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Lew Rockwell
24 Sep 2022 | 6:01 am

What Would a Nuclear War Look Like?

For eight years, NATO has backed puppet rulers in Ukraine, funded attacks on Donbass, repeatedly violated the Minsk Treaties, outlawed the speaking of Russian in the Luhansk and Donetsk Republics, and has destroyed democratic opposition and free media in Ukraine, leaving it a one-party government, essentially owned and financed by the US and administrated by US operatives.

Not much subtlety there.

Yet, somehow, the US has managed to convince the people of the US and other Western countries that Russia is the bad boy, is out of control and must be stopped.

In spite of all the above, Russia remained stoic and sought continually to keep a lid on the situation. It did, however, state firmly that the "red line" would be if Ukraine were to go nuclear, becoming a direct threat to Moscow. That would not be tolerated.

Surely, this was a sober heads-up to any sensible country that the one thing that must not happen would be for Ukraine to go nuclear. After all, once that Pandora's Box was opened, the last barrier to possible nuclear war would be crossed.

For eight years, Russia had been goaded again and again by the West, yet they did not take the bait. Then, in February of 2022, at the annual Munich Security Conference, the President of Ukraine announced his intent to make Ukraine a nuclear country.

Five days later, Russia invaded Ukraine. Immediately, the US propaganda arm went into operation, and for months, even as Ukraine was consistently losing the war, at every turn, the Western media renewed its claims that the war was turning; that Russia was faltering, and the heroes of Ukraine were beating back the Great Bear.

But all the above is old news. Why, at this juncture, should we be reviewing it?

Well, its continued significance is that NATO (or the US – they are virtually interchangeable at this point) has, from the beginning, behaved recklessly with the prospect of nuclear conflict.

Are they mad? Or are they so foolish as to think that they have some sort of "edge" in a nuclear conflict? Or do they see this as a game of one-upmanship in which the only important concern is which antagonist has the greater bluster?

We can only speculate as to the answer to this quandary. But, setting this aside, we should be questioning, a) what is the likelihood that the West would be so foolhardy as to actually push the button and, b) what would the outcome look like?

As to the first question, considering that it's now becoming increasingly evident that the West have been misrepresenting the progress of the war; that the trained Azov forces are spent and replacements cannot be trained fast enough to go against the experienced Russian forces, the US is going to have to come up with another plan… and it will need to be something dramatic.

At this point, the one card they have not played is the nuke card.

They've claimed that the Russians have been either firing on or causing explosions in the Zaporizhzhya nuclear plant that they have held for some time. In essence, they're being accused of bombing themselves in a facility that has long-since been taken.

At this point, not many listeners are buying this explanation. So, what do they have left in their toolbox?

I've long felt that, as an end-run, what the West might do would rely on an old favourite technique – a false flag attack. Create a narrative and videos of an attack on, say, Kiev by Russia with a small nuclear warhead. Then announce that the warhead had been fired, killing hundreds of thousands. Then let loose the pre-prepared media blitz and invoke Article 5, justifying nuclear warfare.

It just might turn the tide of sympathy. But it would also open a door that could not once again be closed.

For decades, both Russia and the US have had large numbers of nukes aimed at each other, with a system of timed releases. Once the first button is pushed, interrupting the progression is difficult.

So, as to that second question – "What would a nuclear war look like?" there are many studies, but the most illustrative one I'm familiar with was produced by Princeton.


It begins with a random single release in Eastern Europe and demonstrates the sizes and numbers of nuclear warheads, along with the release patterns.

It shows the trajectories and, in addition, shows diameters representing the degree of devastation by each missile.

The smaller nukes would cover all of Europe, leaving very little intact. Then the larger transatlantic nukes would take over – the state-of-the-art Sarmat missiles. Sarmat has the capacity to elude anti-missile defense systems. It travels at five times the speed of sound, weighs more than 200 tonnes and each one has multiple breakaway warheads.

The West has nothing like it.

So, what would the outcome be?

Well, each major US city would be targeted with multiple ICBMs, each big enough to destroy it. Most of the US would be carpeted with other ICBMs. The US would be destroyed within a few hours. An estimated 90 million people would be killed initially.

Those at ground zero would be vapourised. Those on the periphery of a bomb could escape if they were to get to concrete shelter very quickly. They would then need to remain sealed up for weeks, if not longer, until the majority of fallout had settled. It would be a gamble as to when exiting the building would be safe.

The northern border of the US would be destroyed, taking in Canadian border cities, such as Vancouver and Toronto. The southern border, with Mexico, would also go.

Next would be the movement of fallout.

As the video shows, those who live in or near a direct target would have no hope, but as can be seen, there are locations outside the US that are not targeted at all. Those locations that have no strategic advantage would not be targeted. So, if you were located in, say, Jamaica, you would not be hit, but, just as importantly, the Caribbean weather system – the trade winds – would carry any northern fallout away from you, as would the Gulf Stream.

Better still, the world is separated at the Equator by two weather systems that do not mix. Fallout in the north will be unlikely to travel to the south.

If you're located in South America, there are very few likely targets. It's unknown whether, say, Rio de Janeiro or Buenos Aires would be targets, but if not, South America may be the best place to be in the Western Hemisphere.

If anything, Europe and the Middle East would fare worse than North America.

Finally, there is the question of nuclear winter. No one can know whether this would last months or years and whether it would be localized or global.

Nuclear war is not a certainly, yet the West has been dangerously rattling sabres as though they are invincible and only others can be destroyed. This is quite false.

We cannot be certain that nuclear war will be undertaken, but if so, it will be quick. There will be no time to create an escape plan. You must already be in a location that you deem to be as safe as possible.

Reprinted with permission from International Man.

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Lew Rockwell
24 Sep 2022 | 6:01 am

Michael Savage: Biden ‘Worst’ President in My Lifetime, Administration Unrivaled in ‘Evil, Corruption’

Reflecting on the country's last 15 presidencies, from Franklin D. Roosevelt to Joe Biden, conservative radio legend Michael Savage argued that Biden is the "worst" president to lead the country during his lifetime, claiming a "criminal enterprise [is] running the country," while highlighting the current border crisis, the recent Afghanistan withdrawal, the return to energy dependence, and the "authoritarian" COVID-19 mandate.

Detailing "the good, the bad, and the ugly" aspects of the presidents who ruled America over the last several decades, Savage weighed in on today's issues during his latest podcast.

Having been born in 1942, when Roosevelt was president, Savage claimed "we are now living under another Democrat President called Joseph Biden, who is not really a president in any sense of the word."

Arguing the way to objectively judge a president is by his "domestic and worldly successes and failures," Savage explained why it was up to the individual to decide if the president met these standards.

"With a very small cadre of extreme far-left or Marxist-light so-called presidential historians as the only source to answer our question, we really have to rely upon our own observed realities," he said.

"We can't rely upon so-called presidential historians — they're all part and parcel of the same machine that's destroying this country," he added. "They're of the far-left variety, the socialist variety, the Marxist variety."

For example, he noted, "almost all Americans would say they respect and love" John F. Kennedy, the 35th president of the United States.

"Is this a product of a sort of mass hypnosis? Media propaganda? Or his actualities?" he asked. "Likewise, in reverse, most knowledgeable Americans know that Jimmy Carter was an abject failure."

"Both domestically and on the international stage, Carter was a disaster for this country," he added.

