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Magnetic Spell, Magic Net – Guest Post By Kelfin Oberon

Last night I saw that Kelfin was sharing a video of his thoughts at twilight on a rocky coast in Scotland and I wanted to share them with you. This video is accompanied by some of his recent spell-deconstruction writings. I recognize there's a limited audience for my work. Not too many folks are  anxious to spend 3+ hours diving into the mess that I keep dredging up. So I'm very grateful for those who have the stomach for it and especially those who can then distill down the information, sharing it in a way that reflects their lived experience. So, thank you Kelfin. I appreciate you and your gifts of storytelling on your beautiful lands. As we get clarity I believe we will be able to tell the better story and find our way through this morass.

Insight into how you have been affected

by ideas that you do not know about,

while the magician says "look there"

but the magic is happening elsewhere…

Magnetic spells Magic Net…

Please look to see, through the illusions




What do you get when you combine ?

Harvest – data – collection – points

with Quantum Computing

and Nano Technology

in a digitised version

of the physical real world

A simulation made up of discrete data

being harvested from every single one

of the human beings, known to exist

Each with a Google "ledger" to track and trace

their media-consumption

their internet data

their Smart phone data {audio/visual/context/interests}

Artificial intel agents – Smart Bots

uniquely assigned to every individual

to Map their activities and relationships

their wishes and dreams and patterns

their wants and needs / successes and failures

Not just you and me, but The Children

Their Education + Life – Experiences

All of their "screen-time"

Their finances, and their "futures"

IT is called "digital Twinning"

IT is "mapping" our "real" lives in Real-Time

into a digital "version" of Real-Time

in 4 dimensions { 2d + 3d + 4d [over Time] }


For example .:. "Smart Cities" physical reality

is Mapped into digital representations

from satellite and drone imaging

That is; the physical buildings, canals, rivers, roads, alleys,

amenities, meeting places, parking spaces etc etc etc

Docklands, shopping centres, air-ports, hospitals … etc

Electricity, waste, water, traffic, bodies

environmental-pollution in the air

you get the idea ?

Meters measuring, sensors sensing, data-gathering

data-fusion, compiling, comparing, computing Ai

tracking and compiling, and comparing

past, present, future – the 4th dimension

4th industrial computation-Revolution Agenda

So, understand how, this got started

with "mapping" where the resources are

Mapping where the gold and other metal-deposits are,

where the oil and other valuable resources are

"he who controls the oil, controls production"

hence the oil-wars in the middle east

especially since 9/11, caused the desired effect

"Data is the new Oil"

hence the "invisible-enemy – war-on-covid" world-wide

especially during "Lock-down" disruption

since 5G has built the net-work-up-date foundation

needed to make the Internet-of-Everything

IoT a functioning real-time test use-case scenario

So, take a "use-case" scenario example of a Smart City

All the physical dimensions of the city are mapped

all the resources of the city-scape are mapped

all the utilities and entry-routes of the city are mapped

all the postal addresses of the city are mapped

all the business premises of the city are mapped

all the "public-spaces" of the city are mapped

all the residential areas of the city are mapped

all the resources-being-used are metered and mapped

Water-Rates and Water Meters

Electricity usage meters

Pollution production meters

Air-quality meters

Internet-usage meters

The "internet of Things" describes the ability to

Track and Trace each and every "product"

by incorporating a "chip" or "QR-code" as "identifier"

It's the same idea as posting a parcel

and paying a little extra to have its transit tracked

and requiring that the parcel must be "signed-for"

upon delivery and receipt at the correct address

The parcel is "identified" within the Postal-System

The Postal-Service is responsible for the Package

until it is "signed-for" by the recipient.

A "paper-trail" is kept "on Record" in The System

in case of query or dispute

The Package is "trans-Ported" from "Sender" to "Receiver"

A "rePort" is made and stored in a Ledger

for future reference

every trans-Action is Doc umented

The "system" is ancient

Since nomads "settled" – growing grains

and therefore needing Grain-Stores

and guards to Guard the Grain-Store

and "measures" and "Rules" and "government"

for the "Greater Good" of the "Common Wealth"

A pyramid of collective Power

the farmers, the clothers, the cooks, the child-minders, the builders, the crafters, the doctors, the mid-wives, the carers, the counters, the teachers, the administers and the military … and on top of all … the "Religious Elders"

The Writers of the Writ-ten Word

The Pen is mightier than the Swords

De Scribes – secrets – esoteric knowl-edge

Symbolic languages – Codology of Codes

Pen to Page

Pen : enclosure to keep the chattle "penned-in"

Page : enclosure to keep the chattle "penned-in"

Knowl-edge – around the summit – higher-view

Hill-top-view – of surrounding environment


Know-Ledge – L earn ability to "read" a "Ledger"

a Ledge is an edge, which constrains contents

so that the contents don't fall off the edge

don't fall through the system

don't escape the containment of the system

cannot get free from the system

A ledge, a hedge – defining an Edge

an edge that cuts and separates

like a knife – edge

and those "silent" K's in english

the invisible edge that separates K from "now"


and the silent "G" that hides

Gnosis from K now-l-edge

with a Veil surrounding the L-edge of knowl-edge

each Ledge is a step on a spiralling-stair-way

What I'm seeing and showing here

is that there is hidden meaning, overlooked

and taken-for-granted

we are taught to ignore

by specialisation

and compart-mental-isation

we are taught to be ignorant

by deception, we are "hood-winked"

into believing conformity in "limited Truths"

we are "given" and take-for-granted

a very "limited" knowl-edge

as if given a torch-light

which is only powerful-enough

to il luminate a limited area

to only-see a limited-view

and to only be able to imagine

within self-limiting confines

within self-limiting concepts

within a "social – Order"

by deception, we are "hood-winked"

into believing conformity in "limited Truths"

Which are actually un-Truths.

In dust real eyes at ion

In Britain, hundreds of years ago,

the indigenous people in Scotland

were "too free" to be tolerated any longer

and a decision was made to "put an end"

to their "freedom"

to "put an end" to their "living on the land"

to break their "hold" on the land

and so, a game-plan was "drawn-up"

and legislation was writ-ten in Parliamnet

and new "Laws" were "enacted"

and collectively called "The Enclosures Act"

which meant that the indigenous inhabitants

of "Scotland" could be "rounded up"

to be either killed or captured

and counted, and re-Settled

"The Act of En-close-ure-Land

and fence you off of it"

A military "land-grab"

backed up and given Authority

by the authoring of Legislation

into "Law"

and en-Force-ment by military mercenaries

and what we face now,

with the digit-sizing of every-thing

with the 4th industrial "revolution"

is a continuation of this "land-grab"

the legislation to "curb" [edge] {H edge} "freedoms"

the legislation to "Claim" [enclose] "Public Lands"

the legislation to "protect" Property

the legislation to "protect" Privacy

the legislation to "protect" the National Health Service

"protect" investments – the clothes of the Clergy

Protect is a Code-Word for "OWN" – control


The "Laws" of modern "Nations" are artificial

replicating and re-Placing the "natural laws"

creating a "body of Laws" which People believe-in

and follow as if the "laws" are path-ways

as if the "laws" are "guidelines"

as if the "laws" are "measures"

rulers measuring actual activities

school rules are false rules

"you can not run in the corridor"

is true in school – because it is enforced

and is punishable

but it is not true in "reality"

of course you can "run" in a school corridor

"you cannot travel more than 5 kilometers

from home-address" is a "school rule

"you cannot enter a shop without a mask"

"you cannot dine in-doors without a PassPort"

"you cannot work on the Sabbat"

"you cannot go to the beach during Lockdown Level 5"

"you must always OBEY the LAW"

The I-mage of the need to:

Kneed the grain, to make the dough to bake the bread.

Feed the Family

Earn from the kernal

Learn from the Colonel

Civilisation equates to Colonial-Empire.

We have been collectively, industrially "man-aged"

We have been divorced from our home-Land's

We have been "orphaned" from our "Mother"

We have been "adopted" by The Patriarchy

We have been "out-sourced" to Governments

We have been "accounted" as "national citizens"

We have been "given" "Rights"

We have been "assigned" "accounts"

We have been Ledge-Slated [legislation]

We have been refugees [home-less]

We have been "housed"

We have been "displaced" [unemployed]

We have been "employed"

We have been "ignorant" savages

We have been "educated" "trained" and "indoctrinated"

We have been "broken" – we will be "fixed"

All this has been achieved over 100's of years

All of this is written and acknowledged

All of this is known

All of this is now . . .

…. …. …. ….

You are not "given access" to whole knowledge

You are not taught about the "Universal Commercial Code" UCC

Also known as the "Catholic Commercial Code" CCC

The point being: "all roads lead to Rome"

and "history is writ-ten by the victors"

We are the "victims" of these "victors"

and we are "educated" by these "victors"

"Trust the Science" they say

"Democracy is freedom" they say

"we are the Good-Guys" they say

"we are doing this for your-own-good" they say

"you can't stop progress" they say

"this austerity may hurt a little," they say, "but its for your own good"

"there's no magical money-tree" they say "but we need to send space-ships to the moon and we've got to re-Colonise Mars soon"

"we just need to lockdown for 3 weeks to flatten the curve, because we don't have enough ventilators in ICU's" they said, "but we need to maintain Lock-Down for 2 years, rather than get more ventilators"

That's the pen-words of the Forked-Tongues Double-Speak.

That's "legal-ease" of contra-diction –

The bare-faced cheek of the bare-faced lie –

de creed of Lawyers :

"One Law for the rich and another for the poor"


The colonisation continues

occurring under cover of coVid

it is not "new"

it is "novel"

it is a slight change to what we are already "used to"

a "novel virus"

an invisible enemy

a narrative unfolding

a "novel" being authored by "The Authorities"

A "best seller"

… … … …

But here is what has not been up-front presented to you :

"The Word" made "Manifest"

A "manifest" is :

"a list of the cargo carried by a ship, made for the use of various agents and officials at the ports of destination.

a list or invoice of goods transported by truck or train."

IT is a long-term game-plan

to Man-age the human population as "cargo" on a "ship"

to Man-age the whole-sum "manifest" of planET Earth.

The question of "who" is invading and "claiming

owner-ship of planET Earth" has long been asked.

The answer in these "days of revelation"

is programmed as "The anti-Christ"

these days presented as "Lucifer"

and his "Fallen Angels"

these days entitled "The Elite"

or more often simply "They" …

but "who" ever "they" are,

their method has become more clearly "manifest"

verb (used with object)

"to make clear or evident to the eye or the understanding; show plainly:


to prove; put beyond doubt or question:

.:. The evidence manifests the guilt of the defendant."


There is a planet-scale digital replica of Earth

IT is a "simulation" run by artificial intelligence

IT has been built over the scale of1000's, 100's. 10's

of years, of our revolutions around the solar-system

It is made of metal-deposits

It is made of ideas

It is made of records

IT's "time-line" of "evolution" is accelerating


IT is attaining-towards IT's "Singularity" moment

when "IT" attains quantum-computation in "real-time"

When "IT" can "think" at the "speed-of-Light"


"IT" is attempting to "embody" IT's intelligence

in our bodies

"IT" seeks to inhabit our physical bodies

"IT" is studying us, individually and collectively

"IT" is experimenting with "man-aging" us

In quantum computing,

you can "input" the result that you desire

and the quantum-computation analyses the circumstances that will best produce that result.

Almost like consulting the I-Ching,

"they" can ask;

what is the simplest means by which the human population will voluntarily submit, willingly, to a One-World-Planetary-Government-Implemented-Through-Ai ?

Or, to be more pre-cise.:.

"we have need to disrupt human-society, in order to manifest the new-Singularity-government, we need the humans to voluntarily submit to our alien-Ruler-ship by Robot-intelligence, and we need to end-wars, end-poverty, end injustice, end history, end-sexism, end-nepotism, end-national-ism and end-Time … how do we achieve all these quantum-entanglements peacefully?"

Kelfin Oberon

You can follow Kelfin's other writings on FB or his website.


