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1. Seymour Hersh, Limited Hangout

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By John Helmer, Moscow


By John Helmer, Moscow

Seymour Hersh's (lead image) report on President Joseph Biden's decision to destroy the Nord Stream gas pipelines on the Baltic seabed on September 26, 2022, and the involvement of the US Navy in preparing the explosives, has been based on a single anonymous US source with what Hersh calls "direct knowledge of the process".

From the full text of the Hersh report, it appears that neither the source nor Hersh has "direct knowledge" of the history of US-led operations to sabotage and destroy the pipelines which became public more than a year before; they directly involved the Polish government and the Danish government. In fact, by error of omission Hersh and his man are ignorant of those operations and of that history.

Also, the two of them are ignorant of the British government's role in this history, and in the final destruction, which was revealed publicly by then-Prime Minister Elizabeth Truss to Secretary of State Antony Blinken sixty seconds after the detonation; and by the Russian government when it announced its knowledge of the British involvement.

The source and the reporter appear to be equally oblivious of the role German government officials played in the operation, and of the history of German warfighting operations against Russia stretching back to Chancellor Angela Merkel's engagement in the NATO plan for military intervention in eastern Ukraine, following the shoot-down of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 on July 17, 2014. That attack was costlier in lives and in the US warfighting strategy against Russia than the Nord Stream operation.

In terms of cost, the US attack seizing more than $300 billion in Russian Central Bank reserves, announced on February 28, 2022, was much greater. Hersh implies, without identifying his source at all, that there were "US promises to minimize direct conflict with Russia"; that because the Nord Stream attack plan violated those "promises", they were in the source's opinion either illegal in US law, or violations of US intelligence and military operation standards, or breaches of international undertakings the US has given its NATO allies or its Russian targets. Without explanation, Hersh omitted to ask Russian officials or others with "direct knowledge of the process" to confirm these claims or deny them.

Hersh and his man dismiss the Germans with the same disdain. They report that "after some wobbling [Chancellor Olaf Scholtz] was now firmly on the American team" in January 2022, when the Nord Stream attack plan had already been under way, Hersh reports, for at least a month. Hersh omitted to ask any German source — active official, army general, navy admiral or retiree – to confirm or clarify.

Hersh's text implies that he himself, like his source, think it's good and lawful US policy to fight Russia's "threat to western dominance [in Europe]"; to strike against Gazprom because it "is dominated by oligarchs known to be in the thrall of [President Vladimir] Putin"; because Nord Stream was "a vehicle for Vladimir Putin to weaponize natural gas for his political and territorial ambitions"; and because "American's political fears [of Putin's ambitions] were real: Putin would now have an additional and much-needed major source of income, and Germany and the rest of Western Europe would become addicted to low-cost natural gas supplied by Russia – while diminishing European reliance on America."

If this is what Hersh and his man believe to be the truth, then what follows in their report is that one of them must be lying, one of them dissimulating.

Hersh and his source imply that what they claim to have been a US Navy covert operation was wrong, not because the US warfighting objectives against Russia were (are) mistaken, but because the scheme of planning the attack intentionally evaded the US law "requiring that Congress be informed". This was the illegal scheme, Hersh reports his source as saying; it was illegal because it intended to broadcast Biden's and State Department official warnings against Nord Streamfor the purpose of fabricating lawful compliance for those involved, and legality for the operation itself. The fabrication aimed at converting a "highly classified intelligence operation with US military support [which] under the law, the source explained, 'there was no longer a legal requirement to report the operation to Congress".

To make his case that the little secret was illegal, and justify the big and open secret, Hersh and his source have been obliged to ignore the history, the NATO allies, and of course, the record which the Russians have made. This is either cynically calculated dishonesty, or else it is the fantasy of an American journalist pretending to investigate, even castigate one government operation; and at the same time loyally serve the purpose, ideology and propaganda of the war at large.

Hersh is quixotic – except that this time the old Don's lance is broken, his tilt is in the wrong direction, and the windmill is a fabrication of US exceptionalism, not only of the warfighters in Washington and Langley, but of the journalists who profess to be reporting on them.

The official Russian reaction to Hersh's report has not been to confirm its accuracy.

Instead, the Russians point out that if Hersh is telling the truth, the mainstream American and European media are ignoring him. "When analyzing any statements coming from the US and Washington," Dmitry Peskov, the Kremlin spokesman, told the state newsagency Tass. "It is so crucial for the media, not just for Russian [media], but for the foreign [press] as well, to pay attention to this very serious, and probably controversial, publication by Mr. Hersh on the alleged involvement and direct guilt of the White House for organizing the act of sabotage and terrorist act on critical energy infrastructure in the Baltic Sea, namely the Nord Stream pipelines… this article has not circulated widely in the Western media, and this undoubtedly surprises us."

Peskov was speaking ironically about all "and any statements coming from the US and Washington". The irony was pointed at Hersh's source. As for Hersh, Peskov a dded: "some points could be challenged and some points need proof." The proof should be investigated by an "international investigation", he said. "However, we see the opposite."

Peskov repeated that Moscow had information "on the involvement of the Anglo-Saxons in the organization of this act of sabotage." This isn't news.

On September 30, four days after the Nord Stream attack, Putin was explicit at the Kremlin signing of the accession treaties which incorporated Lugansk, Donetsk, Kherson and Zaporozhye as new territories of the Russian federation. "The Anglo-Saxons," Putin said, "believe sanctions are no longer enough and now they have turned to subversion. It seems incredible but it is a fact – by causing explosions on Nord Stream's international gas pipelines passing along the bottom of the Baltic Sea, they have actually embarked on the destruction of Europe's entire energy infrastructure. It is clear to everyone who stands to gain. Those who benefit are responsible, of course."

"Such self-confidence is a direct product not only of the notorious concept of exceptionalism – although it never ceases to amaze – but also of the real 'information hunger' in the West. The truth has been drowned in an ocean of myths, illusions and fakes, using extremely aggressive propaganda, lying like Goebbels. The more unbelievable the lie, the quicker people will believe it – that is how they operate, according to this principle."

From left to right: Head of the Kherson Region Vladimir Saldo, Head of the Zaporozhye Region Yevgeny Balitsky, President Putin, Head of the Donetsk People's Republic Denis Pushilin, Head of the Lugansk People's Republic Leonid Pasechnik. Source: https://en.kremlin.ru/

The Russian Foreign Ministry followed, making the charge against the Anglo-Saxons on November 1 and delivering protest démarches to the British Foreign Office.

Hersh, his man, and their sources have not suspected that the attack of September 26 was connected to the referendum of the four territories and the decision-making of the Russian General Staff, the Stavka, and Putin which led to the accession announcement on September 29.

In his accession speech Putin added: "Listen, this is just a lot of nonsense, utter deceit, double standards, or even triple standards! They must think we're stupid." Hersh and his source haven't been listening. Neither have their detractors or their supporters in the US media.

Following Hersh's career as a reporter for Associated Press and the New York Times, he went to work for the New Yorker. The magazine's archive counts 59 articles by Hersh from 1972. Not once did Hersh report a story on Russia since 1990, when his focus has been on US operations in Vietnam, the Middle East, and Pakistan, as well as on CIA spying on domestic US targets. Apart from his book on the Soviet shoot-down of Korean Airlines Flight KAL007 in September 1983, he has reported nothing on or from Moscow – except this one remark to The Independent: ""The story of novichok poisoning has not held up very well. He [Skripal] was most likely talking to British intelligence services about Russian organised crime.' The unfortunate turn of events with the contamination of other victims is suggestive, according to Hersh, of organised crime elements rather than state-sponsored actions – though this files in the face of the UK government's position." Hersh added the disclaimer, "these are just his opinions."

Source: https://www.independent.co.uk

Hersh's new report begins with a factoid. In investigative journalism that's the term for a triviality whose irrelevant veracity is intended to camouflage the fabrication of the central claims. According to Hersh, the operational headquarters for the US Navy unit, which his source claims carried out the Nord Stream attack, is located "down what was once a country lane in rural Panama City, a now-booming resort city in the southwestern panhandle of Florida, 70 miles south of the Alabama border. The center's complex is as nondescript as its location—a drab concrete post-World War II structure that has the look of a vocational high school on the west side of Chicago. A coin-operated laundromat and a dance school are across what is now a four-lane road."

For Matt Taibbi who, like Hersh, also sells his journalism on the Substack subscription service, this was not only "a blockbuster", but one whose veracity Taibbi vouches for because he was "in touch in the preparation of this article."

It was Bloomberg and the Financial Times which invented the arithmetical principle of blind sourcing with attribution to one, two, and larger multiples of sources "familiar with the matter". "In touch" is Taibbi's invention of sourcing without the arithmetic.

Left: source: https://twitter.com/
Right: Matt Taibbi.

Factoids, camouflage, omission, ignorance, guesswork aren't journalism. Another of Hersh's reporter supporters, John Pilger of London, repeats the factoid photograph and claims the report is "real journalism".

Source: https://twitter.com/

Hersh distributes many other factoids throughout his story. One is "a secure room on a top floor of the Old Executive Office Building…that was also the home of the President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board (PFIAB)." This reported acronym comes from the Carter Administration's revival of the organization in 1978 and before the Clinton Administration merged and reorganized it in 1993. Nowadays — when Hersh's source claims they were meeting – the acronym is PIAB. Read the list of the current members of PIAB, and guess which of them may be Hersh's source.

A second, third and fourth factoids are Estonia – "would the divers have to go to Estonia, right across the border from Russia's natural gas loading docks, to train for the mission? 'It would be a goat fuck', the Agency was told"; a picture captioned "the Norwegian navy was quick to find the right spot, in the shallow water a few miles off Denmark's Bornholm Island"; an explosive remote-control trigger — "'you want a signal that is robust enough so that no other signal could accidentally send a pulse that detonated the explosives.' I was told…"

The references to the Norwegian navy, Oslo's secret service, and Bornholm Island are the giveaway that Hersh and his source are diversion from the Polish, US and NATO operations off Bornhom Island more than a year before. Follow the evidence, the maps, the Russian reaction, and the full story here.

This earlier evidence also means the Danish government was aware of the plot against Nord Stream early in 2021. Hersh's claim that the Danes were hoodwinked a year later by the purported Norwegian ploy "about possible diving activity in the area" is unlikely to impossible. The source told Hersh that what the Danes "were told and what they knew knew were purposely different" – this confirms the source's ignorance. Hersh reports he checked the claim with the Norwegian embassy, but not with the Danes.

The core of the source's message, and therefore Hersh's report, is that that "Russian troops had been steadily and ominously building up on the borders of Ukraine", that "alarm was growing in Washington", and that "the administration was floundering". Whose alarm, whose flounder was this?

Hersh reveals he was endorsing the official and public US policy of the time. He is now saying not only that there were CIA and State officials dissenting from the operation plan under way, but that Secretary of State Blinken was warning, as quoted by Hersh, that the Russian forces could be "doubled in short order".

It is Hersh's conclusion that in December of 2021, there was an "unsettled moment". What is unsettling for Hersh and his source, reporting on the CIA and State Department warnings, was that if the Nord Stream pipelines were blown up, and if the Russians realized the US was responsible, before the Russians forces moved into the Ukraine, then the US would be acting prematurely, and risking its entire warfighting strategy. "Washington was afraid that countries like Germany would be reluctant to supply Ukraine with the money and weapons it needed to defeat Russia."

The Hersh text reveals the US government equivalent of the recent public interviews by ex-Chancellor Merkel and ex-French President Francois Hollande that there was a risk to the NATO strategy in taking premature military action – in provoking the Russians before the alliance was ready to fight on the Ukrainian battlefield. Hersh's source turns out to be as committed to the war as his sources at the CIA, State, and the US Navy were, and still are. So is Hersh. They are determined to have the opportunity of their money shot; they were "unsettled" by the risk of premature ejaculation.

And so the report takes careful aim at its target: "it was at this unsettled moment that Biden authorized Jake Sullivan to bring together an interagency group to come up with a plan."

The source reveals how little he knows of the Russian war planning. Hersh quotes him as explaining the Russians "failed to respond" to the Nord Stream operation because "maybe they want the capability to do the same things the US did." He can't have been on the distribution list for the PIAB report and assessment of Putin's speech of September 30 identifying who had been "responsible". This indicates Hersh's source was connected by hearsay to the PIAB members, but not on the classified reading list, and not an invitee to their situation-room discussions. In concealing this provenance, Hersh reveals he doesn't understand how the US Government is working at its war against Russia. He is boasting of US power.

There is more boasting. The conversion of an illegal covert operation into open but concealed military operation was, Hersh quotes his man, " 'a beautiful cover story. Behind it was a covert operation that placed experts in the field and equipment that operated on a covert signal. The only flaw was the decision to do it."

This is an indictment of the Biden pipeline plot, not of the US war plan.

Who gains from this? Russia and its allies don't. Biden, Sullivan, and their unidentified White House associates and allies don't. CIA Director William Burns doesn't – he is targeted for issuing the unlawful "Do it!" order, and for covering up the unlawfulness. Still, without mainstream media endorsement of Hersh's story, there is no damage to any of them. Hersh makes a personal gain for himself, and for those investigative journalists who support him and themselves.

Who comes out of this story squeaky clean? They are the US Navy's deep-sea divers, the Norwegian Navy's "superb sailors and divers", as Hersh calls them, "a hand-picked team of Central Intelligence Agency and National Security Agency operatives"; and those party politicians who want to call out Biden for Hersh's last line – they are Biden's opponents in the election next year.

