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Science! Blessed be Thy Name: The Vanishing Value of Religious Freedom

by Jordan Henderson on Winter Oak

Freedom of Religion can no longer bring about the freedom that it could have in past ages had it actually been implemented; only a Freedom of Belief System could do that today. The reason for this is straightforward; Freedom of Religion would have been a big deal back when the dominant belief system was a religion; Freedom of Religion would have meant the freedom not to have the dominant belief system imposed upon you.

But Freedom of Religion can no longer shield you from having the dominant belief system imposed upon you because today the dominant belief system is The Science as dictated by the state. The Science now serves the same role for rationalizing political power that the church used to do.

I want to first illustrate our new reality, through two written examples. The first example under the subheading "A Little Chat About the Good News," presents the dogmas of The Science in satire through religious terminology.

The second example under the subheading "Proof of Baptism Required," is the reverse and asks us to imagine what it would look like if governments were forcing religious dogmas and rituals upon the population in place of scientific dogmas and rituals.

In other words the first example asks us to imagine religious dogma swapped with science dogma. The second example asks us to imagine the opposite scenario: science rituals and dogma swapped with religious rituals and dogma.

1st Example: A Little Chat About the Good News

Do you have a moment? Can I tell you a little about our Savior Science?

Have you heard the good news about vaccines? Here let me share with you. I'll just open up The Holy Scriptures of the Peer Reviewed Journals, turn to the Book of Pharma, and there we go! Chapter 20, verse 19, The Doctrine of Salvation Through Vaccination: (clears throat)

"For Science so loved the world that it gave its many begotten vaccines so that none might perish but that all who get their vaccines might live till their next booster shot"

Now, have you accepted vaccinations into your body as your savior and protector? No?! Then repent and get vaccinated! For as we know from the Doctrine of Original Infection:

"For all could be infected and fall short of the glorious sterility of industrialized medicine"

Look, I know that you have fallen prey to conspiracy theories, but you have to understand that The Science is beyond your capability to evaluate or critique. Discerning the truth is the job of the Scientist, your job is to trust and believe what the Approved Scientists tell you. Have faith in The Science, for as it is written:

"Science is the way, the truth, and the light, none come to the truth save through Science"

2nd Example: Proof of Baptism Required

What if the government of the USA decreed that no foreigners would be allowed in unless they showed proof of having been baptized?

What if State and local governments ordered lockdowns of all non-religious activity on Sundays?

What if governments at all levels mandated the wearing of an outward statement of faith such as a cross necklace in certain places, and for travel?

What if proof of baptism and the wearing of cross necklaces was a requirement in order to work for the government?

What if the government mandated that even private businesses would have to demand of their customers the wearing of cross necklaces, and that even private schools could only employ people who had proof of baptism?

Freedom of Religion is an Inadequate Relic

Religious Freedom entails both the freedom to practice a religion of your choice if you so choose, and it also crucially involves freedom from other people's religions. That is to say a society that could be regarded as having Religious Freedom would be one in which no one would be mandated to take part in the rites and rituals of any given religion.

Freedom from the obligation to take part in the rituals of other people's religion is not a new concept or desire that has only risen with the rise of atheism; freedom from religion, specifically freedom from taking part in the rites and rituals of the state's chosen religion was something that Christians themselves insisted upon and were punished for in ancient Rome.

Religious Freedom didn't need to be called Freedom of Belief System because it is a concept from times and places in which the dominant belief systems were religions; it would have been sufficient for those times, it is nowhere near sufficient for these times. We are proud of having Religious Freedom and take comfort in having this freedom at a time in which Religious Freedom counts for less than it ever has before. The belief systems of The Science and also Statism (disguised as "Patriotism" for the Right, and "Democracy" for the Left) have superseded in prestige and prevalence the religious belief systems.

Western governments and ruling classes can easily afford Religious Freedom for the commoners because they no longer use religion as the primary means of justifying their power. Temporal authorities force upon the populace the belief systems that they control and that they use to justify their power, which are now science and democracy as defined by the state.

