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[b]Anarchy, Equality, Telepathy

Psychic Jams are a DIY cosmic hardcore band from New Zealand, playing a turgid combination of early 80s punk and sickening psychedelic spacerock, the mutant child of an unsavoury union between the Germs and Hawkwind. But the child is thriving. Hybrid vigour.

A six-song tape was released in June 2009, and there will be more copies available in Europe very soon. Write to us at [a href=""][/a] if you would like a copy! (donations accepted). There will be several more releases later this year.

Psychic Jams plan to tour Europe extensively in September-October 2010, after touring New Zealand in December 2009 with Australian tepid rock-band The UV Race (, and touring Australia in early 2010.

For more information, pictures, to download some songs from the tape, and to be impressed by Psychic Jams Fan-Craft, please visit

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