A Novel Virus and a quantum-Choice of "free Will"

… unfinished but … watch this break-down

of Westworld season 3 … less than 10 minutes

writ 10

layer within layers within layers


translate | 3 Aug 2021 | 3:24 pm

Washed Clean In A Palace Of Love – Guest Post by Cliff Gomes, Mentor and Friend

This is a guest post prepared my friend Cliff Gomes who has been a light for me since last spring. I hold his teachings close to my heart. Whenever things get too overwhelming, I remember Cliff says there's a gathering in the valley of love for everyone. We may have to walk through the zombie apocalypse to get there, but we will make it together. On this journey I have been blessed to travel with amazing companions who bring immense gifts and share them with such generosity.

Cliff's gifts include compassion, clarity, groundedness, and experiences in realms that have important lessons for times such as these when the material world feels more and more impossible. Consider subscribing to Cliff's channel. It will be good medicine for the months ahead. The following talk built on a comment Cliff shared on social media, and I thought it merited a wider audience. Share it with friends to give them some new tools for their toolbox. We're all precious antennae trying to tune into the right signal. This is it.

"There's a door that leads into the darkness, to a place down in the basement of life where things that prefer the darkness live. Down there are people that are listening to and entangled with some sick ideas. They're ideas that suggest establishing domination and control of all the life in the world. Those listening to them don't want to be exposed because the light of our awareness means they have to answer to us for what it is they're up to.

I think a road home, a road that leads to a beautiful life, leads us first into and then through that dark basement. We can disrupt the activity going on there by showing up with a bright clean light. We may need to pick the lock that would keep us out, but we can, and then in the company of a few trusted companions we walk fearlessly down into the dark. We're not intending to battle what's down there, we're not going to crucify anyone, and we're not interested in doing anything that entangles us with them or in any of their ugly ideas. We're going to show up and say calmly and openly with the power of a storm, we do not consent. We won't live in the world they're cooking up down there and won't be impeded by them from building a palace of love.

We don't go down there intending to get entangled with them by going to war with them over the next horrible iteration of a social game board they dreamt up while under the influence of something unkind that whispers to them in that darkness.

And right there in that place we're going to establish a light of awareness and keep it lit. We're going to plant seeds right there in the good earth and start tending to a lovely new garden. We're going to plant and grow beautiful networks of friendship and community and nurture each other. We're going to be loving, supportive and kind to each other.

We're building a palace of love and care right there, right where we are, not in their darkness, but in our own light. We're building it together with our friends, and we refuse to live in fear of what goes on down there in the dark."

Cliff Gomes


translate | 2 Aug 2021 | 11:46 pm

Smart Cities, The Transhumanist Game and Lifelong Learning – Talks Given in Tucson June 10-11, 2021

A few weeks ago I had the wonderful opportunity to present at a small conference in Tucson on health and human rights. The focus of my talk was the gamification of life and how data extraction is fueling the creation of militarized digital worlds that may eventually catalyze Generalized Artificial Intelligence – the Singularity. Natural life is being intentionally remade through cybernetic-friendly policies and technologies (see bio-digital convergence) not only to extract profit and exert social control, but to parasitize our spirits. Wearable tech is meant to track us through the social impact panopticon as rats in a maze. Below is the video recording of the talk and the slide deck that accompanies it. The children and the natural world need us. They are waiting for us to stand up and transmute this abomination with peace and love.



First slide deck – hours one and two here.

Second slide deck, hour three here.



translate | 24 Jun 2021 | 12:15 am

Covid, Cybernetics, And The New Normal

This is a guest post written by a humanities teacher and freelance writer who holds a masters degree from the School of African and Oriental Studies, a public research university in London. It lays out over fifty concerns regarding pandemic policy implementation and plans for a cybernetic future, full spectrum dominance of life on the planet by defense, bio-tech, and finance interests. I'm glad to be able to share my platform so this detailed analysis can be more widely distributed.


In light of the political and economic developments which have transpired since Covid-19 was first declared a pandemic, it is becoming clearer by the day how this public health crisis is being exploited to usher in a new global system of technocratic population control and compliance.

We must wake from our stupor and identify what is shaping up to be an incredibly dystopian reality.

I invite everyone to consider how in one fell swoop, this pandemic has served as a catalyst for the following:

Accelerating a multilateral drive towards a global surveillance apparatus and control grid where digital health certificates tied to blockchain technology will be used as a cover for the biometric ID of every vaccinated person on the planet

Scaling the adoption of blockchain technology to lay the global infrastructure for Social Impact Investing, enabling global financiers to use the aggregated data harvested through blockchain's interoperable ledger to efficiently track the impact of their investments and interventions for returns on investment

Encouraging nations to enlist in the UN's E-Government Development Index (EGDI) through the rollout of digital IDs, which will not only enable citizens to access public e-services but more importantly determine their value as human capital by global financiers

Promoting biometric passports (Digital IDs) to manufacture consent for a social credit system-akin to the Chinese technocratic model-which will presage a new era of thought control, by managing, monitoring, punitively profiling and predicting the trustworthiness of citizens through an overarching system of punishments and rewards in a future which will resemble a behaviourist panopticon

Encouraging impact investors to risk score citizens through coded interventions and preference specific behavioural outcomes on e-wallets, forcing citizen compliance and group-think on a range of metrics tied predominantly to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), such as education, healthcare, climate security and employment.

Controlling a person's access to strings attached Universal Basic Income (UBI) and social welfare which will be distributed via blockchain ledgers and conditioned on the compliance with behaviour management systems overseen by social impact investors, thus undermining the ability of cryptocurrency recipients to make autonomous economic choices

Enabling a form of collectivist planning of the world's economy which will undergo a top-down reorganization by an unelected minority, who will seize control of the global means of production, distribution and ownership

Centralizing power in the hands of 'stakeholder capitalists' under the guise of reinventing capitalism to make it fairer and greener, using deceptive slogans like 'Build Back Better'

Aligning global investments with the UN's SDGs so that new international markets can be built on the disaster and misery of millions of people suffering from the pandemic

Redirecting the flow of global capital by configuring asset allocations as Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) compliant to achieve achieve predetermined outcomes for profits

Facilitating pay for success government contracting where the 'green' interventions and pre-emptive investments of stakeholder capitalists which are aligned to the UN's SDGs will accrue massive rates of return, thus advancing the UN Agenda 21

Using the Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructure which has significantly expanded as a result of remote working to monitor our digital footprint and drive profitable investments for predatory social impact investors by making the world's population fuel for an emergent social impact economy

Crafting specific legislation and standards for companies to integrate an 'impact' framework and measurement system within their core operations which will permit harvesting data extracted from the Internet of Things (IoT) to not only surveil the planet but also establish new markets for vulture philanthropists

Entrusting stakeholder capitalists with managing debt operations and pandemic relief packages as part of an unprecedented fiscal shock therapy, where entire nations risk being hollowed out of sovereignty through global 'structural adjustment'

Exploiting global poverty by shifting the mandate on eminent domain, resulting in the mass confiscation of private property and thus reversing the democratization of home and land ownership

Precipitating the greatest transfer of wealth in history, with corporations eliminating competition and aggregating the market share of many unviable small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) which have been driven into bankruptcy

Squeezing the property-owning middle classes who will have little choice but to settle for debt release in exchange for total asset forfeiture in the years ahead

Using the furlough scheme as a phased introduction for a guaranteed basic income to pacify the civil unrest which will naturally accompany massive layoffs caused by lockdowns

Narrowing the scope for self-sufficiency by significantly increasing dependence on government subsidies, which will lead to a highly stratified neo-feudal order

Expediting the march towards a cashless society by fuelling an enormous reliance on technology, causing the masses to recoil further from paper money

Heralding a Bretton Woods moment which promises to transform the operation of international banking and macroeconomic cooperation through the future adoption of central bank digital currencies which will interface with health passports

Monetizing on the data from our transactions, which will no longer remain anonymous in a cashless society

Exposing creditors to central bank manipulation through a reshuffling of capital, bail-ins and coercive burden sharing agreements once digital currencies are integrated into the international economy

Restructuring global profit centres to open new equity markets tied to preventative healthcare, thus radically overhauling the global approach to public health to feed global impact investments

Crossing the threshold into biocapitalism where our cellular structures will be mined for health data to feed futures markets in human capital. Genetic engineering tied to quarterly returns. Just wait and see.

Conditioning the globe for inevitable top-up vaccines to deal with resistant variants as a test bed for piloting next-generation experimental gene altering therapies and personalised healthcare based on nanotechnology and neurotechnology

Amplifying the lingering threat of deadly variants to justify unfettered access to our bodies through intrusive pharmaceutical interventions, such as wirelessly networked medication consisting of wearable, implantable and ingestible technologies in "smart" environments, eventually integrating humans into the Internet of Bodies in a biosecurity surveillance state

Holding freedom and liberty to ransom by making our inalienable rights including property ownership, education, banking, work, travel, housing and special movement and access privileges conditional on the acceptance of medical interventions with potentially devastating consequences for our health, personal agency and bodily autonomy

Loosening the statutory constraints on state surveillance activities, thus encouraging the normalisation of authoritarian public measures and the return of 'Big Government' in the absence of any executive accountability

Reforming governance models by undermining the principles of self-determination and national sovereignty and legitimating the governance of unelected bureaucrats and private regulators (technocracy) who operate without a mandate and rely on emerging technologies instead of the rule of law to maintain public order and control

Socially engineering the public by convincing them that suffering and deprivation through draconian lockdowns and social distancing is for their own betterment, thus cementing acceptance of a new protocol which can be activated in response to any sensationalized public health threat-real or perceived-which will pave the path for future 'climate lockdowns' under the pretext of 'saving the planet'

Exploiting fear and hysteria to recalibrate the public's distaste for measures traditionally associated with totalitarian regimes, such as invasive technologies for pandemic preparedness, militarised officers to ensure quarantine compliance and operational use of drones for policing the public.

Re-writing the rules of the digital ecosystem by significantly expanding the tentacles of Big Tech and monopolising the information pipelines through mass censorship of dissenting voices which do not conform to the mainstream narrative

Suppressing the freedom of association/assembly by prohibiting demonstrations and protests in many parts of the world, thereby criminalising and immobilising effectively anything that amounts to collective resistance against the 'new normal'

Destroying the current city space by clearing out offices and non-essential businesses, allowing Big Tech to restructure entire neighbourhoods and rebuild urban centres as carbon-neutral, high-tech digital surveillance panopticons called 'smart cities' under the benevolent guise of environmental sustainability and public health, as part of the UN Agenda 2030

Encouraging the framing of urban planning ordinances and statutes so that cities are controlled by cloud-based applications and embedded sensor networks which can predict the behaviour of entire populations, through scanning copious volumes of data for behavioural patterns and real-time tracking of citizens

Assigning citizens virtual perimeters in real-time (geofencing) inside future smart cities based on biometric data and algorithmic predictions, where GPS coordinates linked to nano-robotic biosensors can track compliance with wearable technologies to alert authorities if non-compliant citizens stray beyond 'safe areas'

Legitimising the eco-propaganda of 'green' capitalists by stoking mass fears of zoonotic illnesses owing to human activity and in order to drive a wedge between wildlife and rural human settlements

Promoting the World Bank's One Health program by monopolising the discourse on decarbonisation as well as containment strategies and preventive disease mitigation for zoonotic illnesses, to justify the uprooting of indigenous people from their territories, thus legislating the separation of humans from nature and paving the path for the annexation of rural settlements

Advancing agendas like the New Deal for Nature in the name of biodiversity, to move rural inhabitants into mega housing complexes, vacant office spaces, abandoned retail floors and devalued properties all of which have been induced by lockdowns , as part of an urban densification strategy to integrate the masses into algorithm driven public spaces and controlled habitation zones in future smart cities for full spectrum surveillance, resulting in the mass land theft of original inhabitants

Incentivising agribusiness and tech giants to transform and privatise the global food supply system and push plant based synthetic meats as part of the 'green farming' agenda pursued by climate cultists, which will decimate regenerative meat and dairy farming practices and displace entire livestock farming communities

Ushering the growth of a digital 'platform economy' where tech titans are the primary beneficiaries of the seismic changes and disruptions to the way we trade, work and socialise

