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Veena was established in October 2007, when Martin and Dansko (members of Ladies swim and Please the trees) finally started to work with singer Veronika. This cooperation was planned for ages. The guitarist became David who used to work on his own hardcore project and who was playing occasionally with Dansko just for fun. We played our first show on 29.12.2007 for overcrowded MC Orion in Tabor with an italian fastcore band A Flower Kollapsed. People liked our stuff and that encouraged us to keep practising and get ready to hit the studio in February. However we didn…t make it to the studio, because of injury, work and stuff, we booked new dates. At the beginning of april we recorded few songs in Kocis studio. Filip Misek ( or is currently mixing and editing it… We have a new drummer called Svaca (Ticho dePre Cupe Band) and we occasionaly play concerts during summer, come to hear us :)

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