Open Borders

According to Savage, we are currently "living with a presidency that seems to be a foreign power dominating this country rather than an actual presidency in a party of the United States of America," especially considering this administration has "welcomed 4 million illegal aliens" from South and Central America, Africa, and the Middle East, "almost all of whom have not been vetted for terrorist ties, for diseases… nor for plain old criminal activities such as smuggling drugs."

As a result, he added, one can conclude "that when they're bringing in a population larger than that of some states, we have a criminal enterprise running the country."

Though Savage admitted there have been other presidents "who were weak, like Jimmy Carter," or "whose loyalties were questionable, such as Barack Obama," and yet others "who may have been as corrupt as Joseph Biden," the country has never "had a package of such evil and corruption as we currently have."

Savage accused Biden of creating "the worst border crisis in American history."

"He has literally melted down our border with Mexico," he said. "Four million illegal aliens have not only come in, but have been invited in."

"That's larger than some states," he added, as he pointed to the fact that many are "diseased," "criminals," or "drug carriers," often appearing as "gang members."

Noting the problem "isn't abating," Savage accused the media of turning US Border Patrol agents into "dummies."

"They're made into the enemy of America instead of the guardians of America," he lamented.

Afghanistan Withdrawal

He called attention to Biden's actions in Afghanistan, which he urged Americans to "never forget."

"A shamble of a withdrawal from Afghanistan, [it is] one of the low points of his presidency and one of the lowest points of American foreign policy since the fall of Saigon at the end of the Vietnam War," he said. "He left $175 billion of military equipment picked up by Islamic radicals."

In addition, Savage stated, the Biden administration "assured the country that the withdrawal would be orderly and the Afghanistan government was stable upon America's departure."

Calling it a "massive failure of intelligence" after the Afghan government collapsed and the radical Taliban took over the country in just weeks, Savage also detailed how Biden "abandoned our Afghani partners," and armed terrorists.

"He gave equipment to the Taliban and other Islamic radicals — American equipment — they're now wearing American uniforms and driving around in American Humvees," he said.

Energy Dependence

Savage also accused Biden of "taking us back to energy dependence."

Though during the Trump presidency, the US "became a net exporter of oil for the first time in 75 years," according to Savage, the "psychos in the Biden administration took away this strategy."

"Instead, these sickos encourage an increase in green energy at the expense of fossil fuels and good clean nuclear energy," he said.

"These renewable energy zealots are a long way from meeting global energy needs, and Biden put more regulatory burdens on the oil and natural gas industry slowing its production considerably," he added.

Most importantly, Savage argued, "the nutcases in the Biden administration shut down the Keystone XL pipeline project to move oil from Canada to the United States while effectively greenlighting the financing of Russia's Nord Stream 2 pipeline to carry natural gas to Germany."

Read the Whole Article

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24 Sep 2022 | 6:01 am

‘A’ Solution for the Masses Does not Exist: Perceived Reality Is in Fact Only Theatre

This subject is vitally important to understand, and few understand it. The talk of, and the incessant questions received by readers, all demanding to know the "single solution" to all of life's ills, especially concerning the monstrous tyranny that has consumed this nation state and the world, are not only tiresome, but indicative of a total ignorance of what is actually going on today. The concentration by not only the mainstream, the alternative media, and the public herd, on every single false realty presented as fact, is exhaustive in nature, but telling of symptoms that belie any rational thought. This is troubling to be sure, but it is also extremely dangerous.

As I wrote in my previous article:

"As the "Great Reset" continues to roll forward, most of the media, including the alternative media, is very busy breaking down each and every part of the sub-plots, analyzing everything and every aspect of this plotted terror, and attempting to tackle each element in order to at some point in the far future, hopefully convince their masters to grant them some minor relief. "

"All this and more are meant only to allow the advancement of the "Great Reset," without debate, or the proper scrutiny necessary to expose the lies that we are told every day. It is all a smoke screen used to hide, confuse, and divide the masses, so that each and every subplot takes enough energy away, and covers up the main agenda of global control enough, so that any honest assessment of the horrible plan to rule the world remains in the shadows. So long as this is the case, world domination by the few will continue to go forward, while the bulk of society fights among themselves, never understanding the scope of what is actually happening."

What is actually going on here is purposeful, planned, and staged, in order to create as much confusion as possible to the general public, so that all concentration is guided to whatever new bogeyman of the day is the 'new reality' desired by the ruling class in order to fool the people into the proper compartments of hate and fear. These techniques are very useful to those who desire to rule, and have been staggeringly successful for the tyrants. This technique was explained very clearly in a quote by Karl Rove in 2004; a Republican policy advisor and Chief of Staff for George W. Bush. He stated it this way:

As to "guys like you," (people in the media) you are "in what we call the reality-based community" which are people who "believe that solutions emerge from your judicious study of discernable reality. That's not the way the world really works anymore. We are an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you are studying that reality—judiciously as you will—we will act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that's how things will sort out. We're history's actors … and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do."

This was quoted by James Corbett today, as it has been in the past, and it is oh so telling, important, and on mark. What this indicates is that everything that happens concerning government, is planned in advance and therefore conspiratorial. I have been screaming this for years, but it has mostly fallen on deaf ears. Nothing in politics and ruling structures are natural, organic, or coincidence. All is a plot meant to achieve a particular end. This is so obvious that almost none should ever believe what they are told by the state, but wishing for that kind of clarity it seems, is nothing more than a pipedream.

Nothing irks me more than the notion that any single, or even multiple solutions, exists, and can be magically produced in order to not only change the minds of hundreds of millions, or billions, but also expect the bulk of society to go along with what is considered the perfect plan to fix all these problems within the system that currently exists. Almost every day, I am scrutinized, chastised, and cursed, for not giving the single perfect solution to the world's ills. So, what is meant by, and expected, as 'the' solution?

Those who ask for and promote these simplistic answers to complicated problems, involving these millions and billions of individuals, seem to have lost sight of all logic. Any 'solution,' would necessarily require the involvement of the masses. But how is that possible, or even considered by anyone with any ability to think? Those who offer 'solutions,' often are giving good advice for certain individuals temporarily, but no one has, or ever will have, the single 'solution' to change the world so that all is good and rosy, and all are free. No one has, or ever will, be able to end all tyranny by coming up with a particular 'solution.'

What has been offered so far? Voting for a new master is very common. Just get the right person as king and master, it is said, and all will be okay. How has that worked out the past 244 years? Another is to march in the streets in protest, which is nothing more than begging your rulers to please grant you some relief. Another is to wake people up by telling them what to do and how to act, but how is that possible? Some recommend forming groups of like-minded people, to work together, farm together, or to build private communities that can act independently. This may help some, but it is only meant to avoid the current system, while it remains in place.

Many attempt to form 'different' political groups in hopes of 'improving' government. Many choose to fight against or pick one or the other specific option that relies on there being one problem and one enemy; e.g., the Jews, the Federal Reserve, immigration, voting 'integrity,' (really) Masonic demons, the Muslims, China, Russia, etc. Some even say all that is necessary is to "follow the Constitution," that secret government created document that set loose an unlimited and all-powerful and evil federal national central government. And many say the only solution is to follow, worship, and bow down to 'their god.'

There are good solutions to temporary problems, such as being armed, growing and storing your own food, moving off grid, avoiding the abhorrent government school (indoctrination) system, getting off social media, blowing up your television, and many, many more. But none of these things mentioned address at any level the real problem.

