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pure energy in continuous evolution

Stake-off the Witch is a band that can hardly be enclosed in just one well-defined and specific genre. Surely the basis of their music is the one of stoner rock, reminding of patriarchs like Kyuss, Slo Burn, Unida, Monster Magnet, but echoing multiple and various influences that makes it difficult to confine them in a precise current. The result is a music with a monolithic sound, heartened by dynamic and hypnotic riffs and made more intriguing by seducing psychedelics: the impact is strong, characterized by sonorities alternatively dark and deep or brilliant and psychotic.

The peculiarity that really marks Stake-off the Witch's style is undoubtedly the feminine voice, that can be aggressive, provoking or fascinating and which carries away the listener in the depth of the message of the band: the power can take both the form of a violent push and the form of a charming invitation.

Stake-off the Witch' songs want to be a trip, the escape from monotony towards something that can delight and upset, want to be a strong feeling in its every shade. The songs are for this reason long and de-structured, at the same time repetitive like a torment and also variable, fickle as riffs press, but are each time proposed in a different way: the song develops inconstantly, but keeps the listener steadily held on to the principal theme.

So Stake-off the Witch can overwhelm and magnetize, conveying a pure energy in continuous evolution.

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