Ukraine In The Membrane

by Good Citizen on Good Citizen

Crazy insane, got no brain.

Insane In Ukraine

President Volodymyr Zelensky is as much a puppet dictator of a dysfunctional Oligarchy installed through elections by global managers as Joe Biden is a puppet President of a dysfunctional Corporatocracy installed through elections by global managers. You cannot talk about either without being slandered a "conspiracy theorist". The discerning mind knows there are no more conspiracy theories. The phrase itself was invented as a misinformation tool by the CIA to smear those who asked too many inconvenient questions after they assassinated a President in 1963 right in front of Abraham Zapruder's camera and the world. No matter how many holes there are in a prepared narrative, including obvious coups, assassinations and lately western fixed elections, one is just supposed to shut up and not believe their lying eyes. Now we are told to shut up and believe Ukraine is a "democracy" fighting to defend "liberal values" and Zelensky is a brave leader defying evil aggression.

The hero worship of Zelensky making the rounds on the propaganda outlets and being amplified on attention networks is the stuff of legend. War is always just propaganda. The servants of power in the Ukrainian Borg, and the war hawks in both parties and their echoes of the blue check brigade across the west want people to believe a hypothetical "western liberal" future wouldn't be a near first in that poor vassal state, but never mind the facts, in the fog of war propaganda it's a time for emotions only.

The comic's performances have been spectacular feats of western manipulation, guilting countries like Germany and Sweden to send more weapons that will likely require a thank-you card from Putin. The comic continues to engineer attention network mobs to pile on the increase of sanctions that will hurt the mobs more than Russians. He's definitely still a comic, but he's now also a dangerous lunatic who wants to bring the whole world down with his corrupt regime. With the western corporate-state media propagandists manipulating the Ukrainian Borg who are incessantly cheering him on, this will not end well. The comic's demands become more insane by the day.

We call on all civilized countries to impose an embargo on Russian oil products, ban Russian citizens from entering your territory and disconnect Russia from SWIFT. We call on NATO, Europe, the United States to close the sky over Ukraine.

Comic suicide pact translation: "Russia is uncivilized despite us poking them for years in exchange for billions in US Aid that we funnel to U.S. Elites or their sons like Hunter Biden. Banning Russian energy will destroy the people of the west who will pay enormous amounts for natural gas and petrol, but isn't that a small price to pay for solidarity with me, the chosen puppet of Ukrainian oligarchy? Disconnecting Russia from swift will send them further into the arms of the dragon and Iran setting the stage for world war three, but isn't that a small price to pay for me, the puppet of western hyenas?"

This will not mean your military confrontation with Russia. This will mean that you have stopped the war, and your descendants will remember you as heroes. For our part, we will continue to defend our own land, we will not give up and we will destroy our enemies.

Comic suicide pact translation: "You can be heroes and stop the war. I know I could do it in one minute by phone but the hyenas won't let me. What do you say western civilization, stand with us and help us keep poking the bear by sacrificing thousands of Ukrainian civilians so I stay in power and the media keep calling me a hero?"

A real hero would take his ill gotten gains and walk away to play the funny bone or the laugh factory, thereby saving thousands of his compatriots lives. Unfortunately for the Ukrainian people the comic and his buddies are intent on using them as cannon fodder for western propaganda campaigns and their incessant bear poking operations. Arming civilians in Kiev who don't know anything about firearms and putting them in the battle is a cynical ploy to make them victims for western media propaganda campaigns.

Unfortunately for Europe and the west, the comic is calling out Papa Dementia for not sending in U.S. forces to defend his Oligarch puppet regime which has enriched Papa Dementia and his crack head son. The Ukrainian money laundering machine is on the verge of collapse. Where will Papa dementia, his son, John Kerry's son, Romney's son, Pelosi's son and others in the west be acquiring dirty money from US Aid if not washed on the boards of Ukrainian energy companies? There's a lot at stake and the comic's lips are getting pretty loose. We all know what happens with loose lips. Let's hope he doesn't board a CIA leased helicopter if Kiev falls.

The bear has growled and is presently doing some light mauling, though it's not going as quickly as planned. The west are all still eager to embrace their inner hyena and be stupid and treacherous, endangering the world by threatening for the first time in history, a direct conflict between two nuclear super powers. Insanity doesn't even begin to describe the mess in Ukraine that could be ended with one phone call.