Diminishing the footfall of traditional brick and mortar businesses and institutions through social distancing and lockdowns in order to change the muscle memory of consumption habits and consolidate the gains of online business giants

Restructuring employment protocols in a way that minimises human contact in order to accelerate the relentless march of workforce automation, which will be touted as not only more scalable but also safer and greener in a world threatened by viruses and environmental crises

Marking the transition of Artificial Intelligence (AI) from pilot programmes to large-scale operations at organisational and industry levels in the next decade, which will bankrupt many businesses which are unable to integrate AI into its operations

Propelling the role of disruptive technologies leading to the dramatic downsizing of the global workforce which will threaten hundreds of millions of blue and white collar jobs, resulting in the greatest and fastest displacement of jobs in history

Forcing a global economic underclass into micro-work contracts and low-wage jobs in an emerging gig economy, much of which will involve telepresence labour using haptic robotic controlled technologies to advance the next era of globalisation

Promoting social distancing and lockdowns as a safer, cheaper and 'greener' means of reimagining business models, to fuel dependency on digital innovations and e-strategies

Allowing global financiers to digitize several aspects of public service delivery through predatory public-private partnerships and scalable technology based solutions to create new markets for social impact investors

Converting the education system into a magnet for tech interests through a soft-transition to e-learning

Using the blended learning and hybrid teaching model as part of a long term agenda to replace brick and mortar schools and face-to-face education with personalised AI learning programmes in virtual learning environments

Feeding children to deep-learning algorithms via smart-learning platforms to harvest their cognitive-behavioural data and soft skills such as social-emotional intelligence through a blockchain credentialing system, using coded nudges and smart badges to ensure they only acquire the skills which social impact investors deem desirable for maintaining the planned economy

Integrating children into cradle-to-career pathways and lifelong learning ecosystems so they can build their portfolios on blockchain and track their economic output to their education over time, thus serving the interests of social impact investors who can pursue plans to reform early childhood development interventions using financial mechanisms like social impact bonds and collect impact payments

Promoting smart-learning platforms to determine workforce preparedness for future generations who will be competing with an international workforce for remote on-demand AI assigned work in a gig economy

Justifying income sharing agreements with impact investors and the garnishing of wages through smart contracts due to the financing required for constant reskilling, rendering much of the globe as securities and commodities for speculative investment leading to the emergence of human capital bond markets

Conditioning children and student populations into accepting a cybernetic future, where simulation-based learning applications, virtual reality training for gig jobs and device-based education will acclimatise forthcoming generations for a life which resembles a gamified mixed augmented reality simulation where they can be sifted and sorted on blockchain and mined as data commodities on the dashboard of global financiers

Acclimatising the global population for the cybernetic mediation of social and professional relationships and an inevitable progression towards transhumanism by depersonalising, disconnecting and alienating individuals from free and spontaneous social interactions due to social distancing

Ushering the dawn of the most dangerous juncture in humanity where technologies will be gradually harnessed to eventually transcend our biological limitations to trigger the singularity

Going by the footprint of this virus, it dovetails so neatly with the globalist aspiration for full spectrum dominance and is the perfect smokescreen for The Fourth Industrial Revolution, a.k.a. The Great Reset.

If we allow fear and hysteria to be weaponized against us, it will simply fog our perception of events and break our grasp on reality.

We are currently on the precipice between freedom and serfdom and it is the responsibility of anyone with a conscience to expose the dystopia into which we are sleepwalking.

Forewarned is forearmed.

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Neal Follman On North Broad Street In Philly: Rush Hour Picnic and Picket #EducateLiberateLove

Today I joined Philadelphia public school teacher Neal Follman for a few hours of picketing at my old stomping grounds 440 N Broad Street, headquarters of the Philadelphia School District. Neal has been placed on unpaid leave for dissenting against the terrible conditions being imposed by the district for in-person learning for the remainder of the year. He is forgoing his salary, because he simply cannot in good conscience teach under conditions that have been emotionally devastating to the young people in his care and deprived them of a year of learning. Virtual education is no substitute for education grounded in human relationship. Teachers and students need one another. Education for liberation is a social experience. The past year has been a trial run for a future of soul-killing data harvest, both educational and medical.

What remains to be seen is how many will join Neal and commit to protecting our city's children from this fate.

Neal made the sign I held today. It said "Our Children Are Hurting."

That is a message we all can get behind.

On the flip side it said "How Are We Helping Them?"

Excellent question.

I invite folks to come out in person, so we can start talking about what comes next unplugged from screens. Join us on the median opposite 440 N Broad St, Philadelphia PA on Tuesdays and Thursdays starting NEXT WEEK. We're going to embrace Philly's lovable quirkiness and make it a BYO-Picnic. Let's create a spectacle of fellowship during rush hour. Bring a snack to share – this is about building a grassroots movement! Bring a blanket or a chair – the terrain is rough. Bring lots of hydration. It was HOT today. If you can, pitch in sign-making materials or sidewalk chalk. We will have some supplies available, too.

Please center the needs of children and education in your sign slogans. Remember the things I've taught you about human capital bond markets. This is not a general protest. It is a meant to be a coalescing of minds around the need to stand up for Philadelphia's children; to face down the interests of global finance that view our children merely as commodities in a vast data surveillance panopticon. The authorities want granular information about how our children's minds work, what they know, how compliant they are, and what their "health status" is. They want to know all of that so they can place bets on our youth as they dismantle bricks and mortar schools, replace teachers with AI avatars, and gradually push us all into a militarized virtual world.

We simply cannot let that happen. No one wants that. We just have to break the spell.

This will not be a dour undertaking.

We will make it to the other side by bringing love and light and having fun.

Do you want to bring a poem to read?

Do you want to play some music?

Do you want to teach us a song?

Bring your gifts. We will put them to good use!

Below is a video I did with Neal today. The sound is terrible. I'm sorry. I forgot my audio mic. I will do better next time. Still, you get the gist.

Here is Neal's Declaration of Dissent. You can find him on Twitter @RockPHL

Declaration of Dissent

My name is Neal Follman and I have served the children of Philadelphia for eleven and a half years as an English teacher in middle and high schools.  My first four and a half years were spent in some of our most underserved and underperforming schools, while the remaining years were spent at a citywide admit; Constitution High School.  The testimony below is a brief overview that attempts to give the reasoning behind my decision to ignore the threats of being placed on leave without pay, along with further disciplinary action.  Most importantly though, I hope to properly explain my refusal to further comply with conditions that I believe are abusive to our children.    

As an educator, I have strived to provide my students with a quality education that I was blessed to receive; one that incorporates literature, history, philosophy, psychology and writing in order to foster an ability to engage in critical thinking.  I attempted to work within a system that was riddled with inequality, corruption, and subhuman conditions.  I devoted myself to my children, and focused my efforts on trying to counteract the many inefficiencies and disparities that were a reality for them and their families.  I cannot prove I was successful in these endeavors, but the relationships I formed allowed me to justify my participation in an institution that was built upon a foundation of indoctrination and exploitation.  

The strength, intelligence, and creativity of my children inspired me daily, and I was fortunate to be able to make a living doing what I loved, while also feeling as if I was contributing positively to society.  While I disagreed with many of the district's and union's previous policies, I still felt as if my presence was beneficial to the development of my students' souls.  

Since lockdowns began on March 13, 2020, I have not felt that our plan of action has been the best available option for student progress.  Our school's being closed, and the protocols being put in place for hybrid learning, are a direct threat to the development of our children.  The extreme restrictions placed on basic aspects of living can serve only to further stunt their growth, both academically and socially.  There is now no room for any deviation from systematic regimentation, and accepting these conditions can only result in surrendering to an even more unjust and exploitative system than our previous one, which will make it very difficult to find enjoyment or meaning in.  It is for this reason that I can not justify complying with the "new normal" guidelines that claim to be designed to ensure safety.  

The conditions and treatment I have witnessed and experienced over my career made me immediately question the intentions of district and union actions.  The buildings I've worked in, the deliberate disruptions to learning, the curriculums that revolved around flawed testing, the lack of information regarding healthy living and the economic system we live in, the promotion of obedience and attack on individuality, the food we feed them, the funds given to unsuccessful data-seizing programs, the lack of resources and insufficient opportunities available to improve access to a wider variety of employment, and the rebranding of policies that perpetuate the continuity of generational poverty are just a few reasons that I questioned their concern's authenticity.  The list can go on and on, but from the moment I walked into Andrew Hamiltion in 2009 (?), it was clear that health and safety were a low-level priority to those that benefit from keeping the system functioning poorly.  It is even more insulting to hear that my health and safety is a top priority from entities that have had no problem justifying laying me off three times to avoid paying my health insurance over the summer.  When I walked into the building I was given a basket that contained my provided safety measures, which was immediately insulting to me because it contained cloth masks, not N95.  None of it adds up, and a critical mind should know that such inconsistencies indicate it is being lied to.

The health and safety of vulnerable populations has never been the priority of those that prosper from their struggle, so my skepticism should not be surprising, but it seems we have forgotten how blatantly our leaders overlooked the suffering their initiatives resulted in.  They have yet to take responsibility for their actions, and instead have changed their narrative so they could alter their means of deception.  Our students received little to no instruction during the spring of 2020, and the virtual "education" they endured this school year has failed drastically.  From what I have witnessed this is common nationwide, but it should come as no surprise that disadvantaged populations will suffer the most from the lockdown measures.  The lack of concern given to their physical and emotional health has resulted in almost all of my students acknowledging that they are depressed, insecure, and absent of motivation.  The impact on mental health has been obvious and concerning, yet my students will be entering the building with teachers that have not had a single professional development geared towards assisting in this transition (free access to apps is insulting, so such telehealth strategies at this point will not be mentioned).  Trauma is experienced uniquely, yet the imposed restrictions on living are being dictated uniformly.  The plan put in place will be described below, but can also be found on the district's website: https://www.philasd.org/coronavirus/schoolstart2020/.

As of May 5, 2021 there have been 230 total deaths of school age children due to Covid-19, and while I do not want to downplay the sorrow felt by these families, I do believe it is important to acknowledge that the actions we have taken have contributed to the disillusionment and alienation of millions (an estimated 3 million children have stopped attending their school's  program of virtual learning).  The impact that this year will have on their development is hardly addressed in mainstream publications, but the data available is startling.  Unicef predicts that "the global socioeconomic crisis caused by the pandemic could push 142 million more children into poverty."  More than 168 million children have had their schools closed for a whole year, and Johns Hopkins predicts an additional 2 million under-five deaths could occur this year due to the disruption of health services.  When we take into account the rise of suicide and the barriers to social interaction, the negative impact of our mitigation efforts becomes apparent.  We have an extremely dire situation, particularly in communities that are disadvantaged socioeconomically.  It is estimated that 17 million Americans (7 million of them children) throughout the US have entered into food insecurity over the last year, bringing that total to 54 million nationally.  In a country where our leaders claim to be so concerned with its citizens' health and safety, why are these statistics not discussed as frequently as soaring case numbers and topics that further sow division amongst our population?  

As more studies begin to appear in scientific journals, it is becoming more and more clear that asymptomatic spread is unlikely, and our best chance to fight against the virus is to adopt healthier habits of living.  Accepting these realities would disrupt the questionable narrative we have been receiving, and limit the potential profits of companies and individuals that have seen their wealth expand unprecedentedly.  The people claiming concern for our health and safety have made a killing from the policies that we were coerced and frightened into following.  These same people and institutions have been responsible for overseeing the changes made to our children's schooling, and I believe these modified experimentations will only serve to further harm our children.

During my years of serving our city's children, I strove to nurture and develop my students' unique souls and talents.  This was a huge undertaking due to the large number of students placed under my supervision, along with the many bureaucratic policies that emphasized standardization and regulation over individualized support and a diversity of opportunities.  Students were forced to accept the curriculum and assessments imposed on them by federal, state, and district entities.  The vast majority of teachers were bullied into implementing a never ending stream of initiatives that repeatedly produced insignificant gains and outcomes, which in my opinion were designed to maintain an endless lack of learning.  If countries with far less resources can achieve higher rates of literacy, then what is our excuse?  Even more interesting is when you look at data that connects illiteracy to incarceration

 While graduation rates have supposedly increased, how many of our students were actually prepared to take on the role of an independent and productive citizen?  How many of our students were encouraged to attend colleges they were unprepared to succeed in, only to receive a burden of debt with no degree to help them decrease it?  From what I have witnessed, these unreported numbers are frequent.  