The real problem is the allowance of, which is completely voluntary, a ruling class given the power to lord over and control the masses at will. It is the belief that humanity cannot function or survive without a king and master class called government to guide them, restrict them, steal from them, and kill them when deemed necessary. It is the acceptance of 'laws' and mandates said to be only for the good of the people, and only meant to protect them. The ruling class of so-called 'elites, and their henchmen in government and all government enforcement, are the real problem; at least if one desires to discount the willingness of the masses who freely allow their own slavery.

Once again, and for the thousandth time, the solution to this totalitarian hell lies in understanding and accepting the fact that only the individual has the power to wake up and change himself. No one can do this for another, and no government will ever police itself by implementing its own destruction. Each of us has to take, sustain, and protect his own freedom if it is ever to exist. This does not mean that one is alone, as the many acting as free individuals together, and not allowing any unjust rule, (all government rule is unjust) can move mountains.

I have been told over and over again that negating and ignoring government, non-compliance, no obedience to the state, and ignoring all mandates, is not a solution, but I beg to differ. There are 330 million of us and only a handful of them in this country. If you cannot understand the dynamics of this power, and the numbers involved, then you will never see your way to any liberty. My solution is not something I can give you; it is no solution that can happen due to the efforts of the few, and it is not a fix-all for everyone. It is based solely on each and every individual deciding that he no longer desires to be ruled over and a slave. The responsibility falls directly on each of us, and if enough come to this conclusion, this tyranny would end quickly. I do not because of human nature, believe that enough people at this time will stand on their own two feet and say no regardless of risk. But in my mind, that is our only chance.

In order to gain freedom, you have to want it badly enough to do whatever it takes to gain enough self-respect to understand the importance of your life. No one can 'give' you freedom, you have to demand it unconditionally. You have to rebel within yourself, and not rely on any other to give you something that they have no power to give. This is an individual struggle, based on the cooperation of many who desire the same thing. It is not and cannot be accomplished by hiding in the crowd, cowering in fear, expecting others to give you an impossible easy solution, and avoiding the pain of becoming free. You, each of you, has to decide for yourself.

"The most important kind of freedom is to be what you really are. You trade in your reality for a role. You trade in your sense for an act. You give up your ability to feel, and in exchange, put on a mask. There can't be any large-scale revolution until there's a personal revolution, on an individual level. It's got to happen inside first."

Jim Morrison

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Lew Rockwell
24 Sep 2022 | 6:01 am

Holy, Holy, Holy, Really?


About forty years ago I had an intense and unforgettable dream. In it I was standing in the rear of a large crowd that was reverently chanting continuously, in a slow bass cadence,

"HOLY, HOLY, HOLY." I could see the crowd was directing its chant toward someone moving deep within the crowd, whom I could not see, but kept attempting to catch a glimpse of. Finally he came into my sight with the chant "HOLY, HOLY, HOLY" resounding as far as the eye could see or the ear hear. Finally I was able to see the person for whom the chant was intended. It was Stalin!

Instantly I thought, "He's not holy. He's the opposite of holiness." I started to yell that out loud, but stopped myself, fearing that this throng of people would turn on me and kill me if I expressed what I knew to be true, i.e., "He is not holy." Finally in fear and trembling I decided that I had to say something because this was raw evil being coated in the mantle of the Holy and these people were falling for it hook, line and sinker. So at the top of my voice I asserted, "This is not holy!" I loudly declared it over and over and over again. To my surprise there was no reaction from the crowd. It did not attack me or argue with me or shush me up. It just kept on chanting, "HOLY, HOLY, HOLY, " in the direction of Stalin.

Sanctus, Sanctus, Sanctus Dominus Deus Sabaoth.
Pleni sunt cæli et terra gloria tua.
Hosanna in excelsis.
Benedictus qui venit in nomine Domini.
Hosanna in excelsis

The official Mass of the Roman Catholic Church is written and published in Latin. The  Sanctus, Sanctus, Sanctus above is the authorized Latin text of the Mass. All vernacular translations of the Sanctus and everything else in the Mass are made—poorly or well, accurately or inaccurately—from the official Latin text. All the Prefaces in the Mass and in the Eucharistic celebration of most Churches include the acclamation "Sanctus, Sanctus, Sanctus etc." as noted above, in either the official Latin or in the Church's authorized vernacular translation. The present official English translation approved by Pope John Paul II in 2010 reads:

Holy, Holy, Holy Lord God of hosts.
Heaven and earth are full of your glory.
Hosanna in the highest.
Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord.
Hosanna in the highest.

The Sanctus, Sanctus, Sanctus, or Hymn of Victory as it is called in some Churches, is derived from a text in the Old Testament Book of Isaiah (6:3). In heaven the six-winged Seraphim worshiping and praising God ceaselessly cry out one to the other, "Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord of Sabaoth. All the earth is full of your glory."  The second part of this prayer of praise, the Benedictus, is derived from the Gospel Matthew (21:9). On what will become known as the first Palm Sunday, Jesus enters Jerusalem riding on a colt and an ass—in order to symbolically fulfill the prophesy of Zechariah 9:9ff—while the crowd preceding Him spreads branches from trees before Him crying out, "Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord. Hosanna in the highest."

But, the Sanctus or Hymn of Victory did not find its way into the Roman Eucharistic celebration until the Fifth Century. From the beginning of Christianity and for centuries thereafter the Eucharist was celebrated without it.

-Emmanuel Charles McCarthy

(To be continued)


When the Mass appears in English in 1969, the Sanctus in the editio typica, the official Latin text, was inaccurately translated, "Holy, Holy, Holy Lord God of power and might etc."  The Latin text reads Sanctus, Sanctus, Sanctus, Dominus Deus Sabaoth. Sabaoth does not mean "power and might." This "loose" translation was chosen because an exact translation of Sabaoth seemed extremely inappropriate or misleading, if not theologically wrong, in light of the revelation of God in the Lord Jesus Christ. Forty years later in 2010 that "looseness" in the translation of the Sanctus was partially eliminated by Pope John Paul II who authorized a new translation that reads, "Holy, Holy, Holy Lord God of hosts." "Hosts" is one of two English words that accurately translates the Hebrew word Sabaot, as found in the Sanctus and in Isaiah 6:3.

Over the pass seven years I inquired of ordinary Catholics what the word "hosts" in the Sanctus means. Perhaps about 40% thought that it meant the consecrated bread of the Mass, which Roman Catholics call the Host. Others thought it referred to all the angels or everyone and everything or A few thought it was Jesus and/or God as a host, i.e., the person who organizes and invites to a dinner, in this case the Lord's Supper, the Eucharistic Meal, the Messianic Banquet. Some thought it meant God of the Sabbath (Saturday the day of rest). One person thought host in the Sanctus is Jesus as the host-body, that is, the divine-human body off of which the sinful human parasite lives, from which the perishing human parasite sustains its life. So on the popular level "hosts" as the translation of Sabaoth is ambivalent and prone to a multiplicity of interpretations only some of which are noted here—and only one of which is the translation of Sabaoth. Finally, there is also the situation which I encounter in my investigation of what the average Catholic thinks the word host in the Sanctus means, a situation that is probably much more extensive than any particular popular interpretation or mis-interpretation of the word. It is the situation where people simply recite the word automatically and unthinkingly in the context of a repetitive ritual. The meaning of the word in this case is unknown to the speaker who, however, in no way is bother by his or her lack of knowledge.