Bragging about Religious Freedom in the USA , as the Patriotic Right here is prone to do, is akin to bragging about how we don't burn witches at the stake anymore. You have the freedom to be a witch or sorcerer and we won't burn you - Wow what a freedom! Considering that as a society we almost all condemn the burning of witches, and have condemned this for some time, it is absolutely unimpressive and nothing to brag about that we don't burn witches anymore.

Likewise Western culture by and large has long since moved past the imposition of a state chosen religion and more or less allowed everyone to practice their own choice of religion. Consequently, the freedom to go to church on Sunday, or Saturday, or frequent a synagogue, or attend no religious services at all, is nothing to brag about. No one in the West would have any excuse to do otherwise than allow this basic Religious Freedom - it's not even an expectation, it's a given.

But this progress is actually an illusion, we need only move beyond the inadequate term Religious Freedom, and think in the just slightly broader term Freedom of Belief System and we can immediately see that we do not have a Freedom of Belief System, and the state is still imposing a state chosen, official belief system upon us - The Science.

Even your basic right to attend a church/synagogue/mosque is only permitted to you until the dominant belief system, The Science, says otherwise. When The Science says no church (as was the case in the lockdowns) there is no church. Who needs to tell businesses when they can be open or closed based on old fashioned Sunday Laws? No one, because now authorities can close businesses and events at will, based on Science Laws.

"Ah, but unlike those silly religions, science is for real"

Such is an objection we might expect to hear from The Followers of The Science who "know" that their faith in The Science is justified, and they "know" The Science is right, and therefore they believe that the state has the right to force the rituals and rites of The Science upon the non-believers. Well let's think about it:

Christians and Muslims justified the imposition of their belief system because it was The Truth, they "knew" it was The Truth. Unlike those other silly belief systems that were wrong, their belief system was right, and they knew it. They trusted the experts (religious authorities). The Followers of The Science are no different from Christians and Muslims imposing their belief system through Holy Wars/Crusades/Jihads; they "know" that they are right, their belief system is The Truth, and everyone else is wrong. It's for your own good and the good of all society.

Another Objection that we Might Expect from The Followers of The Science

"We can't afford to pretend that The Science has no more a corner on The Truth than mere religions; if we don't adhere to the rituals and rites of The Science (Vaccines, Masks, Lockdowns, Testing, and yet more Vaccines) and impose them upon all society we will all suffer from the Wrath of Scien . . . I mean the microbes will breed in the unclean bodies of the Unvaccinated and then they will infect the true believers, the Vaccinated!"

Once again, the same arguments belief systems always use as justification for imposing themselves through force on non-believers and heretics: All of society will suffer unless everyone complies with the dominant belief system. Let's go even further back, before Christians and Muslims, and use an example straight out of the Old Testament.

"While the people of Israel were in the wilderness, they found a man gathering sticks on the Sabbath day. And those who found him gathering sticks brought him to Moses and Aaron and to all the congregation. They put him in custody, because it had not been made clear what should be done to him. And the Lord said to Moses, "The man shall be put to death; all the congregation shall stone him with stones outside the camp." And all the congregation brought him outside the camp and stoned him to death with stones, as the Lord commanded Moses." Numbers 15:32-36

So you see, the Israelites had to stone that guy to death, not because Moses was an authoritarian control freak who demanded that no one dare defy his authority. No, not at all, it wasn't a power play or anything like that, no, Moses was simply following the scie - I mean God told him to, Moses said so himself.

Throughout the Old Testament it is a recurring theme that everyone must comply, for noncompliance will bring God's wrath upon the nation of Israel, or God will turn his back on Israel as their enemies overrun them. In other words, compliance with the dictates of priestly authority was basically framed in the terms of public safety.

Nothing has changed, only the name of the excuse; authorities now force compliance with The Science rather than God's laws, but it is the exact same ploy. The authorities pretend that they are not ordering you around, they are just following something else like God's laws or The Science, and they just so happen to be in a position to decide what God or The Science demands. It's all about sacrificing individual freedom (of the commoners) to protect the group from the boogeyman of God's wrath or the latest virus. The boogeyman can be held at bay by certain rituals which only work if everyone does them, to appease God or The Science.

