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How Ukraine Is Losing

by Indi.ca on Indi.ca

Introduction: Two Civilisations

The tragic Washington-Moscow war which is starting to come to an end after nine long years on the battlefields of the Ukraine, where very many Ukrainian men are dying in futility, may well be entering its last year. The Western arming of the Kiev regime which began the war and prolonged it is the result of the attempt by the Western world to expand eastwards in yet another 'Drang nach Osten'. Once more the West crossed over the civilisational line, which separates Western Secularism from Orthodox Christianity and runs through the far west of what is at present called the Ukraine. More exactly it runs through Galicia, formerly part of south-eastern Poland, formerly part of the ill-fated Habsburg Empire, centred in Lemberg/Lviv/Lvov. It is a civilisational line which should not be crossed. When France and its allies crossed it by invading what was then the Russian Empire in 1812, it led straight to the downfall of Napoleon. When Austro-Hungary crossed it by invading Serbia in 1914, it caused World War I and, ultimately the tragedy of 1917, when a Western atheist ideology was imposed by Non-Russians on the former Russian Empire and killed tens of millions of its hoodwinked peoples.

When Nazi Germany crossed that line by invading what was then the USSR in 1941, it led it to its suicidal downfall, the destruction of Berlin, and to lose World War II. After Washington crossed that same line by overthrowing the democratically-elected Ukrainian government in 2014, Washington suicidally signed the death-warrant of its own US-run, dollar-driven, unipolar Western world. For the centre of Western Secularism is today the American Empire elite in Washington, however much it disguises itself with euphemisms like the EU, NATO, the G7, the 'free world', the 'international community', the 'rules-based order' etc. And the centre of Orthodox Christian Civilisation, however far it has fallen, lapsed and been deformed and divided, is still in Moscow. Whenever Western Secularism, as ever inspired by the Pagan Roman example, has tried to expand eastwards in order to steal land and exploit resources, whether it was under Charlemagne, the Teutonic Knights, the Poles, Charles XII, Napoleon, Hitler or Biden, it has failed. Such is the case again today. Some people never learn.

Why Civilisation is at a Turning-Point

At the Victory Day Parade in Moscow on 9 May 2023 President Putin stated that 'Civilisation is at a turning-point'. He was referring to the war in the Ukraine between the West and the Rest that began in 2014 and declared that the neocon ambition of American hegemony is 'insane', adding that, 'any ideology of superiority is criminal'. He also stated that 'the globalist elites keep insisting on their exceptionalism; they pit people against each other, divide societies, provoke bloody conflicts and coups, sow hatred, Russophobia and aggressive nationalism, destroying values that make humans human'. He described Washington's 'rule-based order' as 'a system of robbery, violence and suppression on the international stage'. He compared this to the Russian view, the view of the vast majority, that there are 'no unfriendly peoples in East or West', that 'the Ukrainian people are hostage to a coup d'etat and a regime that is in the hands of the West'. However, he promised that 'we shall defeat terrorism'. On 23 May, he repeated that 'Russia will end the war that the West started in the Ukraine'.

Meanwhile, in Washington, the neocon supporters of the Neo-Nazis are repeating the mistake of the old Nazis. The latter thought that they could defeat Russia so then they could move on to the (as they saw it) bigger problem of defeating the Anglo-Americans, not realising that they were being defeated outright in Russia. Today, the Neo-Nazis similarly want to move on to the (as they see it) bigger problem of defeating China, not realising that they too are being defeated outright in Russia. Blinded by the same hubris as the old Nazis, today's neocon propagandists do not understand this. Russia is not at war; if it were at war, it would have destroyed everything before it, the whole infrastructure of the Ukraine would long ago have been wiped off the face of the earth. This is a military operation to free Russian-speaking Ukraine and demilitarise and denazify the rest of it. This is why it is preserving civilian lives, towns and infrastructure with great care. This is an existential war for Russia; for the neocons it is only a war for their hubris and vanity. Civilisation is at a turning-point because the threat from Washington is to destroy all Civilisations.

Russophobia And The 'War' That Could End Tomorrow

Where does Western Russophobia come from? It is very ancient, for it began with 'The Father of Europe', Charlemagne, whose prize, unsurprisingly, was awarded to the Ukrainian actor-president on 14 May in Aachen, together with another 2.7 billion euros of German military equipment. It comes from the same hatred that the West feels towards the Muslim world. The (Orthodox) Christian world and the Muslim world are not exotic and therefore cannot be mocked as the West mocks distant Civilisations, but are the nearest geographical rivals to the Western world - therefore they must be destroyed. We can see this in old history; the Crusades were directed against Muslims in Spain, then in the Middle East and North Africa, but also against Christians in Constantinople (sacked in 1214 by barbaric Western troops) and then in Russia, which the equally barbaric Teutonic Knights tried to destroy in 1242.

