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Sofa Surfers Member to release long awaited solo debut album on self-founded label, redefining the mixture of rock with electronic.

As a member of the Sofa Surfers, Wolfgang Frisch has written downbeat-history, is part of a highly acclaimed live-band and did remixes for the likes of Ennio Morricone, Cornershop, Femi Kuti and many more.

Wolfgang Frisch's role has always been the one to bring in some more experimental as well as rock-orientated influences. Inspired by the likes of Mark Ribot, Fred Frith, King Crimson, Frisch had always added some in-depth and subtle colors to the electronic and dub-driven sound of the Sofa Surfers. His first full length solo album, called "The Hundred" is the manifestation of an original vision, with subtle textures, lots of attention to details, a very special, shadowy feel that borders on the exotic. The Salzburg-born thirtysomething plays all the instruments on "The Hundred", is responsible for all the programming and electronic generated sound. The songs "Perpetually" and "Blood Rivers" breathe the fresh air of the talent of a guest vocalist Steve Mathewson on the otherwise instrumental album.

Wolfgang Frisch is now the third surfer with a solo album under his belt. And for some listeners, combing the albums of Markus Kienzl, Wolfgang Schlögl aka I-Wolf and Wolfgang Frisch will bring the specific sound of the Sofa Surfers full circle.

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