2020-08-05 09:22:55

Dispatches from the War: vaccine, Gates, racism, liberals, logic

by Jon Rappoport on Jon Rappoport

The night is long and the price is high. I imagine Trump stepping up to a microphone saying, "Yes, the GDP just dropped through the floor, and the economy is a wreck, but here's the good news. Operation War Seed, I mean Warp Speed, is on track to spit out a genetic nano super duper bombshell cruise missile vaxx in record time. These guys in their labs are great. Great people. I hear they're developing new masks-you can actually eat your meals through them..."

Since, as I've been demonstrating, researchers failed to prove the existence of a new coronavirus...

...In today's logic class on the fly, we review a basically fallacy which I call The Effect Proves the Cause, an item Aristotle elucidated 2350 years ago.

The lockdowns, the distancing, the masks, the testing, the tracing are the effects. They are designed to prove there is a new and deadly virus, the cause.

The fallacy is: that's backwards.

Of course, the lockdowns and the masks and distancing prove nothing. They're on the level of: "The man is in jail, so he must have committed a crime."

The fallacy is actually: The Effect Which Is Actually Not an Effect of a Claimed Cause.

And then think about this. If there were no containment measures, if people were allowed to come and go freely, they would soon lose a sense of urgency about vaccination. And businesses would be open; there would be no economic destruction. Now we're getting down to the truth.

The containment measures aren't the effect of anything.

They're put there to achieve economic destruction, and to create the illusion of need for a vaccine.

Some variations on this theme:

"We are fighting a war against X; therefore, X must have threatened our security. Otherwise, why would we be fighting?" FALLACY.

"The jury brought in a verdict of not-guilty. Therefore, the defendant didn't commit the crime." FALLACY.

"The authorities stepped up surveillance on the suspects. Therefore, the suspects must be criminals." FALLACY.

X might have threatened the nation's security, and the defendant might have committed a crime, and the suspects might be criminals, but these require separate investigations. The "therefore" is the fallacy.

"People are dying, it must be the virus." FALLACY.

Bill Gates and his Globalist colleagues want to shove a needle into the arms of 7.6 billion people. They want to create the illusion of need for that program. The containment measures, the lockdowns-"This must mean we have to have a vaccine." WRONG.

Grinning smirking sociopathic Howdy Doody freakazoid Bill says the vaccine is essential. All these little programmed Leftists and BLM and ANTIFA running around trying to cancel this and cancel that, take power away from here and there... why don't they ever mention the power of Bill Gates? It's just a pure accident they omit him? After all, the man is very busy delivering toxic vaccines in Africa. For that matter, are no protests winding up at the New York headquarters of the United Nations? That organization seems to have some power. I'm not reading about protests in Langley, where the CIA is nestled. Or at the home of the NSA in Maryland. And what about the New York offices of the major news networks, Propaganda Central? These protestors and rioters have very specific blind sports?

Hmm. Let's take a step back. Fauci and Gates and their ilk are wreaking economic havoc. The rioters are wreaking their own version of economic havoc. Could it be, in some way, some twisted way, they're on the same side?

Speaking of twisted, follow along with this quick hitter on modern "epidemics". You won't find such coverage in the New York Times:

-Origin stories of viruses-what's wrong with this picture-

Every organized religion has an origin story. The story explains where things started, and who made them.

Epidemics, as I've explained in many articles, resemble religions.

Epidemics, too, have origin stories.

Perhaps summarizing a few of the more popular legends will reveal a pattern. Here is a short list. Name of disease, where it began, and what it supposedly came from:

HIV/AIDS, Africa, monkeys. West Nile, Uganda, birds, mosquitos. Avian Influenza (H5N1), China, geese. SARS, China, animals, perhaps bats. Swine Flu (H1N1), Mexico, pigs. COVID-19, China, animals, perhaps bats.

The first story-line requirement is animal origin. "The virus jumped species to humans."

Obviously, this kind of tale could be told using any country in the world as place of origin, because every country has animals. Every country hunts animals, domesticates them, sells them, eats them.

With me so far?

A question that immediately pops up: why haven't we been treated to a global pandemic origin-story that names America, Canada, or Europe as the source?

Those places have plenty of animals, wild and domesticated. People eat them. The factory-farms are notoriously unclean.

"Today, CDC researchers named a North Carolina commercial pig farm as the starting point of the Raleigh Virus 1 Pandemic that is sweeping the world..."

