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mix of different styles... alternative, punk, hardcore

Deverova Chyba started off in 1997 in a southbohemian town Tábor. From the begining the line-up is two basses, drums and vocal (czech lyrics)… for the year 1998 violoncellist Ivana joined the band (CD demo Modra ryma 1998). They play a mix of different styles… alternative, punk, hardcore whereas the charakteristic sound is given by the instruments line-up. In various reviews that were published all over Europe but also in the US they are being compared to bands such as NoMenasNo, Fugazi, Shellac, Unsane but aslo to the fundamental bands of the czech alternative scene like Dunaj or Uz jsme doma. Deverova Chyba espouses to the DIY scene, that..s why the first official record came out on their own lable FreeDimension. This recording was a 7... split single with the band Blank (2000). Later they recorded more 7.... split singles - one with Sabot (2004) and one with the French band Dupek (2008).

Deverova Chyba has also appeared on some compilations – Ten Years Ego (NoiseWorks rec.-1999) or Zwei Kessel Buntes (NWR 2002) - with allied bands like Gnu, OTK, Esgmeq, Anyway, Lyssa and others. Two first full-length records came out on FreeDimension… DOFOROTY (2001) and DO STRAN (2003), the latest aldmu CLUB 59 came out on the allied Prague-based lable Silver Rocket. For all three albums Deverova Chyba was nominated for the award Andel (paradoxicaly the official award of the Czech music academy) in the category alternative… however they never got the award. But in the year 2003 they got the Zluta ponorka (Yellow submarine) awared given by the music critiks together with the bands Sabot, Waawe and Sunshine as the representatives of the so called "Tabor scene".

Deverova Chyba takes part on various festivals and thank to their wide music style scatter they are big international festivals like Alternativa Praha aswell as all kinds of DIY festivals all over Europe. Doing the 11 years of existence they toured western and central Europe (Germany, Austria, Holland, Belgiím, England, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Croatia, Poland and Slovakia) together with a personaly interconected band C. All around they toured Europe six times and made their dream come true when opening for NoMeansNo in Strasbourg. Later they opend for NMN again in 2007 in Brno (CZ). Besides NMN they got to play with another big band they appreciate - Girls Against Boys in Prague.

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