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french trip hop, downtempo band

Screenatorium is a french trip hop/downtempo band headed by main composer and musician Djeh. The band is realeasing all of his work under Creative Commons licenses, and free to dowload. Actually the band is composed by Djeh (Main composer), Nawelle Saïdi and Nelly Burn (singers), and nieT (official graphist).

This accoustic trip-hop band, created in September 2006, welcomed a female singer in 2007, Nawelle Saïdi, and release his first real production « Blue Morning EP » in April 2008 . One year later, the first album « Audimat » is released, followed by the massive collaboration project « Soundtrack of My Day ». In April 2010, the second album « Takeoff For Naïve » is finished and available.

Screenatorium are offering us their vision of a modern trip hop marked by some recognizable influences : Archive, Massive Attack, Portishead and more.

Rythmic and melodic arrangement are completing the masterpiece of an emancipated trip hop far from the cliché usually used in this kind of musical style. For those who thought that trip hop was dead and burried, this is the evidence of the contrary…

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