 21, Sustainable Development, and the Wildlands Project"

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Audio Interview – Joan Veon, U.N. Agenda

Joan Veon

Joan Veon is a committed Christian who has attended over 100 United Nations and U.N.-related meetings all over the world.  She says she has seen world government in action and it is here, now.   In 1995, she estimated there were some 5,000 such meetings per year (or, on average, over 118 per day).  Today, she guesses there are probably twice that many.   Her books include The United Nations' Global Straightjacket, Prince  Charles: the Sustainable Prince, Sustainable Development- the Great Lie of the 21st Century, and she her DVD is The World Government Connection.

The Interviews:

Joan Veon – 4/2010 Interview:

Joan Veon – 7/26/08 Interview:


Joan Veon – 2/26/08

"Globalization" is all about tearing down the barriers between the nations and merging them into a one-world government.  A world parliament has been formed under the United Nations.   Why does it matter?  Under the U.S. Constitution, our rights come from God, they are inalienable, and can't be taken away.  Our Republican government guarantees our individual liberties, our right to own property, and limited government.  The U.N. Charter, by contrast, says our rights come from government and that they are limited and can be taken away from us based on our behavior or speech.  Basically, it institutes a feudal/communist form of government.

Part of Joan's awakening began in 1990, when she read Euroquake: Europe's Economic Challenge Will Change the World, which made 100 predictions for the 1990s.  One prediction was that by 2000, the dollar, the euro, and the yen would be equal in value.  In 1995, she read that Congressman Jack Kemp proposed a regional currency for an integrated North American Union.  In the early 1990's, Congress passed massive transportation bills, thus paving the way for the NAFTA superhighway, which would be a dominant feature of a North American Union.

At the 1992 "Rio Earth Summit" meeting, (the Rio Earth Summit) in Rio de Jainiero, Agenda 21 (U.N. Agenda for the Twenty-First Century) was set forth.  This is the radical environmental agenda for the earth.  The notion is that we, the people, are guilty for the environmental destruction of the earth.  Therefore, our numbers must be limited and we need to be regulated.  Now, the book of Genesis has been perverted such that the earth is dominant over man.  Their religion is worship of Gaia (mother earth).   At the meeting, all the (thousands of) NGO's (non-governmental organizations) were well-versed and on-board with the new program.

Joan attended the 1994 UN meeting in Cairo, where the agenda was to reduce the population of the earth.   Of the 25,000 people who attended the Cairo meeting, about 5,000 were delegates from the 191 member nations, and the other 20,000 represented various NGOs.

The global governmental structure began with the tearing down of the economic barriers between the nations at Bretton Woods, New Hampshire in 1944, where the World Bank and International Monetary system were established.  In 1945, the political barriers between nations began to fall when the United Nations was established. This created an international level of government.  In 1994, more economic barriers fell when the U.S. signed on to NAFTA (the North American Free Trade Agreement) and the WTO (the World Trade Organization), which basically instituted the rules of GATT, the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade.  The Republicans and Rush Limbaugh were responsible for launching the propaganda offensive which resulted in American acceptance of NAFTA and the WTO.

In 1998, Joan went to the founding meeting of the International Criminal Cour (ICC)t, which began the legal integration of the nations.  Y2K was a global ruse, managed on purpose to pull the wool over everyone's eyes.  It became the opportunity for the elite to wire all peoples together into a global electronic network.

Following 9/11, Joan spent 4 months reading countless media stories.  Her conclusion:  The purpose of 9/11 was to tear down the remaining barriers between the military and intelligence, thereby creating a global intelligence network that can share data.  The working center for this global intelligence network is Turin, Italy.  9/11 was also about taking away our rights to privacy.  In this phony "war on terrorism," we are all treated like cattle and sheep.  The whole thing is a gigantic ruse.

The UN is the organizing principle behind world government.  Who is the power behind the UN?  After years of research, Joan has concluded that global government is run by a financial-economic alliance between the British Royal Family and the House of Rothschild.  The British Royal Family has mostly ruled the "civilized" world since 800 AD.  Prince Charles has been a major power player in setting up the Public-Private Partnerships (i.e., fascism) that have been instrumental in supporting the environmental agenda and "sustainable development."   Britain's Chattham House (the Royal Institute for International Affairs) published a 14-year retrospective report on the Rio Earth Summit, focusing on how to make gold out of green.

At the Cancun World Trade Organization meeting, Joan learned how Britain controls the UNand their many satellite agencies through their ex-colonies.  There are some 53 ex-British colonies now in the British Commonwealth.  Each gets one vote in the U.N.  So Britain can count on having 54 of a possible 191 votes, and thus, always has a voting majority in the U.N.

The U.N. recently declared its "trusteeship" over the "global commons," i.e., its sovereignty over all the oceans and space.  The Law of the Sea (LOST) will one day be used to take control over all the oceans.

Smart Growth is identical to the U.N. Biodiversity Treaty.  It says the state will decide where people live.  The point is to remove people out of "core areas" and "buffer zones" and into small areas where they can be easily controlled.

When asked about U.N.-magnate, Maurice Strong, Joan responded that Strong has been the main character behind the selling out of the environmental movement.  He was the Secretary General of the 1st UN Earth Summit in Stockholm, Sweden (1972) as well as Secretary General of the Rio Earth Summit (1992).  He founded UNEP (United Nations Environmental Program).  Strong came from poverty, never received a college education, and has been a puppet of the ruling elite.  He is a friend of Prince Charles and Prince Phillip, the latter of whom set up the World Wildlife Federation.  Strong's aunt was a communist who had considerable influence in both communist Russia and communist China.  Today, he too is living in communist China, trying to make more billions by marketing a Chinese car to the West.

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