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triphop-psychedelic - Brno

Band Neon Fox has been formed in the middle of the year 2008. The former members of Neon Fox Jitka Zemanova (vox). Michal 'Majkl' Cifka (drums) and Petr 'Flowtek'Polman (bass) used to play together in shoe-gaze band Strange Way, that rests in peace from year 2007. Petr Polman (now synths) and Pepa Jose Hromadka (bass) established Neon Fox. The very main vision for the band was to combine electronical elements of synths with classical raw sound of live band. Not long after Petr and Pepa welcomed Majkl and Jitka on board. For some time they were rehearsing just in number of four person and after long search for guitarist guys found Ctibor 'Bibin' Spacek (ex. Mincing Fury - death/grind :)

In the beginning of the year 2010 Neon Fox had offer to have it's own management by Muse productions. Not long after that this cooperation is over due to Muse productions end. The band has played several gigs mainly in Brno. With Sluzebnici lorda Alfreda (independent theatre group) band runs multicultural events in Fleda club, where elements of theatre, live band and DJs fits perfectly together. In may 2010 band releases their first demo entitled Tripcore and is now focusing on propagation and is looking for gigs to gain experience and fans.

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