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2. Five Essays

Five Essays:
The Ronald West Mini-Reader


The implications of Angela Merkel stating "Russia was never pacified" (Serbia is a mini Russia) has given rise to an argument; Do the leaders of the great powers make deals clandestinely to make wars deliberately to the benefit of the oligarchs of both east & west or does the oligarchs' influence require wars to pacify the oligarchs and secure power whether the leaders of east & west are personally corrupt or not? In the current war of civilizations, oligarchs planning wars (east & west), and dividing the spoils, whether making deals or not, is indistinguishable, the outcomes are identical.

In the min-edition of the un-pacified Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic takes script (is told what to say) by the NATO/EU/USA consortium in circumstance of three competing deep states; the aforesaid NATO/EU/USA consortium where the Germans direct Vucic's behavior, the pro-Russia group and the pro-Serbia element (demonized by the German intelligence agencies.)


Question for a Court Jester
The King turns to his Vizier and poses a question:

The European League proposes for us to join their economic alliance and adopt their money. What are the benefits versus the detractions?

The Vizier, a European League spy, was uncomfortable, certainly not able to speak freely. To escape the question he said:

Let us ask the Jester.

The Jester:

A king's corrupt accountant raises a sum from 2,000 to 3,000 and calls this a 50% increase. Then, this same person cuts the sum of 3,000 by one half to arrive at 1,500 and this is called a 50% decrease. But the 50% increased number can be cut 33-1/3% to arrive at the initial sum of 2,000? Suddenly, like magic, 500 has vanished? Where did it go?

A 50% increase cannot be reversed and equal a 50% decrease in this problem without a deceit, no different to altering the method where reducing 3,000 by 50% equals 1,500 and increasing the 1,500 by 50% equals 2,250; wherein to make the percentages match in actuality and keep the lie out of the numbers should require a 50% increase of 1,500 is 1,500 because the sum of 1,500 becomes precisely 50% of the 3,000.

Would not the more honest approach beg to work with the end sums (actual outcomes) only, where 2,000 can only become 3,000 by a 33-1/3 percentage increase of what had been 2,000 becoming 3,000? In this case a 50% reduction can actually amount to 1,500 without a lie.

If indeed, in practical applications, 50% should bring us to 3,000 from 1,500 but the 50% is labelled 750, arriving at 2,250, into whose pocket did the other 750 potentially vanish? Is the problem semantics only? Or does the European League's "Transcendent Corruption" accounting math work in a manner similar to method this problem identifies when, for instance, making their fiat currency's 'amount in circulation' grow and diminish or the public tax monies appear and vanish? The 'assignment of percentage values' in the European League's math would appear to allow for nearly any chicanery presented to the King and his people to become a de facto 'fait accompli' in 'good faith' no matter the sum's disposition!

The King:

Who can vouch for this?!

The Jester:

Why it is the European League's spies, Your Majesty, as they state so clearly for you in their many reports' disclaimer:

"Judgments are not intended to imply that we have proof that shows something to be a fact. Assessments are based on … information which is often incomplete or fragmentary, as well as logic, argumentation, and precedents"

The King:

Turns a murderous expression towards The Vizier…


Education & Espionage
In the EU accession process absorbing the former socialist states of Eastern Europe, there is a 'trick chapter' that is opened, and immediately closed, as a mere formality. This is chapter 26 concerning "Culture and Education" wherein the rationale for this chapter as a formality only is:

"the area of culture and education entails no common EU alignment criteria and thus no closing benchmarks"

Setting culture aside, at first sight it should be a curious thing there would be no European Union benchmark for some conformity or demand of a certain educational values or standard. The raison d'être behind this curious omission should no doubt surprise (or discover denial in) those most concerned with education, more often surprise in the smaller community educator and more often denial in the academics at the national political level. The short explanation for this curious absence is, if there were a European Union standard with office and liaison to those political appointments assigned to educational values within the diverse nation- state governments, this would provide a tangible target that is undesirable to the Western European agenda in its drive to conform those states to a certain perspective; whilst noting social perspectives are a large part of the currency of the several intelligence agencies professional propagandists. This brief intelligence assessment details the invisible (to most) subversion of education in Europe's former socialist states, by external spy agencies, primarily the Germans, in their drive to rehabilitate image & gain influence. Civil society 'non governmental organizations' (NGOs) have a long history as fronts through which various forms of espionage are carried out.

Typically this sort of espionage is carried out with the employ of 'cells' within organizations where many or even most employees of the NGO are not privy to so much as understanding there is a clandestine organization deliberately embedded within their organization.

These non-governmental organizations operating out of Western Europe are a closely interwoven tapestry where all aspects of shaping the 'political culture' of former socialist states are carefully crafted to receive public support in the initiating nation-states via feedback loop where 'cultivating' and 'shaping' the foreign target is not the only objective; but also propagandizing the populations of the states where the social subversion originates from is also important in relation to targeting. The model for accomplishing this is Western Christianity's history of evangelism; bringing the 'good news' (gospel) to the infidel is little different in the social psychology of Western Europe to 'reforming' the former socialist states.

Example of this can found in the German non-governmental organization N-OST, a media concern for 'development of democratic media in Eastern Europe' that ties to a veritable conglomerate of spy agency fronts including the CIA's own National Endowment for Democracy, not only the German Foreign Ministry, but also notably the Konrad Adenauer Siftung, Angela Merkel's Christian Democratic Union aligned political apparatus that trains and 'rehabilitates' the Nazi SS celebrating anti-Russian radicals who had overthrown the government of Ukraine in 2014.

Adding to the insulation of the spy agency's agenda is the practice of manipulating unsuspecting employees and the targets through the practice of empathy via socialization, and related educational 'training' that actually is manipulating psychology to 'shape' people's sympathies via what could be called a 'soft cultivating' of prejudice. In spy parlance, this is cultivating agents (who do not have the faintest idea of what is happening to them) via false flag 'sales.' The point is, when you have shaped someone's psychology to become a vehicle for your agenda in, for instance academia, you have the perfected 'Manchurian Candidate', whether a professor or administrator, shaped by the NGO into a working asset for the agency. When the foreign interest has created enough of these mentalities within the state institutions, it becomes a self-replicating social organism that takes on a life of its own and over time becomes a growing talent pool from which, example given is universities rewriting history or other objectives are accomplished. By some point in this process, if all goes to plan, much of the core leadership in education at the top of the institution's social structure will have become a foreign tool manipulating the state's interests. The most insidious (and important) of these NGOs are those concerning themselves with education, particularly targeting the universities' students, where the more intelligent, but also impressionable, youth are subjected to influence and a legal form of bribery through scholarships and educational opportunities abroad where these future 'hand-picked elites' will learn to serve interests exterior to, and opposed to their own, national interest. You see these programs advertised via such mission statements as have been recently available via the Konrad Adenauer Siftung (KAS.)

"We cooperate with governmental institutions, political parties, civil society organizations and handpicked elites, building strong partnerships along the way. In particular we seek to intensify political cooperation in the area of development cooperation at the national and international levels on the foundations of our objectives and values"

"In order to discuss important societal issues and to put them on the political agenda the KAS organizes conferences, panel discussions and lectures. In addition, we arrange seminars, workshops and simulation games to fulfil our aims regarding political education, consulting and training"

"The KAS .. works within a tightly knit network of institutional partners. Among them are the [parliament], the Presidential administration as well as .. political party structures, NGOs, universities and think tanks"

These are carefully crafted 'false-flag' programs wherein the future intelligentsia of the targeted nation-state are carefully conformed to the cultural perspectives desired by initiating agencies or clandestine services. For instance the Konrad Adenauer Siftung has had an office in Belgrade since 2001. By 2020, this organization has been cultivating academics in Serbia for nearly twenty years; where the KAS protege that graduated university in 2005 is possibly a 15 years career veteran of one or another state institution, political party, university academic or administrator. These are all people who've had their psychology and perspective 'shaped' to suit the Western Europe perspective with a 'soft prejudice' produced via appeal to the 'sophistication' and 'superiority' of the Western European educational model and extant universities where the Eastern European academic youth will be subverted to a point of view inimical to his or her national interest.

In short, this is a finessed form of seduction typical of clandestine services psychological operations playing on ego via flattery, spiced with opportunity, through, among other nominally 'peer to peer' associations, the supposed educator to educator peer relationship. The lie involved is simple; "this is good for humanity, it is good for your nation and it is good for your career." It is from within this carefully cultivated 'talent pool' of narcissism there will be assessments of individuals to determine who will best fit certain 'gambits' to be made in the subversion of the targeted larger society. Some will be prone to sincerely 'believe' in their 'mission' no matter symptoms indicating a converse circumstance in actuality (denial.) Others might demonstrate character weakness indicating opportunity to entrap the person with a bribe or other form of corruption and hold the potential for blackmail. Sex is a tried and true formula, especially recording encounters of the closet homosexual where opportunity to introduce one of these to sex with an underage partner is considered a 'premium' development of 'talent.' These will be the people afforded greater access to 'power', whether through invitation to diplomatic social events or other means. These 'premium assets' will then be positioned as closely as possible to the apex of the political structures; but should not necessarily have to be, example given, a 'minister' or their direct assistants. It is sometimes preferred these positions of power be occupied by less intelligent (and intellectually insecure) political persons that can be influenced but are also expendable in case where if the desired outcome fails, the cultivated asset's ability to influence remains intact and available for future chances. In case where, for instance, the Serbian education minister becomes the target of the rank and file educators (teachers and lower level administrators) for some seeming incompetence such as historical revisionism in textbooks made available for purchase for use by the schools, taken together with the education system's newly computerized administrative tools having been outsourced to foreign business, as is alleged to be the case in Serbia in the Spring of 2020 by the Union of Educators for the district of Moravicki Okrug, were the educators reasons for rebellion substantiated and the revolt to be successful with the education minister dismissed, actually what has happened is only one snake's head has been cut off from what amounts to a Medusa; because the rebellious educators are looking vertically at a horizontal construction. For this fact, chances are very strong that any political appointment stepping into the ministry position as a replacement will become another manifestation of the same gorgon's head.

Meanwhile, counter-intelligence will be mostly focused on military matters, in circumstance where education, although perhaps monitored for matters of classic espionage (spies), will be left largely alone to function 'normally.' Most of the cultivated agents in this sector are essentially ignorant of their own roles, and those which are blackmailed and/or willful traitors, will be perceived as a lesser threat where a cost analysis determines cleaning up and securing education would pay too great a price; because the accusations and resultant legal mechanisms that would see hysterical coverage by the Western propaganda machine will be cast in a light of 'political persecutions' subjecting the state to international prosecutions.

Essentially, what the Western world's clandestine services have sorted is, a mostly legal method of shaping the future of states like Serbia; via influence in education with form of legal bribery through socialization, scholarships and 'privileged' other opportunities, cultivating perspectives in academia. The Russian method of dealing with circumstance of this nature has been, recently, to require foreign NGOs to register as agents and restrict their activities; even going so far as to ban some organizations. But Russia has no pretense of joining the EU and EU has little effective tools for coercion in Russia.

Insofar as historical revisionism, this will be on the plate in ever expanding menu of shaping the future perspective of Serbians; in which case it should be noted how historical revisionism is a mainstay of the Western European structure with short example of none other than Konrad Adenauer himself.

"The Dulles brothers were traitors" -USA Supreme Court Justice Arthur Goldberg

Dwight Eisenhower's Secretary of State (foreign minister) John Foster Dulles, and his brother, the longest ever serving Director of the CIA, Allen Dulles, were pre-world war (II) business partners with the 3rd Reich. In the immediate post war years, both were instrumental in rehabilitating many of the Reich's worst war criminals, in partnership with the government of Konrad Adenauer. It was Allen Dulles' CIA rescued as much as possible of the 3rd Reich's Eastern Front intelligence apparatus and together with the hire of at least one hundred former SS and Gestapo officers, created 'The Gehlen Organization' (named after it's commander, Reinhard Gehlen, Hitler's anti-Soviet intelligence chief and a major war criminal) which was then gifted to Konrad Adenauer as Germany's post war clandestine spy service or BND (Bundesnachrichtendienst.) Konrad Adenauer himself was complicit in the pardon of convicted war criminal Alfred Krupp who had employed Gestapo supervised slave labor (mostly Russians) in his factories supplying the Nazi war machine. Krupp was released from prison and his personal fortune restored.

"The chapter of collective guilt for militarists alongside activists and beneficiaries of the National Socialist regime must be ended, once and for all. I think we now need to finish with this sniffing out of Nazis" -Konrad Adenauer

None of this is printed in the Western European history books, a case of historical revisionism concealing the counterfeit 'rehabilitation' of Nazis. Incidental to this, 'Ambassador' Arndt Freytag von Loringhoven, a former German clandestine spy services (BND) assistant director & recent NATO intelligence chief is the son of Hitler's last serving staff intelligence officer, Berndt Freytag von Loringhoven, a more than ironic symbology where a context has been proposed, in online education provided by the Serbian state, that NATO is actually a 'peace organization.'

"There is not the smallest reason for confounding nationalism, which is the desire of a people to be itself, with imperialism, which is the desire of a people to prevent other peoples from being themselves" -Cicily Isabel Fairfield

Despite Fairfield's astute observation (in perhaps the greatest intelligence assessment ever written on the Balkans – Black Lamb & Grey Falcon) concerning the actual nature of nationalism, it is perfectly predictable that any attempts by Serbia's educators and politicians to rectify this circumstance would be met by the imperial ambitions of NATO & the German dominated EU with propagandized accusations of 'nationalism', painting all Serbian patriots with a single brush via a word that has been weaponized; no matter the individuals' character. In other words, trumpeting the word 'nationalist' and pointing a finger, the Western European propaganda machine will send the message to its own peoples 'these Serbs are behaving like baboons who should be put in their place' or that is to say those close to real Nazis, concealing their own history & motivations, will accuse the Serbs of being Nazis.