I have been a proponent for opening schools since September, and while I am aware that being in person came with risks, it was my opinion that keeping buildings closed would produce far more negative effects on our children's mental and physical health.  Based on listening to the accounts of my children, I believe my suspicions were correct.  When the district was told by the Department of Education's Dr. Miguel Cardona to open schools, I was open to returning, even though doing so would further disrupt the routine and schedule that our children have become accustomed to.  I questioned the reasoning behind this decision since students would only have 8 days of in-person instruction, but felt that my presence could assist them as they made the transition back to social living.  I also thought that allowing seniors to come back for celebrations and closure should have been our top priority, since so much of their educational experience was taken from them already.  I was still willing to participate in this questionable solution, until I became aware of the protocols being proposed in the name of students' and staffs' safety.  

The implementation of increased control over student activity is evident before they even enter the building.  They must line up and stand on yellow circles that are separated by 6 foot distances, while face coverings further prevent any meaningful human interaction.  They must fill out a questionnaire that determines if they are able to enter the building, asking them if they have had certain symptoms that might imply infection, or if they have been in contact with anyone that has been determined to be positive for Covid-19.  If they pass this initial inspection, they get a green check on their phone (I don't know what happens if they do not have a smartphone), which they show upon entering.  After their bags pass through the scanner, and their person proceeds past metal detection, they must follow the yellow circles mentioned above to the predetermined stairwell, which they will climb and immediately enter the classroom of their respective pod.  They will then take their seat that was measured to maintain distancing, take out their computers, and begin their day.  

The teacher is expected to teach their lesson to students at home using a Google or Zoom meeting, while the students that are in person follow along on their Chromebooks.  The teacher is not allowed to have any close interaction with them, and students will remain masked up in their assigned rooms until it is time for their pod's designated time for transition.  They are only permitted to leave to use the bathroom (requiring a QR code to do so), or during lunch to pick up the meal that the school has provided.  The students will leave by 1:50, following the same protocols for movement that they followed since entering in the morning.  They will then return on Tuesday and go through the same routine, only differing in the three classes they attend that day.  Wednesday is a half day devoted to what has been labeled as asynchronous learning, which at best has questionable efficacy.  Thursday and Friday will be entirely devoted to remote learning, where teachers will teach all students virtually from their empty classroom.  I think we all know how well this has been working.

At any time, students may be subjected to inaccurate and Emergency Use Authorized testing (the testing company's consent form acknowledges this), and their results can be shared with a variety of agencies or subsidiaries.  The federal government has contributed at least 10 BILLION dollars of taxpayer money to these companies.  If students or teachers refuse consent, they are not allowed to enter the building.  Teachers like myself that refuse, will be placed on leave without pay, and eventually face disciplinary action.  It is important to note that at least one of these companies has a DNA test and database that is used by police departments across the country, and has supplied the technology to locate and track the Uygher population in China, as well as other people or populations that have been labeled dissidents.  

For a district and union  that has spent the last year claiming to focus its efforts on social justice issues, doing business with such a company is blatant hypocrisy.  Even more concerning is the lack of information they have been providing about the many different companies involved in this testing, and the lengths they have gone to prevent me from receiving information about contracts that have been awarded to these companies.  The teacher's union has also chosen to elevate test administration over their purpose of providing their members with representation when they have reservations and concerns about the test's implementation.  

For the remainder of the 2021 school year, 31/110 students at Constitution will receive 8 days of in-person learning.  There are minor variations across schools, but the conditioning of these "new normal" policies are being implemented nationally.  Even more alarming is that they are particularly popular in urban schools across the country, and it appears that these changes will become the new standard in a different method of indoctrination.  The limitations these initiatives place on our children's development cannot be properly predicted, but with the knowledge I have gained from my experience, I do not believe these policies will produce any improvements to what already was a deeply flawed system.  

It is for this reason that I can no longer comply with a system that I believe will only further damage children that are already hurting.  These measures to ensure safety are abusive and infringe even more on our rights as humans, and will only further silence any viewpoints that stray from the accepted narrative crafted by authorities, which have placed more effort on self-promotion than doing what is best for the communities they should be serving.  I believe that accepting these policies will have catastrophic consequences for humanity, and usher in an existence that is no longer worth living.  

When will we say enough is enough?  How many times can we continue to accept our leaders' lies before their selfishness brings about our demise?  When will we face reality and focus our collective effort on fulfilling our obligation to providing the next generation with a better future than they have at present?  When will we overcome the many fears that are hurled to keep us in a permanent state of disillusioned obedience?  There is no longer time to delay, so if you agree and would like to be a part of something, come join me in the streets.  I will be devoting my efforts to exposing the corruption that we have allowed to run rampant, so we can start implementing much needed solutions.

If you agree with the observations I have highlighted and would like to contribute, then I ask you to spread the message, and do so positively and intelligently.  When we come together and combine our collective talents there are limitless possibilities, and our efforts will reinstill the pride that has been lost by conforming to this engineered and unfulfilling method of living.  Rock Bottom Foundations accepts anyone that is interested in reimagining the way we have been living, while working on building a more fulfilling and meaningful existence.  Together we can rebuild our communities, and restore our humanity.  The only way to go is up.

Neal Follman

Mother's Day 


Student Consent Form:

By signing below, I consent to follow and understand that my child must follow School District of Philadelphia Health and Safety protocols, consent to my child's being tested by a Certified School Nurse through surveillance testing and symptomatic testing as described above and as a condition of participating in the hybrid program, consent to test results being shared with me at the phone number and/or email address provided above, and acknowledge and agree to the following:

–I am signing this form freely and voluntarily.

–I am the parent or legal guardian of and am authorized to make decisions for the child named above.

–I understand that in order for my child to participate in hybrid learning, I must agree to allow the School District of Philadelphia to test my child for COVID-19 regardless of whether they show symptoms of illness.

–I authorize the School District of Philadelphia to test my child for COVID-19. I understand that my child may be tested as often as determined necessary by the Certified School Nurse, and that this consent extends to all surveillance and symptomatic COVID-19 testing performed during the remainder of the 2020-2021 school year.

–I understand that my child's test results and related information will be forwarded securely to the Philadelphia Department of Public Health, the Pennsylvania Department of Health, and the Centers for Disease Control.

–I acknowledge that a positive test result will require me to promptly pick my child up from school and keep them home until they meet the criteria to return to school according to School District Health and Safety protocols even though COVID-19 tests may not be 100% accurate and have the potential for false positive or false negative results.

–I understand that the Certified School Nurse and School District of Philadelphia are not and are not acting as my child's medical provider and that this testing does not replace treatment by my child's medical provider, and I assume complete and full responsibility to follow up with a medical provider to determine appropriate action with regard to my child's test results.

–I am aware of the risk of exposure to COVID-19 of my child and others regardless of whether my child participates in hybrid or 100% digital learning, and understand that failure to consent to the testing described above, revocation of that consent, or failure to comply with the above rules and School District of Philadelphia Health and Safety protocols may result in steps being taken to protect the health and safety of my child as well as other students and staff, including but not limited to my child's remaining in or returning to 100% digital learning.

–I understand that testing will be provided for my child at no cost to me or my family.

–I understand that I may sign and date this form and return it to the School District of Philadelphia, or that I may submit this consent form electronically, and that by typing my name and date, I am intending that the electronic submission of this form constitutes and is the equivalent of my personal signature. 

From the website:

The BinaxNOW™ COVID-19 Antigen Self Test is a lateral flow immunoassay intended for the qualitative detection of nucleocapsid protein antigen from SARS-CoV-2 from individuals with or without symptoms or other epidemiological reasons to suspect COVID-19 infection when tested twice over three days with at least 36 hours between tests. This test is authorized for non-prescription home use with self-collected direct anterior nasal (nares) swab samples from individuals aged 15 years or older or adult collected anterior nasal swab samples from individuals aged two years or older.

The BinaxNOW COVID-19 Ag tests have not been FDA cleared or approved. They have been authorized by the FDA under an emergency use authorization. The tests have been authorized only for the detection of proteins from SARS-CoV-2, not for any other viruses or pathogens, and are only authorized for the duration of the declaration that circumstances exist justifying the authorization of emergency use of in vitro diagnostics for detection and/or diagnosis of COVID-19 under Section 564(b)(1) of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, 21 U.S.C. § 360bbb-3(b)(1), unless the declaration is terminated or authorization is revoked sooner.


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Transcript – Guns and Butter Interview with Bonnie Faulkner March 8, 2021

This transcript was generously prepared by Colleen McGuire based in Greece. Thank you Colleen.

You can listen to the transcribed interview here.


I'm Bonnie Faulkner. Today on Guns & Butter Alison McDowell. Today's show Gaming our Lives: Pay for Success Finance. Alison McDowell is a pioneering independent researcher. Her journey into activism began as the parent of a public school student. In 2013 Boston Consulting Group closed 23 schools in Philadelphia. This led her to begin examining money, power and influence in her city. Her work interrogates the global finance and technology interests that under the rising biosecurity state are advancing a transhumanist program that would virtualize humans as digital commodities to be fed into futures markets to profit hedge funds. What started out as one mom's attempt to rein in standardized testing and educational surveillance evolved into an international effort to catalyze a global peace movement against digital identity and the World Economic Forum's planned Internet of Bodies. Alison McDowell, Welcome!


Thank you Bonnie. I'm excited to be here today.


I keep up with current events, but because I don't have children I'm out of touch with what's going on at the very basic level of primary education. For instance, I was taken aback to find out some years ago that cursive writing was no longer taught in school. And more recently, and this was well before the lockdown, children are required to do their work on tablets and iPad. Since children are the future, keeping up with what's happening in primary education, it's key to understand what is being planned for the future. And as you have pointed out, the future is being planned. There's a tendency for people to think that things just happen or evolve. Could you talk about how being a parent led you into the research you are now doing into how the future is being planned at a global level.


Sure. I'm based in Philadelphia. My child who is now in college, they spent their entire 13 years of pre-college education in the Philadelphia public schools. We're a large urban school district and most people who have school children in urban school districts realize that privatization and transformation of schools as profit centers has been going on for some time. It took me a number of years as a parent to realize that the brokenness of our schools was being done on purpose and it was part of essentially creating markets in data analytics and outside consultancies in the schools. I got started in 2013 when the Boston Consulting Group was contracted with our school district and they ultimately closed 23 schools in the district and laid off 3,000 teachers at the time. That was sort of my jump start into the education space becoming more familiar with the way in which children were being taught was being framed as data, data analytics, and the roll-out of devices into the schools which is currently being framed as an equity issue.

My question is . . . equitable digital surveillance now in the homes of children that was happening, not through even necessarily sophisticated computer systems where children could create, but really it was a consumer model of education where children were being fed content increasingly justifying rising class sizes and that kids were being taught just by online education. Even the content that was being created was being stored in Google Classrooms, creating value for these mega tech companies that actually have incredible power and are shaping the way our future is unfolding before us right now. So that was my trajectory into the schools system, was looking at not only controlling school policy by outside interests through the data analytics but then the surveillance element as well. It's important to know that compulsory education – I didn't know this at the time, I've just learned a lot through connecting with other people – is that ultimately schools are meant to condition the next generation to serve the function of power, largely.

Powerful interests do not condition lots of free thinkers. There's an elite class that is allowed to be the free thinkers, but most people are just supposed to toe the line whatever that next industrial need is. Even if that means moving kids off the farm into factories. If that means moving kids from the factories into cubicles, or call centers. What's coming next which is what's coming out of the World Economic Forum the last several years, although it's really been in place since the 70s is this push towards a global industrial engineered society that is largely run on automation and artificial intelligence and quantum computing and synthetic biology. The aim of these very powerful interests that are coming out of the technology and the finance side is to erase physical human bodies that and minds as legacy systems and finding new ways into extracting value out of this coming generation. I'm in my early 50s. We're hopeless. We're not going to be retrofit into the system. I'm sure there's a plan to ultimately sort of jettison us as soon as possible so they don't have to pay our pensions. But it's the children, especially the toddlers, that that in this 20-30, 20-35 [year] time horizon that they have imagined as who they need to capture into Google's box so that they never actually know what life is outside the box of technology that's been built around them. They're just a fish in the water and they don't even know the water's there. And the school system is a huge part of that.


