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Media Roots Radio: Glass Film Review, the Unbreakable Trilogy & the Disneyfication of Culture w/ Leslie Lee III

Robbie Martin starts the episode having a discussion with fellow podcaster Leslie Lee III of Struggle Session about the ‘Disneyfication’ of pop culture and why Disney absorbing the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Star Wars is actually a bad thing for the future of entertainment culture. They also discuss the current state of super hero films dominating Hollywood and movie critics being brainwashed into loving them, especially ones released by Disney.

In the second half of the episode Abby Martin joins Leslie and Robbie for a long form analysis of the Unbreakable trilogy by M. Night Shyamalan leading into an in-depth review of the last installment in the trilogy: ‘Glass’. Abby, Robbie and Leslie conclude with the question: did M. Night Shyamalan make the best super hero film (Unbreakable) and best super hero trilogy of all-time on a far lower budget than Marvel Studios?

WARNING: SPOILERS of Glass start at 1:34:00~ and SPOILERS of Split and Unbreakable start at 51:00~

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Media Roots Radio: Rand Trump Bromance, Neocon Update, The Wall Already Exists

Abby and Robbie Martin give an update to the ongoing US-backed coup attempt in Venezuela, the ridiculous government shutdown over a wall that already exists, the criminal prosecution of No More Death volunteers who leave lifesaving aid for migrants crossing the desert, Rand Paul’s bromance with Trump and continued attempts to paint him as an anti-interventionist, an update on the neocons who have rebranded themselves as resistance heroes, and Trump’s ever-changing timetable on the Syria troop withdrawal.

More info:
Abby’s Venezuela Reports: bit.ly/2FRgPup
Best of Luck With The Wall: bit.ly/2g4EmuO
Empire’s War on the Border: bit.ly/2UxzKO2
No More Deaths Statement: bit.ly/2UxLlg9
Fat Joe & Bill Kristol: bit.ly/2EYnz9l

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Media Roots Radio: NewsGuard & the Fake News Watchdog Racket w/ Whitney Webb of Mint Press News

In this special episode of Media Roots Radio, Robbie Martin interviews journalist and writer Whitney Webb about her recent ‘NewsGuard’ expose for Mint Press News. NewsGuard is the most recent iteration of the neocon/neoliberal/corporate agenda to soft-censor alternative news and status-quo challenging view points on the internet. First there was ‘Prop or Not’ then there was ‘Alliance for Securing Democracy’ now there is ‘NewsGuard’.

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Media Roots Radio: Trump’s Venezuela Coup, Democrats Running in 2020, MAGA Gaslighting

Abby and Robbie Martin talk about the ongoing US-backed coup attempt in Venezuela, where opposition leader Juan Guaidó declared himself president in an unprecedented act green-lit by the Trump administration. They also discuss the right wing media’s success in changing the narrative to victimize the Covington high school kids, and give an honest critique of the Democratic presidential candidates for the 2020 election.

More information:
Trump Expanding the Empire 
Abby’s Venezuela Reports

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Vegan Vanguard Podcast: The Great March of Return and Palestinian Resistance with Abby Martin

In this episode of Vegan Vanguard Podcast, Mexie interviews renowned journalist and activist Abby Martin on the plight of Palestinians under Israeli occupation and on the recent and ongoing Great March of Return.

Abby explains the history and brutality of Israeli occupation and exposes the horrors of life on the ground in Gaza and the West Bank. We discuss her coverage of the protests in Gaza, the geopolitics that allow this illegal occupation to continue, and the ultimate unfeasibility of a two-state solution.

We end on a positive note with some of the successes of the BDS movement and what we can all do to fight for Palestinian rights.

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