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Bile is an industrial metal project based in the New York City, USA area. Although there has been many different members throughout the bands career, Krztoff is the songwriting, recording and conceptual leader. The group has performed with as many as 11 people on-stage—including a dominatrix and fire-breather.

Led by vocalist Krztoff, the band released three albums on Energy Records, including their debut, Suckpump. Following a tour with Gwar and many lineup changes, Energy folded, inciting Bile to regroup and record for their own label, Bile Style. Bile recorded Sex Reflex. This album features their most popular song to date, "In League". When performing live, Bile usually consists of Krztoff (vocals, guitar), Brett Frana (keyboards, lighting and production), R. H. Bear (bass, effects), live guitarist Dave Sussman and live drummer John "Servo" Desalvo. The live act generally consists of a fog machine, extreme lighting and occasional stage props.

Krztoff is also an active member of Pigface and Black from the Dead, a side project with guest appearance by Charles Levi on bass, alongside Buzz McCoy (both of My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult). Bile worked on their new CD Hate Radio, which was released through their MySpace page, and with an official CD release in 2009. recruited a new guitarist and a few other additional members that have not been named prior to the official release and US tour that followed.

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