The average Christians confusion about the meaning of the word hosts employed in the  English translation of the Sanctus in most Churches is not the result of a lack of human intelligence among ordinary Christians. It is the result of the institutional Churches' leaders choosing a word, i.e., hosts, to translate Sabaoth that has eight different meanings in the English language including a meaning that is the correct translation of Sabaoth, instead of choosing the one English word for the translation of Sabaoth whose meaning is exact, univocal, literal and precise. That word is "armies."

Sabaoth, as in Sanctus, Sanctus, Sanctus Dominus Deus Sabaoth, means armies. "Holy, Holy, Holy Lord God of armies," is the unambiguous and accurate translation. One of the eight meanings of the English word host is army, as in  "But God threw Pharaoh's host into the Red Sea, for His steadfast love endures forever"(Ps 136:15), "And the waters returned and covered all the host of Pharaoh who came in the sea after them; there remained not so much as one of them"(Ex 14:28). So, hosts does mean armies and therefore is not an inaccurate translation of Sabaoth. It is, however, a liturgically and pastorally inept translation if one wishes to communicate clearly to ordinary people in what is suppose to be a liturgy, public worship service, for ordinary Catholics or Christians. What person today when speaking about the U.S., British and French armies refer to them as the host of the U.S. Britain and France? What purpose is served by this calculated ambiguity in word choice when translating Sabaoth in the Sanctus of Mass?

-Emmanuel Charles McCarthy

(To be continued)


An army is an organized military force trained and equipped to use violence on land to achieve an objective.

The New American Bible, the official Catholic Bible for the U.S., has an "Encyclopedic Dictionary and Biblical Reference Guide" at the back of the book. The definition of the word Sabaoth that is given is "host, armies, a title of majesty and honor given to God—Lord of Sabaoth—that is the Lord of host or armies."

Rev. John L. McKenzie the renowned Catholic Biblical scholar writes in his Dictionary of the Bible (Imprimatur) under the word Sabaoth:

"Sabaoth Cf. Hosts, Lord of. Hebrew saba, plural sba'ot, means an army ready for war and more precisely in Israelite military terminology the army drawn from the general population in contrast to the professional soldiers. Yahweh of host then means Yahweh of armies. The original phrase, which is rarer than "Yahweh of host," is "Yahweh God of host." The title in various forms occurs 284 times in the OT. Sabaoth became a substitute for the divine name."

Joseph Klausner, the renowned Jewish Biblical scholar writes in his seminal work, Jesus of Nazareth, "There was yet another element in Jesus' idea of God, which Judaism could not accept. Jesus tells his disciples to love their enemies, as well as their friends, since the Father in Heaven makes His sun rise on both the wicked and the good, and He sends his rain to both the righteous and the ungodly. With this Jesus introduces something new into the idea of God. But his teaching has not proved possible. As a sole and self-sufficient national code of teaching, Judaism could by no means agree with it, and such has been the case in Christianity from the time of Constantine to this present day."

Joseph Klausner is correct. Jesus introduces a new idea into the Holy, "Love of enemies" rooted in God's love of those who are at enmity with Him. Ipso facto He also introduced a new idea into the imitation of God and the doing of God's will. This idea Klausner emphatically insist is incompatible with Judaism's idea of the Holy. In fact, he maintains that Jesus' new idea about God is not only unacceptable, but also a "dangerous fantasy." This new idea about God that Jesus reveals clearly has no place in it for Yahweh Sabaoth, God of armies/hosts—and there is the eternal rub between Judaism and Jesus—but not between Judaism and Constantinian Christianity, as Joseph Klausner immediately points out.

-Emmanuel Charles McCarthy

(To be continued)


Jesus never calls God Yahweh Sabaoth, God of armies, Lord God of hosts. Jesus of course, knew Yahweh Sabaoth as a name commonly used by Jews for the Holy One. But He never uses it.  His designation for Yahweh is "Abba," "Father," that is, "God is love" (agape). Yahweh Sabaoth is not the kind of God that the true God is, according to Jesus Christ. The true God is Abba, agape. When the apostles ask Jesus how to pray, he does not say, "Yahweh Sabaoth, or God of armies or Lord God of hosts who art in heaven, holy be your name." He says "Our Father who art in heaven, holy be your name." It is the name "Father" that Jesus wants His disciples to know is holy and to make holy among people, and not the name God of armies, Yahweh Sabaoth, God of hosts. The differences—theologically, spiritually, morally and pastorally— between a God of armies and "the Father in heaven who makes His sun rise on both the wicked and the good, and He sends his rain to both the righteous and the unrighteous," are infinite and irreconcilable. To worship one as the Holy One is to see the worship of the other as false worship, doesn't it? The imitation of one make impossible the imitation of the other as Klausner lays bare. The will of one cannot be the will of the other.

Armies by definition and regardless of whom they are composed or for whom they do their bloody work exist to destroy enemies by the use of the power of violence, not to love them as Jesus loves His enemies and as the Father loves those who are at enmity with Him. Armies with God on their side or with God as their leader—or with God as their ultimate weapon—are Holy if the kind of God that God is can be truthfully said to be Yahweh Sabaoth. But, if God is Abba, if God is "the Father of all," if "God is love," then one cannot truthfully proclaim, "Sanctus, Sanctus, Sanctus Dominus Deus Sabaoth," as is now done universally at the beginning of the Eucharistic Prayer of nearly all the Churches of Christianity.

The proper and right theological, liturgical and pastoral Gospel proclamation at the end of every Preface of every Mass and as an introduction to the truth of every Eucharistic narrative is,

"Sanctus, Sanctus, Sanctus Dominus Deus caritas est,"

"Holy, Holy, Holy Lord God of Love…" (or Lord 'God who is love'),


"Sanctus, Sanctus, Sanctus Dominus, Deus Pater omnium,"

Holy, Holy, Holy Lord God Father of all…"

-Emmanuel Charles McCarthy

(To be continued)


The God of Love not God of armies is the truth of Jesus. Deus caritas est and/or Deus Pater omnium not Yahweh Sabaoth is the explicitly stated Gospel truth about the kind of God God is. It is this Gospel proclamation of God that should be at the conclusion of each Preface, which introduces the passion, murder and resurrection Eucharistic narrative of Jesus and the reality it is intended to communicates. The glory of the Cross on which Jesus is murdered while loving His lethal enemies is not the glory of Yahweh Sabaoth, of the God of armies/host. It is the glory of the God of love. Neither holiness nor Christlike love come from the barrel of a gun and spewing death from the barrel of a gun is what armies are universally about. Sabaoth means armies. Hosts means armies.