"Give me the child until he is seven and I care not who has him thereafter" – Ignatius of Loyola

It follows, this statement alleged to have been made by the founder of the 'educator' Society of Jesuits, is of the utmost importance in the context of this circumstance. If Serbia, as has been planned for with a World Bank loan of fifty million euro, proceeds to make state education mandatory from the age of three years with the sort of outside 'expertise' noted in this assessment, the future capture of the nation-state by Western empire will have been made complete. Directly relevant to this, Serbia's notable ability to produce genius will have been extinguished. In the educational model to now, where the child begins proper school at age 6-7 years, although certainly not available to all per family circumstance, there are those pre- school children who will explore and develop the mind in ways pointing to future creative genius that excludes uniform education beginning at age three. The naturally endowed intelligence in a child provided daycare by the grandparents might, by chance, time to time, somehow resemble the method of Maria Montessori, or other natural development of a bright child's mind, mapping the mind in manner opening doors to a future genius. This opportunity is being stripped away.

Finally, the coup de grâce over education in Serbia is already underway; where disciplinary method has been removed from the schools' power and the 'liberal' method allows disobedience & disrespect to disrupt the class, lessons, and quality of education, not only robbing the respectful students, but will drive out of the Serbian education system's future many bright and devoted minds or those passionate professionals truly devoted to children.

After, the only quality education will be those private educations available to the elites, because a successful imperialism requires a stupid citizenry.


"I Said No"
The Self-Deceit & Defeat of Aleksandar Vucic

"It is impossible to calculate the moral mischief, if I may so express it, that mental lying has produced in society. When a man has so far corrupted and prostituted the chastity of his mind, as to subscribe his professional belief to things he does not believe, he has prepared himself for the commission of every other crime" -Thomas Paine

Serbia's President Vucic met Trump at the White House and came away with a 'small victory.' Or so he seems to think. This self-annointed, clueless king needs a new vizier:

"I said 'no' at the toughest place in the world.

"Now I can officially say that I said what I said regarding recognizing Kosovo at the most difficult place in the world. In the room where I was sitting, there were Pence, Kushner, Johnson, Grenell, O'Brien, a hundred times more powerful people than me. This was a problem for them. I'm not interested in form and chairs" -Aleksandar Vucic

In short, Vucic was out of his league and got 'played.' Now he has to explain away what he had signed.

What Trump's cabal of criminals perfectly understood when they invited Vucic to Washington was, that Vucic would absolutely be required (a small matter of domestic politics) to say "No" to the constitutionally prohibited explicit recognition of Kosovo as an independent state.

After the Americans placing precisely that (recognition of Kosovo as an independent state) in the initial draft, the 'bait and switch' was delivered; Vucic got the 'Point 10' or explicit recognition of Kosovo independence removed, only to be provided a document with thinly concealed recognition of Kosovo as an independent state or (that is to say) a document with multiple cases of implicit recognition of Kosovo independence. Then, our ill- advised King Vucic was so relieved at Point 10 having been removed, he signed it. His Vizier failed him.

Now, let's have a bit of a closer look.

Implementation of joint infrastructure agreements (highway, railroad ect) with a political entity that presently controls, and seeks the independence of Kosovo, equals implicit recognition of an independent Kosovo; the legal point here is, this act confers legitimacy on a political force in violation of the Serbian constitution but nevertheless subjects Serbia to principles of international law. Much of what follows would be subject to the same principle where one cannot do any 'de jure' business with an entity and subsequently claim that same entity has no legal competence (the international law's 'rule of reciprocity.')

Joint operation of the Merdare 'common crossing point' will be read (in future) as a strong indicator Serbia recognizes Merdare as an international border crossing per the principle laid out in the preceding paragraph (reciprocity) for the simple fact the administration on the Kosovo side considers itself an independent state.

Serbia and Kosovo separately joining the 'Mini-Schengen Zone' is outright de facto recognition of Kosovo as an independent state. In a case where Serbia did NOT recognize Kosovo's independence, Kosovo could only enter the 'Mini Schengen' as a part of Serbia with Mini Schengen consisting solely of Albania, Macedonia & Serbia. Mini-Schengen is proposed as a trade association of independent states. Serbia agreeing to sign on to Mini Schengen as a peer to Kosovo is practically a recognition of independence given to Kosovo.

Accepting the US Department of Energy to draw up plans to "share" Lake Gazivoda is a strongly implicit recognition of Kosovo's independence, because as a matter of fact a nation-state does not 'share' its water with a territory on peer terms except that territory were an independent state. If Serbia were sovereign over Kosovo, it would not 'share' but 'assign' water to that province.

Agreeing to refrain from any action communicating to other nations that Kosovo should not be recognized as an independent state speaks for itself.

Other points:

Diversifying energy supplies, example given, sets up possibility of taking business concessions from state controlled corporations like Gazprom and giving them to utterly uncontrolled and ruthless outlaw Western corporations like Chevron (the language is too broad & non-specific.)

Giving an "An international, US International Development Finance Corporation full time presence in Belgrade, Serbia" accomplishes two things, neither good for Serbia. 1) this will give the American corporate oligarchs an inside track on the privatization of what remains of Serbia's state owned assets and 2) will give the Central Intelligence Agency a parallel track to penetrate every aspect of Serbia's economy; pointing to the US International Development Finance Corporation is a USA government subsidiary of USAID. USAID is at the nexus of American 'color revolution' policies and firmly grounded in CIA history where the clandestine 'Operations Division' does NOT support American democratic principles (the USAID cover story) but in actuality supports acquisition and control of resources & markets by major American corporations.

Demanding Serbia dismantle its 5G is the USA using Serbia to stick a thumb in the eye of China.

Enhanced airline passenger & crime information sharing with the Pristina criminals who should be in a cell at the Hague, together with the entity (USA intelligence services) that created al-Qaida, is nothing short of a bad cosmic joke. What crime groups will that information be shared with? How will it compromise Serbia's security structures?

The next bad joke is the idea there can be sincere "interfaith dialogue" with Salafi & Wahhabi radicals, currently free to proselytize throughout Kosovo.

The bad joke after that is a double: concerning locating missing bodies, do you suppose 'Pristina' is going to locate and repatriate bodies of Serbs disappeared and harvested for organs? Who would believe that? The other problem with 'reconciliation' is the idea dislocated Serbs are going to be welcomed back and their properties restored; this had already been a demand of the UN for two decades with practically nothing more accomplished than ongoing abuse of those Serbs who did not (yet) leave Kosovo.The Western model that legalizes homosexuality practically demands 'gay evangelism' that radicalizes conservative societies into opposition. Serbia should be careful with Richard Grenell's pet point; it is one thing to be tolerant, it is another thing altogether to push homosexuality in a culture's face, a habit of numerous Western societies. Serbia risks unnecessarily alienating other nations with this agreement's paragraph made with a gun pushed against Serbia's back. And the joke element: what fool would believe for one millisecond that Kosovo's growing Salafi society will do anything but de facto criminalize homosexuality in actual social practice?

Certainly Serbia's nasty reputation for trafficking weapons to proxy terrorist organizations should not benefit Hezbollah (or otherwise benefit any de facto warring party in the Middle East) but there is a magnificent hypocrisy in the demand by the USA that Serbia must ban Hezbollah, when it was the USA created al-Qaida (which splintered, one faction becoming Islamic State), with the USA now dictating who is a terrorist organization.

Finally, Serbia's reward that came with Vucic agreeing to move Serbia's embassy to Jerusalem was delivered within the hour of his signing; when Israel recognized Kosovo as an independent, sovereign nation and the humiliation was complete.


Leadership in Time of Crisis

This essay is perhaps best introduced as describing where you WILL NOT find leadership (in a state of corporate sociopathy.) It is in an American historical context with superimposed Native American derived story-telling format; where interrelated metadata is strung together in such a way as to challenge the American expression of the Western cultural assumptions. It will be best understood by (and deliberately presents a challenge to) those fairly competent in the American historical & social context. However this essay might also be of interest to those international readers wishing to explore any of several aspects of the American character development (and state of decline), especially this essay should be of particular interest to Serbia, considering the out-sized role the USA is presently playing in Serbian history –

On the politics of 'hope'

"Hope springs eternal" is a cynicism in folk proverb form. Interestingly, in this reporter's experience, this cynicism has been employed by persons 'working fingers to the bone' to right the USA ship of state against very long odds. In such regard, the expression can be seen as a self-lampoon, based on principled action; where one's devotion to pursue what is correct and honorable for the fact of any and all refusal to compromise ethics is at the core structure of one's personal state. This person, although certainly not alone in such principled endeavor, is the exception, not the rule.

Insofar as another personality type, one that cynically exploits the 'hope' of simple, common people, that is the sociopath in what amounts to an intra- social predator-prey relationship, it is the 'prey' most needs examining (and to examine) where 'leadership' intersects in relation to "Hope." This thought is predicated on the fact we have arrived at a place of mass manipulation of humanity on a never before seen scale of propaganda, where leaders are manufactured, whether for selling 'hope' or for purpose of color revolution (exploiting hope) inter alia.

"The tremendous expansion of communications in the United States has given this Nation the world's most penetrating and effective apparatus for the transmission of ideas. Every resident is constantly exposed to the impact of our vast network of communications which reach every corner of the country, no matter how remote or isolated. Words hammer continually at the eyes and ears of America. The United States has become a small room in which a single whisper is magnified thousands of times" -Edward Bernays, 'The Engineering of Consent'

From Johannes Guttenberg to Marconi to Microsoft Explorer, in just under 600 years, referencing ability to manipulate via a human trait the atheist Richard Dawkins has attempted to explain away as 'memes' (a phenomenal order of information sharing that cannot be separated from the human spirit), the sociopaths' tools to manipulate have increased in power exponentially.

The most common 'hope' (of common people) is a misnomer; it should be better expressed as 'desire' that is neither particularly pecuniary nor malignant. It is the desire to have a simple, uncomplicated and meaningful life where one works and is rewarded with a sense of security; within which there should be many small satisfactions that is antithesis of personal empire or the many complications that come with reaching beyond the walls of one's home and borders of one's community. This hypothetical person had been (in the modern Western mythology) described as the 'salt of the earth' or it could be said the farmer, the miller, the baker, the shopkeeper… all respected in small neighborhood with few to none aspiring to affairs of state or sitting in any senate.

Then, the 'dark side' of literacy manifest; like a cosmos of demonic control where 'freedom' insists a libertine (not libertarian) corporate neo-feudalism push the little peoples' face into consumerism until spirit suffocates and all that is sensible becomes beyond reach. It begins with allure and infatuation; the idea "progress" is the inevitable state of humanity, and thus common people are sucked into the machine of mass media where they become consequent debt slaves in actuality, having taken the bait of self-improvement to one's lot.

Perhaps the most cynical example in history is the USA's freed Blacks persuaded to give up 40 acres and a mule to migrate North and work in a factory where, in a short, subsequent generation or two, capital abandoned those very factories and abandoned these people, with no marketable skill, and self-sufficiency (personal sovereignty) was reduced to a mere memory. It was only a short time preceding this event the market crash of 1857 had upended the lives of countless American Whites who'd bought 'the dream' and their 'hope' seen reduced to ashes of failure other than to accelerate the economically displaced into involuntary props of "Manifest Destiny." This underlying foundation of "American Exceptionalism" (American empire's "American Exceptionalism" is a global clone of "Manifest Destiny" or the overrunning of indigenous nations) is where a meme of 'hope' inspired by despair, mis-nomered 'The Great Awakening' in a societal self- deceit, was last seen in the Christian 'revivals' sweeping soon to be defeated Confederate armies in the throes of civil war; a harbinger of what could easily come on a global scale.

Averaging something like seventy & some years, from the American Revolutionary War & crash, to crash reprise & the American Civil War, to the 1929 crash & World War Two (American history cannot 'own' WWI), to impending crash and expanding wars to save 21st Century empire, there is yet to be seen a true generation of 'little people' allowed fulfillment of any promise surrounding a 'pursuit of happiness.' In the end, all wealth, practically everything, is conscripted to the benefit (profit) of corporate warmongers, repeatedly.

The opportunities for poisoning the populace via inventions of Guttenberg, Marconi and Microsoft cannot be counted but they can be quantified in a sense of social; simple people desiring only honest opportunity at uncomplicated pursuit of happiness are morphed, via imposed artificial expectations that are in turn exploited for fact of inevitable false result (predicated upon lies) into debt slaves with all of the associated implications, in circumstance where simple, gullible citizens become instinctively fearful for their future and many of these become numb or worse: the violently angry cynic. Behold the 'revival' embodied in the political persona of Trump and whatever will become of the liberal progressive movement repeatedly poisoned by the likes of Barack Obama's 'hope', 'the burn' of Sanders and the coming politically correct demands (self-deceits) of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez with the two main camps (and several sub-camps) having been manipulated to point of a second American civil war.

The American red states' conservatives are being driven to a deep (superstitious) conservatism of a distant past due to a real fear of a 'liberal' cultural revolution being imposed upon them, the blue states' liberals are becoming radicalized (into intolerant 'woke') because they perceive a revanchist conservatism threat imposing what they consider are archaic social values on themselves in turn. No matter which side prevails, the police state wins (until it all finally and overwhelmingly tears itself apart.)