Narrative Managers

The corporate-state propagandists have been hard at work selling the world one lie after another. War is their time to shine and after two years of Silent War propaganda, they're good and ready to deliver some proxy hot war gems. All of it designed to manipulate the unthinking masses who outsource their brains to the narrative managers and resort to expressing their manipulated feelings as if they were valid. Whenever panic and hysteria kick in, people shut their brains off and you'd better be feeling what they're feeling or they'll get angry. The latest feelings we're all supposed to have is that Putin is evil and Russia is a monster state. Putin is one of the smartest and most rational statesman alive and while he may be corrupt and a dictator, he certainly shares many of the same qualities as Biden, Trudeau, Macron, Ardern, Johnson and other western corrupt traitors who lock up their citizens, suspended civil liberties, jail political opposition and force toxic bioweapons on millions of their innocent unsuspecting citizens. How are they any less evil? Trudeau just seized bank accounts of law abiding citizens, working class peaceful protestors. The things they want us to believe.

In International Relations theory Putin is simply doing what any smart leader would do. He's cleaning up a mess at his border that has been out of hand for eight years. He tried the diplomatic path and was rebuked at every step by a CIA and Pentagon controlled western executive branch, under Obama, then Trump and now especially under Biden. They funneled more money, more arms, and spread more lies about Russia each year, blaming Putin on CIA and FBI domestic coups, on election meddling that was actually done by Clinton and Obama, and now after twenty years of poking a bear who is finally growling a bit, they want to paint him as a lunatic dictator who will start world war three. They're even saying he suffering mental effects of "long covid".

You'd really need to have kept your head in the sand the past two decades to buy a word of it, and yet millions around the world are eating it up as truth. The only truth is that the propagandists aren't even very good at what they do. In fact you might say they're getting pretty sloppy.

2018 Gas explosion in Ukraine used as western front page war propaganda. Amateur hour at MI5 and the CIA.

CIA News Network (CNN) Oopsie. Bernie Gores has nine lives.

Ukrainian Borg

The same branch covidians who gave their brains to the state managers and their arms to Pfizer and Moderna are now virtue signaling their love of the blue and yellow. The flags are everywhere. The propaganda right below it. The meaningless gestures flow from those who, again, outsource their brains to the narrative managers and resort to expressing their manipulated feelings as if they were valid. If they really supported the Ukrainian people they'd be demanding their oligarch dictator do the right thing and disavow NATO membership which was never on the table anyway. They have no clue what's really going on and rush to join the herd running toward the pre approved meadow to chew on the carefully prepared narratives and images designed to manipulate and control them.

Each year they assimilate to latest Borg.

We are told some of the lies are spread to keep "morale high". Apparently they've killed or captured 4,300 Russian troops in 72 hours and destroyed 146 Russian tanks despite having almost zero air power since the third hour of the conflict. Joseph Goebbels would be embarrassed if he handed something like this to Hitler and yet millions assimilated to the Ukrainian Borg celebrate all this propaganda as fact. Ukraine's ministry of defense wants civilians to buy this false hope so they rush to spill their blood for Ukrainian Oligarchs and western hyenas. The western media cheers them on.

There are reports of bars and restaurants across the U.S. and Canada pouring out their Russian Vodka, to…to…to show solidarity with Ukraine? Republican governors are eager to reveal their true genius and follow with meaningless gestures. The cowards are all running to get in line, afraid of being called names by the regime party media managers and their intel spook bosses. Where is the opposition party in times of conflict to ask important questions and challenge the Borg? When it comes to supporting western proxy wars, a politician's devotion must be absolute. Even if absolutely moronic.

The republican opposition who were at least semi coherent during the bioweapons madness have completely disappeared. Their latest political talking points read something like this: "This never would have happened under Trump. Joe Biden's weakness makes the world unsafe."

Using the conflict which is probably intentional and by design for cheap political points is amusing. Trump would be reacting to this engineered conflict just as bad as Biden with all the pointless sanctions that pave the way for a global conflagration between nuclear powers. He would drive Putin straight into the hands of the Dragon like Papa Dementia is doing with a few more harsh words for the Dragon, "Chyyyna!". The executive office is a symbolic position that is made increasingly impotent by the real forces of power in the intelligence community who control the media and can render a President completely useless with propaganda alone.

Trump was harsher than Biden on Russia because of the baseless collusion allegations he was trying to outrun and out perform. That doesn't mean he would have avoided folly in Ukraine, since he did send weapons to the comic's regime. It's rumored that he told Putin he would bomb Moscow if he invaded Ukraine. Sounds like a nice "tough guy" rumor Trump's acolytes would plant for the MAGA Borg to chew up and disseminate across attention networks as if it's some cold war "peace through strength" Reaganesque tall tale. If it is true it makes him extremely stupid and dangerous since Ukraine is not of strategic vital interest to the U.S. but much more so for Russia.

