Girls Just Wanna Have Bombs

by Good Citizen on The Good Citizen

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For decades feminists screamed from the rooftops about the need for women leaders. All the worlds problems would be solved overnight if there were just enough sensible and sensitive women in positions of real power.

"There would be no more wars if women were in charge!"

And here we are with women in power everywhere and closer to world war three and nuclear annihilation than we've been since the 1962 Cuban Missile crisis, and it's all coming down to the belligerent actions of two female Prime Ministers near Russia's border.

The female leaders are all in their Schwab-made stables, fresh from their young global leaders' etiquette courses and the future global leaders' finishing school where they learned how to obey western Oligarchs with curtseys and bootlicking.

New Zealand, Denmark, Estonia, Sweden, the unelected head of the European Union, and the clueless little lollipop of Finland, like a traveling band of 1950s doo-wop girls. They're now eager to perform. They're ready for their spotlights, shaking their hips, snapping their fingers and if instructed to by global management, they'll bomb.

The defense ministers of Germany, Denmark, Belgium, France, Netherlands, and Spain all have vaginas from heaven that will save us from the evil men who plot to destroy the world in dark oak-paneled rooms with top hats and cigars, and yet even with vaginas, they all can't stop themselves from sending endless trains filled with deadly weapons of war to the cocaine comic in Ukraine.

Schwab's stable of western chorus girls are in their seats of power and ready to sing "Ride of the Valkyries" a capella, knowing their old armaments will simply be replenished with fancy new ones by the empire of global destruction, The United States of Endless Wars.

The blood-thirsty generals at the pentagon have these ladies' centerfolds spread out on their desks, right next to their rainbow flags and diversity and inclusion pamphlets. The Korean dry cleaners on 12th Street in the District of Corruption are going to be very busy in the years ahead because these chicks make the Generals hot to trot.

The Schwabettes.

The Nukelettes.

Klaus Schwab and The Neutrons.

Don't you love the smell of plutonium in the morning?

The atomic goggles futures market is so bright that it needs to wear shades.

Next stop, a smoldering city near you courtesy of the new mission statement of the multinational "defensive alliance" group in Brussels with aims to expand "defensive" operations around the world.





Feel free to see what Nuclear annihilation would look like in the United States with this simulation game. Within the first hour, a quarter of the population would be dead with another hundred million beginning their slow and painful deaths via radiation poisoning which is death by vomiting, diarrhea, and internal hemorrhaging. By the ninety-minute mark, all urban areas would be sizzling, and more than half the population 160,000,000 would be dead. But how progressive it would all feel if it comes at the hands of women!

For forty-seven years Sweden and Finland remained neutral and at least feigned dedication to peace during the entire cold war and the nuclear arms race between the United States and the Soviet Union. In the thirty-three years since they've continued to stay out of North Atlantic Terror Operations.

For reasons that defy all logic and common sense, this has to end.

So much for peace and stability, it's time for more war and instability.

The western media is calling this Scandanavian shuffle an urgent defensive move and blaming it entirely on "Russian aggression" toward Ukraine. The propaganda war on behalf of the war machine moves toward Scandanavia. The argument in defense of such belligerent action often takes the form of something that might be formulated by a gaggle of kindergarteners: "Finland has a right to play with whomever they want and Russia doesn't get to decide that."

Silly western children have no idea what thermobaric diplomacy looks like.

Nazis in Ukraine who fucked around are finding out about Thermobaric diplomacy.

Apparently, Finland wants to play with nuclear bombs and be another dopey vassal state of Pentagon abuse, destruction, and abandonment. See every nation in history that sought an alliance with America as to how this story always ends, or simply have a look at half of Ukraine right now. That's the half that Ukraine will never get back.

Finland shares a 1,350 km border with Russia. The nation is barely a hundred years old and sits on land that was once part of the vast Russian Empire in the same way Ukraine was part of the same empire all the way up to Austro-Hungarian and Prussian borders.

Finland's independence from Russia came after a century of incremental actions from establishing a banking charter, to demanding cultural independence and autonomy through the creation of a Grand Duchy. The Bolshevik revolution, sympathetic to Finnish independence allowed for the declaration to finally be made in 1917.

In the winter war of 1939-40, the Finns put up a valiant fight against the Russians, only losing a third of the men and a small portion of bordering territory. Post World War Two there have been no elevated or increased hostilities between Russia (USSR) and Finland.

Again, for reasons that defy all logic and common sense, this has to end. But hey, at least Finland has diversity because as we all know from habitual repetition diversity is a strength. The Finnish Equality Act includes a quota provision that requires state bodies to have at least 40% of both women and men. How progressive.

Finland also gets 94% of its energy from Russian gas which is conveniently a stone's throw from their homes. The country plans to cut itself off from the Russian gas teet at the end of this month as summer starts. An easy thing to do when campfire and 'smores season roles around but really this is the diplomatic and economic equivalent of planning by teenage girls. Always focused on the near future bikini summer selfies and forgetting that winter is just around the corner. How does Finland plan to replace that 94% of winter heating from evil Ruskie gas when the temperature drops to 30 below? Ahh, who cares! This summer is gonna be lit!

