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A Day Of Nights

Formed from members of Neurot Recordings' label mates Red Sparowes and Made Out of Babies in 2005, Battle of Mice from New York, USA delivered a crushing heaviness you might expect, but at the same time created stunningly beautiful moments of lush guitars and elegant vocals, powered by slow, methodic drumming.

Battle of Mice was comprised of Julie Christmas (Made Out of Babies) on vocals; Josh Graham (Neurosis visuals, Red Sparowes, A Storm Of Light) on guitars/keyboards; Tony Maimone on bass (The Book Of Knots and previously of Pere Ubu) and Joel Hamilton on drums , who has worked with Sparklehorse, Unsane, Frank Black, Elvis Costello, Tom Waits and more.

They released two split EPs “Triad” and one with Jesu.

In 2006 their first full album “A Day of Nights” were released on Neurot Recordings.

On September 3rd, 2009, a blog was posted on the band's Myspace page stating that the band was parting ways.

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