-Emmanuel Charles McCarthy

(To be continued)


Changing the translation of Sabaoth, from the straightforward and the accurate word, "armies" to "hosts," which is an archaic noun, long out of ordinary use for armies and with a variety of meanings, is an attempt to obfuscate by contrived ambiguity the irreconcilable contradiction that Klausner points out between Yahweh Sabaoth being part of the Jewish idea of the Holy One and Jesus' presentation of Abba as excluding the idea of the "God of armies" being an authentic description of the Holy One. Changing the translation in English of Sabaoth from armies to host is also a way of trying to do what Joseph Klausner in his spiritual and scholarly integrity knew he could not in truth do, namely, equate or feign that there was no essential difference between Yahweh Sabaoth and Abba. Klausner was well aware that it was impossible in truth to integrate the Yahweh Sabaoth idea of God with the Abba idea of God. For Klausner Jesus is just wrong about the Holy One and that is that. For Jesus there is no notion in His heart or mind, in His words or deeds, of a God of armies, a warrior God, who will lead people in historical victories over their enemies. Unlike the Constantinian Churches of Christianity with their never ending frenetic efforts to have both just wars and Jesus' idea of God, just executions and Jesus' idea of God, just Inquisitions and Jesus' idea of God and just abortions and Jesus' idea of God, Klausner refuses to religiously buy into the Constantinian contradiction of loving your enemies as Jesus loves His enemies as consistent with  killing you enemies. He basically presents Constantinian Christians with the same personal and communal choice Elijah presented to the Jews almost three thousand years ago on Mount Carmel. Be truthful to yourself: If Yahweh Sabaoth is God follow Him; if Abba is God follow Him, but stop your witless hopping from one foot to another. You are deceiving yourself by thinking you can straddle an issue where mutually exclusive understandings of the Holy One and His salvific will are at stake.

-Emmanuel Charles McCarthy

(To be continued)


The Mass is a liturgy, indeed, a Divine Liturgy. The word liturgy is derived from the Latin word liturgia which means "public service," public worship." Liturgy, therefore, is a customary public worship performed by a religious group, according to its beliefs, customs and traditions. As a religious phenomenon, liturgy is a communal response to and participation in what is believed to be the holy by way of communal praise, thanksgiving, supplication and/or repentance. The Mass is a communal activity, hence its words must be intelligible to the ordinary people who compose the community. This is as it was in the beginning, is now and ever should be. As noted above the Hebrew Sabaoth and the English translation of it as hosts are non-intelligible or confusing or ambiguous or mis-directing words for the ordinary folks who compose English speaking Catholic or Christian Churches. And even more to the point, they are words that camouflage an erroneous presentation of the holy as revealed by Jesus, that is, the true God is not the God of armies. He is Father. The holy, proclaimed by and made flesh in Jesus, is infinitely removed from the business of armies, whose activities, regardless of where they exists or for whom they exist are motivated by enmity and are organized for the destruction of human beings.

The Mass, the Divine Liturgy, is meant to present, celebrate, participate in, give thanks for and praise the great truths and deeds of God revealed through, with and in Jesus Christ. One of these great of truths is God is Abba, Father, Love (agape). In the words and deed of Jesus there is no presentation or glorification of Yahweh Saboath, So why do Christians and their Churches, since the Fifth Century, keep attribute holiness—Holy, Holy, Holy—to what is not holy in the teaching and the example the Holy One Incarnate, Jesus, the Christ? Why introduce the Eucharistic Prayer with "Sanctus, sanctus, sanctus, Dominus Deus Sabaoth," when the correct introduction to what every Eucharistic narrative is proclaiming is "Sanctus, sanctus, sanctus Dominus Deus caritas est," "Holy, Holy, Holy Lord God of Love" (or Lord 'God who is love'). God of Love not God of armies, Deus caritas est not Yahweh Sabaoth is the Gospel truth about God that should introduce the passion, murder and resurrection Eucharistic narrative of Jesus—which narrative and the reality it presents supremely glorify "God who is love." The glory of the Cross on which Jesus is killed loving His lethal enemies is not the glory of the God of armies, but rather the glory of the God of love. Neither holiness nor Christlike love come from the barrel of a gun, and spewing death from the barrel of a gun or some other weapon is what armies are universally about.

-Emmanuel Charles McCarthy

(To be continued)


Why put Dominus Deus Sabaoth in the governing Latin text of the Mass. This is where this translation misfortune originates. The choice to hide in translation, via archaic nomenclature and known ambiguity, the meaning of Sabaoth behind the word hosts, arises from the official Latin editio typica use of the Hebrew word Sabaoth. If the  governing Latin text read Dominus Deus caritas est or Dominum Deus Pater omnium, all ambiguity, possible misdirection, misinterpretation in translation would cease. What salvific purpose is served by Yahweh Sabaoth being in the Eucharistic liturgy? How is the "supreme law of the Church which is the salvation of souls," served by Yahweh Sabaoth being in the Eucharistic celebration. Do people need to know that God is love or that God is the God of armies? Do people need to hear the Good News that God is their Father or the unremitting ancient destructive propaganda that God is the God of armies? The word Eucharist is derived from the Greek word eukharistia, which means thanksgiving. Is it Yahweh Sabaoth, God of armies/hosts, who is being thanked through, with and in Jesus by the Christian community in the Eucharist, or is it Abba, God who is love?

So now, as a human being with conscience that morally mandates that you choose truth rather than falsehood, right rather than wrong, you must decide before God who you are going to praise, glorify, thank and pray to by what you say or sing at the Sanctus of the Eucharist. Will you say or sing "Sanctus, sanctus, sanctus Dominus Deus Sabaoth," "Holy, Holy, Holy Lord God of armies/hosts?" Or, will you say or sing "Sanctus, sanctus, sanctus Dominus Deus caritas est," "Holy, Holy Holy Lord God of love?" Who does Jesus want you to praise and glorify? Who does your heart desire to praise and to glorify?

Fact: In what armies do, in what Stalin did, there is not a scintilla of the HOLY as revealed by Jesus, the Christ.

-Emmanuel Charles McCarthy

(To be continued or not in your mind, your heart, your voice, your choice at every Eucharist.)

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24 Sep 2022 | 6:01 am

Huh, I Wonder What’s Causing This Children’s Health Issue

From the Tom Woods Letter:

For the life of me I cannot understand people who don't respect Tucker Carlson.

Sure, like any of us he's wrong from time to time. But he says things nobody else will say, and he'll resist the entire establishment, including Conservatism, Inc., without batting an eye.

One of many ways you know progressives are phonies is that they should be saying of Carlson: he's awful on so much, but excellent on the military-industrial complex. But since progressives have evidently made their peace with the military-industrial complex, or don't consider it all that important, they never in fact say this.

Carlson just did a segment on the Covid shots and myocarditis in children. He said that in some people who received the shots, there "appears to be serious heart damage far more than the experts thought would occur."

He went on:

"The Lancet just surveyed young people ages 12 to 29 who suffered from myocarditis heart damage after taking the COVID shot. According to The Lancet, 90 days after myocarditis symptoms emerged, roughly 26% of young people surveyed still needed daily medication because their hearts were so damaged, 20% said they had problems with their daily activities, 30% said they experienced pain. How will they be at age 60? You wonder. And of course, you know the answer."

Carlson then showed an ad by New York Presbyterian Hospital making it seem as if myocarditis in children is just a normal thing that happens. The voiceover in the ad is that of a young girl, and says:

"I've been into fashion since I can remember. But one day I had a stomachache so bad I didn't want to do anything. The team at New York Presbyterian said it was actually my heart. It was severely swollen, something called myocarditis. But doctors gave me medicines and used machines to control my heartbeat. They saved me. So now I can become the next great fashion designer."

Tucker's response to this bizarre ad:

"Severe heart damage in otherwise healthy children. Oh, yeah, we've always had that! No, we haven't, actually.

"And Dr. Marty Makary [of Johns Hopkins University] was virtually alone in the medical community when he warned about the risks of this. He warned for months. In March, he wrote to the CDC and said, You've got a duty to 'rigorously study the long-term effects of vaccine-induced myocarditis.' He was not celebrated for this. of course. He was attacked, as always."