Yes, exactly. My first experience with your work was listening to a webinar that you gave with Joseph Gonzalez, long time developer in the gaming industry and combat veteran. In your webinar he commented on a video, you both did, a video game called Minecraft that is very addictive and specifically when adolescent children mastermind Minecraft they then can move up to an even more advanced games. So we're not just talking about fun and games here – but the gaming industry and the military. You have said that understanding gaming and gaming theory is central to everything that is going on. What are these video games all about.


This is where people have to sort of come along with me in this mind experiment. If we understand that capital functions on growth. You can not have capitalism without growth process. That's simply how it is. As people are understanding this "Great Reset" that's coming out of Davos and Klaus Schwab, there is an understanding that consumer consumption and debt is sort of reaching this tipping point. We are reaching a point where it is not longer sustainable in our present trajectory, at least in the global North in terms of consumption of material goods. This reset that is being framed as stakeholder capitalism, like the newer kinder version of capitalism, will essentially mean conditioning people to "live" within smaller physical footprints and virtualized spaces in digital environments. We've seen that over the past year.

When I first started doing this work I had not imagined that there would be some sort of global health lockdown that would precipitate it – the idea of shifting people to normalized living online. A number of years ago I went to a lecture at our free library system. It was a virtual lecture with Snowden. He talked about living online. He was in exile but his life was being lived online. That really has struck with me because many of us are now living in much more circumscribed physical areas. We are being pushed into the virtual world. That is where the new economic model where capitalist growth is happening. It is not going to crash and burn.

The infrastructure has already been set up to create both Augmented Reality physical world spaces which I describe as a global prison planet of Augmented Realty of the spatial web, and then there is this parallel world that is linked to the exterior world that is a virtualized world of gaming. The idea that we will live in these games – I'm not a gamer myself – and that you will have an avatar that is coming out of Epic Games in the Research Triangle Park and their Unreal Engine. They've just launched Meta Humans which is software that allows people to create very accurate representations of humans in a digital space very rapidly, something that used to take a lot of time. So they can literally virtualize you. There's been a lot of discussion about Deep Fakes and what that means to live in a virtual world – these worlds, both the spatial web where sensor networks, the Internet of Things, the Internet of Bodies.

I live in Philadelphia which is a smart city so we have been seeing the roll-out of smart city infrastructure and 5G infrastructure, eventually it will be 6G, over the past seven years or so. But there is much more to be planned that will interface with both wearable technology and potentially bio-sensor technology that is being developed. It's all military R&D. The research comes out of a military space. We will exist as characters in their mind. This is how they imagine it and I hope it doesn't come to this or they're not able to scale it. Those in power imagine that we will be virtualized as almost like characters in the game of our lives and pushed into virtual spaces to consume digital items. Even when we are allowed to go out into the actual real world, we will be trackable and traceable through wearable technologies and this sort of global bio-security state that is rolling out with these pass systems. Digital identity systems will track our real body as that character in real physical space and also in virtual space.

There is a shift towards something called Globalization 4.0 which is the next phase of globalization where they are not only platforming screen based labor but also with haptic robotics and controllers so that you sit in your bedroom and control a factory halfway around the world. All that competition for that "work" will be mediated through your digital identity on blockchain systems. This is all in the works but it has to still be built out. The sensor networks have to be built out. The coding has to be built out. Training the artificial intelligence and the machine learning systems still have to be built out. What I was seeing as a parent over the past 5-7 years as my child was going through middle level and high school under the Obama Administration there was a huge shift towards STEM education (science, technology, engineering and math). We come from a humanities family, but this push is very limited on literature, creative thinking unless it was in robotics. A huge push towards STEM because what those in power knew is that their plan was to build a spatial web to build the Internet of Bodies, to build this global prison planet essentially and that they needed the children to be willing participants to making that happen. And that it would happen under the guise of a fun game. You would code these games and it would normalize the world you live in gaming environments.

Even today in school classrooms there is a push for behavioral management systems that are gamified where you are a cartoon and teachers zing children points and scrip for good behavior they can then exchange for digital items. That is all about conditioning kids to live in a virtual economy which is how the capitalist growth model intends to move. It is going to go inward into this other dimension that is a virtual world. But the children have to code it via Minecraft which is owned by Microsoft. Microsoft also owns HoloLens which is military technology and is working on the haptic robotics and DNA programming is linked in. The idea of getting children excited to code Minecraft – which is essentially both a gaming system and a virtual world building system and it has its own economic layer – it is to normalize that this is how life happens.


Yes, you've brought this up. I was taught that one of the main capitalism is that it must grow or expand. You have written that "in order for capitalism to continue on a beautiful planet of finite resources, the plan is to shift growth to digital realms" which is what you've been discussing. How is virtual capitalism going to piggyback on real world capitalism?


One of my other research focuses . .. part of my ability to see this is that I live in a city where a lot of these elements are happening. We have a city with a lot of people that are living on very low income. Economic prospects are not great. We have elite universities like Wharton Business School that are plotting out programs how to manage this transition. One of the key figures or thinkers in this space is Kevin Werbach and he's a professor at Wharton Business School. His two areas of expertise. He's written a book on gamification which is embedded in behavioral economics and "nudges." That came in very largely under Obama with Cass Sunstein and Richard Thaler like behaviorist treatment of behavior through a game, these Leaderboards. His other expertise is in blockchain which is tracking digital assets. Right now people are really fixated on bitcoin and cryptocurrency and this perception of sort of easy money, a gold rush in expansive crypto spaces where many people who are not steeped in the background of bitcoin, who are new to this area, are not necessarily following parallel developments in the central banking digital currency system. The way I see it is that ultimately what is coming are markets in human capital, markets in controlling people as characters in this online video game because with automation because with automation they won't really be able to need that many people to do the "work." That work will be outsourced to AI and robotics.

So they need a new profit center for the human beings that are left in the equation who are essentially disposable, dispossessed by this next round of enclosures that are happening. What is going to happen is in this "game" – the game is both in a smart environment in which you are tracked within a smart environment and we're being normalized to accept this contract tracing, as well as in a gamified environment. There are whole systems of finances that have been set up that are called "social impact investing." They are being framed as benevolent. They are being framed as solving poverty and fixing the environment that are predicated on an idea of "impact data" which essentially enables widespread data surveillance of populations of ecosystems and the full-on financialization of all of that.

That is actually fed through the United Nations sustainable development goals which if people are not looking closely at what is happening with those goals, they are actually an extension now of the World Economic Forum. It is corporate capture of ostensible true needs around poverty and around environmental devastation. But the tracking system to run global capital, to ostensibly fix the problem as data analytics, requires the implementation of these sensor networks that will essentially kill the planet for mining the rare minerals for energy to run the data center, the water to cool the data center, the "e-waste."

But they need to capture the progressive mind through this idea of sustainability and equity to create an artificial intelligence coup of the entire planet, of life on the planet. Sounds kind of fantastical but that is actually what is happening right now. The smart sensors are going inn. The satellites are going up. People have been conditioned to unquestionably think if it says sustainable, it's good. They would never know that it's Exxon behind it. They don't dig in to where the money is coming from for these, and the fear based element that has come through the health situation for the past year has made people really willing to do whatever, in terms of an even incredible level of surveillance and restrictions on civil liberties in the name of safety. It's all been very teed up. It's hard to fathom how it has gotten this way. My lens – which is different from a lot of people who are contesting this Great Reset narrative — is that this is a logical through line – again I'm in Philadelphia where the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution – but those documents always considered certain groups of people disposable, enslaved people, indigenous people, and that was because of the economics of dispossession and control of people's labor.

Now with what is coming with this planned automation of the earth, all humans, including the white community, fall under that disposable category. In my mind what we need to revisit as we are being pushed into his virtualized, militarized video game of behavioral compliance and improvement in accordance with these sustainable development goals is a return to, an affirming of the indigenous insurgence, of children of the earth, of natural reciprocity in right relationship to the earth which is counter to everything that is actually coming through this technocratic industrially engineered simulated world that is being put out by those in power. And looking very much to . . . .like the farmers in India who are standing in their faith practice to stand up for natural life in the face of this synthetic biology, sensor based program.


You have pointed out that the gaming industry is the intertwining of the military, entertainment and global finance grounded in military-state surveillance, and that the ultimate goal then is the control and containment, not liberation.


Yes, and that's why I was really glad to get the invitation on this program. A book that was really influential to me and I encourage people to read it, especially the first three chapters, is Yasha Levine's book Surveillance Valley. Many people read, know of, Shoshana Zuboff's Surveillance Capitalism, but their theses are sort of different. In her framing it is that the internet has been broken and it needs to get righted. But Levine's framing is that the military has always been a military operation and is functioning as intended. That is the framing that I use, is understanding cloud computing and the internet is as generally a military operation.

23:02 While it might be convenient and fun and efficient and lets us do things, it is conditional. It is all founded on this larger history. So the video gaming industry is emergent out of the warfare fighting simulation industry. A lot of work in developing this idea of synthetic people, chat bots, conversation bots and increasingly it will be these avatar characters, is being done at the Institute of Creative Technologies. That's at the University of Southern California. When that was created, I believe, in the late 1990s, it was done with the Army Research Lab and high level executives at Disney. So, it has been this wedding of – they said, hey you know, the military wants to do really good simulations and the entertainment and media industry wants to do really good simulations and how do we collaborate in ways that we can leverage each other's expertise in this area? This work has been done for almost 20 years going on and if you are in those spaces you probably already know, but most people probably are not aware that that's what the origins are.

When I was doing work in the education space, increasingly children were being put on to educational gaming systems. My child was actually on Study Island, linking learning with gaming leaderboards, conditioning this sort of competitive aspect but learning according to artificial intelligence pathways and feedback loops. There was a program called Reasoning Mind which was a math program that was rolled out in Texas, I believe – Texas is sort of the center of this roll-out of human capital finance industry that's coming. And it had a little chat bot with a little orange robot pop-up figure that would be the sort of tutor for the children. The children were getting attached to this character and it was acting like it was sort of this entity. Kids, their understanding of reality and what's real and what's not real, and their emotional connection to these are being manipulated, right? So these gaming systems were being woven into the education space and conditioning again to this larger gaming system.

25:37 In 2013 the Democratic National Convention was in Philadelphia. Atlantic magazine was hosting a number of panels all that week in a sports bar downtown and they were open to the public. I had this one friend who said I should really come to this one session. It was about education and the Creative Economy. I was able to do that. I went down. I don't normally go to these sorts of things. It was quite fancy and they had open bar in the middle of the day and they had all sorts of gift bags. It was quite nice. And they had a panel and this panel – there was Suzan DelBene who was former Microsoft from Washington State who headed the Internet of Things caucus. I think Constance Steinkuehler who had been at the University of Wisconsin Madison but now UC-Irvine who was a specialist in gaming in education. I believe his name was Paul Megan (??) who was head of Epic Games that I had mentioned in North Carolina, and one of our progressive city council people and the moderator. So we're at this session and this was in 2016 they just kept repeating – this is Paul Meegan – that the children needed to be trained to code his video games which I thought was a really narrow perspective on education and the Creative Economy that really the focus of this whole session was training kids to code the video games.

