Work. Order. Progress.

by Paul Cudenec on Winter Oak

A certain degree of confusion seems to have been caused by my recent article about the fast-disappearing illusion of democracy here in France.

Somebody asked me how I could, at one and the same time, point to the Macron regime's proximity to the Rothschilds and also to the fascistic tone of its politics, notably its new catchphrase of "work, order and progress".

Surely, they said, the famous Jewish banking dynasty represents something entirely different to Adolf Hitler's odious state, even its direct opposite?

Well, not really, as anyone would realise who had read The Great Racket right through to the end.

But because not everyone has the time to tackle a 300-page book of essays, let alone the sources from which I assembled the information, I thought it would be useful to summarise the ways in which the fascistic "Work-Order-Progress" agenda is, also, thoroughly Rothschildian in tone.


The Rothschilds have been identified by their critics since the 19th century [1] as exploiters of the people and still enjoy using the term "human capital" today. [2]

They are always keen on the idea of other people, little insignificant people, being obliged to work hard to make more money for them.

Natty Rothschild (1840-1915) sneered at "the much pampered and not over-worked British workman" [3] and Alphonse de Rothschild declared in 1897: "I am sure that, generally speaking, working people are very satisfied with their lot… One has to distinguish between good and bad workers. Those who demand the eight hour day are the lazy, incapable ones. The others, the steady serious fathers of families, want to be able to work long enough to provide for themselves and their family. But if they were all compelled to work only eight hours a day do you know what the majority of them would do? Well they would drink!… What else would you expect them to do?" [4]

The Rothschilds were delighted to profit from free prison labour in their nickel mines in the French colony of New Caledonia in the late 1800s. [5]

A vision of workers with no rights and no wages is the holy grail for any self-respecting financial parasite.

In a bid to minimise the costs of paying workers, their global empire never hesitates in uprooting vast numbers of us from our homelands and dumping us in some other part of the world.

One notorious example is that of the Chinese workers their associates shipped to South Africa at the start of the 20th century to work in the mines for less money than black workers.

Comments historian John Hamill: "These Chinese were brought over in the prime of life to be broken on the wheel within three years for the purpose of grinding out ever greater profits for the monsters of greed who owned them". [6]


The Rothschilds have always been big fans of order, of keeping the plebs in their place.

In the early 19th century they backed "the forces of the Counter-Revolution", [7] explains historian Jean Bouvier: "Everywhere they helped to provide money to absolute monarchies and prince-tyrants in difficulties". [8]

When revolution broke out in France in 1848, rebels targeted the profiteering Rothschilds and their railway infrastructure.

A Rothschild chateau in the Parisian suburbs was set on fire and a section of their Nord railway line near Paris suffered more than a million francs of damage. [9]

Eventually "order" was restored and it was business as usual for the dynasty.

They got worried about losing control and profits again at the time of the Paris Commune of 1871.

Alphonse de Rothschild warned in internal correspondence that France risked becoming "a hotbed of anarchy". [10]

He initially hoped to deal with the threat of insurrection by means of controlled opposition, "moderate" republican leaders "who under the present circumstances could be called on to exercise an influence on events" and who had personally reassured him of their commitment to maintaining "order". [11]

But when that didn't work, it was time to take off the velvet gloves.

Alphonse did not hide his hatred of the "dangerous classes" of Paris. The state had to "get rid of all those vermin, veritable gallows fodder who constantly threaten society", he fumed. "Purge France and the world of all those rogues". [12]

In the Bloody Week which followed in May 1871, some 20,000 people died, including 10,000 Communards lined up and shot in improvised "abattoirs" at the orders of the army commanders. [13]

In the 1880s, when British warships bombarded Alexandria after riots had broken out in the Egyptian city, Alphonse de Rothschild wrote enthusiastically of the establishment of "law and order". [14]

In 1893 Arthur de Rothschild described the use of murderous force against the Matabele people of southern Africa as "a sharp engagement… 100 of them having been killed, whilst there was, I am happy to say, hardly a single casualty on our side".

The main interest for him was that this had resulted in what he called "a little spurt in the shares" of his family's business. [15]

In the 20th century the Rothschilds' murky and self-concealing financial empire, in particular through its J.P. Morgan front, [16] funded Benito Mussolini's [17] and Adolf Hitler's regimes. [18]

What better way of ensuring "order" and sustainable prosperity for the ultra-rich than by banning troublesome trade unions and left-wing political opposition, sourcing prison camp labour for private gain, embarking on massive industrial and military spending and remodelling human life to answer the needs of their greed machine?


Progress is, of course, a deceitful term used to sell us industrialism and its machineries, which are designed to cut labour costs, increase profits for the overclass and ramp up their control over the rest of us.

As I detail in the book, the Rothschilds have been heavily involved in everything to do with industrialisation for the last 200 years, as major players in railways, mining, steel, oil, chemicals, plastics, pharmaceutics, uranium and the nuclear industry.

They are, of course, fully aligned with the "progress" associated with the Great Reset. Their employee Kate Bingham was acclaimed by The Guardian in November 2022 for "putting the UK on the front foot for early deployment of vaccines during the pandemic" and said to be calling for an "expert leader" to coordinate the country's future vaccine policies. [21]

Victor Rothschild, who worked for MI5 and for Royal Dutch Shell as well as for N. M. Rothschild & Sons, was a pioneer in the world of biotech, which is closely linked to transhumanism. [22]

The Rothschilds are also involved in impact investment, the insidious means by which speculators aim to turn human lives into digital commodities, for instance through the Asset Management division of Rothschild & Co, with its "social impact investment fund", [19] or via their St James's Place Charitable Foundation. [20]

The Swiss-based Edmond de Rothschild entity happily endorses the whole Fourth Industrial Revolution circus in the form of "Farming 4.0", [23] "Digital Lifestyle", [24] "Cybersecurity" [25] and "Sustainable Governance" [26] and has established a strategic partnership in the realm of "innovative food", technology linked to "alternative proteins", new agricultural systems and the creation of "digital solutions" to nutrition. [27]

It uses the same pompous tone deployed by Klaus Schwab of the Swiss-based WEF in depicting itself at the vanguard of "progress".

It declares: "We are bold builders of the future… At Edmond de Rothschild, we believe that wealth is what tomorrow can be made of". [28]

Their wealth, that is, of course…

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All images from Fritz Lang's 1927 film Metropolis.

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    GerdaVs 15 May 2023 | 9:37 am

    This, to me, is perhaps the first comprehensively revealing information on the so secretive family that likes to hide behind other names such as J.P.Morgan. I have to laugh at the inclusion of the 'de' in front of their name. They fed impoverished aristocrats with their money like addicts until everything had to be handed over to them, including the aristocratic title of 'de'.


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