From ISIS to SDF

Former ISIS field commander Abu Awla, now SDF field commander, celebrates the new year with a Kurdish-American cake.

The Kurds are the whores of the Middle East. They always whore themselves out to foreign imperial interests (most recently Israel/ America, previously the Shah’s Iran, amongst others) and inevitably pay the price for this when their foreign patrons dump them as soon as it becomes expedient. The Turks would do us all a rare favour if they wiped out these quisling whores once and for all. Sad, but they don’t deserve anything better and they have no future.

One interesting aspect of the Syrian conflict is the efficacy and success of the Russian intervention. This initially consisted of 28 aircraft, 12 SU24 bombers, 12 SU25 ground attack aircraft, 4 fighters, a few helicopters and some ground forces mainly to protect the air component. Consider what was achieved with great economy of force. Most of Syria was rapidly liberated from the West’s proxy head choppers, The whole regime change operation came to a grinding halt and was thrown into reverse. The commitment of 100,000 throat slitters, transported into the region from 100 countries, courtesy of the US/ UK taxpayer and bankrolled at a cost of tens of billions, ended in failure. All the money, arms, propaganda, lies and chicanery ended in abject failure. The West’s pet terrorist creation, ISIS, was bombed into oblivion along with its oil thieving business. Yet again, the regime change project achieved none of its objectives. No fragmented patchwork quilt of a Syrian state with jihadi puppets in charge serving Zionist interests. No pipeline from Qatar through Syria. The state sponsors of terror (US/ UK/ EU/ Israel/ Turkey/ Gulf Dictatorships) all got their fingers burnt. The EU got terrorism at home plus millions of unassimilable destabilising refugees. The Turks got the chaos they deserved at home. The Zionists got a new permanent presence of Iran and Hezbollah next door. An awful lot of people were hoist with their own petard. And all that is just scratching the surface. There will be many long term consequences not currently foreseen.

Not a bad achievement for 28 aircraft, though you have to acknowledge most of the fighting was undertaken by the Syrian Army and their allies. Compare this with the 3 million US troops rotated through Iraq/ Afghanistan over the past 20 years, at a cost of $7.5 trillion.

I would like to see Vanessa looking ahead at what we should expect to happen there over the next few years. Syria could well prove to be the rock on which western imperialism foundered and sealed its own fate, like Stalingrad 80 years ago..

- Paul

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