A neutral Ukraine and friendly ties between the U.S. and Russia should be the ultimate goal of western foreign policy in preparation for the rising dragon, but they want to drive Russia toward the dragon. Every action taken the past decade has driven the bear to dance with the dragon and it will cost the west dearly when the real conflict starts.

The tit for tat is already ratcheting up nuclear tensions to cold war levels. All for an oligarch puppet regime in Ukraine. The Borg don't even realize while they were busy adjusting their pronouns and fighting for the rights of men to ruin women's sports, Russia was busy developing hypersonic weapons that could take out U.S. aircraft carriers and military bases with no chance of response. So here we are, back to 1982 because the west is run by suicidal hyenas.

The Unassimilated View

The media are lying everywhere. The war is being managed by western intelligence agencies and their lackeys in the press who push out hero stories to manipulate and inspire. Most are false, complete tall tales of Ukrainian resistance to the Russian menace. The big narrative can never be questioned: Ukraine is fighting for its future against an evil despotic regime, and we all need to offer our support to the side of "good" versus "evil". What makes Ukraine "good" and Russia "evil"? Russia is the aggressor. That's it. By that standard the U.S. is the most evil country in the world, having instigated 91% of all global wars the past 60 years, not to mention coups, assassinations and fixed elections. But let's play along anyway.

Imagine this scenario of aggression. Russia has established something called SATA. (Surround America Together Alliance) with the Bahamas, Cuba, Canada and all of Central America. Article 5 of SATA says if one goes to war, they all go to war. Putin is trying to get Mexico to join. He orchestrated a coup there in 2014 and installed a puppet dictator who helps enrich Putin through Putin's crack head son. He keeps assuring Mexico they will join SATA one day, even though the other countries would not approve the vote and they don't meet some minimum requirements. Other politicians in the duma send their kids to be on boards of Mexican companies to collect paychecks of $50,000 per month. Russia keeps sending weapons to Mexico who has a neo-Nazi force of nationalists near the border who take shots at English speaking American separatists who would prefer to be part of the United States. Cease fires are broken 2000 times over 8 years, leaving 14,000 dead in the conflict. The U.S. has taken a patient stance, trying to reason with the Mexican coke-head dictator but he keeps accepting SATA weapons and money. Last week the Mexican dictator said he doesn't just want SATA membership, he wants Russian nukes in his country aimed at the United States. That was the final straw. Tuesday the U.S. launched air strikes across Mexico and declared those English speaking American states as independent republics.

There are no "good guys" in any scenario but there are liars, propagandists and hypocrites across the west who are desperate to manipulate the masses to feel that Putin and Russia are the enemy. In the above scenario they would be, however the inverse is the reality. The United States and Ukraine are responsible for the events unfolding right now and still refuse to take actions that would stop them.

Engineering A New Cold War

Are global managers engineering this conflict to pave the way for a larger war? In a strange way all the centers of global power will win including the WEF. Putin wins by regaining control of Ukraine if successful and showing the world that Russia is no longer going to be a door mat for western arrogance and hypocrisy. The U.S. wins by funneling more weapons and soldiers eastward toward Russia's border. Defense contractors win again. The pandemic war criminals get the world to look in another direction as news of their crimes start leaking out. NATO gets to finally act tough and pretend it has real muscle. Sanctions ensure that Russia is pushed faster to the arms of the Dragon, while creating an energy crisis with rising natural gas and petrol costs across the west. Other than SWIFT and central bank sanctions for Russia, most of the sanctions hurt European and American consumers, producers, businesses and transporters, driving up the price of everything. The WEF wins as fiat currencies are destroyed, supply chains collapse to nothing, China withholds important resources the west needs for medicine, computers, automobiles, almost everything. One has to wonder if China is actually running U.S. foreign policy. How many politicians and spooks have been compromised by Chinese money and influence to intentionally drive Russia toward China? Kicking Russia out of SWIFT is great for China's new digital currency. It will undermine the US dollar's status as global reserve currency, further weakening U.S. influence in the world. When the dollar falls, all that U.S. debt will blow up the country economically, leaving it worse off than the great depression.

