2022-02-20 13:11:48

Scamdemic Gestapo Nazi Pig of the Year

Nominations for Scamdemic Gestapo Nazi Pig of the Year are still being accepted, equestrian skills a plus

"They need all sorts in enforcement including control freaks, sadists and pyromaniacs. Not all these get the chance to invade foreigners and cut/blow them up. So, some join the police."

- mgeo

"This simply had to play out the way it did; the globalists absolutely could not surrender an inch of power they have assumed during the plandemic. There was never a question of getting the petulant child who masquerades as PM, a WEF future leaders graduate), to step down from his self-constructed pedestal to mingle with the deplorables. To do so would make the protesters’s complaints valid, and that would blow the lid off the totalitarian world the elites are building back better, for themselves

Sadly, we built the prison that we now live in. We gave them control over our movements through cell phones, we gave them control over our money (after all, it’s the big hedge fund bankers who started this whole mess in the first place), we allowed them to vote emergency powers for themselves, with no accountability (by voting for the lawmakers who made this possible),; we built this prison for ourselves. (Catherine Austin Fitts eloquently explains how that happened, if you’re interested in that sort of thing.) Let’s hope the world is paying attention. Globalists will not stop until or unless we stop them. They are relentless, driven, well funded, well coordinated, they have the support of all sovereign governments, all the banks, all the media, all the police and military, they own or control all the money, all of our bank accounts, all of our pension funds, etc. Basically, they own almost everything , which is the globalists’s dream (You’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy). The only thing they don’t have the full support of is: We The People."

- Joe Van Steenbergen

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