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Forceed means nothing

Pierre Charmillot - Vocals

Guillaume Puippe - Guitar

Laurent Crevoisier - Guitar

Vincent Devaud - Bass

Dimitri Jeannottat - Drums

Dark and tortured noisecore from hell. One of the most extreme band coming from Switzerland, Forceed is also one of the great hopes in the depressed and deranged musical field. Reserved to an well-informed audience.

Born in the year 2000, forceed goes on with exploring cold sounds and demoniac rythms. At the start the goal is to play music during hours as heavy as possible. In the year 2002 the band record an EP with 7-strings guitars and double pedal, the average of the band is around the age of 16. The disc has the opportunity to be assumed by Division Records, the swiss hardcore label of Unfold, Zatokrev, Vancouver, Shovel, impure Wilhelmina, Ordeal, and after a few shows in Switzerland the band records an album, in 2003, called "idyl of estreya". After these two records, the guys from north lost Switzerland plays with the same obstinacy for heavy and aggressive music. The result of this period is going to be available as a new album for the end of 2006.

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