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Toward The Sun

BeMyDelay a.k.a. Marcella Riccardi is a composer, singer, guitarist and multi-instrumentalist living in Bologna, Italy. She works solo and with others. “ToComeOutToTheOtherSide”, her first solo record, is inspired by prewar blues, texas psychedelics and sacred music.

From 2004 until now she played three coast-to-coast tour in US, many european tours and more than one hundred gigs in Italy with her bands or alone. A second BeMyDelay's Lp will be released at the end of 2012.

Her music has been described as “Vocal-based drones that glow and grow beneath the surface of haunted caravan songs” (Foxy Digitalis) or “Tranced out Ur-Velvets drones and ecstatic Shirelles-in-space vocals that evoke feelings of the past decades of great radio songs as though experienced from within your mamaʼs belly” (Julian Cope- Address Drudion-may 2011)

She will be on tour along with Maurizio Abate, that will play a solo set which explores the sonic-psychedelic potentialities of hurdy-gurdy, mixing cosmic-rock attitudes to more hypnothic and meditative textures.

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