"The tyrant, to hold onto his power, suppresses every superior thinker, does away with good men, forbids knowledge & enlightenment, controls every movement of the citizens and, keeping them in perpetual servitude, wants them to grow accustomed to baseness and cowardice, has his spies everywhere to listen to what is said in meetings, spreads dissension & slanders among the citizens and thereby morally impoverishes them, and is obliged to make war in order to keep his subjects occupied & impose on them permanent need of a supreme leader" -Aristotle

The 'discovery' of Dawkins' (memes) had long been known already in human observation; and shortly (repeatedly) poisoned by Guttenberg's invention, example given, the American Generals Lee & Jackson cynical manipulation of the religious tract for morale purpose (spurring on a false spirit or 'great awakening') in doomed armies that served little more than to 'convert' the Southern soldiers of the USA into a 'Bible believing' embittered and bigoted post-bellum social atmosphere that became the Klu Klux Klan's southern states.

If Western Christianity has been historically used to manipulate, there is small contrast when 'The Enlightenment' had served little more than to ensnare the common man in a self-deluded trap of personal freedom underwritten by fraud from its' inception; no different to the farmer cannot be freed from rain, the miller cannot free himself from the farmer, the baker cannot be freed from the miller nor can the cottage industries' shopkeepers be freed from the baker. Every living person in the Western culture imagining oneself independent (having failed consideration of these preceding) is exercising nothing more than what had been described in another 2,500 years past observation:

"Their judgment was based more upon blind wishing than upon any sound pre-vision; for it is a habit of mankind to entrust to careless hope what they long for, and to use sovereign reason to thrust aside what they prefer not to examine" -Thucydides

Leadership in time of crisis should not underestimate the evil 'advancing' humanity has subjected itself to. To be 'disillusioned' should be synonymous to disabused of false notions of 'hope' when looking forward to what is possible. The structure humankind has erected, particularly those adopting the Western model, is far removed from realistic understanding of what it means to depend on the rain. When the burden of this structure has reached point of crushing the shopkeeper, and one looks only to discover the shopkeepers support structure (farmer-miller-baker) is gone missing, in circumstance where the communities farmers, millers and bakers are fast becoming relics of memory, intelligent dismantlement of what amounts to a tangible lie should be a radical focus (prior to collapse.) Without the spine of the community kept intact, and one cannot count on Bayer AG, Syngenta & DowDuPont to safeguard any one community's economic sovereignty, let alone any nation-state's national food security, there is no spine because multinational corporations are not a backbone, rather these resemble an exoskeleton.

Real leaders cannot be liars, they do not manipulate the common citizenry away from a healthy community interest and they do not conceal the reality. Religion does these things, whether the religions of science and the Enlightenment or, the Emperor of Rome's religion of politics shaping Christianity into an instrument of state where the wisdom of the Christian culture's historical Jesus is buried by the inventions of Paul drawn from Greek paganism, or more properly, the blood sacrifice 'mystery religions' of that era. Jesus cannot save you but given attention, his authentic teachings (e.g. The Sermon on the Mount) can point people to saving themselves.

Lastly, leadership in time of crisis is not to be drawn from the model that produced the crisis, that is a model of corporate sociopathy. If there is a true spirit will manifest in the so-called 'age of liberty' that had become the sociopaths' media playground, it must be organic spirit fostering organic intelligence along the lines of a Native American proverb:

"Spirit puts it into the mind of a man, to know what to do"

Disabusing the people of 'hope', real leadership will send Microsoft Explorer to hell when pointing community to intelligent dismantlement of corporate structures in process of return to self-sufficiency; where endeavors beyond a community backbone of rain-farmer-miller-baker- shopkeeper are ultimately unsustainable, particularly those foolhardy 'pie- in-the-sky' endeavors of corporate consumerism that suffocate the spirit of a people in process of dismantling the spine of a community.


Ron's Conspiracy Theory

Cosmology is the Conspiracy

It would appear quite possible that groups of people create collective realities seeming unconsciously, and cause via their collective belief, events to take on what would appear to be an 'unconscious' but in reality is a 'super-conscious' intelligence that is organized, functions as though it were managed by individuals (even when it is not) and the result is, we can read into those events as though they were managed in a sense they actually are not.

This collective 'meme' can explain what is called in the biblical sense 'principalities of darkness' or that is to say a 'spirit of evil' managing events in a sense of both conspiracy and superstition.

There is quite a bit of 'coincidental incidence' in our world indicating peoples of the western culture are creating reality quite independent of self- aware thought and, to a rational observer, it could seem almost certainly by design when in fact this is not necessarily the case. Such would explain a belief in Illuminati when in fact it did not exist in any individual self conscious or ego-aware organized form but nevertheless manifest as an observable phenomena of symptoms or consequence derived from a collective super-conscious phenomenon.

A conclusion could be there is a 'super awareness' of the group causes what appears to be ingenious evil of conspiracy when in fact there is no one individual or group of managers within the group capable of implementing these designs which, nonetheless in actuality, are perceived.

To accomplish a reality of evil would only require evil ideas as cultural drivers; whether neoliberal fascism or fascism at the other end of the spectrum of the horseshoe where they meet, Huxley and Orwell both had it right. Huxley's 'it's all about me' descriptions of licentiousness points to the MTV generation and the global mono-culture of Soros, whereas Orwell's sequestered environmental portraits aptly describe today's several manifestations of religious fundamentalist cultures ultimately embedded in institutions of state; where lifting the curtain often discovers rampant closet decadence resembling the Sodom these 'people' (if they can be called that) so vehemently condemn.

The natural progression to end result would be, when a large portion of an aggressive society collectively believes in an archetype, whether a science fiction 'utopia' (despite the collective social denial this is in fact a murderous dystopia) or religion inspired Armageddon, all of the necessary players will naturally manifest in a super-conscious organized format empowered to bring it off, where no one individual or group of individuals or players could effect this by individual or personal volition; nevertheless the super- consciousness of the event's initiating group insures creation of this reality for the collective whole. Huxley or Orwell? Which past projection of these valid co-equal realities will win out? Huxley's projected manifestations that became Google, Gates and Suckerberg pushing trans-humanism on this world stand little chance of survival when contrasted to Orwell's projected, medieval, but 21st Century technology empowered, apocalyptic 'good versus evil' fable driving our Western world's fundamentalist religions' reality.

If you've not seen the Pentagon in this light, and radical Christian cosmology is the effective driver of what appears to be pointed to inevitable catastrophic outcome, better to change fables at the top, you think? Now, just how do you suppose this change of fables at the apex of military power could be accomplished? As things stand, we're all little more than an extinction event waiting to happen. To all of us.

Of course, even if it were somehow managed to remove the nukes from the hands of our military/industrial complex control (yo, senile Joe, our religious Pentagon's Orwellian possession of 'tactical' nukes likely to move WWIII towards an extinction event aren't necessarily controlled by your presidential 'football') we all still remain on the receiving end of Huxley's social projection morphed into 'trans-humanism' pushed by Gates & Suckerberg. It's the mRNA vaccine scene called Covid 19. Ouch.

Ronald Thomas West
Wed, 18 Jan 2023 05:46:08 +0000

3. Pet eseja

Pet eseja
Mini-štivo Ronalda Vesta

Premisa/Uvod Pet eseja

Sugerisanje Angele Merkel da "Rusija nikada nije bila za mir" (Srbija je Rusija u malom) izazvalo je raspravu. Da li lideri velikih sila tajno sklapaju poslove da bi namerno vodili ratove u korist oligarha i istoka i zapada ili uticaj oligarha zahteva ratove da umire oligarhe i obezbede vlast, bilo da su lideri istoka i zapada lično korumpirani ili ne? U sadašnjem ratu civilizacija, oligarsi koji planiraju ratove (istoka i zapada) i dele plen, bez obzira na to da li sklapaju poslove ili ne, ne mogu se razlikovati, ishodi su identični. U mini izdanju neumirene Srbije, Aleksandar Vuči preuzima scenario konzorcijuma NATO/EU/SAD (koji mu govore šta da kaže) u okolnostima tri konkurentske duboke države; pomenuti konzorcijum NATO/EU/SAD u kome Nemci usmeravaju Vuči evo ponašanje, prorusku grupu i prosrpski element (demonizovan od strane nemačkih obaveštajnih agencija).


Pitanje za dvorsku ludu

Kralj se okreće svom veziru i postavlja pitanje:

"Evropska Liga predlaže da se pridružimo njihovom ekonomskom savezu i prisvojimo njihov novac. Koje su koristi u odnosu na štetu?"

Vezir, špijun Evropske Lige, promeškolji se, svakako ne može slobodno da govori. Da bi izbegao pitanje, reče:

"Hajde da pitamo dvorsku ludu."

Dvorska luda:

"Kraljev korumpirani računovođa podiže iznos sa 2.000 na 3.000 i to zove povećanjem od 50%. Zatim, ta ista osoba deli iznos od 3.000 na pola i dolazi do 1.500 i to naziva smanjenjem od 50%.

Ali broj uvećan za 50% može se smanjiti za 33,33% da bi se došlo do 2.000? Odjednom, poput magije, 500 nestade? Gde je nestalo?

Povećanje od 50% se ne može preokrenuti i bez prevare biti jednako smanjenju od 50% u ovom problemu, nimalo drugačije od promene metoda gde je smanjenje 3.000 za 50% jednako 1.500, a povećanje 1.500 za 50% je jednako 2.250; pri čemu, za postizanje stvarnog podudaranja procenata i da se odagna laž iz brojeva, bilo bi potrebno da povećanje 1.500 za 50% iznosi 1.500, jer suma od 1.500 postaje tačno 50% od 3.000.

Ne bi li bio pošteniji pristup da se radi samo sa krajnjim iznosima (stvarnim rezultatima), gde bi 2.000 jedino moglo postati 3.000 povećanjem za 33,33% i tako od onoga što je bilo 2.000 da postane 3.000? U ovom slučaju smanjenje za 50% može zapravo iznositi 1.500 bez laži.

Ako zaista, u praktičnoj primeni, 50% treba da nas dovede do 3.000 od 1.500, ali 50% je označeno kao 750, stiže se do 2.250, u čiji džep nestade drugih 750? Da li je ovo samo problem semantike? Ili "Transcendentna korupcija" računovodstvene matematike Evropske Lige radi na način sličan metodi koju ovaj problem identifikuje kada, na primer, čine da odobreni "iznos njihove valute u opticaju" raste i opada ili da se javni novci njihovih poreza pojavljuju i nestaju? Čini se da "dodeljivanje procentualnih vrednosti" u matematici Evropske lige omogućava da je gotovo svaka prevara predstavljena Kralju i njegovim ljudima, de facto, kao "fait accompli" u "dobroj veri", bez obzira na iznos kojim se raspolaže!"


"Ko može ovo posvedočiti?!"

Dvorska luda:

"Pa, to mogu špijuni Evropske Lige, Vaše Veličanstvo, jer kako vrlo jasno navode u Vašem odricanju odgovornosti u mnogim izveštajima:

"Prosuđivanje nema za cilj da implicira da imamo dokaz koji pokazuje da je nešto činjenica. Procene se zasnivaju na … informacijama koje su često nepotpune ili delimične, kao i na logici, argumentaciji i presedanima""


Okreće se prema veziru sa ubilačkim izrazom lica…


Obrazovanje i špijunaža

U procesu pristupanja Evropskoj uniji, kojim se apsorbuju bivše socijalističke države, postoji "trik poglavlje" koje se otvara, i odmah zatvara, kao puka formalnost. To je poglavlje 26, koje se tiče "Kulture i obrazovanja", gde je dato obrazloženje zašto je ovo poglavlje samo formalnost:

"oblast kulture i obrazovanja ne podrazumeva zajedničke kriterijume za usklađivanje sa EU, a samim tim ni merila za zatvaranje."

Ako kulturu ostavimo po strani, na prvi pogled bilo bi neobično što ne postoji merilo Evropske unije za usaglašavanje ili zahtev za određenim obrazovnim vrednostima ili standardom. Razlog postojanja ovog neobičnog izostanka nesumnjivo će iznenaditi (ili izazvati poricanje) kod onih koji se najviše bave obrazovanjem, pre će iznenaditi prosvetne radnike u manjoj zajednici, a izazvati poricanje kod akademika na nacionalnom političkom nivou. Kratko objašnjenje za ovaj neobičan propust je da ako bi postojao standard u Evropskoj uniji sa kancelarijom i vezom sa onim političkim imenovanjima sa obrazovnim vrednostima unutar različitih vlada nacionalnih država, ovo bi pružilo opipljiv cilj, koji je nepoželjan za plan zapadnoevropskih obaveštajnih agencija u nastojanju Evropske unije da te države prilagodi određenoj perspektivi; uz napomenu da su društvene perspektive značajan deo valute profesionalnih propagandista nekoliko obaveštajnih agencija.

Ova kratka obaveštajna procena detaljno opisuje nevidljivo (većini običnih građana) potkopavanje obrazovanja u evropskim, bivšim socijalističkim državama, od strane spoljnih špijunskih agencija, prvenstveno Nemaca, u njihovom naporu da povrate imidž i steknu uticaj.

"Nevladine organizacije" (NVO) građanskog društva imaju dugu istoriju u kojoj služe kao paravan kroz koji se sprovode razni oblici špijunaže. Obično se ova vrsta špijunaže sprovodi regrutovanjem "ćelija" u okviru organizacija, u kojima mnogi ili čak većina zaposlenih u NVO nisu upućeni, ali naslućuju da postoji tajna organizacija namerno umetnuta unutar njihove organizacije.

