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In the beginning of 1997 the brothers Jakub (guitar) and Honza (drums) and the brothers Jan (vocals) and Ales (bass) started to play in a band called xBalaclavax. After 1 year the band broke up. No demo or album was record all that remains is the memory of 10 shows in the Czech Republic. In the beginning of 1998 the brothers Jakub and Honza reformed the band - without Jan and Ales, but with two new members: Milan (v) and Pavel (b). Later Helena joined in the band as a second vocalist.

During this time, we recorded our first sonx for a debut seven inch EP that was released by Pragues label "Hopewell Records" as their first release. This vinyl record has been sold out for years.

In 2001 we were released on a split 7"EP Balaclava, The Old Testament (it was an unique young hardcore band with their own rock and metal roots and with strong message from legendary Napajedla, Moravia, the Czech Rep.), a cooperation of 4 czech labels (Vegan Idea, Private View of Slavery, Svetlo & Teplo, Impregnate). This vinyl record is a out of print.

Balaclava recorded 5 new sonx with a second guitarist Vojta at the end of spring 2004 for a split vinyl 7"EP with Co-Ca (...Dead Kennedys from Roznov/Moravia/the Czech Rep.), and we will release (in the beginning of 2005?) a cd complete discography of all 13 sonx that we were ever played...

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