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Evolution So Far, punk hardcore, clearly in difficulties since 2001. We live in La Spezia, Italy, and that's part of the problem. We recorded our first songs in 2002, and released them on a split cd with For I Am Blind. In 2004 we released our first full lenght, The Armies Of Bitterness. Short, aggressive and melodic stuff influenced by the 80's american and european punk hardcore, and keepin' an eye on some of the modern bands too. In the meantime we played around italy and europe, changin a guitar player and enlisting a nihilist brick (yes, a brick).

Actually, that might have no meaning at all, 'cause we were told the world already ended. In doubt, we play like there's no tomorrow, or just too much of it. Our music is influenced by the '80s punk hardcore, '70s rock, post-nihilism and sudden, uncontrollable changes of mood. Our last effort is Dylar, a 12 songs album with a fat, dark sound and a fat, sick imaginary. Visit evolutionsofar.com or get in touch for any further info, and don't shy away if you find us mildly autistic, in the end it's all a belly laugh.

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