Ove nevladine organizacije, koje deluju izvan zapadne Evrope, tesno su isprepletene tapiserije, gde su svi aspekti oblikovanja "političke kulture" bivših socijalističkih država pažljivo i vešto izrađeni, da bi dobili podršku javnosti u pokretanju nacionalnih država putem povratne sprege, gde "kultivisanje" i "oblikovanje" stranog cilja nije jedini zadatak; već je i propaganda za stanovništvo država iz kojih potiče socijalna subverzija takođe važna za cilj. Model za postizanje ovoga je istorija evangelizacije u zapadnom hrišćanstvu; donošenje "dobrih vesti" (jevanđelja) neverniku ne razlikuje se mnogo u socijalnoj psihologiji zapadne Evrope od "reformisanja" bivših socijalističkih država. Primer za to može se naći u nemačkoj nevladinoj organizaciji, N-OST, medijskom koncernu za "razvoj demokratskih medija u istočnoj Evropi", koji je povezan sa pravim konglomeratom paravana špijunskih agencija, uključujući Nacionalni fond za demokratiju CIA-e, ne samo nemačko ministarstvo spoljnih poslova, već posebno Konrad Adenauer Siftung, koji zajedno sa Hrišćansko-demokratskom unijom Angele Merkel čini politički aparat koji obučava i "rehabilituje" nacistički SS slaveći antiruske radikale koji su srušili vladu Ukrajine 2014. godine.

U špijunaži, postoje tri osnovna sredstva za prodor i/ili korišćenje neprijateljske organizacije u svoju korist:

1) Pridobijanje zaposlenog na neki način kao što je ucena, seks, podmićivanje ili pozivanje na psihološku slabost poput rada na nečijoj savesti ili ideologiji, i ubeđivanje da postane imovina vaše organizacije (agent/izdajnik)

2) Postavljanje vlastitog službenika u organizaciju kao zaposlenog (špijuna)

3) Korišćenje psihologije i dezinformacija kako bi ubedili osoblje organizacije da radi u vašu korist i/ili počine dela protiv sopstvenih interesa (pod lažnom zastavom "rasprodaja")

Uobičajeno bi bilo da se svaki od ovih pristupa procenjuje pojedinačno i u različitim kombinacijama i/ili varijantama prilikom planiranja operacije. Ova procena započinje trećom metodom, budući da se odnosi na obrazovanje i nastavnike u ciljanoj državi.

Prodor (i zaklon) strategije špijunske agencije nalazi se u praksi NVO-a da ciljaju na i manipulišu studentima i osobljem univerziteta koji nisu svesni toga i daljim (krajnjim, političkim) ciljevima kroz praksu empatije putem socijalizacije i srodne obrazovne "obuke" koja zapravo manipuliše psihologijom, da bi se "oblikovale" simpatije ljudi putem onoga što bi se moglo nazvati "mekim kultivisanjem" predrasuda. Špijunskim jezikom, ovo je gajenje "agenata" (koji nemaju ni najmanju predstavu šta im se događa) pod lažnom zastavom "rasprodaja". Poenta je u tome, kada ste oblikovali nečiju psihologiju da postane sredstvo za vašu strategiju u, na primer akademskoj zajednici, imate savršenog "mandžurijskog kandidata", bez obzira na to da li je taj diplomirani student tokom svog obrazovanja i karijere postao profesor ili činovnik, nevladina organizacija ga je oblikovala, a da on toga nije svestan, u sredstvo za rad strane obaveštajne agencije.

Kada strani interes stvori dovoljno ovih "oblikovanih" mentaliteta u ciljanim državnim institucijama, on postaje samoreplikujući društveni organizam, koji započinje svoj život i vremenom postaje sve veći rasadnik talenata pomoću kojeg, na primer, univerziteti preoblikuju istoriju ili postižu druge ciljeve. Do nekog trenutka u ovom procesu, ako sve ide po planu, veći deo ključnog rukovodstva u obrazovanju, na vrhu socijalne strukture ciljane institucije, postaće strano sredstvo u svrhu manipulisanja interesima ciljane države.

Najskrovitije (i najvažnije) od ovih NVO su one koje se bave obrazovanjem, primenjujući "dugu igru", idući za studentima univerziteta, gde se inteligentnija, ali i povodljiva omladina, izlaže uticaju i legalnom obliku podmićivanja putem stipendija i obrazovnih mogućnosti u inostranstvu, gde će ove buduće "ručno birane elite" naučiti da služe spoljašnjim interesima, a suprotstavljenim njihovim sopstvenim nacionalnim interesima. Možete videti ove programe kako se oglašavaju putem izjava o misijama koje su odnedavno dostupne preko Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS).

"Sarađujemo sa državnim institucijama, strankama, organizacijama građanskog društva, kao i odabranim elitama, izgrađujući usput snažne partnerske odnose. Posebno stremimo da ojačamo političku saradnju u oblasti razvoja saradnje na nacionalnom i međunarodnom nivou na temelju naših ciljeva i vrednosti."

"Kako bismo razgovarali o važnim društvenim pitanjima i stavili ih na politički dnevni red, KAS organizuje konferencije, panel diskusije i predavanja. Pored toga, organizujemo seminare, radionice i simulacione igre kako bismo ispunili naše ciljeve u vezi sa političkim obrazovanjem, konsaltingom i obukom."

"KAS … deluje u čvrsto povezanoj mreži institucionalnih partnera. Među njima su [parlament], predsednička administracija, kao i … strukture političkih partija, nevladine organizacije, univerziteti i istraživački centri."

To su pažljivo izrađeni programi "lažne zastave", u kojima se buduća inteligencija ciljane nacionalne države pažljivo prilagođava kulturnim perspektivama, o čemu vode računa inicijativne agencije ili strane tajne službe.

Na primer, Konrad Adenauer Stiftung ima kancelariju u Beogradu od 2001. godine. Ova organizacija gaji akademike u Srbiji već skoro dvadeset godina; gde je štićenik KAS-a koji je 2005. godine diplomirao na univerzitetu verovatno veteran sa petnaestogodišnjom karijerom jedne ili druge državne institucije, političke stranke, univerzitetskog akademika ili direktora. Sve ovo su ljudi čija je psihologija i perspektiva "oblikovana" tako da odgovara perspektivi zapadne Evrope, sa "mekom predrasudom" nastalom pozivanjem na "sofisticiranost" i "superiornost" zapadnoevropskog obrazovnog modela i postojećih univerziteta, na kojima će istočnoevropska akademska omladina biti zavedena stanovištem koje je štetno za njegov ili njen nacionalni interes.

Ukratko, ovo je vešt oblik zavođenja, tipičan za psihološke operacije tajnih službi, koje se igraju sa egom putem laskanja, začinjeno prilikama, kroz, između ostalih, formalna udruženja "jednakih sa jednakima", navodnog odnosa vaspitač sa vaspitačem. Protkana laž je jednostavna; "Ovo je dobro za čovečanstvo, dobro je za vašu naciju i dobro je za vašu karijeru."

Iz ovog pažljivo odgajenog "rasadnika talenata" narcizma, biće urađena procena pojedinaca kako bi se utvrdilo ko će najbolje odgovarati određenim "gambitima", koji će biti načinjeni u subverziji ciljanog većeg društva. Neki će biti skloni tome da iskreno "veruju" u svoju "misiju", bez obzira na to što simptomi ukazuju na obrnut slučaj u stvarnosti (poricanje). Drugi bi mogli pokazati slabost karaktera, što ostavlja prostor da se u budućnosti ta osoba zarobi mitom ili drugim oblikom korupcije i zadrži potencijal za ucene. Seks je isprobana i potvrđena formula, posebno beleženje susreta neotkrivenih homoseksualca, gde se prilika da se jedan od njih uvede u seks sa maloletnim partnerom smatra "vrhunskim" razvojem "talenta". To su ljudi kojima će biti omogućen otvoreniji pristup "moći", bilo pozivom na diplomatska društvena dešavanja ili drugim sredstvima.

Taj "premijum talenat" će zatim biti postavljen što je moguće bliže vrhu političkih struktura; ali ne bi nužno trebalo da bude, na primer, "ministar" ili njegov direktni pomoćnik. Ponekad je poželjno da ove položaje moći zauzimaju manje inteligentne (i intelektualno nesigurne) političke persone, na koje se može uticati, ali su i potrošne u slučaju kada, ako željeni ishod zakaže, sposobnost odgajenog talenta da utiče na događaje ostane netaknuta i dostupna za neku buduću poziciju uticaja i rada.

U slučaju da, na primer, srpski ministar obrazovanja postane meta običnih prosvetnih radnika (nastavnika i činovnika nižeg nivoa) zbog neke naizgled nekompetentnosti, kao što je istorijski revizionizam u udžbenicima koji su školama dostupni za kupovinu, uzeti zajedno sa novim kompjuterizovanim administrativnim alatima obrazovnog sistema nabavljenih od stranih preduzeća, kao što je to Sindikat prosvetnih radnika za Moravički okrug naveo kao slučaj u Srbiji u proleće 2020. godine. Da su razlozi prosvetnih radnika za pobunu bili potkrepljeni, i pobuna bi bila uspešna s otpuštenim ministrom obrazovanja, a zapravo se dogodilo to da je samo jedna zmijska glava odsečena nečemu što predstavlja Meduzu; jer pobunjeni prosvetni radnici vertikalno posmatraju horizontalnu konstrukciju. Zbog ove činjenice, velike su šanse da će svaki sledeći politički subjekt koji stupi na mesto ministra zavisiti od istih sredstava povezanih sa ministarstvom ili ubačenih u njih, što dovodi do još jedne manifestacije glave iste Gorgone.

U međuvremenu, kontraobaveštajne službe će uglavnom biti usredsređene na vojna pitanja, u okolnostima kada će obrazovanje, iako možda nadgledano u smislu klasične špijunaže (špijuni), uglavnom biti ostavljeno da funkcioniše "normalno". Većina gajenih agenata u ovom sektoru u suštini nisu upoznati sa sopstvenim ulogama, a oni koji su ucenjeni i/ili dobrovoljne izdajice, smatraće se kao manja pretnja kada analiza troškova utvrdi da bi raščišćavanje i obezbeđivanje obrazovanja bili prevelika cena; jer će optužbe i rezultujući zakonski mehanizmi, o kojima bi se histerično izveštavalo u zapadnim propagandnim mašinama, biti prikazani u svetlu "političkih progona" koji državu izlažu međunarodnim sudskim postupcima.

U osnovi, ono što su razradile tajne službe zapadnog sveta, uglavnom je legalni metod oblikovanja budućnosti država poput Srbije; putem uticaja u obrazovanju u obliku legalnog podmićivanja kroz socijalizaciju, stipendije i druge "privilegovane" mogućnosti, negujući perspektive u akademskoj zajednici. Ruski metod rešavanja okolnosti ove prirode nedavno je zahtevao da se strane NVO registruju kao agenti i ograniče svoje aktivnosti; čak idući toliko daleko da zabrane neke organizacije. Ali Rusija nema pretenzije da se pridruži EU, a EU ima malo efikasnih alata za prinudu u Rusiji.

Kada je u pitanju istorijski revizionizam, to će biti na tanjiru u sve širem meniju oblikovanja buduće perspektive Srba; u tom slučaju treba primetiti kako je istorijski revizionizam oslonac zapadnoevropske strukture sa kratkim primerom nikoga drugog do samog Konrada Adenauera.

"Braća Dales su bili izdajnici" – sudija Vrhovnog suda SAD Artur Goldberg

Džon Foster Dales, državni sekretar (ministar spoljnih poslova) Dvajta Ajzenhauera, i njegov brat, direktor koji je najduže služio u CIA, Alen Dales, bili su predratni (Drugi svetski rat) poslovni partneri sa Trećim rajhom. U godinama neposredno posle rata, obojica su imala ključnu ulogu u rehabilitaciji mnogih najopasnijih ratnih zločinaca Rajha, u partnerstvu sa vladom Konrada Adenauera. CIA, u vreme Alena Dalesa, je spasila, u velikoj meri, obaveštajni aparat Istočnog fronta Trećeg rajha i zajedno sa angažovanjem najmanje stotinu bivših oficira SS-a i Gestapoa, stvorila "Gelen organizaciju" (nazvanu po njenom komandantu, Rajnhardu Gelenu, Hitlerovom šefu antisovjetske obaveštajne službe i najvećem ratnom zločincu), koja je potom dodeljena Konradu Adenaueru kao nemačka posleratna tajna špijunska služba ili BND (Bundesnachrichtendienst). Konrad Adenauer je i sam bio saučesnik u pomilovanju osuđenog ratnog zločinca Alfreda Krupa, koji je primenjivao robovske uslove rada (uglavnom Rusa) pod nadzorom Gestapo-a u svojim fabrikama, koje su snabdevale nacističku ratnu mašinu. Krup je pušten iz zatvora i vraćeno mu je lično bogatstvo.

"Poglavlje kolektivne krivice za militariste, zajedno sa aktivistima i korisnicima nacionalnog socijalističkog režima, mora biti završeno jednom i za svagda. Mislim da sada treba da završimo sa ovim raskrinkavanjem nacista" – Konrad Adenauer

Ništa od ovoga nije štampano u zapadnoevropskim istorijskim knjigama, što je primer istorijskog revizionizma koji prikriva lažnu "rehabilitaciju" nacista.

