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No Way Out, My Friend

The trio HOME from Innsbruck is serving a rough mix of rock-based riffs and metal grooves to the audience. Most people may call that sludge, some may declare it as Post-Hardcore, but the band itself doesn't mind to be caught in between anyway. With such an attitude, why not just pick a name which can't be found by any search engine within the first 10.000 results? Of course just as long as you are looking for the three Austrians who released a self-titled EP in 2010, which has been described with the following kind words: "If you asked me to describe this album in 3 words I would say brutal, crushing and riffus." Well, they seem to get their message across!

Hans-Peter Ganner - Bass, Vocals

Amadeus Mader - Guitar

Mathias Magerle - Drums

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