Makary, Carlson's guest, noted the CDC's downplaying of myocarditis concerns:

"The CDC director last year said if we vaccinate a million children, there might be 30 or 40 cases of mild myocarditis. And they said, if you get myocarditis from COVID, that's worse or it happens at a higher rate. But that's not true. The studies have come out. Europe reacted by banning the Moderna vaccine altogether in young people, in many parts of Europe. And [in some places] everybody under 30, and in other places everybody under 40.

"The tragedy is that we're now learning that there's significant heart damage: 31% of people having physical activity restrictions. The Seattle study that 63% of children after myocarditis had evidence of heart swelling months down the road on MRI. So we were playing with fire. We didn't know what we were dealing with. They undercounted the complication rate, making the vaccine look safer than it really was, overcounting cases in young people and hospitalizations, making the COVID infection look more dangerous than it really was…."

Carlson concluded: "It's shocking. If your child has heart damage at the age of 14, how is she going to do at 50? And no one seems to be thinking about the future."

Meanwhile, today I'll be interviewing Dr. Pierre Kory about all these (non-Covid) "excess deaths" around the world that nobody wants to talk about. It will air next week — and trust me, I'll let you know when it's out.

Finally, for all you normal people who are concerned about this economy, prefer not to get stuck in a woke corporate job, or are simply ready to create better career opportunities for yourselves, I have a free resource to recommend.

It's The Daily Job Hunt by Career Hackers, a super-short email with no-nonsense advice, teaching you how to be your own credential rather than just another resume. The brainchild of Isaac Morehouse, previous Tom Woods Show guest and founder of Praxis, Crash, and Career Hackers, the Daily Job Hunt is great for both active job seekers or anyone looking for a bright spot to kick off their day. Freedom isn't just a philosophy; it should apply to your career, too!

Join for free by clicking here to get the Daily Job Hunt.

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I Know What I’d Do in Putin’s Shoes – Jordan Peterson

Popular conservative political commentator Jordan Peterson has tried to get into Russian President Vladimir Putin's head and predict how Russia's conflict with the West in Ukraine will unfold. Peterson said that if he were the Russian president he would leave the EU without energy supplies in the winter.

"I know what I'd do in his shoes," he said on the Piers Morgan Uncensored show on Thursday. "I'd wait till the first cold snap and shut off the taps."

Peterson was referring to supplies of Russian natural gas to EU nations. He argued that Moscow indirectly warned that a full shutdown would happen when Russian gas giant Gazprom started curtailing deliveries through the Nord Stream pipeline to Germany, citing maintenance issues.

The political commentator declined to endorse a notion popular in the West that Putin resembles Adolf Hitler or Josef Stalin in his thinking, calling the claim "foolish" and not backed by any actual evidence.

Putin "is a lot more like everybody else than anyone thinks," Peterson argued. He added that "there is a bit of Hitler and Stalin in everyone," before going into an explanation of how accepting government-imposed lies under pressure was part of human nature.

"The totalitarian state is actually the grip of the lie. And people would certainly go along with that. We've seen this emerge with [the] cancel culture. It's like 'Lie! Or else!'," he said.

He mocked the idea that Ukraine and its Western backers could "win" against Russia as "naïve."

"I just don't understand that. What do you mean we are going to win? What are we going to win exactly?" he demanded.

The Russian government, Peterson believes, would consider simply devastating Ukraine an acceptable outcome, if no better alternative can be achieved. And the West would not be able to stop it due to Russia's role as a global supplier of energy, he argued.

"We can't win against Vladimir Putin in any way because you cannot win against someone you cannot say 'no' to. Period. And we can't say 'no' to Putin because we sold our soul for his oil and gas," he said.

"And we did that to elevate our moral stature in relation to 'saving the planet.' And here we are, facing a very dire winter, hoisted on the petard of our very own foolishness and moral presumption," he added.

Peterson was referring to the concern that humanity was facing an existential threat due to climate change, a threat that he believes to be exaggerated. The unintended consequences of the West's conflict with Russia are a far more imminent and real threat to humans, he pointed out, as "the World Bank already estimated that we've put 350 million people into what they call 'food insecurity'."

"But the planet has too many people on it anyway, so, you know… It's just poor people," he added.

Peterson is a Canadian psychology professor who rose to international prominence over his commentaries on various contemporary issues, such as transgender acceptance policies in the West, the role of Christianity in cultures originating in Europe, and geopolitical conflicts. His YouTube channel has over 5.5 million subscribers.

Reprinted from RT News.

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24 Sep 2022 | 6:01 am

The Current Crime Wave Is Unlike Any Ever Experienced in America

This past week New Orleans reclaimed the title of America's deadliest city after seeing murders jump 141% over the last couple of years. In New Orleans, the murder rate is a staggering 52 per 100,000 people. That compares to the national average of 6.9, the highest it's been in a quarter century, and the 50 per 100,000 in Venezuela, the most dangerous country in the world.

If New Orleans were an outlier, it would be a shame; the fact that it's not is a tragedy. Instead, New York, Chicago, Portland, LA, San Francisco, Philadelphia, and other American cities are part of the club. Crime has been up across America over the last two years, in most cases dramatically.

We've always had crime in America—such is the price of freedom—but what we are experiencing today is something altogether different. It's not just crime. America can sometimes be a dangerous place. Everyone knows working the midnight shift at a convenience store is riskier than working the day shift at your local library, just as common sense tells you the odds of getting into a fight in a bar on a Saturday night are far higher than at church on Sunday morning.

And to be clear, this is not Antifa thugs and BLM cultists burning down cities. Protest, even violent protest, has been part of American history since its founding and is mainly event-driven, like Shay's Rebellion, the Vietnam War protests, the riots after MLK's assassination, or the acquittal of the police in the Rodney King video.

No, this is something different. It's one thing to rage against the machine; it's another to commit violence against citizens, particularly when they are unsuspecting innocents or compliant victims. This is today's issue, which we see taking place across the county, from urban jungles like New York City to Midwestern communities like Salt Lake City.

What America's experiencing today is exponentially worse than the typical crime that America is used to—and the truth is, young Black men and, increasingly, young Black women are perpetuating most, although far from all, of it.

Violence is not only going to a new level in terms of frequency but also its locales. It's no longer limited to dark corners or deserted parking lots. It now occurs in the middle of the regular hustle and bustle of Americans' daily lives. It's taking place in broad daylight, in full view of video cameras—often with others videoing the carnage to share on social media. Violent crime occurs on Main Street USA, in schools, drugstores, fast food restaurants, subway platforms, high-end retail stores and, of course, homes.

We see large groups of young people blitzing stores, grabbing merchandise off shelves, and running out with smiles on their faces. We see "shoplifters" methodically clear store shelves of merchandise and simply stroll out the door, unconcerned about getting stopped or arrested and often assaulting employees along the way.

Moreover, an element of violence seems unprecedented in its scale. Almost daily, we see random innocent people on subways or stairs or in restaurants getting shoved, kicked, or punched. We see fast food workers attacked as customers come over or around counters and spark mayhem. We see bus drivers attacked, shop owners beaten, and cops spat upon. Indeed we see countless instances where robbers beat or shoot victims even after taking whatever they were after. We also read daily of innocents of all ages killed in the crossfire while sleeping in their beds, standing in a bar, or sitting in their cars.

