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Audio Visual Drum'n'Bass Brekbeat

Visionary Underground is a technology driven, audiovisual drum 'n' bass/breakbeat band from London. At VU's core, DJ Feelfree's distinctive, driving beats are laced with UK hip hop, ragga, soul, dub and Asian flavas and accompanied by VJ Coco's vibrant, interactive visuals. Damion Mulrain's soaring vocals are a perfect counterpoint to the fluid delivery of rapper Duane Flames. Collectively, they ably demonstrate that they have a finger on the pulse of the nation's psyche. Their live performances, delivered with energy and passion, are underpinned by the mighty, melodic basslines of Dr Das (founder member and formerly of Asian Dub Foundation).

The debut album “Keep The Grime On” saw many guest collaborations but new album “Fired Up” reverts to a more traditional format of featuring mainly only band members.

Reflecting Visionary Underground's independent nature, VU Recordings, their own label was created to overcome the lethargy of, and lack of opportunity in the music industry. “When no-one gives you an opportunity – you have to make your own”.

VU have always embraced internet technology and acknowledged it as a powerful tool that can help you reach people all over the world. Since their conception, they have given away many MP3 downloads from the VU site. “It's a good way of introducing people to our sound and also gives something back to all those that have been supporting us”.

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