China would stand alone as the global superpower after any conflict that didn't turn the planet into a floating orb of glass. Their model of total surveillance and submission to the state, which is being planned for western nations with ID2020, the SafePass, The Green Pass and other forms of digital slavery under the guise of medical safety will turn the world's population into one organism to be centrally controlled and managed. It will be difficult for people to own anything when there is nothing left to buy, and their currencies couldn't afford it as scarcity has driven up the price of everything. The WEF can then offer up their prepared solutions for the final stage of the great reset they've been engineering, the convergence of biological entities with biotechnology and mass surveillance. Our post-humanist dystopia.

Until then the world gets to pretend there are demarcation lines for a global war, and the media gets to create the narratives, pushing propaganda to convince the masses this is a civilizational battle between all the usual emotional buzzwords that are completely meaningless in reality: liberalism, democracy, freedom etc. and real evil. They can then mobilize the brainwashed masses against those who are not falling for this engineered crisis anymore than they fell for the bioweapons charades.

After the past two years this is all a tough sell coming from western lockstep nations that forced healthy people to be prisoners in their own homes, while abusing children, creating social strife, engineering fear and anxiety to control their citizens, forcing toxic injections, covering up their war crimes and thinking we'll all just rally around their next engineered crisis like a bunch of idiots. Selling this will require populations across the west assimilate to the Borg, or have severe amnesia. Unfortunately millions are already falling for it, again.

Cannon Fodder Roll Call

The ultimate truth that should never escape this present conflict is that it was entirely preventable. The comic is either too drugged up to use common sense, or the global managers have a gun to his head to make sure the madness continues and the Ukrainian people suffer for it. He could end it all with one call and one meeting if he wanted, but the hyenas want war because all they know are stupidity and treachery.

It's difficult to watch the endless media barrages of fabricated stories about people who have been emotionally manipulated to believe they are fighting for their nation and freedom and not an Oligarch class that doesn't give a damn about them. The people of Ukraine should be furious with the comic, but they are instead ready and willing to be cannon fodder for him. The Ukrainian Borg across the west cheer these people on to their certain death should they ever meet the Russian A-team who have yet to show up in Kiev. Putin knows dead civilians won't play well for him, and needs to limit their casualties to avoid the perpetual labels of "evil" and he probably had no plans to occupy the country. That would be a massive folly only arrogant and short sighted empires undertake in far off lands with millennia history of warring tribes. He simply wants a neutral neighbor who doesn't poke the bear, recognition of independent Russian republics in the east, and to be treated with the respect his nation's power deserves. If he has to flex that power to get it, he appears intent on continuing to do that.

The invasion is proving to be more difficult than first planned and Russia could very well get bogged down in Ukraine for weeks or months. If forced into a corner with nothing to lose, Putin may commit more and more forces and resources to the occupation which would thrill western hyenas. This would make Russia more dependent on China for loans and resources, maybe even weapons. The country could get balkanized with pockets and cities of Russian occupiers and endless shelling and urban firefights. The people of Ukraine would suffer most.

The comic doesn't care about his people or he'd pick up the phone and ask for a ceasefire. He'd rather they sacrifice their lives for his arrogance and delusions, and especially for western cameras, calling on them to take up arms and go to the streets to spill their blood for the oligarch cause. Ukraine will never join NATO or the EU. Even if Putin and Russia one day retreat, there will still be corrupt oligarchs in power stealing the international aid, whatever isn't first funneled to America's political class. Ukrainians will still have no democracy. The nation will still be poor. Their blood will be spilled for nothing. This is now called "patriotism" by western narrative managers. Ukrainians spilling blood for western hyenas is patriotic.

All those in the west claiming to stand with Ukraine will run the minute this conflict is over and their deficient attention is turned to the next thing the media wants them to look at. Will western leaders pledge to help rebuild this catastrophe of their making which was entirely avoidable? Will they funnel billions of dollars for infrastructure or jobs programs to help the Ukrainian people, the way they did with weapons that might end up in the hands of Russia? Will they care about the people of Ukraine when they are neutral and no longer under the complete influence of western hyenas? The answer to these questions will tell us everything about how much the west truly cares about Ukraine. Don't expect the media to point a single camera toward the aftermath or ask any of the above questions of western leaders when the smoke clears.

The war fetish stories like these in the corporate media about manipulated civilians rushing to be cannon fodder for western insanity are heartbreaking, not inspiring or patriotic as the reporter claims. The media managers are eager to watch these civilian bodies pile up so they can use them not once, but twice as propaganda against Putin. Here they are eagerly reporting for their first roll call.

If only they knew.

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