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the sweet but deadly sugar pill

KtD! were founded by the two main Nihilists ( famously known as Moimir Papalescu and The Nihilsts), La Petite Sonja /voc., keyb., synth./ and Hank J. Manchini /voc., guit./ with an old-school-punk-rock guitarist Richard Fischer (also of Take Death). The trio was joined by hammering drummer Vratislav Placheta (Green Monster and also of The Nihilists) and a bass man Michal Hořejší (Martin Růžička before). Within the last three years of its quiet existence, this remarkable gang from Prague played dozens of gigs at home, in the Czech Republic, then in Germany and Switzerland.

KtD!'s ingredients for this leathal sonic cocktail are sixties' garage rock with thick layers of hammonds, analog synths and wild guitar bites. Their sources of inspiration run deep, from The Cramps-esque psychotic rock'n'roll, Lee Hazelwood's loli-poppy country ballads, The Velvet Underground's unbrushed rawness, to Phil Spector's noisy wall of sound. Maybe this is why Kill The Dandies! are so sweet and dangerous at the same time.

Their long awaited Album „I Saw White Fields“ – is out now, released on the band's own label Drug Me Records, abroad (worldwide) on Berlin's BLASS Music / FREIBANK and distributed by Pale Music Int.

Producing the album were the „Dandies“ themselves together with the legendary „flying“ Dutch man Bert Neven, amongst many others known for working with the KILLING JOKE. Starring guests on the record where Berlin's Warren Suicide's vocalist Chérie, and of ourse, the one and only Steve Morell.

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