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I/O is a contemporary music's project which mix the different background of the members through the technique of improvisation. The result is an original sound in which is possible to get a glimpse of minimalism, free-jazz and de-structured rock. I/O is the sum of two well defined half: one-half is acoustic and it is composed by doublebass and drums, and the other-half is electric, filtered and with real-time samples, and it is composed by voice and guitar. After the release of the first album, in which the ensemble has been explored the rarefaction of the sound and its timbers, the band focused its attention on the "pulse" concept: the complex and de-structured rhythms become the framework of the I/O sound. An evidence of this process is the new album "Polytone", released by Ebria Records and Fratto9 Under the Sky records and distributed in Italy by Jazz Today. I/O has been played in many festivals, clubs, squats, cultural associations and art galleries with different artists like: LIARS (US), Damo Suzuki's Network, OvO, ZU, Giuseppe Ielasi, Sinistri, Tasaday, Tiziano Tononi, Uncode Duello and many others.

I/O has acknowledged the emphasis on "Polytone" is to capture the rhythmic aspects of their improvisations, and their constant flow of engaging beats has no doubt led to comparisons with Can. That, and I/O's collaborations with Damo Suzuki. What is possibly more relevant is the post-punk guitar style that reigns over this record, and the air of Glenn Branca menace it wields. At other times there's a sound reminiscent of the early-90s bands such as Trumans Water or Big Black, which is pretty damn interesting in this context.

Reali's voice rarely rises above a guttural growling, supportive capacity, filling in the spaces left by the other three instruments. That's not to downplay his contribution, rather an indication of how powerfully the instruments gel. While there may have been no overdub, it's clear I/O understand each other's intentions very well, and are inclined to choose teamwork over individual expression.

This is an excellent recording, with impressive production values that refrain from being intrusive. Sounding for the most part like a very inventive rock band more than jazz or improv, I/O have brought something new and exciting to the party.

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