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Archbishop Kebab began in 1986 in Edinburgh, Scotland. Having a 13 year life span which brought various line up changes. Toured the length and breadth of the UK for the first 3 years. Released YINFERRANODGIE their first LP, in 1989 and set off on the first of many European tours. In 1993 released their second LP BEYOND MA KEN. Then came along HEELIEGOLEERIE AND SCUNNERED (but cheerie). BELLYHUNTING, the last LP recorded in 1997.

Angela (soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone), Anna (tenor saxophone), Bud (guitar, bass), Carole (bass), Duncan (drums), Elaine (cello), George (bass), James (violin), Karen (vocals, alto saxophone, melodica), Marcus (guitar, drums, trumpet), Neil (mandolin, bass, drums, vocals), Rose (tenor saxophone), Wak (guitar)

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