Istovremeno, "ambasador" Arndt Frajtag fon Loringhoven, bivši pomoćnik direktora nemačke tajne špijunske službe (BND) i donedavni šef obaveštajne službe NATO-a, sin je Hitlerovog poslednjeg službenog obaveštajnog oficira Berndta Frajtaga fon Loringhovena. Više je nego ironična simbolika konteksta koji se provukao u onlajn nastavi, koje je sprovela srpska država, da je NATO zapravo "mirovna organizacija".

"Nema ni najmanjeg razloga poistovetiti nacionalizam, što je želja naroda da bude ono što jeste, sa imperijalizmom, što je želja naroda da spreči druge narode da budu ono što jesu" – Siseli Izabel Ferfild

Uprkos pronicljivom zapažanju Ferfildove (u možda najboljoj obaveštajnoj proceni ikada napisanoj o Balkanu – "Crno jagnje i sivi soko") u vezi sa stvarnom prirodom nacionalizma, savršeno je predvidljivo da bi svaki pokušaj srpskih prosvetnih radnika i političara da isprave ovu okolnost ispunio imperijalističke ambicije NATO-a i EU kojom dominira Nemačka, propagandnim optužbama za "nacionalizam", oslikavajući sve srpske rodoljube jednim kistom, jednom rečju koja je postala oružje; bez obzira na karakter pojedinaca. Drugim rečima, trubeći reč "nacionalista" i upirući prstom, zapadnoevropska propagandna mašina će poslati poruku sopstvenim narodima "ovi Srbi se ponašaju kao pavijani koje treba postaviti na svoje mesto", odnosno oni koji su bliski pravim nacistima, prikrivajući sopstvenu istoriju i motivacije, optužiće Srbe da se ponašaju kao nacisti.

"Dajte mi dete do njegove sedme godine i nije me briga ko će ga posle uzeti" – Ignasio de Lojola

Ova izjava, koja navodno pripada "učitelju", osnivaču Društva jezuita, od najveće je važnosti za kontekst ove situacije. Ako Srbija, kao što je planirano zajmom Svetske banke od pedeset miliona evra, nastavi sa obaveznim državnim obrazovanjem od navršenih tri godine sa onom vrstom spoljne "stručnosti" zabeležene u gore navedenoj proceni, osvajanje nacionalnih država od strane zapadne imperije biće dovršeno. Kao posledica toga, sposobnost Srbije da proizvede genija biće ugašena. U dosadašnjem obrazovnom modelu, u kom dete započinje redovnu školu uzrasta 6-7 godina, iako sigurno nije dostupno svima prema porodičnim okolnostima, postoje deca predškolskog uzrasta koja će istraživati i razvijati um na načine koji ukazuju na buduće kreativne genije što isključuje jednoobrazno obrazovanje koje počinje sa tri godine. Dete prirodno obdareno inteligencijom, koje tokom dana čuvaju bake i deke, što može, s vremena na vreme, nekako podsećati na metod Marije Montesori, ili na drugi prirodni razvoj pametnog dečjeg uma, mapiranje uma na način koji otvara vrata budućem geniju. Ova prilika im je otrgnuta.

Konačno, završni udarac obrazovanju u Srbiji već je u zamahu; gde je školama ukinuto pravo na disciplinsku metodu, a "liberalna" metoda dopušta neposlušnost i nepoštovanje sa ciljem ometanja nastave, časova i kvaliteta obrazovanja, ne samo da pljačka pristojne učenike, već će oterati iz srpskog obrazovnog sistema mnogo budućih bistrih i posvećenih umova ili onih strastvenih profesionalaca koji su zaista posvećeni deci. Nakon toga, jedino kvalitetno obrazovanje biće ono privatno obrazovanje, koje je dostupno eliti.

Za preporođenu nemačku imperiju potrebno je neuko srpsko građanstvo.


"Rekao sam Ne"
Samoobmana i (sopstveni) poraz Aleksandra Vucica

"Nemoguće je izračunati moralnu štetu, ako mogu tako da se izrazim, koju je patološko laganje nanelo društvu. Ukoliko je čovek pokvario i prostituisao čistotu svog uma, da bi svoje profesionalno uverenje pripisao stvarima u koje ne veruje, onda je spreman i na svaki drugi zločin" – Tomas Pejn

Srpski Predsednik Vučić sastao se sa Trampom u Beloj kući odakle je izašao sa 'malom pobedom'. Ili bar on tako misli. Ovom samozvanom, nadobudnom vladaru treba novi Vezir:

"Rekao sam 'ne' na najtežem mestu na svetu.

Sada zvanično mogu da kažem da sam to što sam rekao za priznanje rekao na najtežem mestu na svetu. U prostoriji u kojoj sam sedeo stajali su Pens, Kušner, Džonson, Grenel, O'Brajan, stotinu puta moćniji ljudi od mene. To je njima bio problem. Mene forma i stolice ne zanimaju" -Aleksandar Vučić

Dakle, mislim da Vučića treba da zanima vizuelna poruka 'stolice' koju je poslao širom sveta kada se njegovo "Ne" (zapravo) pretvorilo u 'Da' kroz sve ostale tačke sporazuma.

Ukratko, Vučić je igrao daleko iznad svoje lige i 'nadigran' je. Sada mora svuda da objašnjava šta je to potpisao.

Ono što je Trampov tim zlotvora savršeno znao kada je pozvao Vučića u Vašington je to da će Vučić apsolutno morati (što je stvar unutrašnje politike) da kaže "Ne" na eksplicitno priznanje Kosova kao nezavisne države, koje mu je zabranjeno Ustavom Republike Srbije.

Nakon što su Amerikanci upravo to (priznanje Kosova kao nezavisne države) stavili u prvobitni nacrt, primenjena je taktika "štapa i šargarepe"; Vučić se izborio za izbacivanje 'Tačke 10', odnosno eksplicitnog priznanja nezavisnosti Kosova, da bi mu odmah potom uručili dokument sa jedva prikrivenim priznanjem Kosova kao nezavisne države ili (to jest) dokument sa implicitnim priznanjem nezavisnosti Kosova u više tačaka. Tad je našem nepromišljenom vladaru Vučiću toliko laknulo što je Tačka 10 uklonjena, da je potpisao. Njegovi Veziri su ga izneverili.

No, hajde da sve ovo malo bolje sagledamo.

Implementacija sporazuma o zajedničkoj infrastrukturi (autoput, železnica, itd.) sa političkim entitetom Kosovom, koje trenutno ima vlast i traži svoju nezavisnost, jednaka je implicitnom priznanju nezavisnog Kosova; pravna poenta je u tome što ovaj akt daje legitimitet političkoj sili koja krši srpski ustav, a ipak stavlja Srbiju pod nadležnost međunarodnog prava. Mnogo toga što sledi potpada pod isti princip gde se ne može obavljati bilo kakav "de jure" posao sa nekim entitetom, a naknadno tvrditi da taj isti entitet nema nikakvu pravnu nadležnost ("princip reciprociteta" međunarodnog prava).

Udruženo upravljanje 'zajedničkim prelazom' Merdare će se tumačiti (u budućnosti) kao snažan pokazatelj da Srbija priznaje Merdare kao međunarodni granični prelaz po principu izloženom u prethodnom pasusu (reciprocitet), zbog proste činjenice da administracija na kosovskoj strani sebe smatra nezavisnom državom.

Pristupanje Srbije i Kosova "Mini-šengenskoj zoni" je otvoreno de facto priznanje Kosova kao nezavisne države. U slučaju da Srbija NE priznaje nezavisnost Kosova, Kosovo bi moglo ući u "Mini Šengen" samo kao deo Srbije, pri čemu bi se Mini Šengen sastojao isključivo od Albanije, Makedonije i Srbije. Mini Šengen je osmišljen kao trgovinska asocijacija nezavisnih država. Pristajanje Srbije da potpiše pristupanje Mini Šengenu kao ravnopravni subjekat sa Kosovom je praktično priznanje nezavisnosti dato Kosovu.

Prihvatanje da američko Ministarstvo energetike izradi planove za "deljenje" jezera Gazivoda je snažno implicitno priznanje nezavisnosti Kosova, jer zapravo jedna nacionalna država ne 'deli' svoju vodu ravnopravno sa nekom teritorijom, osim u slučaju kada je ta teritorija jedna nezavisna država. Da je Srbija suverena nad Kosovom, ne bi "delila" već "dodeljivala" vodu toj pokrajini.

Pristajanje da se uzdrže od bilo kakve aktivnosti kojom traže od drugih naroda da ne priznaju Kosovo kao nezavisnu državu govori samo za sebe.

Ostale tačke:

Diverzifikacija snabdevanja energijom, na primer, ostavlja mogućnost oduzimanja koncesija od korporacija koje kontroliše država poput Gazproma i davanje krajnje nekontrolisanim i nemilosrdnim, odmetnutim od zakona, zapadnim korporacijama poput Chevrona (ova tačka je sročena neodređeno i može se uopšteno tumačiti).

Saglasnost sa "Stalnim prisustvom američke Finansijske korporacije za međunarodni razvoj u Beogradu, Srbija" omogućava dve stvari, od kojih nijedna nije dobra za Srbiju. 1) To će korporacijama američkih oligarha pružiti uvid iznutra o privatizaciji onoga što je ostalo od srpske državne imovine i 2) daće Centralnoj Obaveštajnoj Agenciji paralelni trag da prodre u svaki aspekt srpske privrede; ukazujući na Američku međunarodnu razvojnu finansijsku korporaciju koja je podružnica USAID-a pod okriljem američke vlade. USAID je u sprezi sa američkom politikom "revolucije u boji" i čvrsto je utemeljen u istoriji CIA gde tajno "Odeljenje za operacije" NE podržava američke demokratske principe (za šta se USAID javno izdaje), već zapravo podržava sticanje i kontrolu resursa i tržišta od strane velikih američkih korporacija.

Zahtev da Srbija ukloni 5G mrežu je način da SAD iskoristi Srbiju da Kini gurne prst u oko.

Pojačana kontrola avio putnika i razmena informacija sa prištinskim kriminalcima koji bi trebalo da su u ćeliji u Hagu, zajedno sa entitetom (američkim obaveštajnim službama) koji je stvorio Al Kaidu, nije ništa drugo do neslana kosmička šala. Sa kojim će se kriminalnim grupama te informacije deliti? Koliko će to ugroziti bezbednosne strukture Srbije?

Još jedna neslana šala je ideja da može biti iskrenog "međuverskog dijaloga" sa salafističkim i vehabijskim radikalima, koji se trenutno slobodno kreću po Kosovu i preobraćaju narod.

Pasus zvani: 'Još jedna neslana šala' se ponavlja: tiče se lociranja nestalih tela, da li je iko i pomislio da će 'Priština' da otkrije lokaciju i vrati u domovinu tela nestalih etničkih Srba sa izvađenim organima? Ko bi još u to poverovao? Drugi problem sa 'pomirenjem' je ideja da će Srbi koji su napustili domove biti dobrodošli nazad i da će im njihova imanja biti vraćena; ima već dve decenije otkad je UN postavio ovaj zahtev sa praktično nikakvim pomakom osim neprestanog zlostavljanja onih Srba koji (još uvek) nisu napustili Kosovo.

Zapadni model za legalizaciju homoseksualnosti praktično zahteva "gej propovedanje" koje radikalizuje konzervativna društva u opoziciju. Srbija bi trebalo da pripazi sa omiljenom tačkom Ričarda Grenela; jedno je biti tolerantan, a drugo je baciti homoseksualnost u lice jedne kulture, što je običaj brojnih zapadnih društava. Srbija rizikuje nepotrebno otuđenje drugih nacija ovom tačkom sporazuma sačinjenom sa pištoljem prislonjenim Srbiji u leđa. I jedan šaljivi element: koja bi budala poverovala ijednog trenutka da će sve brojnije kosovsko salafijsko društvo učiniti sve osim da de facto homoseksualnost učini nezakonitim u stvarnoj društvenoj praksi?

Svakako loša reputacija Srbije koja trguje oružjem sa zastupnicima terorističkih organizacija ne može biti od koristi Hezbolahu (ili na bilo koji drugi način biti od koristi nekoj de facto zaraćenoj strani na Bliskom Istoku), ali ima nečeg veličanstveno licemernog u zahtevu SAD-a da Srbija zabrani Hezbolah, jer upravo su SAD stvorile Al-Kaidu (koja se raspala, a jedna njena frakcija je postala Islamska država), pri čemu SAD sada diktiraju koga označiti terorističkom organizacijom.

Konačno, srpska nagrada koja je stigla uz Vučićevu saglasnost da preseli ambasadu Srbije u Jerusalim uručena je u roku od jednog sata od njegovog potpisivanja; kada je Izrael priznao Kosovo kao nezavisnu, suverenu naciju, i time je poniženje bilo potpuno.

Ekonomska normalizacija

Srbija (Beograd) i Kosovo (Priština) su saglasni da načine korak napred u ekonomskoj normalizaciji prihvatajući sledeće:

Obe strane će primeniti sporazum o autoputu Beograd-Priština potpisan 14. februara 2020.

Obe strane će primeniti sporazum o pruzi Beograd-Priština potpisan 14. februara 2020.

○ Uz to, obe strane se obavezuju na zajedničku studiju o izvodljivosti rešenja za povezivanje železničke infrastrukture Beograd-Priština sa lukom na Jadranskom moru.

