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apocalypse psychedelicka

Galacticka is a five-piece-musical-collective from tampere, finland that is very much interested in freeform guitar-based instrumental music. the collective consists of the usual rockband-instrumentation, meaning: two guitars operated by vesa and jussi, bass by mika and drums by jukka, plus nixon with analog soundscapes.

Galacticka play together on the understanding that no track will ever be finished and thus always be created new, whether that is in the rehearsal space or on stage. based on an often pretty heavy sound, more rhythmic than melodic, that is opposed by the moog / rhodes that flows free and by all means excessive in the overall sound, they create an almost hypnotic atmosphere that draws the listeners into the cosmos of galacticka. shaken but also soothed, the listeners will emerge at the end of the experience that is listening to galacticka, all filled with new impressions. this music is their tool to start a new cult to celebrate and embrace the apocalypse that is originated in their souls and was raised in the darkness they call home.

after a brief visit to germany in summer 2oo6 to export their 'waste of space rock', they went back to finland to record their full length debut 'apocalypse psychedelicka'. the record captures the energy and the deep, dark groove that makes galacticka unique very well and also gives a good idea about the freeform music they play.

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