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Flatten The Curve

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Flatten The Curve

 mp4 | Odysee

directed: Vikka Draziv USA 2022, 1h 31m

When Professionals' like Pilots , Engineers, Marines, Navy Question The Shape Of The Earth !!!

Military, Merchant Marines, Submariners, Aeronautical Engineers, Pilots, Radar Technicians, and Engineers provide their first-hand real world expertise to debunk the biggest lie that the "Globalists" have conned humanity into believing.

I’ve noticed that there is no subject that triggers a greater level of cognitive dissonance than the belief in the globe. However, anyone who possesses the courage and intellectual honesty to research this subject will inevitably come to the conclusion that we do, in fact, live on a flat and stationary earth.

There could be no "Globalists" without the false belief in the "Globe".

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