Read the Whole Article

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24 Sep 2022 | 6:01 am

Corona Sleepwalkers Swallow Whatever the Authorities Tell Them

During the time of the Parliamentary protest here in New Zealand, when the country was split asunder by governmental decree into two camps, the jabbed and the unjabbed, I chanced to meet a friend at the beach. I knew her to be a wonderful musician and, I thought, an intelligent person, and we exchanged pleasantries. Taking her question about my well-being at face value – "How are you doing?" – I replied, "Terribly. I'm not allowed to go to a cafe or restaurant, can't get a haircut, can't get into the gym I've paid my subscription to, and I never would have believed New Zealand could have become this apartheid dystopia." 

She brushed me off and muttered something about how the jab would keep everyone safe, and so I engaged a bit more deeply.

"Since when is a healthy person a threat? And why do we need this thing anyway, when there is treatment?"

"Oh, you mean that horse pill?" she replied with a cheerful sneer.

"Ivermectin is much more than a so-called horse pill, it has been helping a lot of people …."

She interrupted. "I'd like to see some double-blinded randomized controlled trials."

She, mind you, wonderful musician though she may be, is not exactly a doctor. And I, though not a musician, did indeed study and practice medicine.  I broke off the conversation because I realized she had swallowed the government's fear-soaked pablum lock, stock and barrel.  She demanded of a medication with promising empirical results in treating Covid and preventing hospitalisation what she failed to demand of an experimental, hastily developed so-called vaccine for which informed consent was, essentially, taboo. She is one of the Sleepwalkers – wilfully ignorant rather than malevolent, but destructive nonetheless.

I didn't have the time or inclination to tell the Sleepwalker about a healthcare practitioner friend of mine who reluctantly took the jab to keep his job, developed severe myocarditis, applied for an exemption with the help of his rightly concerned cardiologist – and was turned down by the Director General of Health at the time, one Ashley Bloomfield, a physician 'on paper'.  My friend was given the "choice" to receive a second injection, or stop practicing, by the physician Bloomfield who, when presented with the opportunity to make the easiest and most helpful decision a doctor could make, instead elected to err on the side of Mengele and Fauci.

During this Corona War virtually everything has become topsy-turvy. Doctors are no longer allowed to be real doctors, untested inoculations are accepted unthinkingly, musicians become experts in Medicine and victims of the jab are consigned to silence and submission.

This is a rather lengthy preface to my major points in this essay, which concern the faculty of critical reasoning.  Archimedes famously said that given a lever of the right length he could move the Earth. In the field of ratiocination there is an equivalent 'lever' which relies on basic principles, from which one can generally infer significant consequences – if one's reasoning faculties are not asleep.  I would like to give some examples as I look back over the past two years or so.

1. Response to a medical emergency

I won't argue whether or not Covid amounted to a bona fide emergency, but rather what an honest response to a medical emergency should be, namely, "How can we treat people when they are ill and how can we prevent hospitalisation and death?"  Instead we locked people up, kept them apart, allowed those who did contract Covid to suffer until they reached the point of having been hospitalised and then, when hospitalised, subjected them to treatments that made them worse, e.g., ventilators and, later on, Remdesivir.  Those brave and sensible clinicians like Drs. Zelenko and Kory early on acted like real doctors and were subsequently punished by the authorities.

2. Suspicions about the Covid Jabs

Here too I will confine my remarks to concerns purely about the Jabs' reported method of working, and here I will concentrate on the Pfizer injection as this was the chosen intervention in New Zealand. It functioned by providing a genetic sequence, mRNA, that would in turn code for the manufacture of many spike proteins, which would in turn create an antibody response.  We were told that the mRNA would dissipate quickly, that the spike proteins would be localised near the injection site, and that the jab would prevent us from getting Covid.

I suspected from the beginning that the mRNA might not dissipate and that it in fact might find its way into the subject's genome. I suspected that the spike protein might migrate everywhere. I suspected that the spike protein-antibody complex would create autoimmune dangers. I also strongly suspected that these jabs would pose particularly harsh dangers for the elderly and medically compromised. And, finally, I suspected that a jab coding for one particular spike protein would be obsolete as the virus in question began to mutate. I therefore declined to be inoculated, as I also trusted in the developing empirical treatments and natural immunity and health.

Many other doctors (though relatively few overall) expressed similar concerns. Most have acquiesced, either through ignorance, like the sleepwalking musician, or knowing complicity.

We are indeed in a war, and how long this war will last is anybody's guess. Covid is Phase One of an even larger assault whose aim, ultimately, is total enslavement of subject populations to the Few who now have more power at their fingertips than at any other time in world history. Centralized digital currencies, digital identifications, biological manipulation and social credit scores under near total surveillance loom.  For most of us it's really and truly just too hard to believe.

But if we step back and reason from basic observation and principles, this truth is inescapable.

Since when do those in Power not wield their power? Since when have they not employed every means available to increase their power? Since when have they ever regarded the lives of others as indispensable and sacred?

History is, in large part, a record of murder. We are now living in a history where the stakes have literally never been higher, within a War whose outcome will ultimately be determined by the tension between sleepwalking and free-thinking.

The original source of this article is Global Research.

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24 Sep 2022 | 6:01 am

The Unvaccinated Have Won

Ever the optimist, I thought I would spread a little more hope—or "hopium," as it is often called.

As I write this, it has been confirmed that Justin Trudeau—the prime minister who the fact checkers have assured us is definitely not of the Castro lineage—has relented to public pressure and the growing national and international resentment against him and has thusly dropped his insane segregationist vaccine border mandate.

Beginning on September 30, those who remained unvaccinated with an experimental Covid jab—that is to say, human beings who exist the same way they did before 2020—will now be able to travel in and out of the Great White North as if we live in the 21st century and enjoy natural and constitutional rights. What a trip!

I have written extensively for Crisis and other places about my experience as a Canadian living under the Ice Queen in Parliament, and at times I have relayed how difficult it has been for folks like me. When I say "folks like me," I am referring to human beings with an intellect and a will who simply choose to make decisions that Mr. Trudeau would not himself make—perhaps the only thing seen as sinful in Canada under the current regime.

In any event, for my own reasons, I chose to remain vaccine-free, which is my business and should bother no one. But, of course, people like me bothered Trudeau a lot. In fact, we bothered him so much that he called us a "fringe minority"—a "minority" of 6 million people in a nation of 40 million—and said that we have "unacceptable views"; at some point, he equated us with Nazis. Is it just me, or is the equating of right-wingers with Nazis so 2016?

Anyway, his harmful rhetoric and insane megalomania has caused harm in my life. There are immediate family members that I am not sure I will ever see again due to the brainwashing of the Canadian Covidian. And my story is not unique, sadly, as many have suffered even greater trauma due to the complete and utter moron who has lorded over our nation like a petty dictatrix with an inferiority complex.

But, I rejoice in the fact that I can now say the unvaccinated have won.

Now, you might be asking why I say such a thing, given the fact that so much damage has been done due to this stupid question of a medication that hardly works, if it works at all.

Well, let me say this.

Life on Earth is war. It is a war of Ephesians 6, and we fight with the principalities and dominions. Sometimes our leaders and our churchmen are gripped by an ideological memetic contagion that encourages them to do ghastly things, and as a result we are greatly harmed. However, being behind at one moment during a war does not mean you have lost the war. In fact, you could lose every battle, but if you win the decisive battle to end all battles, you have won in the end.

I am not suggesting that the war for true Christian freedom has been won, but I will say with confidence that the fact that Justin Trudeau—the last remaining Covid Führer in the developed world—has dropped his border mandate is significant beyond measure.

