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Surya is a four piece experimental-doom-sludge band from London, U.K.

After releasing a one-track demo the band went to Bear Bites Horse studio in May 2015 to record their first full-length album, Apocalypse A​.​D. With Wayne Adams. The album was released on cd in late May 2016 via Argonauta Records.

At the beginning of 2017 Greg took over from Rafal on guitar.

In 2017 the band travelled to Europe to play shows in Poland, Germany, Belgium & the Netherlands. These included Fuck Fascism #5 & Black Earth festivals.

Live tape release by ATMAN Records (Berlin April '17)

Apocalypse A.D. was released on Vinyl in August 2017 by Up the PUNX Records, D.I.Y. Kolo Records, Stradoom Records, ATMAN Records & Argonauta Record

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