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When people don't understand how democracy works, democracy doesn't work.

Hidden corruption of 'free' media; the lobby industry; State infiltration of activist groups; mass surveillance by government institutions and Big Tech; centralized power; Digital ID's and a Central Bank Digital Currency; Coerced acquiescence, propaganda and censorship.

Part satire, part warning, part therapy: I Bloody Told You This Would Happen!

The risk presented by Coronavirus, or Covid19 is being vastly inflated in order to bring in authoritarian laws to control populations.

This is because of the impending economic crash, which was inevitable well before 2020, but will be blamed on Covid19 (lockdown) in order to ensure we acquiesce to the subsequent re-ordering of society, in which the 1% will continue to hold all the cards.

The Lie that we are all in anything, together.

Disaster Capitalism - A Satire!!

Protests are often infiltrated, or even fomented, by agent provocateurs, working for the police or other agencies, to subvert the protest, ensure negative press, change the aims, actions or perceptions of the cause.

Regarding the corruption of democracy by media bought by 'advertising' money.

What governments and corporations really buy is editorial control, which in turn 'buys' your opinions, your ignorance or your consent.

The obsession with living forever, risk free. Human Rights. Mandatory vaccines. Health Passports. Synths. Transhumanism.

Dystopia by degrees. We're not there. Yet...

The dangers of a cashless society.

The fallacy of democracy under the lobbying system. Before the ballot box, your choices are already limited to representatives of Finance, Big Pharma, Big Business, Big Tech and Defence. The don't care who you vote for. They own them all.

The plan to restructure society in order to keep the elites in charge despite their economic and environmental failures. An undemocratic totalitarian power grab. Are you ready for the reset?

The emergence of Surveillance Capitalism. Our data is collected at such a rate that Big Tech can provide 'products' to customers that predict our actions, and even change them in order to make money placing 'bets' in 'Futures Markets'. We are not the customer; we are not even the product. We are the raw materials. Did you consent?

Censorship on big Tech platforms relies on the partisan decisions of unelected business leaders on monopolistic Social Media platforms. With little to no independent oversight, censorship is not, and cannot be, impartial. It serves the interests of those platforms and their vested interests, in corporate sectors and in government.

In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.

Our bodies and minds are all we are born with, and all we can say will always be ours. Or can we?

Bodily autonomy is an inalienable right for a reason. The freedom to make informed choices without coercion or force is a fundamental part of living a free life. Once it is transgressed, even if the intent is benign, dangerous precedents are set and expanded upon..

Governance is easier when people are not free, and when behaviour can be predicted or controlled. Technology is available that allows body and mind to be altered.

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