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Ukraine: Drug Testing Ground

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Ukraine: Drug Testing Ground

 mp4 | Odysee

directed: Maksim Sergeev RU 2023 27m

American human rights lawyer Daniel Kovalik, spent almost 30 years investigating the clandestine CIA project known as MK-Ultra. Following World War II, the CIA secretly recruited over 1,100 Nazi scientists and brought them to the United States to continue their sinister experiments which was aimed at creating “super soldiers” through the use of mind-altering substances like methamphetamines.

What is the deep-rooted history of these experiments and their modern-day manifestation in Ukraine? Oleg Suprun, head of Lugansk hospital that for years was occupied by nationalists, believes soldiers under the drugs are losing touch with reality. ‘Even their own, they even killed fellow troops,’ recalls Oleg. Who developed such programme to change human personality with the aid of drugs, and how far-reaching is it?

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