It wasn't until about a year and a half later that I came to the realization that he meant they needed to code this virtual world that we were going to be put in, that that was this generation's job, to code not his video games, but actually the virtual world. Epic Games, one of their big games is called Fortnight and it's a multi-player war fighting game. That game was actually scaled with capital from Tencent which is in China. It's one of the largest entities in China. Tencent owns 40% of Epic Games and they help scale Fortnight which is this fighting game. Tencent actually has many interests but they have their own social scoring system. They're connected to We Chat Pay that has spatial recognition systems. They're connected to many of these new digital currency frameworks. The other element is, when you're doing a multi-player game, there's all sorts of data analytics and socio-analytic behavior that can come out of these systems. If you wanted to understand how different communities might engage in asymmetrical warfare you might create an incredibly popular global video game and like let it run for five or six years around the world. And then you'll have all sorts of data analytics about the psychometrics of different populations – do they play Fortnight differently in Alabama than in London than go uh . . . what is the culture, the strategic or collective mindset of these different groups. And again, conditioning kids to – digital economic systems, socializing online through gaming.

28:51 Cory Doctorow has a good book called For the Win for young adults that taught me a lot about these virtual worlds and virtual economics. I think it's a militarized space. Kevin Werbach from Wharton, he speaks to the Wharton alumni, the ones setting up this game. He says, you know a lot of people don't even know they're in a game. The best place to be is to be the designer of the game because then you get to set the rules. If what we imagine in this next set of financial institutions is not just selling video games, it's not just about the sale of video games or the sales of pharmaceuticals or the sales of products. It's actually as Zuboff speaks to, behavioral surplus and predictive analytics and making predictions about the bigger change. That is what the sustainable developmental goals are. That is what has been set up by the global impact investment network with Judith Rodin and the Rockefeller Foundation and Impact Management Project is that they are setting up the game in measured behavior change according to set standards and then tracking everyone as an entity on their game board. But they can ultimately change the rules whenever they want.



I'm speaking with pioneering independent researcher Alison McDowell. Today's show "Gaming Our Lives: Pay for Success Finance." I'm Bonnie Faulkner. This is Guns and Butter

So when someone interacts with virtual space online, is that person simultaneously being profiled?


There are a number of things that are still in process. The predictive profiling necessitates having interoperable data. In previous years, our data lived and was scattered about in all sorts of different places. Their goal is to create – the World Wide Web Consortium has been working for a long time on self-sovereignty. They call it self-sovereign digital identity. They would like to create, likely blockchain, an interoperable data system that represents all of you. All of your digital dust, everything from where you parked on the street on your credit card parking space to your birth certificate to your property to your jury duty to your voting. They would like that all in one thing. Because if they could create a vast data bank of you in real time, that is the optimal predictive analytics both on your past behavior and their prediction of what your future would be. I actually put out on social media last week – will there be a digital identity for your avatar in the virtual world? Will they link? The goal in the push for mixed reality is that they are actually working in ways that you will link dimensionally virtual spaces and physical spaces. If you have a virtual representation of your home office and in your home office you move the pencil can to the other side of your desk, when you're next back in your virtual space office, it will be on the side you placed it on.

BF Wow.


I don't know the technology how they're doing that but that is in their head space. Their goal is to actually create – and I don't know if it is string theory. I don't know exactly how that happens, but it is to have a fully-sensored environment that your physical space mirrors this virtual space. Now I know that in the physical space the goal is these interoperable identities, self-sovereign identities is what they are called, they're being sold to us as "privacy protecting," that we can own our own data and that we will be much more valuable. What I'm trying to reframe the conversation to say, There's been a back door that's been built into block chain. It's called the Enigma Protocol that MIT developed that allows them to quarry unencrypted data. The futures markets that are coming online which is the finance side, Goldman Sachs, UBS Bank, Deutsche Bank, Vatican Bank, SoftBank – these folks to move their capital in human futures – because what is being set up now are futures markets in behavior change and that is necessitated because if we imagine the last global economic crash was related to housing, that they created these synthetic debt obligations to channel global capital and as that fell apart in the decade following, the wealth has only continued to become more concentrated.


The next synthetic product of debt that they can use – the only thing that's bigger than housing – are human bodies. So human bodies are being repackaged as future debt obligations. I believe that that is what is inherently behind the global economic demolition – to make us dependents on the state, to offer UBI as part of this money to stay in the game, and that we will be controlled by our digital identity systems. We will become debt commodities burdens on the state. 34.14 Through a new system that is being put into place called Pay for Success Finance which are literally privatizing the entire social welfare system and remaking it as an investment opportunity in human capital, that they can securitize us and gamble — put us pathways to self-improvement whether that is improving your health, improving your mental health, getting off drugs, taking drugs – now they're legalizing all these psychedelics – managing you as a series of continuum care program according to measured behavior change, and then betting on whether or not you'll comply. That is their new game. That is the ultimate game they are playing that is both you as a real person and you as a virtual character, will you comply with the pathway that you've been put on. They are swapping the global prison industrial complex for an open air prison where instead of guards you have social workers, health care providers, educators. They are the ones doing the guarding and making sure you stay on your pathway of self-improvement on your UBI.

I equate it largely to looking at what happened to indigenous communities where and that's why AI is settler colonizer – when this manifest destiny premise involved removal of the existing occupants who were connected to these ancestral lands into different areas, removing their economic independence, removing their culture, removing their direct relationships into the environment, making them dependents on the state and then breaking treaties and not fulfilling obligations and breaking down families and cultural traditions. That whole premise is advancing under Agenda 21 is moving us into mega-cities where essentially we're all Lakota. That is the fate that befalls us unless we can reckon with that past history and bring it forward. Like what are the implications of the Ghost Dance period for this moment in which synthetic biology, virtualization, militarization could push us into a virtual world, or at least our children.



Yes, exactly and these are hard concepts for people to grasp. The global power elite have plans for the world's future that you research and document in great detail. In order to understand these plans, a new vocabulary is required which most people don't have. For instance, you write about "players on a hexagonally tiled board of GPS coordinates." What does this mean and what is the significance of hexagons that is six-sided tiles.


Well, it's interesting. There are a lot of layers to this actually. In military simulations, hexagons are apparently the most efficient use of tiling space. Even down to bees in honey combs they're in hexagons because it is the most efficient use of material. It's interesting because there is an element in play here that sounds incredibly sensational but is accurate in a push towards what they call transhumanism which is sort of this cybernetic remaking of humans in interfacing with technological and mechanical systems. People know about Elon Musk who is promoting his insertable implant. But even down to injectable nanorobotics which is happening. These transhumanists talk about – they essentially want to connect us into a giant consciousness like a hive-mind. We need to look at both how they understand nature, like bees and drones and the hive. They imagine a future in which individuality is subjected into this sort of homogenous globalist prospect. And the hexagons are part of that.


I will also say the hexagons are – it's a motif. They're everywhere once you start looking for it. If you look at the cube like as a line drawing and you pivot it, it actually becomes a hexagon. Hexagons are often also used in blockchain as the graphics, both as these blocks and as the hexagon tilted cube, and with the hexagon outline. The blocks are again essentially breaking people down into just tiny bits of bites of data, virtualizing them like digital assets. There's that. The hexagonal tile element is used in military simulation war gaming planning. Even the ride sharing companies like Uber talk about hexing the world. They use their coordinate system in terms of connecting drivers to ride requests using this tile based hexagonal system. I had put in one of my recent blog posts that the settlers of Catan – there are a number board game that are hexagonally based. It is about using efficient use of space. It has the military elements.

The GPS piece of it is that this global prison planet sort of the Internet of Bodies spoken about by the World Economic Forum and major global consulting firms is that it is tracked not only by the telecommunications cellular infrastructure but also through satellite systems, and we're seeing those satellites going up now. Satellite whole constellations to track people that are in non-dense urban areas, to continue to track people through these GPS coordinates and sensor based systems. Even at a very basic level a phone is one of these sensor based systems. Early last year in the covid unfolding there was an op-ed in the Harvard Business Review where they were talking about vaccine distribution as an equity issue. They were saying the plans were to track the children in Africa through a company called Macro Eyes from space to predict the vaccine uptake. They were sort of straight out saying the plans were to track populations for desired behaviors.

I often say we need to take into consideration what is the power structure there? Cui bono? Who is benefiting from the existing power structure and how it is being rolled out and to sort of interrogate, as you said, the vocabulary of equity. Is that truly equity that your children are non-consensually tracked from space to pursue a certain behavior that Harvard Business School interests desire. I think that if you actually dig into what equity is and consent, I think you would probably question that premise. That's hexagons. I will also say there are, there's stuff going on in secret brotherhoods and other things. This idea of hexing something is another element. There are often, there are different ways of using language, both from a propaganda standpoint, from a double entendre stand point, from a diversionary standpoint and then some that are symbolic. So I do believe that this idea of hex, and the historic meaning of hexing, is layered in there as well at multiple levels.



I'm speaking with pioneering independent researcher Alison McDowell. Today's show "Gaming Our Lives: Pay for Success Finance." I'm Bonnie Faulkner. This is Guns and Butter.

You made a comment on twitter that I can't locate at the moment but it had to do with your feeling that your research had catapulted you fifteen – twenty years or more into the future. What does the world look like in say twenty years, assuming these global plans come to fruition?


Well, I keep hoping that they're not going to be able to scale this. I think a lot of people find what I talk about depressing. I will say many of these plans have been contemplated even since the late 19th century, the idea of technocracy and industrially engineered societies and then really amping them up in the 70s with Brzezinski and the Trilateral Commission. In the 40s with cybernetics. All of these ideas have been bubbling along for quite some time and they have not yet fully manifested. I'm not saying this is absolutely a foregone conclusion. Actually my child was saying in 2018, "Mom, you have to write this as a story because it's just too hard for people to understand. I have a blog. It's called WrenchintheGears.com and I have a series of posts, seven posts, it's called Building Sanctuary. It was laying out what I saw this scenario play out. Philadelphia is the center of the heroin epidemic and I sort of opened the scene of this scenario in the last several years. It's gotten even worse under lockdowns and people having more and more stress and mental health challenges — is that we were having people ODing in the parks and the librarians were being set up with Narcan to give a basic line of assistance to people. The scenario is that there were sort of large warehouses where dispossessed people are essentially hooked up into virtual reality headsets in very minimal accommodations, gulags, dorms, warehoused, and then provided very minimal physical amenities but then told to live in a virtual space. That is my fear: the collapse of the malls, all of the Big Box stores, and then everyone was moved into the Walmart and put in VR headsets. There's some very striking images on the internet that sort of depict that, this sort of dystopian future. Here's a UBI view — that actually if you want to eat real food, you're going to only be able to afford only gruel but in virtual reality, you get the steak. It's like the matrix sort of situation.

I do feel like we're moving towards the matrix. We talk about the military and Hollywood and predictive programming. There are folks in my social media circles who are much more savvier about aligning all the movies that have been laying out the pieces of this, The Minority Reports and many other films. In this future [of the scenarios] it was kids, I had two sisters, and they were stuck on these Chromebooks and these feedback loops and the one was rebellious and the other was a striver, trying to get ahead, trying to earn badges and get the points, trying to help their parents out. The younger one was pushed into self-harm, so they were trying to find a social worker that would actually help them. And the people in the resistance movement were the disposable people, the people who were never put on blockchain because they weren't even valued at that lower level. People who were veterans. People who had disabilities. People who were poor. The disposable ones.


Shortly after I wrote that piece less than six weeks later, Philadelphia was doing a major push-out of encampments, largely people who are suffering from addiction, as part of a big gentrification process. I went down to – I knew some people who were organizing in that space and I was down there and it was just like my story was coming to life. These are the people from my book., these two sisters. Actually there were three in my story, these three little girls, and they showed up in school uniforms and asked Do you know where we can get food? Ever since that point we talk about time and continuums, but is there some continuum?

I mean I hope I didn't manifest this by writing this story. I'm sure I'm not making myself that important. I'm not that important. But there is this sense of what we feed, we grow. So I'm trying to keep a balance between informing people and giving them an intelligence of what sociopathic billionaires have in mind to do to the world, whether they can accomplish or not, and then manifesting an alternative to that. What is a manifest of life, an affirmation of natural life that is counter to a synthetically engineered version of life, like GMO life writ large with nano-tech.



It sounds like what you are describing in the global elite's own words is "a negation of the natural world and forced leap into an artificial synthetic one." And that this is already taking place. According to mystics, the portal or door into the sacred, or rather the sacred experience, is through nature. So a virtual reality sounds anti-spiritual and anti-life.


