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Didge mother of Holland

3ple-D was founded by Lies Beijerinck and Michiel Teijgeler in 1995, after they found eachother busking on the streets of Amsterdam. Percussion player Terence Samson joined 3ple-D in 2004 and pushed the band to a whole new level. Every year the band travels Europe to perform at digeridoo and world-music festivals. So far they have played in Holland, Germany, Spain, Portugal, France, Belgium, Poland and the UK. They releassed their first album 'High from the Lowlands' in 2003 (No longer available) Their second album, Zumo, was recieved with great enthousiasme by the international 'didge-scene'. This year they are booked for Austria, Portugal The Netherlands and France.

Lies Beijerinck (didgeridoo): 'Didge mother of Holland' is playing didge since 1993. Busking on the streets she developed her own style and soon was discovered by the Amsterdam dance scene. She has been playing at numberous parties and festivals ever since. Nowadays she is known for her strong and articulated style throughout Europe. Her sound matches perfectly with Michiel's style of playing.

Michiel Teijgeler (didgeridoo): 'MT-Yidaki' started playing didge in 1993. He has developed a unique, personal sound that is best described as Etno-techno. He loves to blend the sound of the didgeridoo with a diverse range of musical styles. As a co-founder of 3ple-D he is always searching for new melodies and strong beats. For this album he, together with Lies, was inspired by rythms from all over the world and made combinations where the two didgeridoos compliment each other.

Terence Samson (percussion): 'Groove Master Ter' plays instruments and music that has world music influences. The combination of different styles of world and modern music, like dance music, is something he is experementing with for more than ten years. As the newest member of 3ple-D Terence blends the sound of the daf, pandero, conga's, tabla and all sorts of small percussion with didgeridoo like no other.

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