Hasn't been told, hasn't been sold. Ever.

Why not?

Keep in mind we aren't talking about science or truth-we're talking about marketing.

So, who is the major audience (target) for these pandemic stories?

The West. People in Western countries.

What does that audience need to hear, in order to be suitably impressed, deceived, frightened?

THE VIRUS COMES FROM A FOREIGN LAND. Yes, and in that land, "strange and mysterious things happen. Unhealthy unclean things." That's the subliminal pitch.

Consider another tale of domestic Origin: "Experts are now centering their investigation on a market in Dayton, Ohio. They believe the virus might have jumped species from a cat, which bit a human near the meat counter..." No. No good.

How about this? "Ranchers in Wyoming apparently ate a wild bird..." Better. Why not? If a virus-story about bats in China can work, so can a story about a bird in the US. Except it doesn't work. No "foreign flavor."

That is called a clue.

When you put together the fraudulent science that begins with the announced discovery of a new virus-never isolated or purified or actually found-with a legend about the virus' origin in a far-off land, you have a marketable product. PANDEMIC.

Contemplate this interesting twist. If someone tried to sell a new pandemic that originated in a sanctuary city in California, "liberals" would climb all over that story: IT'S RACIST. THEY'RE TRYING TO BLAME IMMIGRANTS.

But the same "liberals" will put on masks, stand six feet apart, work from home, stay indoors, cooperate with contact tracers, and line up for a vaccine, if you say the origin of the virus was China or Africa or Mexico, WHERE THE SKIN COLOR IS NOT WHITE.

Racial bias sells. Hugely. As long as no one mentions it.

Thus ends today's lesson in logic, internal contradiction, and the highly technical variation called liberal bullshit.

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    last comments from Jon Rappoport
    Nick F Fri, 07 Aug 2020 04:23:21 +0000

    Mr. Rappoport: didn't Lyme disease come from somewhere in the United States? And I'm pretty sure there's some disease/bacterium/virus named after the Jordan River at IU in Bloomington. I would dare say that some diseases have originated in the States.

    Lori Thu, 06 Aug 2020 21:33:03 +0000

    Lyme Disease is prevalent in Europe, esp. Germany, which is where my daughter got it. Many German doctors are actually treating chronic Lyme, thank goodness, b/c, typically, medicine ignores this reality and people are suffering, indeed.

    The U.S. govt. freely admits their part in the weaponization of Lyme, from my studies.

    Jim S Smith Thu, 06 Aug 2020 05:37:33 +0000


    No more "Ebola",
    No more "West Nile Virus",
    No more "Zika",
    No more "Chikugunya" (sic???),
    No more "Measles" out-breaks,
    No more "Whooping-Cough" out-breaks,

    – Guess these can be called final and extinguished – because the "media" says no mention of them anymore (like for so many years, annually, beforehand)? ? ?


    I guess these "pandemics" are more akin to "push-button pandemics"? ? ? (Just like all the "push-button patriotism" being bandied about again?)

    Oh look! A massive explosion just happened in Beirut, Lebanon. "Naw. It was just some fireworks, that's all. Pay no attention that huge crater left behind!"

    "All the world is a stage, and YOU'RE the main act."

    Jim S Smith Thu, 06 Aug 2020 05:30:38 +0000

    And Yet:

    These very same experts are now saying it will take multiple doses of any "vaccine" to have even any remote chance against this (phantom) "virus"!

    No end in sight!

    "They" just simply keep moving the goal posts (like I was saying for many months, now) out of our reach. – Sounds a lot like the ordeals of Tantalus' punishment? ? ?

    Jim S Smith Thu, 06 Aug 2020 05:27:49 +0000

    Del Bigtree of "The Highwire" had some really knock-out interviews that called this whole sham for what it was (back in early March).

    Suggest a visit to: https://thehighwire.com – for even MORE of a dose of reality!

    Kate Marin Thu, 06 Aug 2020 05:06:35 +0000

    Am heartened (and delighted) to find others who can see through the bs/con, am surrounded by people that have bought the whole scare 'hook, line and sinker'!
    Thank you all

    bleak Thu, 06 Aug 2020 01:00:10 +0000

    "p.s. I believe it was Iraneus who around 180 AD said: 'The mind that is in heaven does not feel the chain about its leg.'"