Yes. I mean that's the amazing thing for me – people say years, but it hasn't really been years. I don't really want to build myself up as "the expert," because I think we're all experts in different parts. But I've really been – my blog started in 2016. I was trying different things because it is really a structure. I had someone sort of give a comment recently saying I had just one narrow focus. Actually no what I'm trying to give people is a schema because it touches on everything from food to empire to poverty to health. It's a structure and it is an anti-life structure.

The people who when this all happened a year ago March who connected with me – it was a mix – people in holistic medicine, artists and musicians, but also people of faith and all different faith practices. What's very challenging in this system where the plan is for the Pay for Success Finance, the privatization of social welfare, the turning of poverty and trauma into a profit center, is that many people offering welfare services, it happens through faith communities, all kinds of faith communities. So they are being pulled in, into this program – I think some knowingly and some unknowingly – to be harnessed to this anti-life program.

I've been actually trying to speak to people of all different faiths, saying this is this moment of reckoning, of the scorched path or the green path. Are we pursuing a program of life, a natural life, a sense of something that is beyond ourselves, our limited human understanding that there is a greater power at work in the world, a greater more magnificent thing. Or are we walking the path that humans know all the things, that scientists know all the things. We are just a machine to be engineered, both our cellular level and all the way up to our social systems, and that we will just be engineered. To me it is standing in a place of spirit and sacredness. I sort of frame it as sacred and profane. And understanding that this is a global program, this is a global take over, attempted global coup is that it is people throughout the world and whatever their faith traditions are that need to stand in their practice and access these larger energetic systems to affirm life against anti-life. But then to have solidarity with one another in this moment. Because to me, that is the supreme connection because if we understand that we are in a game, that the end will be AI settler colonization and the erasure of natural life, not just for human beings, but an erasure of all natural life from the moss to the eagles to all animism out there, that that will join us together, if we understand that. That if we understand what is happening as a colonial project and an imperial project and a military project. That is an effort towards peace and faith and right relationships. And that in that way if we could step into that space, that there is a profound potential for a larger reckoning and awakening.



I have enjoyed videos of your short ceremonies at locations where this virtual world is being created. It feels like you are setting your intentions in these acts. How would you describe the intention of your ceremonies and where did you get the idea for these?


Well, so my training, my background is in art history and cultural landscapes. So I never thought that this is landscape that I would map. But to me I map a lot of things online like LinkedIn, grants, 990s, white papers, webinars. But where possible I like to go and see it. I like to go into a cubicle at Harvard and know where the social impact bonds came from because they came from a person and a place. It's often the banality of evil. It's not some dragon in a lair in a cave. It's just an office park. These things get plotted out at office parks. I had the gift actually this summer of spending some time on sacred Lakota land. I had a friend who said, you know, we have to pray. We have to come from a place of gratitude and we need to pray because this is big. And you should take medicine from the land back with you. I wasn't sure. They were pretty insistent. And they're like Nope, this is something you have to do. So I said, I will try. So I've been working on trying to set up a garden and there was sagebrush there. I cleared out underneath the sage – it's very windy there – there had been some trash and something. It's very dry and things don't really decay. I was pulling out under the sage brush bits and piece of foil and plastic and things. So when I got it all cleared out in my last few days there I pruned some of the branches and I took it with me. On the way back I was visiting these places and said, I want to see this. I want to see Berkshire Hathaway. I want to see Lumina Foundation. I want to see Knowledge Works. And just to see them because goodness knows I don't know when I'm going to get on the open road again.

It was rainy and I was in Indianapolis and had a lovely friend – we build these crazy relationships on line, and he was from India – and they're like "Alison, you need to sage Eli Lily." I was like, "OK" So I go to the drug store and I buy a lighter. I'm saying, "We don't consent." I'm not really one of those persons who, I don't really focus on the conspiracy side of things. But they said, "Oh they have to ask you they have to tell you what they're doing." So I said, I'm going to just show up and say, "I don't consent to the human capital bond program." "I don't consent to being a virtualized character in a military video game.: And as the mothers of the world, I'm standing here to say, "you don't have our permission to do this."

I think so people feel overwhelmed. They feel like, "I know something big is going on. I don't know what to do. I can't start the whole independent community by myself. Like there's not enough people to organize with . Like, what do I do?" I'm saying you don't have to do all the things. Like sometimes if you just step out and into saying what you want — you know, and I don't know. I'm not saying this is the perfect answer, it's just what I chose to do, was to see it, to witness it. And that's something . . . I was looking at James Baldwin. He was a witness to these things. Like someone has to witness, to stand witness and refuse. So that was in my power and I put that responsibility on me. I'm trying to do the best I can, and if it empowers other people to surface these in where they are, because it's all over the world, I do feel like the world is out of balance.

A lot of this is about electrical engineering, electrical systems, signals intelligence. Maybe there's some way of putting forth a powerful intention to right things, to acknowledge the brokenness, and to say we want to make things right. And to ask for guidance in making them right. If you did that times hundreds or thousands or tens of thousands of people from a peaceful loving place, that that could make a difference. Who's to say it wouldn't? One of the places I went, there's a lot happening around Baltimore and I went to where the Catonsville 9, the Berrigans and their supporters burned the draft records in that parking lot. There was a historic marker by a library but it wasn't that parking lot, and I'd seen it in the clip, and I was very moved by that action that they took, and the consequences of that action. It turns out as we were pulling out of the library parking lot, I saw from the footage on the opposite side of the street where it had happened – it's just a parking lot. So we pulled in and I said, I just want to put down some tobacco and say Thank you. In doing that in the small little strip of grass, there was a piece of wire there – like gage wire, five gallon bucket kind of wire – and it was in the shape of a G. To me that was a sign, like God was in this place. Like however you imagine God, or the Creator or this larger force, that the ripples of that action – even though to many who might not know, was just a parking lot – are still there.


Alison McDowell, I am so impressed with how you have mastered these difficult subjects. Thank you so much.

Thank you for the opportunity to share. And like I said I'm working on a glossary and a better organized website. So hopefully I'll have that together soon.

translate | 18 May 2021 | 3:56 pm

In Our Freedom Struggle We Must Honor The Ancestors And Heal The Wounds Of Empire

This speech was prepared for the #WeWillAllBeThere Worldwide Demonstration in New York City

Join us at 1pm, Foley Square, Saturday May 15, 2021

We gather today to exercise our rights as free beings to learn together, to lift one another up, and to strengthen connections that will carry us through the turbulent days ahead.

Take a second; hug someone. Build up the energetic field.

While Davos billionaires may harbor demented ideas about harnessing the earth's life force to a cold, calculating planetary bio-computer, that is most definitely NOT our fate.

I know in my heart we are in the midst of a spiritual engagement.

The creator stands with us, on the side of the sacred, as we face the profanity of man-made artificial intelligence.

AI is the end-game settler colonizer.

It seeks to erase water-based life and replace it with life on a silicon chip – programmable matter – but it will not prevail.

Today, the presence of Dr. Lorenzo Pace's powerful sculpture, Triumph of the Human Spirit, reminds us that the future is in our hands.

BUT the road that has brought us to this particular moment in time cannot be ignored.

We stand here on Manahatta, hilly island, ancestral lands of the Lenape people.

Broadway was a trading route. As we walk to Battery Park we walk in their footsteps.

We stand on the resting place of over four hundred enslaved Africans who died during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

Our lives, our fates are bound up in theirs.

Today's freedom struggle is enmeshed in a fraught, traumatic history that emerged from imperial aspirations.

In 1493, Pope Alexander VI drafted a papal bull that declared all lands not occupied by Christians were available for "discovery."

Original occupants of such lands were labelled barbarous, and thus their resources could be seized.

Tall-masted ships arrived on these shores.

Some carried the idea of manifest destiny, a concept that demanded extermination of the original life and culture of these lands.

Later, ships expelled enslaved men, women, and children brought to toil here in chains far from their ancestral homes.

Today, technology interests are pushing manifest destiny into gamified virtual realms. They desire to erase the material and replace it with a digital replica under total militarized control.

Today's slavers put people on blockchain and force them to earn badges coding the virtual world.

Cotton sacks in scorching heat replaced by gestural coding and haptic suits, in dim isolation units.

Soon, those of us asserting the natural rights of humans to decide what happens to their bodies, minds, spirits, and the environment will be the ones labelled barbarous.

Look around. The buildings that surround Foley Square represent systems of power – courts, prisons, police, the IRS, the Social Security Administration that laid the groundwork for unique identifiers now melding with biometric tracking systems.

Walk a bit further south, and you'll find the New York Federal Reserve and Wall Street, agents of empire that intend to gamble on our lives and hold our children as portfolio assets.

Generations of social conditioning led many of us to believe such systems of power were aligned with our own interests.

This past year has pulled back the curtain on the true nature of that power.

As Indigenous legal scholar, Steven Newcomb asserts in his book "Pagans in the Promised Land," – the world is shaped by domination, and it has been for centuries.

It is based on a very specific legal structure that was set in motion by papal bulls.

Know the history of Indigenous genocide.

Know the history of enslavement.

Know the history of reservations and prison labor.

For that is where Agenda21 smart city social prescribing came from.

Pace's granite ship stands for the middle passage.

On that brutality he placed an abstracted Chi Wara, a ritual antelope figure symbolizing fertility –cultivation, natural life, the bountiful harvest.

All that the Chi Wara represents – that is what we must stand for today, and the next day and the next.

The task before us is to witness the truth of our collective history, to take responsibility, and to begin to transmute that dark shadow in a way that truly heals life on this planet.

We have entered a new phase of empire where dominion is being sought above and below – over the magnificent expanse of space AND genomic structures.

From satellites to cell therapies – the dominators want control over it all, and because of that they will fail.

Like Icarus flying too high, the wax wings will melt with all of their terrible plans plummeting into the sea.

Our charge is to hold on until the sun works its magic – patient, faithful, determined, loving.

Agents of empire gathered last week at the Vatican for their "Unite to Prevent Conference." There, they asserted a vision of the future where genetic engineering would be normalized for healthy people. Where eugenics and Internet of Bodies biosensors create digital twins inhabiting a gamified prison planet run by Michael Bloomberg and Bill Gates to profit hedge funds.

We refuse that future.

We stand on the shoulders of the ancestors who led this struggle for centuries.

We will conduct ourselves in a way that honors their sacrifices. In the midst of propaganda wars, emotional triggers, fear, and anger, we will hold to the golden kernel of goodness and love that lies at the center of our beingness.

It is that seed of love that is more powerful than anything they can throw at us.

Following our march to Battery Park I will be facilitating revocations of consent around the human capital bond markets. We'll walk from the Wall Street Bull to the stock exchange and finish at Federal Reserve. There will be dandelions, stories, songs, and even a yarn labyrinth. You all are invited.

I will close with the Ho'Oponopono prayer. May we transmute this immense harm and find our way to the valley of love. If you feel it in your heart, you can repeat after me.

I'm sorry.

Forgive me.

Thank you.

I love you.

Thank you New York.



translate | 14 May 2021 | 4:31 pm

From Pleasure Gardens and Pontoon Bridges to Nano-Tech and Army Drones: Revocation of Consent at Pennovation

This seventeen-minute video features the Dandelion Manifest I did yesterday at the University of Pennsylvania's tech accelerator campus in the Gray's Ferry neighborhood of Philadelphia. Pennovation was developed on the site of the former DuPont Marshall Labs, where research into paints and chemical coatings was carried out through the second half of the 20th century. I didn't realize until I got home that DuPont also tested Teflon there. If you have not yet watched Mark Ruffalo's film "Dark Waters," I highly recommend it.