In the Middle Ages heretics were burnt to protect society from being infected by their ideas. You see the authorities didn't want to burn the heretics, and honestly I believe the authorities really probably didn't want to burn them in most cases, but they had to, to stop the spread of heresy. They saw heresy as a disease infecting the body of believers - the church. The medieval authorities had to stop the spread of dangerous misinformation (heresy) that could have lost people their salvation.

Again and again authorities at the head of belief systems spin stories about how everyone has to take part in the belief system or else all society will suffer. Again and again the authorities use this as justification to force compliance with their belief system and punish dissent.

Covid facemasks are one such tall tale spun for no other reason than to provide justification for The Followers of The Science to force one of their Covid rites upon the non-believers. The truth of this statement is demonstrable through a simple logical analysis;

Covid facemasks could do one of two things for the wearer:

1. Block the particle size they claim the virus to be transmitted through (droplets, aerosols, whatever they're laying blame on).

2. Fail to block the aforementioned particles.

If the facemasks could actually block particles down to the particle size of concern, the wearer would not need anyone else to wear one in order to receive protection.

If, however, the facemasks The Followers of The Science wore, and some still wear, fail to block the size of particles that they are paranoid about, then they should have gotten better masks that do.

None of the scientific mumbo jumbo about droplets counts for anything here; either the masks can block particles in question or they can't. If they can, problem solved. If they can't - then believers should be wearing ones that can.

The Followers of The Science should have been wearing respirators that actually have a proper seal around the face. The government could have spent some of it's Covid trillions in ensuring that every Follower of The Science on the planet who wanted one, had a proper respirator.

The only reason to insist on masks that have no proper seal, and at best block a small portion of the particle size in question, rather than emphasizing respirators that could have at least worked in theory, was to give an excuse to the authorities to force this Covid rite upon the nonbelievers.

In Conclusion

Anti-Religious bigotry is prevalent in the ranks of The Followers of The Science; it's worth pointing out to them that they themselves exemplify everything that they hate from religions. In terms of fanaticism, intolerance, and superstition, The Followers of The Science are currently the worst in the West.

I'm aware that Covid-19 was a means to an end (many ends) for ruling elites, but they couldn't have pulled it off without science as a belief system. Organized Science is the handmaid of the powerful both by providing the powerful with real scientific developments and for providing temporal authorities with an aura of legitimacy through scientific "truths" fabricated to order.

In terms of Freedom of Belief System, we can say that we have progressed about to the Middle Ages. From the legal standpoint of governments and their judiciaries throughout the world; your freedom ends where the superstitions of The Science begin.

"The vaccination practice, pushed to the front on all occasions by the medical profession, and through political connivance made compulsory by the state, has not only become the chief menace and gravest danger to the health of the rising generation, but likewise the crowning outrage upon the personal liberty of the American citizen . . .

Previous to the Reformation the state stood behind the priest and enforced his edicts, from whence thousands of victims fell before the steel and the flame of a merciless persecution. Today the state stands behind the commercialized, fee hunting doctor, to enforce his vaccination fraud against the lives and health of millions of little children. It is especially for the removal of this disgraceful compulsory curse that I speak as with a tongue of flame, that I make my earnest, impassioned plea. Restore the American citizen to his liberty in matters medical as we have guaranteed his liberty in matters religious, and then if the medical profession have any specific of value to offer, the common sense of the people will come to know and adopt it.

J. M. PEEBLES, M. D - Vaccination a Curse and a Menace: With Statistics Showing its Dangers and Criminality - 1900

    last comments from Winter Oak
    Johnny Tue, 17 Jan 2023 10:13:26 +0000

    In reply to Jordan henderson.

    Thank you for your response Jordan.
    Here's a link to a talk by Barry:
    His influences included Jiddu Krishnamurti, Ramana Maharshi and Meher Baba.
    All great, straight talking Teachers.


    ML Mon, 16 Jan 2023 19:43:38 +0000

    In reply to Jordan Henderson.



    Jordan Henderson Mon, 16 Jan 2023 00:33:58 +0000

    In reply to ML.

    Thank you! I have engaged with The Believers since early on, and it is always difficult to know if one is really making an impact. Besides finessing means by which to open conversations without them feeling threatened by our heretical thinking (an art form I am very slowly learning) I think the Parable of the Sower is a good guide here, we can scatter good ideas, and if someone is ready for it, they will avail themselves of it.