    Now that is some new age bullshit right there lol. Figures it was Iraneus; a denier of 85% of Yeshua ben David's teachings.

    NewsView Wed, 05 Aug 2020 23:29:12 +0000

    I should add:

    Zoonosis, more generally speaking, is commonplace (meaning the transfer of disease between animals and humans). There are some bizarre examples from nature, including one illness that essentially makes infected rodents sacrifice themselves to cats, which in turn places pregnant women, chemo patients and others who may own an infected cat at risk of Toxoplasmosis. The reality is, animal-to-human illnesses go on every single day but the percentage of them that rise to a WHO-designated pandemic is extremely small.

    Also not a "global pandemic" but it inspired a lot of fear, and numerous beef trade restrictions, after "Mad Cow Disease" was identified in U.S. cattle about 15 years back.

    Also not a "global pandemic" but New Castle disease began raging among poultry in the past year — prompting the death of millions of chickens, all without much fanfare from U.S. media.

    Foot-and-Mouth disease has prompted similar mass slaughters of animals that might have otherwise landed on our supermarket shelves — but, again, to not much media coverage.

    Part of the explanation as to why the U.S. and Canada don't get singled out the way others do is that we are not "developing nations". Unlike parts of Asia and Africa, we have a much more regulated agriculture sector (i.e. USDA inspections). Cultural differences put the odds in our favor, too. We do not allow many exotic animals into our supermarkets the way they are sold in markets elsewhere in the world. (In parts of Asia there is, in fact, a penchant for eating exotic species — sometimes raw! — many of which are sold to the general public in "wet markets". (For a stomach-churning exercise, try Googling what the Chinese believe will make dog meat into a delectable delicacy.)

    Did COVID-19 come from a wet market or the Wuhan research lab? I have no idea but given the differences in how heavily regulated our food supply is compared to China, we can't just blame every "origin story" on racism, either.

    NewsView Wed, 05 Aug 2020 22:57:47 +0000

    Did you notice the quotes? I didn't write the question. Rather, I reacted only to the "origin story" portion of the argument.

    We contained the 911 Anthrax attacks/outbreak so it never rose to a level of a "global pandemic". In fact, I'm at a loss to name any "global pandemic" in my lifetime on par with the loss of life associated with COVID-19.

    SARS and MERS were close misses, and would have been even more deadly, but never became pandemics. Likewise, the same is true for the Ebola scare that took place while Pres. Obama was in office.

    That is not to say, however, that we haven't had numerous *epidemics*. Prior to COVID-19, my guess is that when average people imagined a pandemic, they thought about the book/movie "The Hot Zone" — Ebola — or perhaps Spanish flu (not within living memory of most Americans). The closest we have come to "global pandemic", off the top of my head, is the bird flu scare but it never quite panned out, whereas swine flu (H1N1) never rose to the level of a COVID-19, even (if by "global pandemic" we also assume an illness that is deadlier than a bad flu season).

    FYI: Even Glen Beck has said his wife and others in his household are suffering from COVID-19. It's not a made-up illness, as some of these comments tend to suggest, but nor is it on par with the HIV crisis of the 1980s, Spanish Flu or the near-miss we had in ~2012 with Ebola.

    Incidentally, just because Lyme disease is not a WHO-designated global pandemic doesn't mean it won't become a global problem the way West Nile has. If Africanized honeybees can make it to North America from Brazil and "murder hornets" can establish themselves from Japan, who's to say that Lyme (infected ticks) won't begin to turn up elsewhere in the world if given enough time? Will it be less of a "pandemic" because the widespread nature of the illness, should that occur, has unfolded slowly? Does something about "global pandemic" imply that it must have rapid spread or a certain death count attached — or simply that it is novel (Lyme disease in the AU or UK would be novel, would it not?). In any event, Lyme disease is devastating to people who have it (relapse is common even with attempts to treat it and symptoms can go on for years). Additionally, there is a lot of conspiracy theory around the emergence of that disease, too.

    Sue Wed, 05 Aug 2020 20:58:25 +0000

    I had the privilege to meet Eleanor McBean, PhD, ND, (author of The Poisoned Needle, Vaccination Condemned, and several booklets) in the 1980's. She was born in 1905, and lived through the 1918 'flu pandemic.'

    The following is from one of those booklets:

    Spanish Flu Genocide Was Really Caused by Vaccinations …

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