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seduction, reduction, indoctrination

Counterblast started early -93. hoccy and steve, earlier members of the speedcore grinders g-anx, got together with janne meijner, later more known for his terrorshow projekt, and started to develope some more slower and heavy tunes compared to our earlier bands. pretty soon thereafter andreas joined in on bass. After another six months the band was complete adding the sanctum - mago member palle, on keyboard and sampling, as well as martin on vocals. A first demo was recorded in november and was spread with absolutely no response at all. in spring -94 janne decided to quit and while searching for another guitarist we was dead until october, when we decided to continue with one guitar and did a sweden tour together with extinction of mankind and warcollapse.

Coming back from that experience, we went into the studio and rerecorded four songs from our demo of which two was released on the "prospects" 7", out on skuld releases. the other songs ended up on compilations. January -96 we recorded our debut album "balance of pain", that was released as a tripple split project between skuld releases, elderberry rec´s and profane existance. available on lp, cd and cassette. Two more songs was recorded at the same time and appear on two compilations.

In spring -97 we did a two weeks european tour together with scatha from scotland. martin then decided he wanted to quit the band and in october -97 he did his last three gigs on a minitrip to germany. After that things has been going pretty slow. martin was replaced by a bearded man named jocke. september -99 we toured the u.s. west coast for two weeks. since then, until summer -02 we've finally finished the work with the new album. are we slow or...

hoccy - drums, andreas - bass, steve - guitar/vocals, palle - keyboard/sampling/vocals, jocke - vocals, (the 6th member: carleklev - programming/sampling)

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