    Jordan henderson Sun, 15 Jan 2023 23:50:03 +0000

    In reply to nowick.

    Thank you Nowick! The parallels between Covid mandates and the smallpox mandatory vaccine campaigns of the 19th century are stunning. I find it both comforting and disturbing to know that we have been here before; comforting because it means that the juggernaut of a state imposed belief system was not unstoppably successful, it did grind to a halt, but disturbing because it means that society as a whole hasn't learned and is just as easily trampled and pushed by a well promoted fear campaign, at least temporarily, as it was over a century ago.


    Jordan henderson Sun, 15 Jan 2023 23:39:47 +0000

    In reply to Johnny.

    Thank you Johnny! I continue to be impressed by how many thinkers of the 20th century saw science stepping into the role of organized religion; Ivan Illich, Robert Mendelsohn, C.S. Lewis and many more. This did not truly become clear to me till after the Covid crusade was well underway, so it's humbling how much these thinkers saw so early on. Do you have any recommended reading as an introduction to Barry Long? I agree that science in the sense of sincere honest study of the natural world can be a really good thing, though some of the practices of early scientific pioneers like body snatching for disective study and vivisection reveals a dark side to the modern scientific tradition that appears to have been there from early on.


    Tony Broomfield Sun, 15 Jan 2023 22:20:56 +0000

    Simply great.


    mountblacky Sun, 15 Jan 2023 17:00:18 +0000

    Freedom of religion as we see it today is in essence another form of liberalism.

    Religion is felt by most as a narrative about events trying to entice virtues in behaviour. Suffering and Blessings supposedly serve as guide for a better live, too often postponed into a future time frame.

    Same with political form of liberalism in which a progress or freedom from restraints are suggested if a certain way of thinking is adopted.

    The big problem with both is that perceived virtues are degrades when vices are accepted and seen as virtues.

    This degrades religion as well as political movements as a human conflict is inherent.
    In my view Religion and Politic must be assessed in terms of its impacts on outsider, yes even within their own group.

    It must not be that collective pressures take precedence over original human, existential freedoms unless a clear understanding and contract to abide is present.

    Religions as political Ideologies are prone to trespass which should be the handle to differentiate and define correction.
    This includes the politicized Covid pressures and outcome.

    In this context I would recommend readers to become interested in Propertarianism which is based on natural law, reciprocity of interaction and of course clarify what "Property" of human is, how remedies, corrections can be found in explicit philosophical ways. (i.e. Scientific Method)

    This is not a exactly a new way of thinking about human interaction but a method, if implemented, to adjust most forms of relationships among People into a more fair and just existence.
    The Idea that dealings; call it contracts must be win-win(-win) and voluntary, free of outsider interference and parasitism. This is paramount.

    Property is not only described or seen in real terms but more in values or virtues essential for a decent and human existence .

    Yes there is critic, mainly from those who prefer their interaction not restricted by tolerance of certain "vices" or one sided gain.

    We desperately need a common philosophy which excludes points of dissident, a philosophy where a NO to the few points to agree on is not possible.

    For me Propertarianism seems to be the closes thing, as it does not need a political caste or clergy class but lives in ourselves and how we come to agreements never mind in an anarchistic or hierarchical setup.
    Propertarianism could de-tooth a Lion, it is all up to reach a common goal…………



    nowick Sun, 15 Jan 2023 15:47:46 +0000

    Brilliant analogy! And sobering reminder with the closing quote from 1900. So much for "Progress!" BTW that's a stunningly appropriate image from J. Henderson as well. Kudos.

    LikeLiked by 1 person

    ML Sun, 15 Jan 2023 14:52:55 +0000

    Brilliant observations. Will be forwarding this to "the believers" I know although it likely won't make a difference, the belief is that embedded. Thanks too for the quote and the links to the book – our parents fell for The Science too alas.

    LikeLiked by 1 person

    Johnny Sun, 15 Jan 2023 12:15:38 +0000

    Barry Long, an Australian spiritual teacher, warned back in the 1980's (paraphrasing him) 'That scientists would become the new priesthood'
    He loved science but was aware of how corruption poisons many things,

    LikeLiked by 1 person

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