You see, Trudeau is a spoiled brat and holds tight to things he wants and has tantrums when you try and take them away. Perhaps he should have been spanked more—don't give his wife, Sophie, any ideas!

The last couple of years have been like a meth-induced power trip for the tantruming Toddler-in-Chief. It seems, now, as if he is a bit out of gas, and even he can't hold on to the toy he does not want to give back.

Read the Whole Article

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24 Sep 2022 | 6:01 am

How To Spy on the Government

As part of the activism that my team and I do, I like to follow public records laws and the latest activity happening around public records. 


This is especially necessary now that I am running Project Accountability, a group of 70 folks who have signed up to help hold their local public health officials accountable for the crimes committed in 2020 and beyond. 


So much information can be learned by just asking. 


Just Ask 


In a recent newspaper story, I saw that the City of Palm Springs, California has been trying for months to get records related to a school in nearby Palm Desert named College of the Desert. The school said it would provide records two weeks after the upcoming election. The city did not find that acceptable and is now suing the school over the matter. 


Someone involved in the matter obviously wants to have more information before the upcoming elections about someone else involved in the matter. Perhaps that person even wants to hold the other accountable. Elections are good at doing that. It might be a bunch of political shenanigans, or it might be an earnest effort at holding a misguided band of fellows accountable. The distinction is not relevant to my purposes, for in either example, both you and I are able to gather knowledge and to steel ourselves for the battles in our own lives. 


I was eager to have a look at the original records request and the legal documents from the City of Palm Springs. I could poke around courthouse websites to see if any data existed, and I could poke around on other online databases. Such searches can be time-consuming and take a great deal of effort. They do not always promise to be fruitful. Admittedly, that particular search is likely to be fruitful since there are only two courthouses that this lawsuit would take place in — the country courthouse or possibly, but not likely, in the nearest federal courthouse. 


Rather than search court records, I sometimes try a different approach. An Andrew Jared was mentioned as counsel for the City of Palm

Springs in this matter, making this a particularly useful time to employ this alternate method. 


The Way That I Asked 


Here's what I did: 


1.) Find the attorney involved. 


Don't just use Google for this, try a better method, which will find you the attorney's contact information more reliably than any common search engine.


2.) Go to the search function of the state bar association, and find the phone number and email for that attorney. 


Every state has a bar association. You may even end up with a private cell phone number from this search. 


3.) Contact the attorney asking if he would kindly send you the court documents you are looking for. 


Truthfully, that attorney doesn't even owe you a response, but a lot of attorneys will respond to a properly phrased request. 


With that article naming Andrew Jared as counsel for the City of Palm Springs, I gave him a call, left him a message, and sent him an email. If I had had his cell phone number from the search, I would have text messaged him too. 


I also took it a little further. 


4.) I filed a quick records request with the city for the text of the lawsuit and the text of the records requests that the city made to the college. 


I took it a little further yet. 


5.) I sent the same to the College of the Desert. 


Out of the three, one of these options will likely pan out, and I will consequently get the documents I have asked for. I also may get a duplicative response, which is good, because it confirms that neither of the opposing government entities were holding out on me. 


It Is Actually Not Very Complicated 


Now, this may all sound very complicated, but it really isn't. This is especially true when you get used to asking for the source documents of anything meaningful to you that you read in the newspaper. All you need to do is to get this in your head, "I trust the media so little that I want to verify anything vaguely important to me that they report on." You probably believe that already, but maybe you do not recognize how easy the process of verifying can be when done through a public records request. 


This took me all of ten minutes of effort to make this happen. As some of the more engaged participants in Project Accountability know, a records request can generally be sent to any email address at a governmental organization and still be fulfilled. It can also just be a sentence or two long. 


I am about to share with you the text of my records request, just so you see with your own eyes the simplicity of making a request. 


The Text Of My Records Request 


Suspecting Jared might write me back, I did not send this request until the next day, because why trouble the government officials or myself when a lawyer can spend five billable minutes sharing the file with me. However, after giving him half a work day to at least acknowledge my email, I moved on with it, and presumed him unresponsive. Most of the time, I just send the request at the same time so that I don't need to come back to the topic. Here is the exact text of what I sent. 



Dear Sir or Madam, 


I am writing to request the following documents under open records laws: 


1.) All court filings related to the Palm Springs records requests to College of the Desert over the past year; 


2.) All records requests sent by Palm Springs to College of the Desert over the past year. 


Please confirm receipt. 


Thank you for your time. 




Allan Stevo 



What Is My Motivation For Doing This? 


Palm Springs is a town I have never given much thought to, and College of the Desert, I had never heard of until reading that article about the lawsuit. 


What is my motivation for wanting documents so unrelated to the things I know about or care about? Well, I want to learn from others and see how others do public records requests. I almost always learn something new in such situations. 


Also interesting to me is when government fights government. Such happenings are almost always impassioned and filled with trickery. Once in a while, if you pay attention to such fights, you have the opportunity to learn a technique you may never have come across any other way. 


So, with ten minutes of reaching out with a records request, I get a peek into some expert legal techniques that might have cost me $25,000 or $50,000 in legal fees to learn about. But more important than the money, learning these techniques would have required me to fight my own energy-draining and time-consuming legal battle. 


Instead of going through all of that, I get to pop some popcorn, and curl up with the response to my records request. 


Truthfully, I neither pop popcorn nor curl up with a records request, but I'm sure you get the imagery of what I'm saying — I get to relax by making it a point to observe what's happening around me and to learn from what others are doing.


And you might just benefit from that behavior of mine too. 


What Is In It For You? 


"Allan Stevo, how does this nerdy hobby of yours benefit me?" you may ask.


That may happen one day when you are in the middle of a big battle, and you reach out to me, and I share with you some stratagem that I came across some time over the past several decades of fighting these fights and watching these battles. I was a wee lad the first time I was marched into battle as the armor bearer of a man wiser, braver, and more tenacious than me. 


And I would like to think some of it rubbed off on me. 


I have no fear of the ego deflation that it causes some to sit at the feet of one more learned. I want to learn as much as I can, and will train under anyone who knows what I desire to grow in. I seek to help that person's efforts in any way that I can. After all, why should he bother to help me when there is nothing in it for him? I seek to engage my learning as quickly as I can in order to grow. 


Face Masks Hurt Kids is a lot like that. It is me taking the research of wiser minds, compiling that research into a collection so neither you nor I need to do that research ourselves. It is research which proves that face masks hurt kids. We probably both already know that by being the slightest bit intuitive on whether our bodies need a ten cent polypropylene mask from Wuhan province strapped to our faces in order to work properly, but sometimes it may also help to have demonstrable science on our side. 


Don't Stop At Knowledge 


It isn't about stopping there. To stop there is mere intellectual masturbation. It is about taking those learnings and applying them as quickly as possible, as effectively as possible, to grow and to champion your values. 


Knowing is not enough.  


Having good values is not enough. 


You owe it to your values to win. 


You owe it to posterity to win. 


Face masks do not just hurt kids. They hurt everyone. And the existing mask mandates need to be banished from our lives permanently, recognized for the lie that they are.


That is one piece of work in front of us. And when that lie has crumbled, other fortresses of deceit will follow. 




I send out encouraging words each day by email. You can signup to receive those by tapping here. (https://realstevo.com/search) When you signup, I will also send you a free report explaining why Duck Duck Go is the absolute worst search engine for censorship, and what search engines you can use that will not censor. 

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