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My name is Davide Bianchi aka Davide Swarup. I'm born in Italy, in Como on September 23rd 1974.Somehow music was always stimulating me as I grew up in a small town called Capena. At age of 15 I played bass guitar in an "Iron Maiden" cover band called Nefastum until the age of 20, more or less...

Then I experienced a shifting in my motivation to play music. I started to listen to different music genres (rock, blues, jazz, psychedelic, folk and etno) not only "Iron" anymore (my first music love). That's how i got my feeling for music.

Then I went to India... Mamma India. I went back and forth for a few times and i met musicians, cultures and instruments from all over the world and start to play percussions, the indian santoor and... JAM!!!!! That's how I learned to play music..listening and jamming!!! I don't know music but I can feel it!

Feeling to move from Italy, following the music and coincidences, In October 2004 I arrived in Amsterdam where the Hang was waiting for me and where I still living in these days, being mostly a street musician but also performing in coffee shops, party and clubs.

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