Kosovo (Priština) i Srbija (Beograd) će sarađivati sa američkom Finansijskom korporacijom za međunarodni razvoj (U.S. International Developement Finance Corporation) i EKSIM (Uvozno-izvoznom) bankom SAD na memorandumima o saglasnosti radi ostvarivanja sledećeg:

○ Autoput mira
○ Železnička veza između Prištine i Merdara
○ Železnička veza između Niša i Prištine
○ Obezbeđivanje sredstava za finansiranje zajmova potrebnih za mala i srednja preduzeća
○ Dodatni bilateralni projekti
○ Stalno prisustvo američke Finansijske korporacije za međunarodni razvoj u Beogradu, Srbija.

Obe strane će otvoriti i održavati funkcionalnim zajednički prelaz Merdare.

Obe strane će pristupiti "mini-Šengen zoni", koju su Srbija, Albanija i Severna Makedonija najavile u oktobru 2019. godine i u potpunosti iskoristiti njene prednosti.

Obe strane će uzajamno priznavati diplome i profesionalne sertifikate.

Obe strane će sarađivati sa Ministarstvom energetike SAD i drugim odgovarajućim institucijama američke vlade na izradi studije izvodljivosti za potrebe deljenja jezera Gazivode/Ujmani, kao pouzdanog izvora snabdevanja vodom i energijom.

Obe strane će diverzifikovati svoje snabdevanje energijom.

Obe strane će u svojoj komunikacionoj mreži zabraniti upotrebu 5G opreme koja je nabavljena od nepouzdanih dobavljača. Tamo gde takva oprema već postoji, obe strane se obavezuju na njeno blagovremeno uklanjanje i na druge potrebne korake.

Obe strane će pojačati kontrolu putnika u avio saobraćaju, razmenu informacija međusobno kao i u okviru šire saradnje sa SAD na Balkanu, i posvetiti se unapređenju tehnologije u borbi protiv nezakonitih aktivnosti, primenom skrining i informacionih sistema obezbeđenih od strane SAD, uključujući PISCES, APIS, ATS-G i SRTP.

Obe strane se obavezuju da će štititi i promovisati slobodu veroispovesti, uključujući obnavljanje međuverskog dijaloga, zaštitu verskih objekata i sprovođenje sudskih odluka koje se odnose na Srpsku pravoslavnu crkvu, i nastavak restitucije jevrejske imovine žrtava holokausta bez naslednika.

Obe strane se obavezuju da će ubrzati napore na lociranju i identifikaciji posmrtnih ostataka nestalih osoba. Obe strane se obavezuju da će ustanoviti i primeniti dugoročna, trajna rešenja za izbeglice i interno raseljene. Obe strane se obavezuju da će u okviru svojih ministarstava imenovati osobu koja će predvoditi te napore i biti zadužena za koordinaciju Beograda i Prištine, i da će dostavljati ažurirane informacije na godišnjem nivou o broju rešenih i nerešenih slučajeva.

Obe strane će raditi na tome i podsticati da u 69 zemalja u kojima je homoseksualnost nezakonita dođe do njene dekriminalizacije.

Obe strane se obavezuju da će Hezbolah u njegovoj celini označiti kao terorističku organizaciju i da će u potpunosti sprovesti mere za ograničavanje poslovanja i finansijskih aktivnosti Hezbolaha unutar svoje nadležnosti.

Kosovo (Priština) je saglasna sa primenom jednogodišnjeg moratorijuma na podnošenje zahteva za članstvo u međunarodnim organizacijama. Srbija (Beograd) je saglasna sa jednogodišnjim moratorijumom na svoju kampanju za povlačenje priznanja (nezavisnosti Kosova) i uzdržaće se od formalnog ili neformalnog zahteva bilo kojoj naciji ili međunarodnoj organizaciji da ne prizna Kosovo (Prištinu) kao nezavisnu državu. Obe saglasnosti o prestanku aktivnosti stupaju na snagu odmah.

Srbija (Beograd) pristaje da otvori kancelariju privredne komore i državnu kancelariju u Jerusalimu 20. septembra 2020. godine i da prebaci ambasadu u Jerusalim do 1. jula 2021. godine.

Predsednik Aleksandar Vučić 4. septembra 2020.


Vođstvo u vreme krize

Možda je za ovaj esej najbolji uvod opis gde NEĆETE naći vođstvo i zašto. To je u američkom istorijskom kontekstu sa dodatim formatom pripovedanja koji potiče od američkih urođenika; gde su međusobno povezani metapodaci spojeni nitima, tako da osporavaju američki izraz zapadnih kulturnih pretpostavki. To će najbolje razumeti (i namerno im predstavlja izazov) oni prilično kompetentni u američkom istorijskom i društvenom kontekstu. Međutim, ovaj esej bi takođe mogao biti zanimljiv onim međunarodnim čitaocima koji žele da istraže bilo koji od nekoliko aspekata razvoja američkog karaktera (i stanje propadanja), a posebno bi ovaj esej trebalo da zanima Srbiju, imajući u vidu preuveličanu ulogu koju trenutno SAD igra u srpskoj istoriji.

O politici "nade"

"Nada je večita" – cinizam je u obliku narodne poslovice. Zanimljivo je da su, prema iskustvu ovog autora, ovaj cinizam primenile ličnosti koje su uložile veliki trud i rad kako bi upravile američki državni brod u smeru sa lošom perspektivom. S tim u vezi, izraz se može posmatrati kao lična satira, uperena ka samom sebi, zasnovana na principijelnom delovanju; gde je nečija posvećenost traganju za onim što je ispravno i časno iz razloga odbijanja bilo kakvog kompromitovanja etike, u suštinskoj strukturi sopstvene države. Ova osoba, iako sigurno nije sama u tako principijelnom poduhvatu, izuzetak je, a ne pravilo.

Što se tiče drugog tipa ličnosti, onaj koji cinično iskorišćava "nadu" jednostavnih, običnih ljudi, to jest sociopata u onome što predstavlja intrasocijalni odnos grabljivica-plen, "plen" je taj kome je najpotrebnije da preispita gde se "vođstvo" ukršta sa "nadom". Ova misao je zasnovana na činjenici da smo stigli do mesta masovne manipulacije čovečanstvom, na dosad neviđenom nivou propagande, gde se vođe proizvode, bilo da bi prodavali "nadu" ili u svrhu obojene revolucije (iskorišćavanje nade), između ostalog.

"Ogromna ekspanzija komunikacija u Sjedinjenim Državama dala je ovoj naciji najprodorniji i najefikasniji aparat za prenošenje ideja. Svaki stanovnik je neprestano izložen uticaju naše rasprostranjene mreže komunikacija, koja doseže u sve krajeve zemlje, bez obzira koliko su udaljeni ili izolovani. Reči neprestano udaraju u oči i uši Amerike. Sjedinjene Države su postale mala soba u kojoj se jedan šapat uvećava hiljadama puta" – Edvard Bernajs, "Inženjerstvo saglasnosti"

Od Johana Gutenberga preko Markonija do Microsoft Explorer-a, za nešto manje od 600 godina, pozivajući se na sposobnost manipulisanja putem ljudske osobine, ateista Ričard Dokins je pokušao da objasni kao "mim" (pojavni redosled razmene informacija koji se ne može odvojiti od ljudskog duha), moć alata sociopata za manipulisanje eksponencijalno se povećala.

Najobičnija "nada" (običnih ljudi) je pogrešan naziv; trebalo bi je bolje izraziti kao "želju" koja nije ni naročito novčana ni zlurada. To je želja za običnim, jednostavnim i smislenim životom, u kome čovek radi i biva nagrađen osećajem sigurnosti; životom, u kom bi trebalo da postoji mnogo malih zadovoljstava, koja su antiteza ličnom carstvu ili mnogim komplikacijama koje nosi dosezanje izvan zidova svog doma i granica svoje zajednice. Ova hipotetična osoba je (u modernoj zapadnoj mitologiji) opisana kao "so zemlje" ili bi se moglo reći farmer, mlinar, pekar, prodavac … svi oni koji su poštovani u malom susedstvu, sa nekolicinom onih, ili ih čak i nema, koji teže državnim poslovima ili da sede u nekom senatu.

Zatim, manifestuje se "tamna strana" pismenosti; poput kosmosa demonske kontrole gde "sloboda" insistira na tome da slobodoumni (a ne slobodarski) korporativni neofeudalizam gura lice malih naroda u konzumerizam, dok se ne uguši duh, a sve što je razumno čini se da je van domašaja.

Počinje privlačnošću i zaljubljenošću; ideja "napretka" je neizbežno stanje čovečanstva, i tako obični ljudi bivaju usisani u mašinu masovnih medija, gde zapravo neminovno postaju robovi dugova, zagrizavši mamac za samopoboljšanje kao svoju sudbinu.

Možda je najciničniji primer u istoriji kada su oslobođeni Crnci u Sjedinjenim Američkim Državama nagovoreni da se odreknu 40 hektara i mazge, kako bi se preselili na sever i radili u fabrici u kojoj je, u kratkom vremenskom periodu, za jednu ili dve generacije, kapital nestao iz upravo tih fabrika što je ove ljude ostavilo na cedilu, bez ikakve tržišne veštine, a samodovoljnost (lični suverenitet) sveden je na puko sećanje.

Vrlo kratko pre toga, tržišni krah 1857. godine koji je okrenuo naglavačke živote nebrojenih američkih belaca, koji su kupili "san", a njihovu "nadu" sveo na "veliko buđenje" koje nije uspelo, osim da ubrza pretvaranje ekonomski raseljenih u nevoljni oslonac "Manifesta sudbine". Ovaj osnovni temelj "Američke izuzetnosti" ("Američka izuzetnost" američke imperije globalni je klon "Manifesta sudbine" ili osvajanja urođenih naroda), gde je mim "nade" nadahnute očajanjem, pogrešno nazvane "Veliko buđenje" u društvenoj samoobmani, poslednji put viđen u hrišćanskim "preporodima" koji su širili vojskom Konfederacije, koja je ubrzo potom poražena u agoniji građanskog rata; preteča onoga što bi lako moglo doći na globalnom nivou.

U proseku, oko sedamdeset i neku godinu, od Američkog rata za nezavisnost i kraha, preko reprize kraha i Američkog građanskog rata, do kraha berze 1929. i Drugog svetskog rata (američka istorija ne može da "poseduje" Prvi svetski rat), do predstojećeg kraha i širenja ratova koji će spasiti imperiju 21. veka, još uvek nije viđena prava generacija "malih ljudi" kojima je ispunjeno bilo koje obećanje u "potrazi za srećom". Na kraju, svo bogatstvo, praktično sve, konfiskuje se u korist (profit) korporativnih ratnih huškača, više puta.

Prilike za trovanje stanovništva putem izuma Gutenberga, Markonija i Microsoft-a ne mogu se izbrojati, ali se mogu kvantifikovati u socijalnom smislu. Obični ljudi, koji žele samo poštenu priliku u jednostavnoj potrazi za srećom, upadaju, kroz nametnuta veštačka očekivanja koja se, jedno po jedno, iskorišćavaju zbog činjenice neizbežnog lažnog rezultata (zasnovanog na lažima), u dužničko ropstvo sa svim pratećim implikacijama, u okolnostima gde se obični, lakoverni građani instinktivno plaše za svoju budućnost, a mnogi od njih otupe ili još gore: postanu nasilno besni cinici. Pogledajte "preporod" oličen u političkoj ličnosti Trampa i onoga šta će na kraju postati napredno-liberalni pokret, koji redovno truju oličenja "nade" Baraka Obame, "opekotine" Sandersa i politički korektnih zahteva (samoobmane) Aleksandrije Okasio-Kortez sa dve glavne baze (i nekoliko podbaza) kojima manipulišu do granice drugog američkog građanskog rata.

Konzervativci američkih crvenih država vođeni su dubokim (sujevernim) konzervativizmom iz daleke prošlosti zbog istinskog podsvesnog straha od nametanja "liberalne" kulturne revolucije; liberali plavih država postaju radikalizovani (u netolerantnu "budnost"), jer percipiraju pretnju revanšističkim konzervativizmom, koji im zauzvrat nameće ono što smatraju arhaičnim društvenim vrednostima. Bez obzira na to koja strana prevlada, policijska država pobeđuje (dok se sve konačno i potpuno ne raspadne).

"Tiranin, da bi se držao svoje moći, potiskuje svakog nadmoćnog mislioca, uklanja dobre ljude, zabranjuje znanje i prosvetljenje, kontroliše svaki pokret građana i, održavajući ih u trajnom ropstvu, želi da se naviknu na podlost i kukavičluk, ima svoje špijune svuda da slušaju ono što se govori na sastancima, širi nesuglasice i klevete među građanima i time ih moralno osiromašuje, a dužan je da ratuje kako bi držao svoje podanike zaokupljenima i nametnuo im trajnu potrebu vrhovnog vođe " –Aristotel

"Otkriće" Dokinsa (mim) bilo je već odavno poznato u posmatranju ljudi; i za kratko vreme (u više navrata), zatrovani Gutenbergovim izumom, u primeru američkih generala Li i Džeksona, ciničnom manipulacijom verskim traktatom u moralne svrhe (podsticanje lažnog duha ili "veliko buđenje") zlosrećnih vojski, koje su služile maltene samo za "preobraćanje" južnjačkih vojnika SAD-a da postanu oni koji "veruju u Bibliju", zagorčali su i uneli netrpeljivost u posleratnu društvenu atmosferu, što je postalo Kju Kluks Klan-ov Jug.

