2022-01-22 10:22:38

Whenever the people need hero we shall provide him

"Whenever the people need hero we shall provide him" - Albert Pike

The covid scam is a terrify, divide, conquer and digitally enslave most of the population operation.

The perpetrators are elite interests.

Forced vaccination is the prime mover.

The trick of keeping control of large masses of people is to keep them ignorant of their own power – one way is by having elite “heroes” do for them what they’ve been convinced they can’t do for themselves. Then those heroes are in control of the flow of information.

In this way opposition is kept hoodwinked and unable to grass-roots organize.

Novak who was silent until now steps up onto the world stage to play the ceremonial role of push back.

It distracts and stirs up another firestorm of hope and outrage and this emotional trauma primes the mass subconscious again for further messaging.

Ultimately when nothing comes of his antics, the people experience demoralization and so on and so on.

Djokovic is privileged at the pleasure of individuals and entities currently trying to shift and enslave the world. If he was a threat to their agenda he’d be a distant memory.

- Toy Aussie

more: healthimpactnews.com

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