However, all of this was only after the long centuries when the Western elite had murdered and raped its way through the Western peoples, enslaving in their barbaric feudalism Gauls, Saxons, Celts, Mozarabs, Milanese, English and Slavs alike. Sadly, the barbarians are not, as some imagine, at the gates, they have been in control from the outset for over a thousand years, tearing away the people from their saints. Deceit has always been their way. 'Castles, dungeons and torture-chambers are good for you', claimed the barbarian sadists. But modern Western Democracy is only the same castle racketeering - vote for us or else. Thus, on the 5 May, the notorious 'we are the garden, they are the jungle' Borrell, the European Union's racist foreign policy chief, said in Florence, 'If I stop supporting the Ukraine, certainly the war will finish soon'. 'Ukraine will fall to the invading Russian forces in a matter of days without military support from Western countries'. His words denote the intensely aggressive and warmongering mentality inherent in the barbarian Western elite. They could end conflict and death, but they refuse to do so, willing to fight until the last hoodwinked Ukrainian is dead. Indeed, only the unhoodwinked will be left alive.

Operation Z

The Russian Operation is called Operation Z, named after the last letter of the alphabet, because it is the last chance for Civilisation to survive the Anti-Civilisation of the Western world. And any Civilisation means the Global Majority, called the Global South. The Russian Federation deals with the Global Majority, from which the Western world has isolated itself. Thus, when President Macron declared that Russia is becoming the vassal of China, what he means is that France long ago became the vassal of the USA, whereas Russia and China are part of the multipolar world. Similarly, those in the Western world like the German Chancellor Scholz, who state that the Ukraine is defending 'Western values' condemn themselves. The US-installed Neo-Nazi regime in Kiev has persecuted the Church and closed hundreds of them, imprisoned minorities, murdered Russians and banned other political parties. Yes, these are 'Western values' - Nazism is a unique Western value and ideology. Several German, EU and Canadian politicians are indeed the grandchildren of Nazis, some of them were members of the SS. This then is the meaning of Operation Z - the last chance to save the Global Majority, but also the last chance to save the Western world from itself.

On 20 May 2023 Artiomovsk/Bakhmut was at last liberated by pro-Russian forces after eight months of fighting and fifty thousand Ukrainian dead. The leaders of the G7 Western ghetto, meeting at that very moment for a weekend in Hiroshima, where a US president committed the genocide of Japanese civilians 78 years before, were not at all pleased and so pretended that the liberation had not taken place. Its mention in the Western media is strictly forbidden and censored, as is the critical condition of General Zaluzhny, the seriously wounded head of the Kiev Armed Forces. However, the introverted G7 itself is increasingly irrelevant to the real world, a relic from the past. The world has moved on since 1945, which is what the G7 is about, as it is formed from the Western victors and the two vanquished nations from that past era. Once more, however, the G7 pretended not to notice its own irrelevance and went on navel-gazing through its World War II eyes. There is no greater example of this than its fantasy that it can defeat Russia through its Kiev-based puppets, then overthrow the highly popular President Putin and divide up Russia between various transnational corporations.

Conclusion: The Prophecy of Atlantis

The result of the Western arming of the Kiev forces is that what began as a small police operation to liberate the people of the Donbass has become little short of a World War. It is Russia versus the Combined West. Russia has concluded that nothing save total victory will make the Americans and their British and EU poodles understand that it means business and there will be a neutral, sovereign Ukraine independent of US control, so no longer a hostile neighbour. As President Vladimir Putin told the Russian Parliament last July: 'We have already heard a lot about the West wanting to fight us 'to the last Ukrainian.' This is a tragedy for the Ukrainian people. But everyone should know that, by and large, we have not started anything in earnest yet'. What will the USA do once it has lost in the Ukraine? It will just abandon it, just as it abandoned Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan, and return to its big island across the ocean 4,000 miles away. Then the world will be free.

Here will be prepared the Second Atlantis. Yes, Atlantis, for Plato's story of Atlantis was never history, but in fact a prophetic warning for the future. The story of the fictional island of Atlantis was an allegory about hubris and concluded with Atlantis falling out of favour with the gods and sinking into the Atlantic Ocean. As it seems now, this story is precisely about the USA, which is the real Atlantis, which will sink beneath the waves of hubris and depravity. However, the story is even more than that, it is also about all those who associate themselves with the USA, for example, in Western Europe, not forgetting the Russian oligarchs and traitors who so admire the West that they choose to live in New York, London, Tel Aviv or elsewhere in the Western world. This is the warning and, alarmingly, it is almost too late for it to be heard. Most are not listening to the prophecy, but the writing is on the wall. Time is almost up.

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