The Bombettes backstage at Plutonium Fest Helsinki 2021.

If Finland joins NATO bear poking operations it will signal the first increase in hostilities between the nations in seventy-six years. Presumably, it would be wise to figure out a way to defend that long border before they submit their membership application. NATO has never been tested. Russia has been stunting American aggression around its neighborhood for over a decade now. Twice in Georgia, Syria, Crimea, the Donbas, Kazhakstan, and now half of Ukraine. Not to mention its new oil and gold-backed Ruble that EU nations must use if they want to keep their people warm or their factories going.

Now that Finland plan on poking the bear to protect themselves from the bear that never would have mauled had they not started poking (oh the irony!), they will need to be able to defend that long border. Presumably better than Ukraine defended theirs with limitless help from the U.S. and CIA. Assuming Russia could take Finland with a force of half a million men (not in winter), this would require a military draft that enlists all able-bodied Finnish men, plus a quarter of all American active army units (6x the current number on European soil) and any other hodge-podge assortment of NATO affiliate battalions. One could be made up entirely of Estonian, North Macedonian, and Montenegran conscripts and barely fill two tables at the Helsinki mess hall.

Who else might save Finland from their own stupidity, Germany?

Have you seen the German Military lately?

For years their equipment was allowed to rot and fall into disrepair. It's a nation dominated politically by socialists and green-colored Marxists. They spend more money on windmill anti-freeze than weapons and armaments. At one point a few years ago all 53 of their attack helicopters were grounded for repairs. There are running jokes within German military ranks about what an absolute joke the German military has become. And who was the defense minister overseeing this fall from grace? The current President (unelected) of the EU, Ms. New Nazi Ursula Von Der Leyen.

When Germany isn't busy degrading their own military, they're happy to economically punch themselves in the balls over and over again hoping the next punch will be felt by Putin. Germany is also swearing itself off both evil Ruskie gas and oil. They're not quite sure how they plan on making up the difference as they've been getting nearly half their gas from Russia while shutting down all their nuclear power plants. The latest news is that the benevolent Americans will sell them LNG shipped across the Atlantic at 10x the cost. Another ten punches to the balls the Germans are hoping that Putin might feel. Sacrifices must be made to play the American's foreign policy games and the Germans along with all EU countries (with the exception of Hungary) appear happy to set themselves on fire in their efforts.

How about the Italians? Maybe they could help the Fins.

Yes, the ones who couldn't stop surrendering during World War Two and drove Hitler bananas.

È meglio essere omosessuali per un giorno che morti per tutta la vita.

Okay, I'll surrender and admit there's always France. They have a decent fighting force and could offer some support if they don't at first surrender. Let's just hope they don't build their next imagino line in the same place as the last one.

In the end, NATO is really just the United States of Endless Wars dictating to the other servant nations what to do next and those who align themselves with this destructive body deserve what's coming.

Do the rest of us deserve it?

It may require losing most of the young male population who are forced to conscript in the cannon fodder brigades to enrich local Oligarchs. It may require losing half of a nation's territory. It might come in the form of economic and energy testicular pain through self-destructive sanctions. There are no ends to the defeatist sacrifices nations must make on behalf of the western war machine's noble aims of spreading "democracy" and "freedom".

But the next time a shrieking feminist blurts out that utter nonsense: "There would be no more wars if women were in charge!" Remember these ladies who seek to turn up the temperature of belligerence toward world war three and nuclear annihilation.

They include:

  1. The first female Prime Minister of Sweden Magdalena Andersson

  2. The first (full-term1) female Prime Minister of Finland Sanna Marin

  3. Both dutiful handmaidens of the World Economic Forum and global oligarchs.

Apparently shattering glass ceilings also requires turning the earth into a floating orb of glass. #ImWithHer

In the end, it doesn't really matter what kind of genitalia rests on any seat of power - even all those new surgically stitched up ones. If it/zer/zis works for global evil the result will always be the same - war and destruction for profits and great "resets".

Finland will likely submit their membership application in a matter of weeks but it will take some months to receive its membership card in the mail. If they return any NATO DVDs late, they will incur a late fee and if their late fees exceed the cost of one Eurotyphoon fighter jet, then their membership will be suspended. Red ropes and Mike and Ikes can be bought with cash or NATO loyalty club cards with fifteen punch holes. Finland will qualify for NATO's two-for-one discount and be allowed to rent two DVDs for the price of one during their first year of membership. All Steven Seagal DVDs have been removed from the shelves along with Doctor Zhivago and all Tarkovsky films.

Did the Good Citizen just compare the banality of NATO membership to Blockbuster Video membership?

You're right, that's not fair to Blockbuster video. At least they had the decency when they no longer had a purpose to file for bankruptcy and dissolution without first destroying the world.

The phone rings, in the middle of the night

My daddy yells "What you gonna do with your life?"

Oh Klaus dear, you know you're still number one

But girls they wanna have bombs

Oh girls just wanna have

That's all they really want

Some bombs

I wanna be the one to walk in the sun

Oh girls they wanna have bombs

Oh girls just wanna have

That's all they really want

Some bombs

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