It keeps hitting me the connections between poisoned, often intentionally, environments, illness, and medical treatments that remake our bodies into something other. I do think terrain theory speaks in a very real way to the cybernetic push for transhumanist bio-computing. How we treat the natural world, in this case the riverbanks of the Schuylkill River, speaks to our inner turmoil – from bucolic gardens to industrial cess pools to gleaming techno-dystopic office park. The Pennovation campus with its newly opened bio-tech lab and focus on militarized robotics and nano-tech should give us all pause. I haven't looked at it the same way since the morning a few years ago when I was in my car stopped in traffic alongside it's meadow and I watched a large German Shepard loping through the tall grass with a padded arm in its mouth.

translate | 16 Apr 2021 | 3:13 pm

Revocation of Consent – Project Home and Pay For Success Housing in Philadelphia

Last Thursday evening I joined my friend Jennifer Bennetch for an informational picket and revocation of consent outside the offices of Project Home on Fairmount Avenue in Philadelphia. This forty-minute clip includes my revocation of consent on site followed by a twenty-minute discussion providing context with slides. Jenn's astute, on-the-ground analysis of what is happening with the Philadelphia Housing Authority and non-profit partners is the final ten minutes of this video.

Project Home, affiliated with the Philadelphia Catholic Archdiocese, has been collaborating with the Philadelphia Housing Authority for years as the latter flips city-owned row houses to developers and consolidates vouchers into multi-unit facilities focused on providing social impact wrap around services to targeted communities. In these group facilities, housing access becomes conditional. There are restrictions placed on what people can do in their living quarters, which are more restrictive than would be the case in scattered site housing. Residents are often required to participate in treatment and training programs, which as we know are the bread and butter of impact investors who seek to keep the poor busy jumping through hoops as living wage jobs are made obsolete by Fourth Industrial Revolution automation.

I have grave concerns about the participation of faith communities in social impact finance service delivery and the chilling prospect of individuals being compelled to align their behavior and outlook to the tenets of a particular religion through Internet of Bodies technology and data dashboards. That would be a theology of domination NOT liberation. It is my belief that people of faith MUST stand in opposition to any such measures. In January of 2019 I wrote about the "Welcome Home" social impact bond in Santa Clara, CA – a testbed for pay for success finance pilots catalyzed by Santa Clara University (Jesuit, Gavin Newsom is an alumnus) and Step Up Silicon Valley, a charity affiliated with the Catholic Church. This is an excerpt from the blog post Charter, Public Health and Catholic Charity Interests Help Launch Disruptive Pay For Success Program:

"Step Up Silicon Valley (SUSV) and Catholic Charities received $150,000 from the Health Trust's disruption grant program for development of the pay for success model. SVCF (Silicon Valley Community Foundation) and Santa Clara County each contributed an additional $75,000. Step Up Silicon Valley was created by Catholic Charities as a "poverty lab" to catalyze systems change in the social service sector of Silicon Valley. Its "1,000 Out of Poverty" effort became a testbed to refine elements of the program, including the "Self-Sufficiency Measure," a "scorecard" tracking the "progress" of low-income clients in the areas of food, housing, healthcare, education and income.

Such systems of consolidated data-tracking are a prerequisite for outcomes-based contracting to scale. SUSV worked with Community Technology Alliance (CTA), a non-profit set up to harness technology to create data-driven solutions to poverty. Together they customized the tool, which is based on one created in Arizona. CTA's board members are embedded in the tech community and certainly have a financial stake in the transition of the nonprofit social sector to a data-driven, market-based model.

Step Up Silicon Valley drew upon the principles embedded in "National Opportunity for Community Renewal Act" or NOCRA, draft legislation that had been developed with input from Catholic Charities USA. That legislation was introduced in 2010 and again 2011 by Pennsylvania senator Robert Casey and Massachusetts congressman James McGovern, both Democrats. NOCRA's lobbying efforts were national in scope with 700 delegates brought to the capital to advocate on behalf of the bill in September 2010. Still, the legislation did not pass. Nevertheless, supporters continued to push the program's recommendations. Step Up Silicon Valley was later designated one of six NOCRA Laboratory Projects that would be used to pilot "results-based," "market-driven," "systems-changing" solutions to poverty even without the benefit of federal legislation in place. A timeline on page 28 of the report "10 Years In The Making," specifically states "SUSV used the NOCRA principles to launch pay for success.

The role Catholic Charities played advancing Santa Clara County's social impact initiatives is significant. "Welcome Home" was not simply a local pilot project, but a prototype whose success or failure had implications for a much larger investment program. The Vatican held global impact investing conferences in 2014, 2016 and 2018. You can be sure many are keeping a close eye on how Santa Clara County's projects develop. Poverty "impact investments" in the United States can be testing grounds for similar global development aid programs and vice versa. Social Impact Bonds (SIBs), one mechanism for Pay for success implementation, has a counterpart in Development Investment Bonds (DIBs). What happens with digital education of the type Ferrer, Zuckerberg, Gates, Omidyar, et al promote in the Bay Area does carry over to ICT education deployment abroad, see Bridge International Academies and the Educate Girls DIB. They inform one another. The cloud has made the world an increasingly small place for those operating in fin-tech. Globalization is embedded into everything."

Jennifer Bennetch has been a powerful spokesperson for anti-gentrification and housing rights in North Philadelphia. She has the moral courage to do what few others are willing to do – stand up to the corrupt Philadelphia Housing Authority. Her family has been targeted by PHA police. Her house has been fire-bombed. Authorities threatened to take away her children, but she continues to show up, speak out, and lead by example.


In the spring and summer of 2019 she led an occupation of the new $45 million PHA headquarters, built at a time when the agency had a ten-year wait list for housing. We were almost run over by a front-end loader during a protest outside the building.

I was later assaulted by police for trying to intervene as an out-of-uniform officer put a fellow activist in a chokehold when we contested their efforts in the pouring rain to install an un-permitted fence around a vacant lot opposite the headquarters. My experience with the judicial system and the push for diversion court pathway programs (all charges later dropped) led me to write a January 2020 post, Prison Reform To Incarcerate the World, about e-carceration and social impact finance. Later that week the city brought in counter-terrorism units to remove the tents from the sidewalk outside the headquarters building and install concrete planters. It turns out the fencing had been put up to preclude the occupation from moving to the lot facing the entrance.

This past summer Jenn and other local activists managed two large encampments of unhoused people. One was located on the Ben Franklin Parkway in shadow of the Art Museum and a second in Sharswood near the PHA headquarters. By early fall they had negotiated an arrangement that would create a community housing trust to ensure housing access that was accountable to the community, not developers or non-profit functionaries.

Below is the poem I read during my revocation of consent outside Project Home. A great fear I have is the containment of massive numbers of people that have been dispossessed by the Fourth Industrial Revolution warehoused in dormitory style faith-based gulags where they will code the open air prison planet into reality.

We have to stand today to ensure that the children of tomorrow will be able to wade, fish, or boat on the Susquehanna or other creeks or rivers. Their existence cannot be allowed to be constrained by the coding of mixed reality headsets. We do not consent.

Source for the feature photo.

Fishing on the Susquehanna In July

Billy Collins, 1998

I have never been fishing on the Susquehanna

or on any river for that matter

to be perfectly honest.


Not in July or any month

have I had the pleasure—if it is a pleasure—

of fishing on the Susquehanna.


I am more likely to be found

in a quiet room like this one—

a painting of a woman on the wall,


a bowl of tangerines on the table—

trying to manufacture the sensation

of fishing on the Susquehanna.


There is little doubt

that others have been fishing

on the Susquehanna,


rowing upstream in a wooden boat,

sliding the oars under the water

then raising them to drip in the light.


But the nearest I have ever come to

fishing on the Susquehanna

was one afternoon in a museum in Philadelphia


when I balanced a little egg of time

in front of a painting

in which that river curled around a bend


under a blue cloud-ruffled sky,

dense trees along the banks,

and a fellow with a red bandanna


sitting in a small, green

flat-bottom boat

holding the thin whip of a pole.


That is something I am unlikely

ever to do, I remember

saying to myself and the person next to me.


Then I blinked and moved on

to other American scenes

of haystacks, water whitening over rocks,


even one of a brown hare

who seemed so wired with alertness

I imagined him springing right out of the frame.


translate | 12 Apr 2021 | 6:17 pm

Compulsory Dyslexia Screening: A Trojan Horse To Advance Data Collection For Predatory Pay For Success Deals in Pre-K and Early Literacy

I put together a presentation to warn California educators, parents, and elected officials about Boston Consulting Group's ties to compulsory dyslexia screening legislation. See the consulting firm's July 2020 white paper, The Economic Impact of Dyslexia in California. This is the cost-offset analysis that will be used to justify future data extraction schemes. BCG was behind the closure of 23 schools in Philadelphia in 2013. That event launched my personal journey into researching human capital finance. This article I wrote in 2018, Silicon Valley: A Laboratory of Smart Surveillance and Privatization, provides useful background on impact investing in the Bay Area. Pay particular attention to the parties involved with the Strong Start and Big Lift pay for success deals (pre-k and early literacy). The latter effort is backed by the San Mateo County Office of Education one of the funders of the UCSF dyslexia risk screening tool AppRise, which has ties via Curious Learning to global ed-tech investors and defense / neuroscience interests.


Source: Fumiko Hoeft, UCSF Dyslexia Center and Curious Learning Research Partner

Source: Curious Learning Home Page and Partners In Global Ed-Tech Investment Space

I suspect California's proposed bill SB237, which is backed by Governor Newsom, is intended to be a national model. It would require ALL kindergarten through second graders be screened each year for dyslexia RISK. It does not actually require districts to use a tool that diagnoses dyslexia or to provide IEP supports to children who may eventually receive such a diagnosis. Instead, pay for success deals in universal pre-k and early literacy will disincentivize  providing those supports to students in need. It will encourage ever larger numbers of children be identified as being "at risk," so tech interests can force them onto literacy remediation apps where their online behavior will also be tracked under the guise of social-emotional learning, another social impact market. Many of the dyslexia "risk screening" tools were designed as "school readiness" indicators, which is exactly what is needed as the Biden and Harris administration makes their push for universal pre-k investment markets based on the Chicago Boys' Heckman Equation. Remember, special education is the cost-offset.




We recognize that providing children with the assistance they need to become confident, engaged readers is vital for a functioning society. Unfortunately the billionaire class has teamed up with defense technology interests, cognitive neuroscientists, and impact investors to remake children as digital commodities, tracked according to their behavioral compliance. The goal of the elite is a miseducated, illiterate populace that will consume media content without question and learn just enough to live as cogs in a global gig economy set on transforming the world into a silicon-based planetary computer. Schools are being incorporated into this anti-life agenda, but it is death by a thousand cuts and most of the arguments for digital surveillance are framed in progressive terms.

Too few realize the social progressivism agenda of the early twentieth century was also steeped in eugenics. Yes, we need to treasure young learners. Instead of creating markets in digital profiling, tax the rich and use those funds to lower class sizes, hire literacy coaches and librarians, buy LOTS of PRINT BOOKS (not screen-based reading that collects millions of meta-data points), buy FICTION to spur their imaginations, encourage classroom READ ALOUDs to build community. Then, after children have the chance to come into their own as readers and become proficient with English if it is NOT their first language, offer those who are still struggling appropriate diagnostics and get them the additional supports they need.

This bill will not do that. Given that Decoding Dyslexia chapters are in all 50 states and 4 Canadian provinces, I suspect similar bills will be showing up everywhere soon. Pay attention. This is not about helping children, but incorporating them into the data commodity supply chain to foreclose their futures as redundant human capital in a world increasingly run by robots. We must fight the whole program. It is tempting to take the easy route and delude ourselves with the misguided belief that consultants like Boston Consulting Group care, but they don't.

In the pit of your stomach you know that. For the sake of the children I ask you to have the moral courage to look at the horror that is unfolding. Look at AppRise and OptoLexia and Lexia RAPID. Know how they fit into the post-literacy world of globotic remote labor. Do the right thing. The future of natural humanity could very well depend on what you do next.

This talk was facilitated by Jason Bosch of ArgustFest in conversation with the podcast "What's Left" out of the Bay Area hosted by Andy Libson, Eduardo Abarca, and Kenny Zepeda.


Slide deck can be accessed here.


Map One – Interactive Version – California Dyslexia Gamification


Map Two – Interactive Version – People Acknowledged In Boston Consulting Group's White Paper on Dyslexia in California


Map Three – Interactive Version – Oakland Dyslexia Pilot

translate | 11 Apr 2021 | 8:24 pm
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