Ako je zapadno hrišćanstvo istorijski služilo za manipulisanje, postoji mali kontrast kada je "Prosvetiteljstvo" poslužilo malo više od toga što je zatočilo običnog čoveka u samoiluzornu zamku lične slobode, zagarantovanu prevarama još od svog nastanka; ništa drugačije od farmera koji se ne može se osloboditi kiše, mlinara koji se ne može osloboditi farmera, pekara koji se ne može osloboditi mlinara, niti se male trgovine mogu osloboditi pekara. Svaka živa osoba u zapadnoj kulturi koja zamišlja da je nezavisna (ne uzimajući u obzir prethodno navedeno) ne primenjuje ništa više od onoga što je opisano u proteklih 2500 godina posmatranja:

"Njihov sud se zasnivao više na slepim željama, nego na bilo kakvom zvučnom predviđanju; jer je navika čovečanstva da nepromišljenoj nadi poveri ono za čim čezne i da suverenim razumom odbaci ono što im se ne sviđa" -Tukidid

Vođstvo u vreme krize ne bi trebalo da potceni zlo kojem se čovečanstvo koje "napreduje" pokorilo. Biti "osvešćen" trebalo bi da bude sinonim za razbijanje iluzije o "nadi", kada se radujemo onome što je mogućnost. Struktura koju je čovečanstvo izgradilo, posebno oni koji su usvojili zapadni model, daleko je od istinskog razumevanja šta znači zavisiti od kiše. Kada teret ove strukture dostigne tačku da slomi vlasnika prodavnice, i otkrije se da je potporna struktura prodavca (farmer-mlinar-pekar) nestala, u okolnostima kada farmeri, mlinari i pekari iz zajednica brzo postaju relikvije sećanja, inteligentno raskrinkavanje onoga što predstavlja opipljivu laž, trebalo bi da bude primaran fokus (pre propasti). Ako se kičma zajednice ne očuva netaknutom, a ne može se računati da će Bayer AG, Singenta i DowDuPont zaštititi ekonomski suverenitet bilo koje zajednice, a kamoli nacionalnu bezbednost hrane bilo koje nacionalne države, neće postojati kičma, jer multinacionalne korporacije nisu kičmeni stub, već više podsećaju na ljušturu.

Pravi lideri ne mogu biti lažovi, oni ne manipulišu običnim građanstvom suprotno od interesa zdrave zajednice i ne skrivaju stvarnost. Religija to čini, bilo da su to religije nauke i prosvetiteljstva, ili religija politike rimskog cara, koja oblikuje hrišćanstvo u instrument države, u kojoj je mudrost istorijskog Isusa hrišćanske kulture sahranjena Pavlovim izumima koji potiču iz grčkog paganstva, ili tačnije, krvnim žrtvama "misterioznih religija" tog doba. Isus vas ne može spasiti, ali ako posvete pažnju njegovim autentičnim učenjima (npr. Beseda na gori), to može pomoći ljudima da se spasu.

I na kraju, vođstvo u vreme krize ne treba crpsti iz modela koji je proizveo krizu, to jest iz modela korporativne sociopatije. Ako postoji istinski duh koji će se manifestovati u takozvanom "dobu slobode", koje je postalo medijsko igralište sociopata, to mora biti organski duh, koji neguje organsku inteligenciju po uzoru na poslovicu američkih urođenika:

"Duh nadahnjuje um čoveka, da bi znao šta da radi"

Razbijajući ljudima iluziju o "nadi", pravo vođstvo će poslati Microsoft Explorer do đavola, ukazujući zajednici na inteligentno raskrinkavanje korporativnih struktura u procesu povratka na samodovoljnost; gde su napori izvan zajednice, čiju kičmu čine kiša-farmer-mlinar-pekar-prodavac na kraju neodrživi, naročito oni odvažni, "puste želje" poduhvati korporativnog konzumerizma koji guše duh ljudi, u procesu razaranja kičme zajednice.


Ronova teorija zavere
Kosmologija je zavera

Čini se sasvim mogu im da grupe ljudi stvaraju kolektivne realnosti koje izgledaju nesvesno, i uzrokuju putem svog kolektivnog uverenja da događaji poprime ono što bi izgledalo kao "nesvesna", ali u stvarnosti je "supersvesna" inteligencija koja je organizovana, funkcioniše kao da njome upravljaju pojedinci (čak i kada ne) i rezultat je da te događaje možemo protumačiti kao da njima neko na neki način upravlja a da to zapravo nije slučaj.

Ovaj kolektivni "mim" može objasniti ono što se u biblijskom smislu naziva "kneževinama tame" ili "duhom zla" koji upravlja događajima u smislu zavere i sujeverja.

U našem svetu postoji dosta "slučajnih događaja" koji ukazuju na to da narodi zapadne kulture kreiraju stvarnost sasvim nezavisnu od samosvesne misli i, racionalnom posmatraču, to bi moglo izgledati gotovo sigurno namerno, dok u stvari to nije nužno slučaj. To bi objasnilo verovanje u Iluminate kada u stvari ono nije postojalo ni u kakvoj individualnoj samosvesnoj ili ego-svesnoj organizovanoj formi, ali se ipak manifestuje kao vidljivi fenomen simptoma ili posledica proizašlih iz kolektivnog super-svesnog fenomena.

Zaključak bi mogao biti da postoji "super svest" grupe koja uzrokuje ono što izgleda kao genijalno zlo zavere kada u stvari ne postoji nijedan pojedinac ili grupa menadžera unutar grupe koji su sposobni da sprovedu ove planove koji su, i pored stvarnosti, percipirani. Da bi se ostvarila realnost zla, bile bi potrebne samo zle ideje kao kulturni pokretači; bilo neoliberalni fašizam ili fašizam na drugom kraju spektra potkovice gde se susre u, i Haksli i Orvel su bili u pravu. Hakslijevi opisi razuzdanosti "radi se samo o meni" ukazuju na MTV generaciju i globalnu monokulturu Soroša, dok Orvelovi sekvestrirani portreti životne sredine prikladno opisuju nekoliko današnjih manifestacija religijskih fundamentalističkih kultura koje su konačno ugrađene u državne institucije; gde podizanje zavese često otkriva beskrajnu dekadenciju sobe, koja liči na Sodomu, koju ovi "ljudi" (ako se tako mogu nazvati) tako oštro osuđuju.

Prirodno napredovanje do krajnjeg rezultata bilo bi, kada veliki deo agresivnog društva kolektivno veruje u arhetip, bilo naučno-fantastičnu "utopiju" (uprkos kolektivnom društvenom poricanju ovo je u stvari ubilačka distopija) ili religiju inspirisana Armagedonom, svi potrebni igrači e se prirodno manifestovati u super- svesnom organizovanom formatu koji je ovlaš en da to sprovede, gde nijedan pojedinac ili grupa pojedinaca ili igrača ne može da utiče na to individualnom ili ličnom voljom; ipak, supersvest grupe koja je pokrenula ovaj događaj obezbeđuje stvaranje ove realnosti za kolektivnu celinu. Haksli ili Orvel? Koja e prošla projekcija ovih validnih podjednakih realnosti pobediti?

Hakslijeve projektovane manifestacije, koje su postale Gugl, Gejts i Zakerberg koji forsiraju trans-humanizam na ovom svetu imaju male šanse za opstanak u poređenju sa Orvelovom projektovanom, srednjovekovnom, ali tehnologijom 21. veka osnaženom, apokaliptičnom bajkom o "dobru protiv zla" koja pokre e stvarnost fundamentalističkih religija našeg zapadnog sveta. Ako niste videli Pentagon u ovom svetlu, a radikalna hriš anska kosmologija je efikasan pokretač onoga što se čini da ukazuje na neizbežan katastrofalan ishod, mislite da je bolje promeniti priče na vrhu? E sad, kako mislite da se ova promena bajki na vrhuncu vojne mo i može posti i? Kako stvari stoje, svi smo malo više od događaja izumiranja koje čeka da se dogodi. Svima nama.

Naravno, čak i da je nekako pošlo za rukom da se uklone nuklearne bombe iz poseda naše kontrole vojno-industrijskog kompleksa (ej, senilni Džo, orvelovsko posedovanje "taktičkih" nuklearnih bombi našeg religioznog Pentagona koji bi verovatno pokrenuo Tre i svetski rat ka izumiranju nije nužno pod kontrolom vašeg predsedničkog "fudbala") svi mi i dalje ostajemo na udaru Hakslijeve društvene projekcije pretvorene u "trans-humanizam" koji su nametnuli Gejts i Zakerberg. To je scena vakcine iRNK pod nazivom Kovid 19. Jaoj.


Na odgovaraju em mestu (uobičajeno za srpske knjige) navedi se (c) 2023 Ronald Tomas Vest, sva prava zadržana

Ronald Thomas West
Mon, 01 Aug 2022 17:54:07 +0000

5. Apricot Kernel Toxicity

The Serbian translation of this article is the immediate preceding post.

Health Alert: For My Adopted Serbian Compatriots

In this modern era of globalism, we often cannot know the source of certain things that in the past were taken for granted. Many Serbs believe in the health benefits of apricot kernels, but if these kernels were not sourced from the relatively benign tree in your great-grandmother's yard, you might encounter serious health risks.

Apricot kernels vary in toxicity depending on variety and size. Some kernels are considered hazardous if consumed at all, in other cases more than 1/2 of a single large kernel can be dangerous to consume for an adult.

I have had translated here the study conclusion of cyanide poisoning in hospitalized children who had consumed apricot kernels, from the National Institute of Health Library. In this new era of globalism, please be careful and raise awareness concerning the dangers of consuming apricot kernels, especially for children.

National Institute of Health Library:


Aim: To report diagnostic, clinical and therapeutic aspects of cyanide intoxication resulting from ingestion of cyanogenic glucoside-containing apricot seeds.

Methods: Thirteen patients admitted to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) of Erciyes University between 2005 and 2009 with cyanide intoxication associated with ingestion of apricot seeds were reviewed retrospectively.

Results: Of the 13 patients, four were male. The mean time of onset of symptoms was 60 minutes (range 20 minutes to 3 hours). On admission, all patients underwent gastric lavage and received activated charcoal. In addition to signs of mild poisoning related to cyanide intoxication, there was severe intoxication requiring mechanical ventilation (in four cases), hypotension (in two), coma (in two) and convulsions (in one). Metabolic acidosis (lactic acidosis) was detected in nine patients and these were treated with sodium bicarbonate. Hyperglycaemia occurred in nine patients and blood glucose levels normalised spontaneously in six but three required insulin therapy for 3-6 hours. Six patients received antidote treatment: high-dose hydroxocobalamin in four and two were treated with a cyanide antidote kit in addition to high-dose hydroxocobalamin. One patient required anticonvulsive therapy. All patients recovered and were discharged from the PICU within a mean (SD, range) 3.1 (1.7, 2-6) days.

Conclusion: Cyanide poisoning associated with ingestion of apricot seeds is an important poison in children, many of whom require intensive care.

@ https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/20196932/

Ronald Thomas West
Mon, 01 Aug 2022 13:33:18 +0000

6. Toksičnost koštica kajsije

Zdravstveno upozorenje: Za moje posvojene srpske sunarodnike

U ovoj savremenoj eri globalizma često ne možemo znati izvor nekih stvari, koje su se u prošlosti uzimale zdravo za gotovo. Mnogi Srbi veruju u zdravstvene prednosti koštica kajsije, ali ako ove koštice nisu dobijene sa relativno bezopasnog drveta u dvorištu vaše prabake, mogli biste naići na ozbiljne zdravstvene rizike.

Koštice kajsije variraju u toksičnosti, u zavisnosti od sorte i veličine. Neka zrna se smatraju opasnim ako se uopšte konzumiraju, u drugim slučajevima može biti opasno ako odrasla osoba konzumira više od polovine jedne velike koštice.

Ovde je preveden zaključak studije o trovanju cijanidom kod hospitalizovane dece koja su konzumirala koštice kajsije, iz biblioteke Nacionalnog instituta za zdravlje. U ovoj novoj eri globalizma budite pažljivi i podižite svest o opasnostima konzumiranja koštica kajsije, posebno za decu:

Metode: Retrospektivno je pregledano trinaest pacijenata koji su primljeni u Pedijatrijsku intenzivnu negu (PICU) Univerziteta Erciyes između 2005. i 2009. godine sa intoksikacijom cijanidom povezanom sa konzumiranjem koštica kajsije.

Rezultat: Od 13 pacijenata, četiri su bili muškog pola. Prosečno vreme pojave simptoma bilo je 60 minuta (raspon od 20 minuta do 3 sata). Prilikom prijema, svi pacijenti su podvrgnuti ispiranju želuca i primili su aktivni ugalj. Pored znakova blagog trovanja u vezi sa intoksikacijom cijanidom, postojala je teška intoksikacija koja je zahtevala mehaničku ventilaciju (u četiri slučaja), hipotenzija (u dva), koma (u dva) i konvulzije (u jednom). Metabolička acidoza (laktacidoza) otkrivena je kod devet pacijenata i oni su lečeni natrijum bikarbonatom. Hiperglikemija se javila kod devet pacijenata, a nivo glukoze u krvi se normalizovao spontano kod šest, ali su tri zahtevala insulinsku terapiju u trajanju od 3-6 sati. Šest pacijenata je primilo antidotsku terapiju: visoka doza hidroksokobalamina kod četiri, a dva su lečena kompletom za antidot cijanida pored visoke doze hidroksokobalamina. Jednom pacijentu bila je potrebna antikonvulzivna terapija. Svi pacijenti su se oporavili i otpušteni su iz PICU u proseku (SD, opseg) 3,1 (1,7, 2-6) dana.

Zaključak: Trovanje cijanidom povezano sa konzumiranjem koštica kajsije je kritičan otrov za decu, od kojih je mnogima potrebna intenzivna nega.

@ https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/20196932/

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